Pepsi man X Obama Guest on 29th April 2021 01:41:15 AM
  1. One day Pepsi man was walking down a lonely alley, he sometimes wished he had another person in his life who could help him and give him kisses, but his company Pepsi was very homophobic and he was gay. today was especially one of those days, as he walked down the alleyway, he saw a figure... it scared him at first, but his curiosity told him to go closer. he eventually got close enough to see what this figure was. "Obama!" Pepsi man yelped. "hey there, Pepsi man how are you today?" said Obama. Pepsi man never responded, he just stared at his muscles... everything about him was perfect. "I think we should talk some more, we should go back to my place" Pepsi man smoothly said. "HELL YEA SHAWTYY!!" Obama yelled in response.
  3. it was a long night after that and all three potato wars and every manhunt, Pepsi man turned around and told Obama: "Sometimes I wish we could have a relationship like dream and Georges..". Obama blushed for a second and said "speaking of dream and George wanna read heatwaves with me..?" eventually while they were reading heatwaves Pepsi man looked at Obama and quoted heatwaves: "Obama you need to be kissed so hard that you forget your name." Obama quickly looked at Pepsi man a blushed extremely hard. "I burn you?" Obama barely managed to get out, before Pepsi man grabbed his face and kissed him. but before they could do very much, Pepsi CEO kicked down the door and told them to stop.
  4. Obama after seeing this jumped out the window, 40 ft, and broke both of his legs. Pepsi CEO took Pepsi man back to his facility where they punished him by whipping his ass for 5 hours straight. Pepsi man secretly enjoyed it tho.
  6. so later Pepsi man and coca-cola were having their weekly rap battle when Pepsi man saw Obama cheering for him in the crowd, but he couldn't acknowledge him because it was getting to the part where they just said "no you" to each other repeatedly. eventually, coca-cola said "you got no bitches" but Obama suddenly yelled out from the crowd "IM HIS BITCH!" before the presidential guards covered his mouth and said, "you are next in the rap battle against Donald trump". Pepsi man looked at Obama in the crowd but he couldn't let his focus wander, he needed to win this rap battle as he lost the last 69,000 rap battles. (the reason he lost so many is that coca-cola is an immortal figure and has lived before queen Elizabeth was even born) Pepsi man delivered a fatal line to coca-cola, coca-cola could not recover from it "I was born super-rich, while you were born a big bitch. so don't come crying to me about your issues, I use hundred dollar bills as tissues." coca-cola was then voted off the stage by the crowd, and he screeched like an unholy raccoon as he was removed. Pepsi man felt so proud when he saw someone in the crowd, he saw George not found and SapNap in the crowd and another blonde stong handsome incel, he knew that it was dream and in response, he went up dream and bashed his head in, you see 50 years ago, Pepsi man lost a Minecraft 1v1 against dreams grandma and this was his revenge finally, but very quickly police officers swarmed him and started beating him with a stick. before long Pepsi man was in jail and dream was in the hospital.

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