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Guest on 3rd September 2021 08:18:43 PM

  1. The goal is to develop and deploy technology that encourages wealth
  2. creation and expression of creativity; provides zero-cost
  3. local-community communication and near-zero-cost world-wide
  4. communication; .
  6. Ultimately, the technology should be "useful" to people, enabling them
  7. to live happily and harmoniously and within the means of their
  8. community, their country, and the world's resources.  The technology
  9. will be used for people to identify problems and needs at every level
  10. (from individuals to communities to planet-wide), encourage the
  11. problems and needs to be both articulated and communicated
  12. instantaneously to the appropriate people with the means and resources
  13. to solve the problems or fulfil the needs.

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