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  3.       output_format = 'wps'
  4.         This causes the program to output a file in the WPS format (as needed
  5.         for WRF version 3). Note that WPS has a constraint that the vertical
  6.         levels of the initial condition (LAPS) be matched with those from the
  7.         lateral boundary condition. This matching can be done either when
  8.         running LAPS or in the WPS processing steps by three methods.
  10.         1) In an example with the GFS as a lateral boundary condition one can
  11.            reduce the levels in the LAPS 'static/pressures.nl' namelist as in
  12.            this example: http://laps.noaa.gov/wps/pressures.nl.gfs
  14.         2) In an example with the NAM as a lateral boundary condition and if
  15.            LAPS has more analysis levels than the NAM one can use the WPS
  16.            utility 'mod_levs.exe'. It uses the 'namelist.wps' to rip out the
  17.            NAM levels not in the namelist. The NAM data has levels from 1000
  18.            to 100 at a 25 mb interval plus a surface level.
  20.         3) The third method is the most desirable option that we recommend.
  21.            We first run 'metgrid.exe' for the boundary conditions (e.g. NAM),
  22.            starting at the initial time and proceeding through the forecast
  23.            times. We then run 'real.exe' for the boundary conditions over
  24.            the entire period. This will produce 'wrfbdy_d01' and 'wrfinput_d01'
  25.            files. We next run 'metgrid.exe' for LAPS, followed by running
  26.            'real.exe' for LAPS only at the initial time. In this way the
  27.            'wrfinput_d01' (initial time file) will be overwritten by the LAPS
  28.            initial condition.

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