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  1.        OS/2 Upload Information Template for ftp-os2.nmsu.edu
  3. Program Description: spider.zip
  5.   This is an OS/2 port of Norman Ramsey's Spider.  Spider is a means of
  6. generating versions of TANGLE and WEAVE for different languages.  This
  7. is similar and based upon Knuth's original WEB for Pascal.  Executables,
  8. change files, and all the original Spider source files are included in
  9. spider.zip.
  11.   The WEB system uses appropriate versions of TANGLE and WEAVE to
  12. produce the appropriate source code and seperate TeX document from the
  13. same file.  That is, input to TANGLE and WEAVE are the same .WEB file;
  14. output from WEAVE is a TeX file and from TANGLE is the appropriate
  15. source code for a compiler.
  17. Program Source: included
  18. Proposed directory: os2/2.0/programming/
  19. spider.zip:http://tug.ctan.org/web/systems/os2/spider.zip

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