My accounts of the Omaha Mall Shooting Guest on 19th April 2021 06:06:20 PM
  1. I have received multiple requests from news outlets to talk to them about the events that happened at the Omaha Mall on April 17th when shots were fired and people were killed or injured. I have denied speaking about this, mainly because I don't want to talk to people about it any more, but decided to write out my description of the events in as much detail as I can remember and I will tag those who requested interviews and they are free to use this information for reporting purposes.
  3. On April 17th, Me, my wife and 4 kids visited Westroads mall at around 11:15am. We were doing normal shopping; stopping into Hot Topic and other stores along that same corridor. We eventually went into Suncoast and was looking around in there. My son, middle daughter, wife and I were in the corner of the store closest to the escalators outside. My oldest daughter and youngest daughter were outside the store near the entrance. We heard two loud bangs. Initially I wondered if someone had dropped some stuff in the common area, so the 4 of us went to the front entrance to meet up with our other 2 children to see what was going on. At that time, we heard 2 more loud bangs and knew it was gunshots.
  5. People started running and screaming to get away from the shooter, who seemed very close. (Come to find out, he was right at the bottom of the escalator in front of the store we were in). I grabbed my kids and we ran away from the escalators, turning left around the Suncoast store. My son was in front, my wife and I stayed in the back to ensure nobody got lost or left behind. At the end of the hallway we turned right, then another left at H&M. As we ran down the corridor, a Helzberg Diamonds employee opened his door and shouted for us all to come in. We hid with him and 3 others inside the jeweler room where the fix jewelry. Once inside, I noticed it had a steel self-clocking door and peephole for us to identify anyone who comes to the door. We felt safe in there, relatively speaking. We held our kids close as they cried, scared and confused as to what was happening. We monitored the situation on Omaha Scanner and waited for news that it was safe. After a while, we started hearing shouting and yelling in outside the door so we listened and discovered police were starting to escort people out of the building.
  7. The Helzberg employee opened the door and when spotted was ordered to put his hands in the air and get on the ground to ensure he was not a target. Once he left the room, I shut the door and locked it with a deadbolt since I could not see who he was interacting with and continued to monitor through the peephole. One I saw him walking towards the door with officer, I unlocked it and the police came in and gave us orders to get out of the building. We walked through the mall with armed officers, making sure to thank every one of them on the way out for their bravery and getting us to safety.
  9. Once we were out, we walked around the mall to our vehicle and left Omaha. We no longer wanted to be on our family day trip and wanted to be back home where we felt safest.
  11. Overall, this was one of the scariest events in my life. Later, we discovered it was mostly a targeted shooting, but in the moment, you don't know who the shooter is, whether he is there for someone or to cause as much damage as possible. It doesn't make it any less scary to know what the shooters motives are in the moment and reflecting back on it we were very lucky with the path we took and that Scott was there to let us in and keep us safe.
  13. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. Thank you to all the officers and personnel who secured the mall and helped everyone get out safely. Thank you to Scott for protecting us in his room. You are all heroes to us.

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