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Server Rules

By CrruptWrld on 21st February 2022 07:52:53 PM

  1. Please read all rules before continuing to the server :)
  3. ⚠️The following results in an automatic kick/ban:
  5. 1) Disrespecting Server Owner or Admin(s)
  7. 2) Spamming channels with intent to cause disorder
  9. 3) Excessive use of profanity
  10. 4) Sending disturbing footage (such as an execution) to the public chats
  13.  ⚠️Chat Rules:
  14. 1) Spamming the chat in any way can result in punishment by kick, ban, or other punishments set by the server owner
  15. 2) Promoting other servers is not allowed in any channel
  17. 3) Chatting with the intent to cause disorder (ex. posting malicious links) is never allowed
  18. 4) Bots are controlled by admins only
  21.  ⚠️VC Rules: 
  22. 1) Remain out of Voice Chat text channels unless you are in the Voice Chat dedicated to that channel (ex. please refrain from typing in VC1Chat if you aren’t in VC1, etc.) 
  23. 2) Be aware of other people. Ear raping is considered harassing other users, and makes the user responsible eligible to be kicked/banned.
  24. 3)Not everyone likes singing, so if you would like to sing to a song, please mute your mic unless everyone in the VC agrees that it’s ok 
  25. 4) You may not play music over the Music Bot(s) unless permitted 
  27.  ⚠️NSFW Channel Rules:
  28. 1) Please use each NSFW as described in each channel description
  29. 2) Lolicon/child porn is a bannable offense and will be reported to the police
  31. 3) Spamming is allowed up to a point in this channel. Please be considerate and use your best judgement
  33. 4) NSFW channels marked as spicy are for users with kinks/fetishes that are different than “normal” (ex. shit, piss, gore, furries, etc.)
  34. 5) The 6-digit sauce is not to be explained to anyone (they aren’t cultured enough)
  36.  ⚠️General considerations⚠️
  37. We do not discriminate based on sex, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, or nationality/ethnicity. Be kind and respectful to server participants. Those who target and make fun of users for these specifics things are automatically applicable for a permanent ban, but any punishment

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