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  3. I think our next vacation should be somewhere quiet and remote. All we need is a
  4. big bed, a Jacuzzi bath tub and lots of wine coolers. We could make a bath tub
  5. full of bubbles and get in and soak for a while. Then we could scrub each other
  6. clean and play with the soap and bubbles. I could see how long I could hold my
  7. breath while sucking on your big, hard cock. It could be challenging, but I bet I
  8. could make you cum and  you could revive and be ready for anything. After our
  9. bath we could dry each other off and get into bed. We could set up a nice long
  10. game of stop and see how long we could keep it up for. I could make you get on
  11. your knees and fuck my mouth while I suck your cock  down my throat. Then it
  12. would be your turn to find my spot and tease my clit until it gets all hard and
  13. swollen. But we wouldn't get to cum too quickly, we both want to hold out until
  14. it hurts.
  16. After a while of teasing I could fuck your cock into my mouth and lick and suck
  17. it until you cum. Then you could finish the job on my clitty and we could nap for
  18. a while and then go in search of dinner. We could find a place at the bar and
  19. start with drinks. You notice a nice looking girl sitting alone and when she
  20. smiles at you you could invite her over. She joins us and we chat for a while and
  21. find out that she's alone, but would like to join us for dinner, and whatever
  22. else may come up. We find a quiet spot for the 3 of us to have dinner and we get
  23. to know each other. She asks us questions and we ask her questions. she seems to
  24. be a very nice lady who has had some bad luck with relationships. She comments on
  25. how happy we seem to be and she can't believe that we have been married so long
  26. and are still so romantic. You bring up the subject of sex and she says she's
  27. crazy about it! We tell her we have always fantasized about a 3-some and she says
  28. she would be very interested. She didn't want to hang out at a bar all night and
  29. we seem like a nice couple.
  31. As we walk back to our room she says she isn't sure what we expect of her. We
  32. tell her there won't be any pressure for her to do anything she doesn't want to
  33. do. She can join in or not, it's all up to her. She asks you to kiss her and you
  34. make sure I don't mind. I find all of this very exciting and say go ahead. You
  35. lean to kiss her and she is very shy at first and then she decides she likes it
  36. and opens her mouth and offers her tongue. You accept and the two of you are
  37. frenching in the parking
  39. lot for a few minutes while I get the car. .She is really enjoying your kissing
  40. and when I drive up you both get in the back so you can keep reassuring her that
  41. this will be fun. She is very hot and exposes her chest to you and you tease her
  42. nipples with your tongue. She is panting and wants more, but we want to wait
  43. until we are all together in our room. She  feels your cock thru  your pants and
  44. says she can't wait to see it.
  46. We get to our hotel and you escort us to our room. We all start talking sex and
  47. what we like and don't like. She can hardly wait to get started and we all get on
  48. the bed and you kiss us both and tease our pussies thru our clothes. We all
  49. realize we need to be naked, so we start to peel you out of your clothes first.
  50. She can hardly wait to see your big cock. You slowly undress each of us, a bra
  51. and shirt and then down to our underwear. We are all very hot and anxious to
  52. tease each other. She wants to suck your cock and get to know it and you want to
  53. play with our clitties. She and I get to work on your cock  and  you lay down
  54. opposite us. I get to hold your cock and lick and tease it while she sucks the
  55. head in and out of her mouth.
  57. The more you play with our clitties, the wetter our mouths and pussies become. I
  58. take my turn sucking your cock down my throat while she licks and teases your
  59. balls. Your cock is very hard and close to coming, but she and I stop teasing and
  60. let your cock revive, we don't want it to end quite yet.  She enjoys feeling your
  61. fingers tease her clit and she says she wants to cum. I'm also close but you
  62. decide to make us wait too. She likes our game and goes back to sucking your
  63. cock. I show her how to tease and lick and suck just the head in and out of our
  64. mouth. I hold your cock with my hand and slide my tongue all over your cock while
  65. she works the head in and out of her mouth. You are ready to cum and want to
  66. watch us suck your cock while you cum. You tell us to stop one last time and your
  67. fingers brush across our clits and you finger us to a simultaneous orgasm. She
  68. and I go after your cock and won't stop until you've cum all over us. She and I
  69. start licking your cock and then sucking it. Both of us suck the sides and take
  70. turns on the tip, you can't hold back anymore and she sucks that big cock down
  71. her throat while you pump your load into her. Your cock had quite a load saved up
  72.  and the last part shoots all over her face and onto our chests.. You collapse on
  73. the bed and we curl up on either side of you and fall asleep to restore our
  74. energy so we can do it all again.  She really enjoys what we did and agrees to
  75. stay with us the remainder of our trip.
  79. We sleep for an hour or so, and  when you wake up, you realize someone is
  80. stroking your cock. You don't want to ruin anything, so you don't move and enjoy
  81. the tongue licking the length of your cock as it slowly grows and gets harder and
  82. harder. you  realize it must be the other woman and decide to relax and enjoy it.
  83. I wake up and feel a finger on my clitty and decide to stay still and enjoy it
  84. too. My pussy is getting very wet again and my clitty is getting very hard and it
  85. feels so good, I can't wait to cum again. I reach for your cock and  feel her
  86. tongue licking my fingers as I feel how hard you are. I realize she has gotten
  87. you excited again and decide to join in, but I realize it is her finger on my
  88. clitty. It feels so good, I don't want it to stop, she just smiles and says she
  89. wants to please us both. I kiss my way up your chest and reach your lips. I lay
  90. on my back and you turn on your side and kiss me very slowly and give me just the
  91. tip of your tongue to suck on. You are enjoying having your cock sucked and
  92. licked while I suck on your tongue. The other bitch is making us both pant with
  93. what she is doing, but we don't realize how hot she is getting  just from
  94. watching us.
  97. We are both very wet and very excited and are enjoying our new friend's talents.
  98. We aren't quite ready for it to end yet and you reach down and urge her  to join
  99. you in some lip action. She wants to try sucking your tongue and while I move
  100. down to tease your cock, she starts panting and saying how hot she's getting. She
  101. starts to play with her own clitty, but I decide to see if I can excite her. I
  102. suck and lick your cock, while brushing her hard clit with my fingers. She is
  103. very wet and wants to cum right away, but we tell her  to be patient and it will
  104. all be worth the wait.
  106. She wants more of your hard cock and we take turns sucking your big, hard cock in
  107. and out of our mouth. I continue playing with her clit and she runs her finger
  108. over mine, so that we will stay hot and bothered. Soon, we all decide we can't
  109. stand it anymore and you and I get on all 4's and lay her on her back. We are
  110. going to let her cum first and let her catch her breath so she can watch us
  111. again. You and I  each run a finger over her clit and hear her beg for more. You
  112. finger fuck her pussy and I pinch her clit and rub it back and forth while she
  113. squirms and threatens to scream. I show you how to slowly move 1 or 2 fingers in
  114. and out of her pussy and tell you to leave them still when you feel her clamp
  115. down on your fingers, and I rub  my thumb up and back over her clitty a few more
  116. times before you feel her cum. there's a gush of cum and I tell you not to move.
  117. She isn't even breathing and
  119. finally catches her breath and  says how fantastic that was. She's glad we made
  120. her wait.
  122. When she can speak again, you say it is my turn. We decide to make you cum last
  123. so that you can watch your cum squirt all over us. She and I lay on our backs and
  124. she reaches over to feel my clitty and you show her how you rub your fingers over
  125. my clitty and she holds my pussy open wide while you stroke my clitty and I cum
  126. and  can't wait for your big hard cock again.
  128. We lay back on lots of pillows and you get on your knees between us. We move
  129. together so you can fuck our mouths and not have to keep moving around. She sucks
  130. your cock until it's big again and makes it nice and wet. Then you decide to let
  131. me try to swallow it whole, and your cock is hard and ready to cum. You let us
  132. both suck and lick it and tease it a bit more and then you start fucking our
  133. mouth one at a time, very hard and very fast. The bitch grabs for your cock and
  134. says she just has to taste you and sucks your cock slowly in and out of her mouth
  135. while you warn her you're ready to cum. She says she's ready for anything and
  136. your cock lets go spraying her throat generously, and having enough left to spray
  137. onto our chest, so you can rub it in to our nipples.
  139. The girl is insatiable and wants more. Your cock is all spent and you tell her
  140. you need to recover. She says she wants more now and I show her the dildo we
  141. have. She can't wait to try it. You lay back on her stack of pillows and tell us
  142. to have fun. I make sure you don't mind and decide what the heck, we've gone this
  143. far, why not have more fun? She can't wait to feel the stiff plastic in her pussy
  144. and I offer to try it out on her. She lays back and I spread her pussy open and
  145. run the dildo over her clitty. She jumps and wants me to fuck her with it. I
  146. start with the tip and work that plastic in very slowly. I move it in and out,
  147. just a little bit at a time, I don't want to hurt her. You turn on your side and
  148. decide you aren't too tired to watch. So, I work the dildo in and out of her
  149. pussy and she's begging for more. She loves the feel of the stiff prick in her.
  150. She wants to be fucked fast and hard. You reach over and help me work it in and
  151. out of her pussy. Your cock is unbelievably getting hard again. You want to see
  152. how much of this dildo she can take. She wants it all. We start to stroke her
  153. clit while moving this in and out faster and she's panting and  spreading her
  154. legs and begging us to let her cum! She does not want to wait this time, and when
  155. she cums, her whole body lifts off of the bed while she grabs a pillow and
  156. muffles a scream.
  160. You cock is ready for even more action and I can't wait to feel your cock fucking
  161. my pussy. It's exactly what I  want and need and you go slowly at first and then
  162. faster until I tell you I'm going to cum. You feel your cock ready to cum again
  163. and then you feel my finger cover my clit and  my pussy grabs your cock and I cum
  164. right along with you-again.
  166. When we wake up 8 hours later, we are all starving and weak and can't wait to
  167. restore our strength for our next round of STOP. Over breakfast, the other gal
  168. says she is even thinking of moving to a place nearby so that we can continue to
  169. see each other. We tell her she's welcome anytime............

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