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  1.                                                        20-Feb
  3. The following are suggested guidelines for IDL procedures to be submitted
  4. to the IDL Astronomy Library
  6. (1) Each procedure should include documentation in a format similar to that
  7.         described in the file $IDL_DIR/examples/template.pro (Unix) and used
  8.     in the standard IDL Users Library.    The documentation must be bracketed
  9.     by ;+ and ;-  symbols so that it may be extracted by the help software.  
  10.     The NAME: and  CALLING SEQUENCE: fields must be used and the purpose and
  11.     types of all  parameters and keywords should be explained.   Following the
  12.     NAME: field,  there should be a PURPOSE: field giving a one-line
  13.     description.   Any further description can then be supplied under a
  14.     (optional) EXPLANATION: field.
  16. (2) The use of function calls is discouraged.    If a function call is
  17.     used it should have name that is not likely to be used as an array in
  18.     another unrelated program, e.g. DAO_VALUE() is probably O.K, but VALUE() is
  19.     not.
  21. (3) The procedures should be as platform independent as possible.  This
  22.     generally means having IF statements when spawning to the operating
  23.      system, e.g.
  25.    if !version.os_family EQ 'MacOS' then nozero1 = 0
  28. (4) The procedure should display the calling sequence if insufficient
  29.    parameters are supplied.   Keyword parameters should always be optional.
  31. (5) The use of non-standard system variables is discouraged.
  33.   For historical reasons, the IDL Users Library currently uses three extra
  34.   system variables that are  added with the DEFSYSV procedure.   They are
  36.   !PRIV - Used in a couple of the database programs.   Needs to be set when
  37.           modifying a database.
  38.   !TEXTOUT - Used in the program TEXTOPEN which is called by the database and
  39.         several other programs.   Programs which use this non-standard system
  40.         variable also allow a keyword TEXTOUT to be used instead of the
  41.        system variable
  42.   !TEXTUNIT - Logical output unit number used by TEXTOPEN
  44.    These three additional system variables can be added to one's session
  45.       using the procedure ASTROLIB.

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