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  1. [Properties]
  2. FontName=Detailed font
  3. FontSize=9
  5. [0x0404]
  6. 1100=Startup error of the installer
  7. 1101=%s
  8. 1102=%1 installer is preparing %2, it will guide you through the rest of the installation process. Please wait.
  9. 1103=Checking the operating system version
  10. 1104=Checking the Windows(R) installer version
  11. 1105=Setting up Windows installer
  12. 1106=Setting %s
  13. 1107=The installer has completed the settings of the Windows installer in your system. The system needs to be restarted in order to continue the installation. Please click "Restart" to restart the system.
  14. 1108=%s
  15. 1125=Select installation language
  16. 1126=Choose the language of this installer from the options below.
  17. 1127=The installer must restart the system to complete the setting of the Windows Installer service. Click the "Yes" button to restart immediately; if you want to restart later, click "No".
  18. 1128=This installer will perform the'%s' upgrade. Do you want to continue?
  19. 1129=A newer version of'%s' has been installed on this machine. The installation cannot continue.
  20. 1130=OK
  21. 1131=Cancel
  22. 1132=Password:
  23. 1133=Install
  24. 1134=&Next step>
  25. 1150=The installer has detected an incompatible version of Windows. Please click "OK" and restart the installer in Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 SP6 or higher
  26. 1151=Error writing to temporary location
  27. 1152=An error occurred while extracting %s to a temporary location
  28. 1153=An error occurred while reading the installer start file
  29. 1154=Cannot find Installer in %s
  30. 1155=File %s not found
  31. 1156=Internal error in Windows installer
  32. 1158=Migration string error. Verify that all strings in Setup.ini are valid.
  33. 1200=Restart
  34. 1201=The installer requires %lu KB of free disk space in %s. Please free up some space and try again
  35. 1202=You do not have sufficient permissions to complete the installation of all users. Please log in as a system administrator and reinstall again
  36. 1203=Command line parameters:
  37. 1204=/L language ID
  38. 1205=/S Hide the initialization dialog box. For silent mode, please use: /S /v/qn.
  39. 1206=/V MsiExec.exe parameter
  40. 1207=Found Windows(R) Installer %s. This is an old version of Windows(R) Installer. Click "OK" to continue.
  41. 1208=The ANSI code page of %s is not installed in the system, so the installation program cannot be executed in the selected language. Run the installer and select another language.
  42. 1210=The installer requires Windows Installer version %s or newer to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Please install Windows Installer version %s or newer and try again.
  43. 1603=Error installing Windows Installer. A file that needs to be replaced may be in use. Close all applications and try again.
  44. 1604=This installer does not include the Windows Installer engine (%s) required to perform the installation on this operating system.
  45. 1607=Unable to install %s Scripting Runtime.
  46. 1608=Failed to create InstallDriver instance, return code: %d
  47. 1609=Please specify the location to store the installation package.
  48. 1611=Unable to decompress file %s.
  49. 1612=The file is being decompressed.
  50. 1613=The file %s is being downloaded.
  51. 1614=An error occurred while downloading the file %s. What are you going to do?
  52. 1615=hour
  53. 1616=minutes
  54. 1617=seconds
  55. 1618=MB
  56. 1619=KB
  57. 1620=/sec
  58. 1621=Failed to verify the signature of file %s.
  59. 1622=Estimated remaining time:
  60. 1623=%d %s of %d %s downloaded at %01d.%01d %s%s
  61. 1624=Preparing to install...
  62. 1625=Get instructions for this installation.
  63. 1626=Description
  64. 1627=Unable to save file: %s
  65. 1628=Failed to complete the script-based installation.
  66. 1629=Invalid command line.
  67. 1630=/UA<url to InstMsiA.exe>
  68. 1631=/UW<url to InstMsiW.exe>
  69. 1632=/UM<url to msi package>
  70. 1633=/US<url to IsScript.msi>
  71. 1634=Installation initialization error, copying the program failed.
  72. 1635=The file %s already exists. Do you want to replace it?
  73. 1642=Unable to verify the signature. You need Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher with Authenticode update.
  74. 1643=The installer requires a newer version of WinInet.dll. You may need to install Internet Explorer 3.02 or a newer version.
  75. 1644=You do not have sufficient permissions to complete the installation of all users. Please log in as a system administrator and reinstall again
  76. 1645=An error occurred while installing Microsoft(R) .NET Framework. Return code: %d
  77. 1646=%s can use Microsoft (R) .NET %s Framework. Do you want to install it now?
  78. 1648=The installer has detected an incompatible version of Windows. Please click "OK" and restart the installer in Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 SP3 or higher
  79. 1649=%s can choose to use Visual J# redistributable package. Do you want to install it now?
  80. 1650=(.NET Framework will be installed at the same time.)
  81. 1651=The installer has detected an incompatible version of Windows. Please click "OK" to verify that the target system is running Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (or higher), and then restart the installation
  82. 1652=%s requires the following items to be installed on your computer. Please click the "Install" button to start the installation of these required items.
  83. 1653=Installing %s
  84. 1654=Do you want to cancel the installation program after %s has finished installing?
  85. 1655=The file for the installation requirement %s could not be found. The installation will now stop. It may be because the download failed or was cancelled.
  86. 1656=The installation of %s seems to have failed. Do you want to continue the installation?
  87. 1657=Successful
  88. 1658=Installing
  89. 1659=Idle
  90. 1660=Installed
  91. 1661=Status
  92. 1662=Demand
  93. 1663=Failed
  94. 1664=Fetching
  95. 1665=Downloading
  96. 1666=Skipped
  97. 1667=Failed to install %s. The installation program is about to end.
  98. 1668=You need to reboot when installing %s. Please click "Yes" to restart now, or click "No" to restart later.
  99. 1669=%1 can choose to use %2. Do you want to install now?
  100. 1670=Unable to load module %s, error code: %d
  101. 1671=Downloading file%2 / %3: %1
  102. 1700=An error occurred while initializing the InstallScript engine
  103. 1701=Unable to extract InstallScript engine support file to temporary storage location
  104. 1702=In this installation, you can install several examples of this product. Please select the number of instances you want to install, and then click "Next" to continue:
  105. 1703=&Install new items
  106. 1704=Maintain or upgrade existing instances(&M)
  107. 1705=Default value
  108. 1706=Item ID
  109. 1707=Product name
  110. 1708=Location
  111. 1710=In this installation, you can repair multiple instances of this product. Choose an option below to determine how you want to apply this patch, and then click "Next" to continue.
  112. 1711=&Fix all existing instances
  113. 1712=&Fix an existing instance
  114. 1713=This installation requires Windows Installer 4.5 or later. The installation program will now end.
  115. 1714=Extracting
  116. 1715=Version
  117. 1804=Select installation language
  118. 1812=Select the installation language from the following options.
  119. 1813=&OK
  120. 1815=InstallShield Wizard
  121. 1822=Cancel
  122. 1834=&Next step>
  123. 1835=<&Previous step
  124. 1837=Do you want to install %s?
  125. 1838=Reliability verified
  126. 1839=%s has verified the identity of this software publisher.
  127. 1840=Note: %s confirms that this software is safe. You should only continue if you trust %s' confirmation.
  128. 1841=Always trust the software released by %s.
  129. 1842=This software has not been modified since the release of %s. To install %s, click "Next".
  130. 1854=InstallShield
  131. 1865=Ready to install
  132. 1866=Please wait while the InstallShield Wizard is preparing to install the program.
  133. 1872=Done
  134. 1873=Transmission rate:
  135. 1874=Estimated remaining time:
  136. 1880=/s
  137. 1887=%s-InstallShield Wizard
  138. 1888=End installation
  139. 1889=Are you sure you want to cancel the installation?
  140. 1901=&Install a new version of this product
  141. 1903=A product that meets the requirements is detected
  142. 1904=Select the product to be updated.
  143. 1905=The installer detected the following products on the computer that meet this update requirement.
  144. 1906=&Update selected products below
  145. 1907=The installer has detected that one or more instances of this application have been installed on your system. You can maintain or update existing examples or install complete new examples.
  146. 1908=Choose the following application examples to be maintained or updated (&M):
  147. 1909=Display name
  148. 1910=Installation location
  149. 2001=The %s installer is preparing the InstallShield Wizard, which can guide you through the rest of the installation process. Please wait.
  150. 2002=Error code:
  151. 2003=Error information:
  152. 2004=An error (%s) occurred while running the installer.
  153. 2005=Please make sure that the previous installation has been completed and other applications have been closed. If the error persists, please contact your dealer: %s.
  154. 2006=&Detail
  155. 2007=&Report
  156. 2008=The initial installer does not have enough disk space. Before running the installer, please free up at least %ld KB of disk %s.
  157. 2009=This application was installed by a user with administrator permissions. To modify or uninstall this application, you need to have similar permissions.
  158. 2010=Another instance of this installation is already in progress. Please wait until it completes, or cancel it before performing this installation.
  159. 2143=Security warning
  160. 2144=Do you want to continue to run this installer?
  161. 2146=The source and integrity of this application cannot be verified. If you can identify and trust the publisher, and you are sure that the application has not been modified after publication, you can continue.
  162. 2147=Do not trust this installer
  163. 2148=I understand the security risks and want to continue.
  164. 2151=The source and integrity of this application could not be verified because there is no publisher’s signature. If you can identify and trust the publisher, and you are sure that the application has not been modified after publication, you can continue.
  165. 2152=Unable to determine the source and integrity of this application. The certificate that signed this software has expired, is invalid, or is not trusted. The installation should only be continued after confirming that the publisher is trustworthy and that the software has not changed since its release.
  166. 2153=This software has been damaged or modified since it was released. You cannot continue this installer.
  167. 2154=This installer was created with a beta version of %s
  168. 2155=This installer was created with the evaluation version of %s
  169. 2156=Please enter the password
  170. 2157=This installer was created with the evaluation version of %s, which does not support the extraction function of the built-in MSI file. The full-featured version of the InstallShield program can support this feature. For details, see InstallShield KB note Q200900.
  171. 2158=This installer was created with the evaluation version of %s. The evaluation version installer can only be used for %s days after performing the installation. If you need to execute it again, please reinstall. The installer will now end.
  172. 2159=The use period of this installer has ended in %s. The installer will now end.
  174. [Languages]
  175. 0x0401=Arabic
  176. 0x0402=Bulgarian
  177. 0x0403=Catalan
  178. 0x0404=Chinese (Traditional)
  179. 0x0405=Czech
  180. 0x0406=Danish
  181. 0x0407=German
  182. 0x0408=Greek
  183. 0x0409=English
  184. 0x040a=Spanish
  185. 0x040b=Finnish
  186. 0x040c=French (standard)
  187. 0x040d=Hebrew
  188. 0x040e=Hungarian
  189. 0x0410=Italian
  190. 0x0411=Japanese
  191. 0x0412=Korean
  192. 0x0413=Dutch
  193. 0x0414=Norwegian
  194. 0x0415=Polish
  195. 0x0416=Portuguese (Brazil)
  196. 0x0418=Romanian
  197. 0x0419=Russian
  198. 0x041a=Croatian
  199. 0x041b=Slovak
  200. 0x041d=Swedish
  201. 0x041e=Thai
  202. 0x041f=Turkish
  203. 0x0421=Indonesian
  204. 0x0424=Slovenian
  205. 0x042d=Basque
  206. 0x0804=Chinese (Simplified)
  207. 0x0816=Portuguese (standard)
  208. 0x0c0c=French (Canada)
  209. 0x0c1a=Serbian (Cyrilli

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