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  1. <menubox>
  2. <heading category="about">
  3. <sub_head id="about" name="About">
  4. <paragraph id="profile">
  5. <phead>Profile</phead>
  6. <text id="p1">
  7. <![CDATA[ The School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, one of the premier Institutions of the nation was initially established as a Department of Architecture of the University of Madras in the year 1957 and was located in the Alagappa College of Technology, offering a five year Bachelor Degree Course in Architecture with an intake of 20 seats. The Town and Country Planning PG Programme was started in the year 1964 to cater to needs of South India<br> ]]>
  8. </text>
  9. <prgh_img status="pOn">./img/sap/about/about_2018-03-27 052648.jpg</prgh_img>
  10. </paragraph>
  11. <paragraph id="history">
  12. <phead>History</phead>
  13. <text id="p1">
  14. <![CDATA[ The School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, one of the premier institutions of the nation was initially established as the Department of Architecture of the University of Madras in the year 1957 and was located in the Alagappa College of Technology, offering a five year Bachelor Degree Course in Architecture with an intake of 20 seats. Post graduate course in Town and Country Planning was started in the year 1964 to fulfill the needs of the region. Both departments later came under the banner School of Architecture and Planning and shifted to an independent campus in 1968. The status of the School was further augmented as it became one of the constituent college during the formation of the Anna University in 1979. The School was made one of the constituent autonomous institutions of Anna University in 2002, with the self-directed purpose to raise its goal and aspirations to global standards. The school is now headed by the Dean, Dr. Monsingh David Devadas.<br> ]]>
  15. </text>
  16. <prgh_img status="pOn">./img/sap/about/about_2018-11-20 114419.jpg</prgh_img>
  17. </paragraph>
  18. <paragraph id="dean desk">
  19. <phead>Dean Desk</phead>
  20. <text id="p1">
  21. <![CDATA[ Dr. Ranee Vedamuthu, Professor was appointed as Dean,SAP with effect from May 31st 2017. She also held responsibility as Chairman FAP and HOD- Architecture full Oct. 2017.<br> ]]>
  22. </text>
  23. <prgh_img status="pOn">./img/sap/about/about_2018-03-27 052821.jpg</prgh_img>
  24. </paragraph>
  25. </sub_head>
  26. </heading>
  27. <heading category="programmes">
  28. <sub_head id="aboutProg" name="About Programmes">
  29. <paragraph id="p1">
  30. <text id="t1">
  31. <![CDATA[ The Institute uses the concept of credits to define the weight-age of a course. Courses offer one, two or three credits depending on the indicated workload. One of the top ranking engineering colleges in India, has achieved global identity through its involvement in research in recent technology and successful completion of projects and products. ]]>
  32. </text>
  33. </paragraph>
  34. </sub_head>
  35. <sub_head id="offerProg" name="programmes Offered">
  36. <programmes>
  37. <programme id="c4">
  38. <degree>UG</degree>
  39. <course>B.Arch.</course>
  40. <branch>Department of Architecture</branch>
  41. <stdymode>Full Time</stdymode>
  42. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  43. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  44. <uniqueness>YES</uniqueness>
  45. </programme>
  46. <programme id="c5">
  47. <degree>PG</degree>
  48. <course>M.Arch.</course>
  49. <branch>Department of Architecture</branch>
  50. <stdymode>Full Time</stdymode>
  51. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  52. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  53. <uniqueness>YES</uniqueness>
  54. </programme>
  55. <programme id="c6">
  56. <degree>PG</degree>
  57. <course>M.Arch.</course>
  58. <branch>Department of Architecture</branch>
  59. <stdymode>Part Time(SS)</stdymode>
  60. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  61. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  62. <uniqueness>YES</uniqueness>
  63. </programme>
  64. <programme id="c7">
  65. <degree>PG</degree>
  66. <course>M.Arch.</course>
  67. <branch>Department of Architecture(Landscape Architecture)</branch>
  68. <stdymode>Full Time</stdymode>
  69. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  70. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  71. <uniqueness>YES</uniqueness>
  72. </programme>
  73. <programme id="c8">
  74. <degree>PG</degree>
  75. <course>M.Arch.</course>
  76. <branch>Department of Architecture(Landscape Architecture)</branch>
  77. <stdymode>Part Time(SS)</stdymode>
  78. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  79. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  80. <uniqueness>YES</uniqueness>
  81. </programme>
  82. <programme id="c9">
  83. <degree>PG</degree>
  84. <course>M.Arch.</course>
  85. <branch>Department of Architecture(Digital Architecture)</branch>
  86. <stdymode>Full Time</stdymode>
  87. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  88. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  89. <uniqueness>YES</uniqueness>
  90. </programme>
  91. <programme id="c10">
  92. <degree>PG</degree>
  93. <course>M.Arch.</course>
  94. <branch>Department of Architecture(Landscape Architecture)</branch>
  95. <stdymode>Part Time(SS)</stdymode>
  96. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  97. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  98. <uniqueness>YES</uniqueness>
  99. </programme>
  100. <programme id="c11">
  101. <degree>PG</degree>
  102. <course>M.Plan.</course>
  103. <branch>Department of Planning</branch>
  104. <stdymode>Full Time</stdymode>
  105. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  106. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  107. <uniqueness>NO</uniqueness>
  108. </programme>
  109. <programme id="c12">
  110. <degree>PG</degree>
  111. <course>M.Plan.</course>
  112. <branch>Department of Planning</branch>
  113. <stdymode>Part Time(SS)</stdymode>
  114. <strdyear>0</strdyear>
  115. <tstrength>0</tstrength>
  116. <uniqueness>NO</uniqueness>
  117. </programme>
  118. </programmes>
  119. </sub_head>
  120. </heading>
  121. <heading category="admissions">
  122. <sub_head id="aboutAdm" name="admissions">
  123. <paragraph id="p1">
  124. <text id="t1">
  125. <![CDATA[ SAP is a renowned educational and research institute, historically dedicated to the pursuit of advancement in Architecture and Planning. Students are continuously exploring new avenues of knowledge, guided by knowledgeable and experienced faculty. Outside academia, SAPians pursue their passions in writing, theater, robotics and much more through a variety of clubs, attuning themselves to the world around them and emerging as well rounded students. ]]>
  126. </text>
  127. </paragraph>
  128. </sub_head>
  129. <sub_head id="detailsAdm" name="admissions details">
  130. <admissions>
  131. <adm_det id="a2">
  132. <hd_adm>Full time</hd_adm>
  133. <info>Eligibility - The admission to UG programmes is purely based on the marks obtained in the Higher Secondary examinations.</info>
  134. </adm_det>
  135. <adm_det id="a3">
  136. <hd_adm>Admission Process</hd_adm>
  137. <info>The admission notice is published in all the leading news papers and in the University website. The admission of students to all the programmes is through a Single Window Admission System, administered by Anna University. The higher secondary marks are scaled to 200, based on which the merit list/ ranks are released. Counseling is conducted based upon the ranking.</info>
  138. </adm_det>
  139. <adm_det id="a4">
  140. <hd_adm>UG Part time</hd_adm>
  141. <info>Eligibility - Completion of Diploma with a minimum number of 2 gap years.</info>
  142. </adm_det>
  143. <adm_det id="a5">
  144. <hd_adm>Student Services</hd_adm>
  145. <info>SC/ST Cell, Anti Ragging</info>
  146. </adm_det>
  147. <adm_det id="a9">
  148. <hd_adm>Sports</hd_adm>
  149. <info><ul><li>NSO</li></ul></info>
  150. </adm_det>
  151. <adm_det id="a10">
  152. <hd_adm>Institutional and Responsibility Programs</hd_adm>
  153. <info><ul><li>NSS</li><li>YRC</li><li>NCC</li></ul></info>
  154. </adm_det>
  155. </admissions>
  156. </sub_head>
  157. <!-- sub_head id="statisAdm" name="Total Admission Strength">
  158.      <admlist>
  159.      </admlist>
  160.    </sub_head>
  161.    <sub_head id="statisReserv" name="Reservation Quota">
  162.      <reserquota>
  163.      </reserquota>
  164.    </sub_head>
  165.    <sub_head id="stdActivity" name="Student Activity">
  166.      <stdactivity>
  167.      </stdactivity>
  168.    </sub_head>
  169.    <sub_head id="stdClubCul" name="Student Club and Culture">
  170.      <stdclubcul>
  171.      </stdclubcul>
  172.    </sub_head -->
  173. </heading>
  174. <heading category="galleries">
  175. <sub_head id="deptgallery" name="Department Photos">
  176. <galleries>
  177. <photos id="o2">
  178. <url>./img/sap/gallery/gallery_2018-11-20 022424.jpg</url>
  179. <desc>LOGO</desc>
  180. </photos>
  181. <photos id="o3">
  182. <url>./img/sap/gallery/gallery_2018-11-20 022615.jpg</url>
  183. <desc>Dean</desc>
  184. </photos>
  185. </galleries>
  186. </sub_head>
  187. </heading>
  188. <heading category="scholarships">
  189. <sub_head id="aboutscholar" name="About Scholarship">
  190. <paragraph id="p1">
  191. <text id="t1">
  192. <![CDATA[ ]]>
  193. </text>
  194. </paragraph>
  195. </sub_head>
  196. <sub_head id="schoList" name="Scholarship Available">
  197. <schoList> </schoList>
  198. </sub_head>
  199. </heading>
  200. <heading category="Facilities">
  201. <sub_head id="aboutfacility" name="About Facilities">
  202. <paragraph id="p1">
  203. <text id="t1">
  204. <![CDATA[ The Facility Services department is responsible for the planning, construction, renovation, maintenance and repair of college buildings and facilities. ]]>
  205. </text>
  206. </paragraph>
  207. </sub_head>
  208. <sub_head id="facilityList" name="Facility Available">
  209. <facilityList>
  210. <faci_det id="f2">
  211. <hd_fac>QIP CELL</hd_fac>
  212. <info>The Quality Improvement Program (QIP) Cell was established by the AICTE at SAP and has provided the research facilities for teachers of other architectural institutions besides providing admission to PG degree course. Till date 16 teachers from various Schools of Architecture have benefited by the Cell. The QIP Cell also conducts short term training programs for faculty of architecture and Continuing Education programs for professionals. The Coordinator of the QIP Cell is Dr. Ranee Vedamuthu, Professor of Architecture.</info>
  213. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-23 121203.jpg</fac_photo>
  214. </faci_det>
  215. <faci_det id="f3">
  216. <hd_fac>INFRASTRUCTURE</hd_fac>
  217. <info>The well planned campus of the school provides ample space for administration, lecture halls and design studios for both, Architecture and Planning courses, seminar and lecture rooms, staff rooms, library, multi–purpose hall and student’s common room (including a separate ladies’ common room) and a hobby workshop.</info>
  218. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-23 121326.jpg</fac_photo>
  219. </faci_det>
  220. <faci_det id="f4">
  221. <hd_fac>COMPUTING FACILITIES</hd_fac>
  222. <info>The school has advanced in Computer and Networking facilities with an exclusive Computer Lab for UG and PG students and independent Computer Design Studios for the M.Arch. (Digital) programme. The Computer Design Studio consist of P-IV branded machines with high-end multimedia software compatibility, and LCD projectors. Internet connection has been provided for all Computer Labs, staff rooms, Lecture rooms and the office.</info>
  223. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-23 121436.jpg</fac_photo>
  224. </faci_det>
  225. <faci_det id="f5">
  226. <hd_fac>CONSTRUCTION YARD</hd_fac>
  227. <info>A construction yard of 150 sq mtrs. Is available in the department where hands on workshops on building construction techniques are conducted. Such a yard gives ample opportunity for the students to experiment with various building materials and building construction technology.</info>
  228. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 123013.png</fac_photo>
  229. </faci_det>
  230. <faci_det id="f6">
  231. <hd_fac>ENVIRONMENTAL LAB</hd_fac>
  232. <info>A state-of-the- art environmental lab facilitates the staffs and students to study, understand and research various aspects leading to a better understanding of ‘environmental friendly architecture’.</i
  233. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 123116.png</fac_photo>
  234. </faci_det>
  235. <faci_det id="f7">
  236. <hd_fac>MATERIALS MUSEUM</hd_fac>
  237. <info>A newly renovated materials museum was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Anna University, Dr. D.Viswanathan in March 2008. This materials museum contains samples of various traditional as well as modern building materials for display, to enable students’ to understand the availability of new building materials in the market as well as the versatility of the traditional building materials in the modern context.</info>
  238. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 123558.jpg</fac_photo>
  239. </faci_det>
  240. <faci_det id="f8">
  241. <hd_fac>ART STUDIO</hd_fac>
  242. <info>An art studio with all the necessary facilities is well established in the department of Architecture. With the guidance of faculty members, the students create murals, sculptures and paintings in and around the department which helps to showcase and further art in the built environment.</info>
  243. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 123654.jpg</fac_photo>
  244. </faci_det>
  245. <faci_det id="f9">
  246. <hd_fac>MULTIPURPOSE HALL</hd_fac>
  247. <info>A large multipurpose hall of 175 Sq. Mtrs. is used for display of students work from time to time. This hall is also used for ‘critique of architectural design’ during the course of the semester. </info>
  248. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 123832.jpg</fac_photo>
  249. </faci_det>
  250. <faci_det id="f10">
  251. <hd_fac>MODEL MAKING WORKSHOP</hd_fac>
  252. <info>A model making workshop of 152 Sq. Mtrs. is available for the students to prepare models of their design works. Facilities in the Model Making Workshop<br/> <li>Wolf Angle Sander-1</li> <li> Zigjaw Machine-2</li> <li>Drilling Machine-1</li> <li>Handi ManKit-1</li> <li>Planning kMachine-1</li> <li> Nortorn Band Saw Machine-1</li> <li>Circular Saw machine-1</li> <li>Wolf Bench Grinder-1</li> <li>Wolf Hand Drilling Machine-1</li> <li>Wolf Screw Driver/Nut Setter-1</li></info>
  253. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 124304.jpg</fac_photo>
  254. </faci_det>
  255. <faci_det id="f12">
  256. <hd_fac>LIBRARY</hd_fac>
  257. <info>The departmental library functions effectively with financial assistance from the University, Government of Tamil Nadu and the UGC, and the total collection of publications now exceeds 18,000. A number of books and technical publications have been received from the British Council, other Consulates, research and academic institutions, as well as Planning and Development Agencies. The School strength lies in the facilitation of interactive learning through design projects, student seminars and lectures. The wealth of data collected as part of the design and thesis has been well appreciated by the professionals. The School, a foremost Institution in India serves as an institutional model in Architecture and Town Planning where other Schools in this region look upon our curricular and pedagogies for guidance.</info>
  258. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 124426.jpg</fac_photo>
  259. </faci_det>
  260. <faci_det id="f13">
  261. <hd_fac>SEMINAR HALL</hd_fac>
  262. <info>An air-conditioned seminar hall of 100 sq. mtrs. is used for the conduct of important functions and also for presentation of guest lectures by practicing architects and other professionals.</info>
  263. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 124558.jpg</fac_photo>
  264. </faci_det>
  265. <faci_det id="f14">
  266. <hd_fac>STUDENT’S CENTRE</hd_fac>
  267. <info>A students centre of 105 sq. mtrs. popularly called as the ‘Coffee Club’ functions to serve coffee and snacks during the morning ‘coffee break’. This forms an important gathering space for interaction amongst students and faculty and students. Facilities for conduct of indoor games such as table-tennis, Chess and Carrom is also available in this student’s centre. Besides, there exists courts to play volley-ball, throw ball and badminton within the premises of the department. </info>
  268. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 124659.png</fac_photo>
  269. </faci_det>
  270. <faci_det id="f15">
  271. <hd_fac>STATIONERY STORE</hd_fac>
  272. <info>As the education of architecture demands need for various type of stationery items, a stationery store is managed by the students under the guidance of a faculty member.</info>
  273. <fac_photo>./img/sap/facility/facility_2018-11-20 124916.jpg</fac_photo>
  274. </faci_det>
  275. </facilityList>
  276. </sub_head>
  277. </heading>
  278. <heading category="ntbldeptalumni">
  279. <sub_head id="aboutalumni" name="About Alumni">
  280. <paragraph id="p1">
  281. <text id="t1">
  282. <![CDATA[ Any institutions' alumni are key to its growth. We are focused on giving a global experience to our students. ]]>
  283. </text>
  284. </paragraph>
  285. </sub_head>
  286. <sub_head id="deptalumnidetls" name="Department Alumni list">
  287. <deptalumnilist>
  288. <alumni id="a2">
  289. <aname>Solomon Vedamuthu</aname>
  290. <abranch>B. Arch</abranch>
  291. <achievement> Director, McGan's Ooty School of Architecture</achievement>
  292. <alumniphoto>./img/sap/alumni/alumni_2018-11-20 020325.jpg</alumniphoto>
  293. </alumni>
  294. </deptalumnilist>
  295. </sub_head>
  296. </heading>
  297. <heading category="research">
  298. <sub_head id="aboutResearch" name="About Research">
  299. <paragraph id="p1">
  300. <text id="t1">
  301. <![CDATA[ about research areas ]]>
  302. </text>
  303. </paragraph>
  304. </sub_head>
  305. <sub_head id="researchlist" name="Research List">
  306. <researches>
  307. <research id="r2">
  308. <res_dept>CSE</res_dept>
  309. <res_programme>AI</res_programme>
  310. <res_syear>2015</res_syear>
  311. <res_pcount>10</res_pcount>
  312. </research>
  313. </researches>
  314. </sub_head>
  315. </heading>
  316. <heading category="deancontact">
  317. <sub_head id="deanquote" name="Inspirational Quoates">
  318. <paragraph id="p1">
  319. <text id="t1">
  320. <![CDATA[ Nothing is Impossible ]]>
  321. </text>
  322. </paragraph>
  323. </sub_head>
  324. <sub_head id="deanContact" name="Dean Contact">
  325. <deancontacts>
  326. <d_mobile>22352341</d_mobile>
  327. <d_email>Nil</d_email>
  328. <d_telep>04422359292</d_telep>
  329. <d_fax>Nil</d_fax>
  330. <d_address>School of Architecture and Planning, Anna university, Guindy, Sardar patel road, Chennai - 600025.</d_address>
  331. </deancontacts>
  332. </sub_head>
  333. </heading>
  334. <heading category="departments">
  335. <sub_head id="aboutdepart" name="About Departments">
  336. <paragraph id="p1">
  337. <text id="t1">
  338. <![CDATA[ Courses are generally given within a department.An academic department is a division of a university or school faculty devoted to a particular academic discipline. ]]>
  339. </text>
  340. </paragraph>
  341. </sub_head>
  342. <sub_head id="deptList" name="List of Department">
  343. <departments>
  344. <dept_list id="d2">
  345. <info>Department of Architecture</info>
  346. </dept_list>
  347. <dept_list id="d3">
  348. <info>Department of Planning</info>
  349. </dept_list>
  350. </departments>
  351. </sub_head>
  352. </heading>
  353. </menubox>

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