C 13
Pointer Guest on 5th April 2021 12:53:31 AM
  1. #include<stdio.h>
  2. int main()
  3. {
  4.   int x = 10, *ptr, **pptr;
  5.   ptr = &x;
  6.   pptr = &ptr;
  8.   printf("Value of x is %d\n", x);
  9.   printf("Address of x in Hex is %p\n",&x);
  11.   printf("Address of x in long unsigned int decimal is %lu\n",(unsigned long int) &x);
  12.   printf("Value of pointer variable ptr is %p (address in Hex)\n", ptr);
  14.   printf("Address of pointer variable ptr is %lu\n", (unsigned long int)&ptr);
  15.   printf("The value at location pointed by Ptr is %d\n",*ptr);
  17.   printf("Address of pointer variable pptr is %lu\n", (unsigned long int)&pptr);
  18.   printf("The value at loation pointed by pointer variable pptr is %lu\n", (unsigned long int) *pptr);
  19.   printf("The value at located pointed by pptr is %d  or %d\n", **pptr, *(*pptr));
  21.   return 0;
  23. }

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