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  6. <h1> <I> Climate and Earth System Science </I> (DN200) </h1>
  8. <H3> Background Information </H3>
  10. Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing us  today.
  11. The climate involves not just the atmosphere and oceans, but the entire
  12. earth system, including polar ice-caps, the biosphere and processes deep
  13. beneath the Earth's surface. The rapidity with which changes are happening
  14. makes climate a vital area of study. The consequences of changes in climate
  15. for humankind will be profound.
  17. <P>
  18. This degree programme, developed jointly by the School of Mathematical
  19. Sciences and the School of Geological Sciences, focuses on the Earth and
  20. climate systems, providing a thorough understanding of the nature, controls
  21. and dynamics of the interacting physical and geological processes.
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  26. <LI> For details of the course, see
  27. <a href="">UCD Horizons</a>
  28. (Click "Courses in Science").
  29. <LI> An extract from the UCD Undergraduate Prospectus, 2007
  30. provides some further information about the course
  31. (<a href="cess/PROSPECTUS-132-133.doc">Word document</a>).
  33. <LI> Further information about the course, with modules and progression
  34. (<a href="cess/CESS-Prog-Desc-www.doc">Word document</a>).
  35. </UL>
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  40. <h5> Surface Temperature Changes, 1860-2000 </h5>
  42. UCD is uniquely positioned to deliver this inter-disciplinary
  43. programme, which emphasizes fundamental mathematical theory, computational methods
  44. and applications in the Earth and atmospheric sciences. This new programme will
  45. provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the entire area of climate,
  46. and of the solid earth and fluid systems that contribute to it.
  48. <P>
  49. The programme will include core modules in applied and computational mathematics,
  50. geological sciences and atmospheric, ocean and climate science. During the first
  51. two stages of the programme, students will take modules in mathematics, physics,
  52. geology and computer programming, as well as introductory modules on Earth System
  53. Science, including hydrology, volcanology and seismology. There will be optional
  54. modules in chemistry and statistics and additional modules in applied mathematics.
  55. In the third and forth stages, more advanced modules in Climate and Earth System
  56. Science will be at the centre of the programme. The programme will include some
  57. geological field studies and practical work in meteorological instrumentation.
  59. <P>
  60. The thorough grounding in Climate and Earth System Science provided by this course
  61. will enable graduates to pursue a wide range of careers in national meteorological
  62. and environmental agencies such as Met &Eacute;ireann, the Environmental Protection Agency,
  63. the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Marine Institute.
  64. There are also opportunities in the private sector, where
  65. there are an increasing number of organizations, such as insurance companies,
  66. concerned with geo-hazards and climate change. The programme is also an excellent
  67. starting point for those aiming at the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in meteorology
  68. and climate in UCD, or for a research career within other universities and specialised
  69. research institutions.
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