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  1. Name, company (society) name, position, email, mobile phone, telephone
  2. "
  3. Wang Xuezuo", Executive Vice President, Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China in Thailand, amom@galaxy.co.th," 15102011111
  4. 13809180888
  5. 662-681-1777",
  6. Ding Yanggang, Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce, Central Director 2016-2019,sec@mccc.my,,603-92231188
  7. Ding Wenzhi, "Jimei University
  8. Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  9. Thailand-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association","Executive School Director
  10. Routine communication
  11. Vice President",,,"02-4634521
  12. 02-4634621
  13. 02-4639784-8"
  14. Ding Youwei, Director General, Ding Clan Association, Thailand,,,02-3317964
  15. Wan Zimei, President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese in Rome, Italy, zimeiw@tin.it,,
  16. Wan Zhixin, "Peru-China Peace Reunification Council
  17. "International Daily"","Contact person
  18. President", leowan99096639@hotmail.com,,
  19. Wanbang Han, French Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Vice President, 33-618452923 13906879506, 33-0140267888
  20. Qiu Jianfeng, Thailand Qiu Clan Association, Director General,, 3914392, 00662-3774133
  21. Qiu Zhiming, Qiu Zhiming Accounting Company,,,,03-21423533 03-21423621 03-40233912
  22. Qiu Zhiyuan, Liang Zhizhong Art Association Chorus, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary, 012-6193265, 03-78035484
  23. Qiu Sidong, Member of Parliament of Malaysia,,,,00605-4652001 4651699
  24. Qiu Minxian, "Morning News", president,,,
  25. Qiu Yanping, Acting, Chairperson, Women's Group, Guangdong Association of Associations, Malaysia
  26. Qiu Liuling, Chairman of the Thai Clan Association,,,,00662-3239883
  27. See you Xi, "Thailand-China Friendship Association
  28. Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce ","Vice Chairman
  29. Honorary Advisor",,,2349298
  30. Qiu Shaoping, "Freedom Daily", President,,,
  31. Yau Yiu Hing, Banli Fishnet Pte Ltd, Chairman of the Board,,,,62981233
  32. Cong Zhongxiao, Editor-in-Chief, Kansai Chinese Times of Japan,,,
  33. Yan Zhicai, Huining Association, Member,,,,2852322
  34. Yan Hao, Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan, President,,,
  35. Yan Xiangxing, "Argentine Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
  36. Argentina China Assistance Center
  37. China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  38. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Culture Promotion Association
  39. Beijing Sea Federation
  40. Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese in Fujian Province
  41. Fujian Overseas Friendship Association
  42. President of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese in Jiangsu Province","
  43. Chairman
  44. Executive Director
  45. Executive Vice President
  46. Executive Vice President
  47. Overseas committee
  48. Overseas committee
  49. Standing director
  50. Foreign members",shen@asiareps.cn,,
  51. Tan Sri Li Lintai, unknown, Yunfu folk, has a high social status and strong economic strength.
  52. Qiao Bingjun, President of Confucius World Co., Ltd., Kongzishijie@163.com,,
  53. Yu Qingwen, President, Philippine Commercial Daily,,,
  54. Yu Zhisheng, Chairman of the Association of Overseas Chinese Teachers in Korea, sunshui@hotmail.com,,
  55. Yun Dajiang, "Siam Thai Daily", President,,,
  56. Yun Dazhen, "The Yun Family Ancestral Hall in Thailand
  57. The Association of Fourteen Provinces in Southern Thailand","Always Honorary Chairman
  58. Vice Chairman",,"251-1651
  59. 251-1859
  60. 01-9785517","02-28221414
  61. 075-23070719"
  62. Yun Changjun, "Yunhai Travel & Transportation Co., Ltd."
  63. Chairman of the Yun Family Ancestral Hall in Thailand", Managing Director, toonmeka@hotmail.com,0-1912-4929, (662)-2262179
  64. Wu Daoxian, Xian Huafa Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,8621080
  65. Inoue Shinn, Junyun Co., Ltd., director, inoueshinn@yahoo.jp,13922180383,
  66. Fu Guanqiang, French Marseille Overseas Chinese Association, Chairman, fuguanqiang20661818@gmail.com,33616610998,33-491040811
  67. Dai Zhigang, Khmer Daily, Vice President,,,
  68. Ren Limin, French Overseas Chinese Association, Chairman,,,
  69. Ren Ruisheng, China Hong Kong and Macau Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia,,,855-12-822228 23-724831,
  70. Wu Dongrong, Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce Baguio Branch, Chairman,,,
  71. Wu Qifang, Taihua Women's Charity Association,,,,662-6551011
  72. Wu Youhua, "Malaysia Huining General Association
  73. Malaysia Selangor Association", President,, 63020261873, 60320785500
  74. Wu Xinghao, President, Guangdong Women's Association of the Philippines, 632-242-3790,
  75. Wu Linqiang, Pirata New Cloud Club, Director, 019-2246042, 603-21414753
  76. Wu Bingshun, Federation of Overseas Chinese in Belgium,,,,32-3-3210295 3222339,
  77. Wu Ruizhang, "Indonesia National Mission Party Headquarters
  78. Indonesian Wu Family Clan Association ","Deputy Secretary
  79. Honorary Chairman",,6281-185 2414,6221-667 8045
  80. He Shichang, Malaysia Guangzhao Country Association,,,,603-89416249,
  81. He Shizheng, Chairman of the Federation of Cantonese-Zhaoqing Federation of Malaysia,,"012-2085293
  82. 603-40439588",603-89416249
  83. He Liyan, "Norway Guangdong Association
  84. Norwegian Chinese Music and Dance Ensemble","Director
  85. Director",lenaho0920@hotmail.com,13902563285,00853-66930460;
  86. He Qiaosheng, "Singapore Fengshun Hall
  87. Long Ying Pte Ltd","Chairman
  88. Chairman",,67476905,2661132
  89. He Ru, "Nordic Times", President,,,
  90. He Guocai, "Singapore Guangdong Association
  91. Singapore Clan Association Federation Finance Singapore Zenglong Association
  92. "Jinan University Guangdong Overseas Chinese Federation International Alumni Association","President
  93. President
  94. President",fongtai8@singnet.com.sg,65-9728133 13533556899,"65-63382878
  95. 65-67355216"
  96. He Yao, Editor-in-Chief, Polish Magnificent Life Information Network,,,
  97. He Tiansong, Guangdong Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, Honorary Consultant, info@gdne.nl/hotensoeng@multuiweb.nl, (31) 651352915, (3120) 6391128
  98. He Zixin,,Cultural friend,,,,81-3-35458225 81-3-35451402
  99. Ho Anton, "Philippines Cebu Filipino-Chinese Friendship Association
  100. Cebu Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines
  101. Dingguang Temple, Cebu, Philippines
  102. Philippine Cebu-China Peaceful Reunification Association
  103. Founding of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Cebu, Philippines
  104. Philippine Cebu Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce","President
  105. Chairman
  106. Chairman of the board
  107. Honorary President
  108. President
  109. Vice Chairman",,,
  110. He Rong, "Nordic-Swedish-Chinese Culture and Business General Association
  111. Sweden Xirong International Consulting Company", Chairman, xirong.kjellerup@swipnet.se,46-704496666 13691466825,46-40918795
  112. He Xiaolin, French Overseas Chinese Association, Vice Chairman,,,,33-01-42771360
  113. He Shaofang, Young's Diamond Co., Ltd.,, info@yedico.com,32-479-380829,32-3-2329098
  114. Jianxing He, Chairman, French Yige Garment Co., Ltd., "basicia2010@gmail.com
  115. ycoo@outlook.com",,"33141617469
  116. 33967467469"
  117. He Deming, Singapore Yinghe Club,,,,65336726,
  118. He Dehuo, Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Mara Street, Venezuela, Vice Chairman,,,545854
  119. He Cheng, Li & Fung Credit Co., Ltd., General Manager,, 605-2414659, 605-2548489
  120. He Cheng, Yao Ming Hall, Perak, Malaysia,,,51549415,
  121. He Cailin, United Engineering Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2524433
  122. He Muquan, "Guangxingfa & Co., Ltd."
  123. Kwong hing long gmbh & co. kg
  124. Guangxinglong Co., Ltd.", Chairman,,,,2360087 2360976 2360988
  125. He Boyao, Justice of the Peace,,,,2549273
  126. He Feiguang, Qiaodong Association, Director,,,02-5100073
  127. He Yiyun, "Oriental Times", president,,,
  128. He Haishan,JUZZ FOR LIFTS ,General Manager,,65 9632 0269,65 6747 1023
  129. He Wan, UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, Vice President/Chairman, yuanwei88288@163.com,13829801098,971-42295513
  130. He Zuguang, President, Panshun Hall, Malaysia Perak Jinbao South, 605-4651351,
  131. He Yuxiang, President, Panyu Guild Hall, Singapore, (65)62255152,
  132. He Jianzhen, Chairman, Panyu Clubhouse, Jiarou, Malaysia, (606)-236555 019-6669118,
  133. He Jianyou, Chairman, Panyu Club, Jiarou, Malaysia,,,,(606)-236555
  134. He Jinjiang, Editor-in-Chief, Times Forum Magazine,,,
  135. He Jinjiang, Thailand Guangdong Industrial Co., Ltd., Chairman, kaungsiphyo@hotmail.com,"00-66-86-9381588
  136. 00-66-81-6800389",055-533457
  137. He Jinxiang, all because of the Overseas Chinese Office,,,05-94-382561,
  138. He Yun, "New Central Plains News", Supervisor,,,
  139. He Shunjie, Panyu Guild Hall, Singapore, Chairman, 97357949, 0065-62351202
  140. He Shunjie, Singapore Guanghui Zhaobishanting Office, Consultant,, 0065-2562426, 2565595
  141. He Ma Zhao, Executive Chairman, Federation of German Chinese Associations, 15800751344,
  142. He Linsheng, Panama Chinese Association, former president, 507-66136349, 507-2605802
  143. She Xidun, She Xiecheng & Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,2222368
  144. Yu Dongxing, "Hungary Asia Center
  145. European Association for the Promotion of China’s Peaceful Reunification","Chief Representative of China
  146. Standing Director", YDX396@YAHOO.COM.CN,13816047899,0036-70-6227090 021-62993592
  147. Yu Weicai, Chairman, Panyu Club, Perak, Malaysia, (605)-2548884,
  148. Yu Qiwen, "Czech Guangdong Chamber of Commerce
  149. Wilhelm Hotel, Czech Republic","Executive Vice President
  150. General Manager",QIWENYU@SEZNAM.CZ,,"00420-77438889
  151. 00420-607680738"
  152. Yu Weiren, Raoping Hometown Association, Honorary Chairman,,,,26375334
  153. Yu Meilun, Executive Vice President, Overseas Chinese Association of Venice, Italy,,,,39-3385905018
  154. Yu Tengbo, "New Knowledge of South America", magazine president,,,
  155. Yu Suke, Executive Director of Bikai International AG, confessions_sky@hotmail.com,"43-6506878988
  156. 18857762579",43-1-5030076
  157. Yu Xuehui, Raoping Hometown Association, Vice Chairman,,,2125862
  158. Hou Yeshun, Honorary Chairman of the Hou Family Travelling in Thailand Association,,,,00663-8623478
  159. Hou Peishui, "World Journal", chief writer,,,
  160. Hou Kaiming, Thailand Hou Clan Association,,,4651051,
  161. Hou Decai, Hou Family Travelling Thai Clan Association, Chairman,,,,00661-2240896 00662-2245981
  162. Hou Decai,Thailand Hou Family Hongjiang Township Association,,,662-4654017,
  163. Hou Yinghui, The Hou Family Travelling to Thailand Association, Vice Chairman,,,,00661-8381671
  164. Hou Qinghe, Hongjiang Township Association of the Hou Family in Thailand, Vice Chairman, 4455683, 02-4455683
  165. Hou Jinsheng, Hou's Hongjiang Township Association, Vice Chairman,,,03-4251442
  166. Yu Chuncheng, Guangzhou Business,,,,13902229713,
  167. Xiu Haitao, "China Business Daily", person in charge,,,
  168. Ni Jian, President of the Czech Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification,,,
  169. Ni Na, editor-in-chief of "Dewa World",,,
  170. Ni Yemin, President of the Spanish Qingtian Association, 0034-609076746/15869614787, 0034-912996883
  171. Ni Suili, President, German-Chinese Economic and Cultural Exchange Association, john-ni@21cn.com, 13902304416, 349-211-362034 020-87353110 020-87353115 13902304416
  172. Ni Tieping, President, Austrian-China International Economic and Trade Promotion Association,,,
  173. Fu Bing, "International Student News", President,,,
  174. Fu Limin, President, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Poland,,,
  175. Fu Xumin, President of Delipp Group Corporation, XUMINFU@HOTMAIL.COM, 31-633299999 13605885111, 31-168464961
  176. Fu Xuhai, "European Bridge Fund
  177. "European Overseas Chinese and Chinese Youth Federation","Chairman
  178. Executive Chairman (Founding Chairman)",,,
  179. Fu Xuhai, President, Luxembourg European Overseas Chinese Youth Federation, 86-13515892820,
  180. Fu Songwang, "Europe Wenzhou Chinese and Overseas Chinese Association
  181. West Side Carlos Co., Ltd.
  182. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese"
  183. ,"Chairman
  184. Chairman of the board
  185. Overseas consultant",,0034-639958347/13957732259,0034-914130623/
  186. Yuan Yongjia, "UAE China Chamber of Commerce
  187. United Arab Emirates Overseas Chinese Association
  188. UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce
  189. Warwick Trading Co., Ltd.","Executive Director
  190. Standing Committee
  191. Vice President, Secretary General
  192. Chairman",yongjiayuan@163.com,"971-50-6245306
  193. 13710102988",971-4-2267674
  194. Quan Bingxing, French Marseille Hualian Association, Vice Chairman, hualianhui@hotmail.fr,617551884,490899621
  195. Quan Zhuoxing, French Marseille Chinese Association, Secretary,,,, 0033-442793380 678740794
  196. Guan Xinxun,Thailand Cantonese Club,,,,66-2259701
  197. Guan Zhihui, "Norway Guangdong Association
  198. Norwegian Chinese Music and Dance Ensemble
  199. Norwegian Chinese Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China","President
  200. Head
  201. Vice President", FAI_guan@hotmail.com,, (+47) 95861428; 13424104192
  202. Guan Baixin, President of the Northern Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Russia, xinxucompanies@126.com,,
  203. Guan Huixing, Honorary Chairman, Guangdong Overseas Chinese Association of the Philippines,"13434349497
  204. 31-251-654319",0063-917-8981889
  205. Guan Jintao, "Chile-Beijing Overseas Federation
  206. Chile-China Economic and Trade Development Association
  207. Chilean Huaxing Art Troupe ","President
  208. Chairman
  209. Leader",,,
  210. Feng Yun, Feng Yun Holdings Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,7722200
  211. Feng Huahai, "Kuang Hui Zhao Guild, Sarri Street, Malaysia
  212. Sand Guangdong Township Association
  213. Sha Guanghui Zhao Guild Federation (specializing in wholesale of various fruits and organizing tourism)","Chairman
  214. Acting President
  215. Vice Chairman",,"6019-8145342
  216. 13426898973",6019-8175342
  217. Feng Fa, Happy Furniture Center,,,,40424321
  218. Feng Guoan, Yafu Group Co., Ltd., President,,,,86-21-62495330 852-27828766
  219. Feng Dalin, Vice Chairman, Committee of Commerce and Industry of China,,,,58-241-9906344
  220. Feng Dingxian, "German Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  221.  German Chinese and Overseas Chinese Business Association
  222.  "Honorary Chairman of the Association of Overseas Chinese in Germany","
  223. Honorary President
  224. Honorary President",,,
  225. Feng Yue, Feng Yue & Sons Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,05-2541980
  226. Feng Yue, Wuyi Federation of Gugang State, Malaysia,,,05-2548637,
  227. Feng Zhenkang, Lvba Siyi Overseas Chinese Association, Vice President,,,2216102
  228. Feng Gencun, Barquisimeto Chinese Hall,,,, 0058-251-2311446 2326195,
  229. Feng Yongen, Guangdong Guild Hall, Manila, Honorary Chairman, lingnamfoodcorp@yahoo.com, 6.39179E+11,632-3765116 632-3765117-104
  230. Feng Yongxian, "Venezuela Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  231. Venezuelan Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation
  232. Venezuela China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association ","Chairman
  233. Executive Vice Chairman
  234. First Vice Chairman",,,
  235. Feng Huanxiang, President of Panama Wuyi (Jiangmen) Friendship Association, 272868927@qq.com,"
  236. Zheng Luran 507-66717788",
  237. Feng Yueshan, Venezuela Oriental Pearl Import and Export Trading Company,,,,081-668386
  238. Feng Xuemao, "Venezuela Lamaraca Federation
  239. Mala Street Chinese Association", Chairman,,,,5843-452108 5843-452575 5843-467279
  240. Ling Shuntang, Guangdong Association of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan,,,78-332319,
  241. Diao Linquan,Thai Diao Clan Association, Chairman,,,,02-6227799
  242. Diao Shunsheng, Thailand-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, Vice President,,,,662-8186577 662-8186578
  243. Liu Shixian, Golden Wood Co., Ltd., Dato's Doctor, ELAWSH@HOTMAIL.COM, 6-0168868888 60198868888, 603-80708090
  244. Liu Dongshan, World Federation of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Lao Chinese Associations, Deputy Secretary-General, luutravel@telia.com, 46704970880, O:4616130742 H:4616138925
  245. Liu Dongquan, Poland-China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, contact person,,,
  246. Liu Donghui, "Czech Federation of Chinese Culture and Art Exchange
  247. "Prague Times"","Contact
  248. Editor-in-chief",,,
  249. Liu Zhongyi, Wilcobao Information Technology Co., Ltd., President, vrkb@vr-kb.com,,
  250. Liu Yiqian, "South American Overseas Chinese News", editor-in-chief of new media,,,
  251. Liu Huiyi, Guardian Gifts Co., Ltd., Group Managing Director,,,019-3372450 016-3372450,603-79829187
  252. Liu Weihong, Overseas Chinese Federation in Belgium, Chairman, 32-0495-568888, 32-03-2335712 32-03-4491926
  253. Liu Youdian, Hepo Township Association, Vice Chairman,,,
  254. Liu Yuanhua, "Association of Chinese Cultural Centers in the Rheinneka Region, Germany
  255. German Mannheim Chinese School
  256. German Chinese Business News","Chairman
  257. headmaster
  258. Reporter", yuanhua@weihua.de, (0049)1726725724/157622117330,069-33091650
  259. Liu Guanghua, "Ruian City Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  260. Italy-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  261. China-Italy Business Exchange Association
  262. Ryan Association of Southern Italy
  263. The Federation of Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Rome, Italy
  264. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese","Chairman
  265. President
  266. Vice president
  267. Honorary President
  268. Executive Vice President
  269. Overseas members",,,
  270. Liu Guanghua, Italy-China Business and Cultural Exchange Association Italian Peace Promotion Association," Contact
  271. Contact",iu.guang.hua@hotmail.com, yangzhengzhao@live.cn,
  272. Liu Guangxin, "Spain Association of Overseas Chinese
  273. Spain-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  274. Chamber of Commerce of Southern Madrid, Spain (FEDSSO)
  275. Spanish Chamber of Commerce Madrid (CEIM)
  276. Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference
  277. China Overseas Friendship Association
  278. Zhejiang Overseas Friendship Association
  279. Member of China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  280. Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation
  281. Zhejiang Overseas Exchange Association ","Executive Vice Chairman
  282. Executive Vice President
  283. Vice Chairman
  284. Executive Committee
  285. Committee member
  286. Overseas director
  287. Standing director
  288. Overseas consultant
  289. Executive Vice President ", , ,
  290. Liu Lan, Spain Today Children’s Fund, Vice President,,,, 003491-5783675/3017
  291. Liu Zaiguang, Nanyang Hakka Association, Conference Affairs Consultant,,,06-5668332
  292. Liu Jun, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 14th Nagoya Chinese New Year Festival,,,
  293. Liu Jun, (Japan) Corporate Juridical Person Guangdong Association, Director, inoueshinn@yahoo.jp,81-90-57586078,03-5823-6556
  294. Liu Nanhui, General Chairman (Founder), World Liu Family Association,,,,607-2221777
  295. Liu Jiaqi, Vice President of Dapu Association,,,,8161817158
  296. Liu Guozhen, Beijing Zhonghua Hall,,,,58-212-6324478,
  297. Liu Guosheng, "Germany China Report", publisher,,,
  298. Liu Guorong, Canton Hall, Director General,,,,2211198
  299. Liu Yibing,,,,62-8122152288,62-225210165(h)
  300. Liu Lan, Vice President, China-Japan Business Daily,,,
  301. Liu Chonghan, Director of Malaysian Chinese Cultural Association, 019-3488742, 603-33426121
  302. Liu Shichun, "Shiwei Auto Repair Shop"
  303. Guangdong Hall","
  304. Permanent member",,6013-9559744,609-6171744
  305. Liu Qingqi, Liu Qingqi Company (Secretary and Business Management Services), Practicing Company Secretary,,,,603-92824108 603-92824107
  306. Liu Jianhua, French Overseas Chinese Association, Vice Chairman, laurent-jhliu@hotmail.com, 13609668059, 01-42788815
  307. Liu Jianguo, "Veneto Chinese and Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  308. European Chinese Student Entrepreneurship Foundation
  309. Italian Association for Friendship with China
  310. Italy China Development Foundation
  311. Honorary President of Italy-China Trade Development Association","
  312. President
  313. Vice Chairman
  314. Vice Chairman
  315. Executive Chairman",,,
  316. Liu Jianming, "Chinese Club
  317. "China Daily" agency","Vice President
  318. President",,,
  319. Liu Luming, "China Overseas Friendship Association
  320. Shanghai Sea Federation
  321. European Channel Mayors Association
  322. European Shanghai Association of Societies","Director
  323. director
  324. Representative in China
  325. Vice president", , ,
  326. Liu Simeng, Honorary Chairman, Singkawang Region Folk Association, Indonesia, 13676242348,
  327. Liu Hui, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Nordic Chinese Network,,,
  328. Liu Cheng, "China Daily News", president,,,
  329. Liu Caibao, Guilin Liu's Guild, Honorary President,,,,,0065-64438466
  330. Liu Yanglie, President of Panama Hua County Association, alexliu1888@yahoo.com,"507-66171888
  331. 13760780518",507-2791356
  332. Liu Jingqian, real estate and water transfer company, general manager,,,,4346523 4343865
  333. Liu Wenjian, "European Tribune", President,,,
  334. Liu Wenjian, Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations in Hungary,,,,3630-9668868 3630-9907888
  335. Liu Xiaoguang, Editor-in-Chief, "Chinese Business Daily",,,
  336. Liu Siamyou, Vice Chairman, Chenghai Association of Thailand,,,
  337. Liu Siamyou, Thailand Liu Clan Association,,,2143938,
  338. Liu Muqi, Jianxin (Real Estate) Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2231976
  339. Liu Yang, Head of Vitamin Culture Media, Belgium,,,
  340. Liu Yanglie, Panama Hua County Association, President, aleliu1888@yahoo.com, (+507) 66171888/13760780518, (+507) 2791356
  341. Liu Shude, President of the Brazilian Chinese Calligraphy Association, liu.sute@icloud.com,,
  342. Liu Xinyun, Deputy Director of NICE TV, Cambodia,,,
  343. Liu Hanshui, Sarawak River Po Association, President,,,
  344. Liu Wenhui, "Panama Chinese Association
  345. "Panama Flower County Association","Chairman
  346. Chairman",,"507-263-2727
  347. 507-2632728 6801968",
  348. Liu Zequan, President of the Panyu Club, Malaysia,,,,,604-2824609
  349. Liu Zerong, Chairman, Panyu Club, Malaysia, 604-2610319, 604-2824609
  350. Liu Haijiang, Vice Chairman and Chairman of China-Arab Satellite TV,,,
  351. Liu Chaoxiang, "Singapore Shin Kong Shipping Agency Co., Ltd.
  352. Shin Kong Kee Logistics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Representative Office","Managing Director
  353. Managing Director",gzskkf@gmail.com,"65-96342229
  354. 13826284008
  355. 6012-7206559","020-34131743
  356. 62274188"
  357. Liu Yubo, Ma Chao Holdings Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Board,,,,088-238799
  358. Liu Lin, International Talent Group, Director, huayishidai@163.com,13910653007,"021-66516372
  359. 006738710868"
  360. Liu Chang, President of "German Life",,,
  361. Liu Panshi, "Kuala Lumpur Chinese Hall
  362. Malaysia Selangor State Hall","President
  363. Chairman",,012-3651612,03-21440125 603-21424977
  364. Liu Zukang, "The Preparatory Committee of the 4th World Dong'an Karma Conference
  365. Malaysia Taiping Dongan Assembly Hall S
  366. YARIKAT HUP S00N CREDIT SDN. BHD.","Chairman
  367. Consultant",,,605-2542742 6012-5181233
  368. Liu Gospel, Kuala Lumpur River Po Township Association, PR,,,
  369. Liu Xiu'e, Raoping Hometown Association, Vice Chairman,,,2383764
  370. Liu Xichang, Secretary-General, Sarawak Hepo Township Association, 332930, 082-333336
  371. Liu Liangping, "Real Estate and Building Materials Company
  372. Thailand Lam Tin Liu Clan Association","General Manager
  373. Chairman",,,4486283 4486288
  374. Liu Fang, International Talent Group, Chairman, tangyong159@126.com,"13518861908
  375. 15010590288","673-8710868
  376. 0898-66724216
  377. 0898-68922782"
  378. Liu Fang, President of the Swedish Two Lakes Association, cnskina@qq.com,,
  379. Liu Fangyong, Argentine Chinese Network, Chairman,,,
  380. Liu Ruojin, French Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, President, ASSOCIATIONACWF@YAHOO.COM,, 33-0140267888
  381. Liu Yingming, Kuala Lumpur Hepo Township Association, former president, 415688,019-3272923
  382. Liu Maonian, Maonian Industrial Co., Ltd., Managing Director,,,,7834631
  383. Liu Maonian, Kuala Lumpur Hepo Association of Malaysia,,,,03-21481408 7834631,
  384. Liu Yinwen, Singapore Dongan Guild Hall, former president,,,,,,0065-96345678 03-21666899
  385. Liu Lisheng, President of "China Travel" magazine,,,
  386. Liu Zangnian, Long Fa Electric Appliance Engineering Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  387. Liu Xianzhen, Golden Wood Co., Ltd., Chairman, LAWHD@HOTMAIL.COM, +6-0193824333 0198883777, +6(03)20958553
  388. Liu Bangsu, Real Estate and Building Materials Company
  389. Secretary, Chairman,,,,,2800791 4452188
  390. Liu Chengmou, Taishan Ningyang Hall, Malaysia,, 6032416029,
  391. Liu Ximou, Kuala Lumpur Taishan Club, Selangor,,,,03-21416029
  392. Liu Jinting, China University Alumni Association of Thailand,,,,662-2169791,
  393. Liu Jinting, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman,,,,662-5181955
  394. Liu Yuxiong, All-German Federation of Chinese Associations, the fourth chairman and current honorary chairman,,,
  395. Liu Shuntai, "Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  396. Malaysia Sabah State Taoist Federation","Central Council Member
  397. Permanent Honorary Advisor
  398. Dato",sec@mccc.my/frankieliewck@yahoo.com,60-128036789/60-16-8309789/13823137145,60-88-423789/425789
  399. Zhuo Weilie, Zhuo International Market (Thailand) Trading Company, General Manager, PIYAPORN@JI-NET,COM,
  400. Zhuo Zhikang, Sabah, Chief Editor, Shihua Daily,,,
  401. Zhuo Xuguang, "French Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  402. France-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  403. "President of the French Paris Textile Import and Export Company, Paris Fade Real Estate Company","
  404. Executive Chairman
  405. Chairman",,"331-48070911
  406. 0033-1-48078080",
  407. Lu Yiming, Eida Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2215004
  408. Lu Yaru, Chairman of the State Council of Thailand and Beijing,,,
  409. Lu Weizhong, Jinxingyuan Machinery Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4201156
  410. Lu Junxiong, Teochew Association of Indonesia,,,62-21-6280878,
  411. Lu Guoxiang, "Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  412. Pearl Holiday Travel Co., Ltd."," the first vice president
  413. Managing Director",sec@mccc.my,6012-3370402,60392231188
  414. Luwi Khan, Palembang Juzhong Alumni Association,,,,62-711375970,
  415. Lu Kaiming, former member of Congress,,,,605-8082925
  416. Lu Quanbiao, Thai Lu Family Clan Association, Chairman,,,,,00662-9922224
  417. Lu Tiansheng, Thai Chaoan Association, Director,,,
  418. Lu Junyuan, Director General of the Hakka Association of Thailand, Hexing Printing Company
  419. The Hakka Association of Thailand",Chairman,,01-6273222,"Hakka Association: 02-2264473-3
  420. 02-2242256 Company 662-4513519
  421. 662-4104022 Residence 662-4104638"
  422. Lu Yajuan, "New World of Overseas Chinese"
  423. "European Chinese Students Entrepreneurship Foundation","Deputy Editor-in-Chief
  424. executive president", , ,
  425. Lu Heling, "Singapore Gangzhou Club
  426. Singapore Lu Heling Accounting Company","Chairman
  427. Manager",,,65-65356111
  428. Lu Dingcheng, Jinjianyuan Printing Fabric Factory,,,,4201308
  429. Lu Longguang,Sucharit Kraisriphan,,sucharit007@hotmail.com,081-3116226,662-8032309
  430. Gu Naiguang, Chairman, Federation of Teochew Associations of Malaysia, "tcaski@streamyx.com
  431. www.teochew.org.my","00603-20782492
  432. 00603-20313361", Crow 827231
  433. Gu Huakang, "Panama Chinese Association
  434. Panama Chinese Radio","Consultant
  435. Chairman",,507-6538388 15918222782,507-2644924
  436. Gu Dalin, General Manager, Guangzhou Boyi Health Consulting Co., Ltd., 13902298203,
  437. Gu Wenyuan, Panama Chinese Radio, Director,,,
  438. Gu Runjin, "Perfect (China) Commodity Co., Ltd.
  439. China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
  440. Coordinating Committee of the Seven Rural Regiments of Malaysia
  441. Perfect (China) Co., Ltd.
  442. China Narcotics Control Foundation
  443. China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs
  444. Guangdong Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
  445. Malaysian Association of Guangdong Associations
  446. Malaysia China Friendship Association
  447. Malaysia Chinese Culture and Art Association
  448. Malaysia Supports First China Association
  449. Chairman of Malaysia Zhongshan Guild Hall Association","
  450. Executive Vice President
  451. Chairman
  452. Chairman of the board
  453. The first and second councils, vice chairman
  454. Executive Vice President
  455. President
  456. President
  457. Acting President
  458. President
  459. Executive Chairman
  460. ", ,13802693699,"Agricultural Secretary
  461. 0760-88701828-88808"
  462. Shi Zhenmao, Secretary-General of Administration, World Federation of Vietnamese Chinese Associations, 528-94356379, 331-45859343
  463. Ye Zhongru, Indonesian Hakka Friendship Association, Chairman of Youth Department, henrysusanto@cbn.net.id, 62-816909654, 62-21-3800641-44
  464. Ye Xinxiang, French Overseas Chinese Association, Vice Chairman, a.c.r.f.@wanadoo.fr,33-626280740,331-42771360 331-48878688 331-45756762
  465. Ye Yuanbin, Yizhong News Network, General Manager,,,
  466. Ye Keqing, President and Chairman of the Swedish Chinese Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, Yeh Group
  467. Yeh Hing, "Selangor Guangdong Hall
  468. Kuala Lumpur State Hall of Malaysia", Vice Chairman, 016-3151519 03-92216096,
  470. Guangdong Hall","
  471. Director of Women's Group", kschik@streamyx.com,017-9189900,609-6226900
  472. Ye Shen, "Overseas Chinese Daily", President,,,
  473. Ye Guoping, President of the Spanish Qingtian Association,,,
  474. Ye Guowen, Malaysia Malacca SITC Association, Honorary President,,,,, 0060-06-7623280
  475. Ye Junting, "Xingxing Gems Group
  476. China Baoxie Association Artificial Gem Committee","Chairman
  477. Senior Consultant",,66-819898768,"662-2381318
  478. 662-6317438"
  479. Ye Zengya, President of the Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, Germany, 86-13578172777,
  480. Ye Delong, President of Turkey China Chamber of Commerce and Industry,,,
  481. Ye Yiping, President, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, yiping-ye@hotmail.com, (46) 760288988/15857819965,
  482. Ye Panlu, Meili Building, Chairman,,,,2511847
  483. Ye Xintian, "Malaysia Chinese School Board of Directors Association
  484. "Southeast Asian Chinese Teaching Seminar","Chairman
  485. Secretary General
  486. Doctor",,6019-2757514,603-79816514 603-87362337 603-79816514 603-87392770
  487. Ye Wu, President, Overseas Chinese Association in the Netherlands, weixunzhu@hotmail.com,,
  488. Ye Peiqun, "Swedish Chinese Association
  489. Sweden-China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  490. Nordic Association for Governance
  491. Executive Chairman of Swiss Chinese School of Sweden","
  492. Executive Chairman
  493. Chairman
  494. Chairman",,,
  495. Ye Haijie, "The 3rd and 4th President of the Chinese Association for the Peaceful Reunification of Overseas Chinese in Germany,
  496. The current honorary president. ",,,,
  497. Ye Zhuoju, Peru Taoxi Yufu Chinese Club, Chairman, 044-233419,
  498. Ye Yulan, Association of Overseas Chinese in Spain,,,915422324,
  499. Ye Wangping, Ye's Dingji Import and Export Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  500. Ye Shaoxin, Singapore Mude Association, Permanent Honorary President, 4471028,
  501. Ye Lianli, Indonesia Hakka Friendship Association, President, 81771265, 0062-5760611
  502. Situ Timmin, "Indonesia Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Bali, Sinu, Dongnu
  503. Indonesia-China Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation Association Bali Province, Sinu Province, Dongnu Province
  504. Bali Cantonese Hall","Chairman
  505. Chairman
  506. Chairman",,,
  507. Ji Yi, "Sen Tai Co., Ltd.
  508. Qiu Dewu Automobile Company
  509. Malacca Huilai Association, Malaysia","Managing Director
  510. Manager",,"06-220055
  511. 06-22--55
  512. 06-352812 06-355853
  513. ",
  514. Lv Zaikuan, Deputy Director of Minglian Buddhist Society, Thailand,,,"2214912
  515. 2234692"
  516. Lu Jia, "China Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation Global Chinese Art Development Fund
  517. Global Chinese Orchestra
  518. "Thousand Talents Project Art Committee","Director
  519. Head
  520. director", , ,
  521. Lu Guangqiao, Vice President, Hungary-Hungary-China Friendship Exchange Association, 10231684@qq.com,,
  522. Lu Robard, Lu Robard (1975) Co., Ltd. (Singapore),,,,"65-98321111
  523. 65-98470300"
  524. Lu Zhaoguang, "Yi Hing Manufacturing Pte Ltd.
  525. Yixing Color Printing Pte Ltd", Managing Director, tony.lui@ngaiheng.com.sg, 9626 6126, 6748 1355 (8 Lines)
  526. Wu Yiming, Weijing Wu Art Museum, Vice Chairman,,,2858359
  527. Wu Weizhen, "Acting at the Singapore Chaoyang Club
  528. Singapore Lianrong Company Manufacturing Plant","Chairman
  529. Chairman",,,0065-6747-7595
  530. Wu Weilin, Hong Kong Restaurant, Manager,, 070-7531886, 08-6537720
  531. Wu Jiale, Weibi International Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,3880432-3
  532. Wu Jianwen, "Venezuela National Federation of Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese Association Overseas Exchange Association
  533. Chairman of the Committee of Chinese Chamber of Commerce","
  534. Vice President",chl238@china.cim,13929090290,0058-0241-8424369
  535. Wu Nanxiang, Lee Fu Pte Ltd, Chairman, nsgoh757@hotmail.com,"65-96780757
  536. 65-81288889",65-62680757
  538. Thailand First Steel Works Co., Ltd.
  539. Siam Jieyang Hall
  540. Chaozhou Assembly Hall in Thailand
  541. Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce ","CHAIRMAN
  542. Chairman of the board
  543. Chairman
  544. Vice Chairman
  545. Executive Deputy Finance",,,"662-385 9022 (10 LINES)
  546. 662-385 9497
  547. 02-385 9022
  548. 02-211 0201"
  549. Wu Xiran, Thailand Siam Jieyang Hall,,,,662-2144338,
  550. Wu Guoliang, Venezuela Hualian Society Museum,,,,58-241-8583890,
  551. Wu Guofu, Negeri Sembilan Guangdong Hall, Director,, 019-6606683, 06-7620245
  552. Wu Guoliang, Wu Family Traveling to Thai Pro-Association, Vice Chairman,,,,00661-2247968
  553. Wu Jiansheng, Vice Chairman, Enping Association of Gugugang Prefecture,,,
  554. Wu Duobiao, Lion City Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Association, Director,,,
  555. Wu Hongfeng, Thai Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, Chairman, 02-2674800,
  556. Wu Hongfeng, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chairman,,,,662-2123917 6758574-84
  557. Wu Guanxiong,www.restogolf.fr,,guangrong@hotmail.fr,13911277989,3306-86868886
  558. Wu Baoquan, Chairman, Lianghefa Factory Co., Ltd.,,,,,4151680 4151039
  559. Wu Xiaohan, President and Editor-in-Chief of "Thailand Style" magazine,,,
  560. Wu Xiaohan, "Thailand Culture Group
  561. Thai Cultural Association ","Executive President/Editor-in-Chief
  562. Secretary General", hannawu88@hotmail.com,081-9070699,02-3308767
  563. Wu Shaoxiong, Xinxinxihe Company,,,,006642-712433
  564. Wu Chongyue, Venezuela Yude Main Church,,,58-4819855,
  565. Wu Jiancheng, Zun Kong Independent Middle School, Principal,,,,,603-20726321
  566. Wu Zhang Xuejuan, Yisheng Forest Industry Co., Ltd., Proprietor,,,2349747
  567. Wu Dehuai, Singapore River Po Group, Chairman of the Board, 02-7602320,
  568. Wu Defang, "Malaysian Hakka Association Federation
  569. "Domei Gold Diamond Jewelry Co., Ltd.","President
  570. Chairman",,,016-3151519 03-92216096,00603-77848306
  571. Wu Defang, Selangor Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur Hakka Association,,,03-2328515,
  572. Wu Zhifen, German Qingtian Association, Vice President, KINGSDEKORATION@HOTMAIL.COM QQ: 351297229, 49-160-5560862 13867097369, 0049-215-7139980
  573. Wu Zhichao, Guangdong Guild Hall, Selangor, Deputy General Secretary,,,,603-20784336
  574. Wu Zhongqing, "Davao China Aid Center
  575. Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  576. China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  577. Philippine Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce
  578. Philippine Hongmen Progressive Party Mindanao Branch
  579. Philippine Chinese Friendship Association Na Mao Branch
  580. World Fujian Youth Federation
  581. Mindanao Branch of the Nan'an Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines
  582. Philippine chinese news
  583. China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Development
  584. The Namao Branch of the Jangdewu Clan Association of the Philippines
  585. Na Mao Zhonghua Middle School
  586. Founding of the Namaifi China Youth Business Association","Instructor
  587. Chief founder
  588. Mindanao first president
  589. First vice president
  590. Chairman
  591. Chairman
  592. Vice president
  593. The first chairman
  594. Vice Chairman
  595. Executive Vice President
  596. Chairman
  597. Vice Chairman
  598. President",,,
  599. Wu Yiguang, Vice Chairman, Puning Association of Siam,,,5124249-50
  600. Wu Zhengou, Wu Family, Honorary Chairman,,,,2248833
  601. Wu Zhengguang, Thailand Weiye Co., Ltd., President,,,,662
  602. -591-7050
  603. Wu Min, President of "Europe and China United Times",,,
  604. Wu Xindi, "Lianhe Zaobao", Editor-in-Chief,,,
  605. Wu Xuanhui, "Cambodia China Hong Kong and Macau Chamber of Commerce
  606. Cambodia Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
  607. Cambodian Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  608. China Overseas Friendship Association
  609. Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association
  610. Hebei China Association for the Promotion of Unification
  611. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee
  612. Sichuan Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee","Vice Chairman
  613. Managing Director and Deputy Secretary-General
  614. Deputy Secretary-General
  615. director
  616. Director and Youth Friendship Messenger
  617. Committee member
  618. Committee member
  619. Members",,,
  620. Wu Hao, "Russian Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Youth
  621. Russia-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  622. President of Russian Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese","
  623. Secretary-General and Executive Vice President
  624. Secretary-General and Executive Vice President", WUHAO2008@YAHOO.COM.CN,007-9261295189 13851673448 13918924677,007-495-5074491
  625. Wu Hao, person in charge of the Russian edition of China News Weekly,,,
  626. Wu Xiaorong, President of New Argentina Weekly,,,
  627. Wu Jingyuan, President of European Business Travel News,,,
  628. Wu Zhishen, Secretary of the Conference of Chinese Professors in Japan, cjac@bz01.plala.or.jp,,
  629. Wu Muyi, Alpha TV,,,,
  630. Wu Muxing, Singapore Chaozhou Bayi Hall, Vice President, poitip@teochew.sg,, 65-67382691
  631. Wu Wuhua, President of the French Chaozhou Guild Hall, "michel.nogaret@yahoo.com
  632. michel_nogaret@yahoo.fr", ,331-45820601
  633. Wu Shuiyi, Rio Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Brazil,,, 5521-27118322,
  634. Wu Yongsheng, Indonesia Metro Enterprise Co., Ltd., Managing Director,,,,62-21-87794740
  635. Wu Ruwen, South China Sea Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,,,60193176278,
  636. Wu Qingliang, Singapore Wu Denan Holdings Limited, Chairman of the Board,,,,6616101
  637. Wu Binglin, "Thailand-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  638. ","Executive Chairman of the Federation of Chinese Associations for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification in Asia
  639. Executive Chairman",wubinglin@vip.sina.com,"668-95145888
  640. 13509895888",66-2876025
  641. Wu Bingjin, Cangcaibian Electric Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2144168
  642. Wu Wangyin, Raoping Association of Thailand, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,,0-2285-3101
  643. Wu Ruizhi, Mayor, Viet Seng Darat City, Chai Nat Province, Thailand,,,,8120493
  644. Wu Sheng, Yunlitai Group,,,,13288628688 13825562688 (+6)012-2739890,03-51917848
  645. Wu Fusheng, President of Huidongan Guild Hall, Kuching, Malaysia,,,,6082-410731 6082-682164
  646. Wu Jiyuan, Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President, fuxingb@gmail.com,,
  647. Wu Yaoji, Wu Yaoji Accounting Company,,gykco@singnet.com.sg,,65-65351700
  648. Wu Yaozhou, "Brazilian Chinese Association
  649. Brazil-China Economic and Trade Promotion Association
  650. "Brazil Qingtian Association", "Permanent Honorary President
  651. Permanent Honorary President
  652. Permanent Honorary President",,,
  653. Wu Yanli, Czech Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Contact,,,
  654. Wu Mengxuan, "Thousand Island Daily", President,,,
  655. Wu Chongyang, Indonesian bird's nest exporter,,,,62-21-6906548 6926123
  656. Wu Jincheng, Jinghua Zhongyuan United Daily, President and Supervisor,,,"0-2221-4181-2
  657. 0-2222-2838-9"
  658. Wu Jincheng, "Asia Daily", Executive Chairman,,,
  659. Wu Jinlian, Director, Hua County Association of Panama Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry,,,,00507-266-7641
  660. Wu Fenglei, "Florence, Italy Chinese and Overseas Chinese Business Association
  661. Italy KINDY Leather Co., Ltd.","Executive Vice President
  662. General Manager", FENGLEIWU_8@HOTMAIL.COM, 0039-3357071158 15868006111 13567729922, 0039-0553025638
  663. Wu Jinshan, China Pakistan Cultural Center, Finance,,,,507-2360255
  664. Wu Jinyu, "Poland-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  665. Poland China Ruian Association
  666. IT.MODA Food Trading Co., Ltd.","Vice President
  667. Executive Vice President
  668. Chairman","massimo_outlook.com
  669. massimo_wu@outlook.com",0048-787888988/0039-3332999992/15157733306,0048-787888988
  670. Wu Jinlong, Thailand Qiangou Folks Association,,,4371924,
  671. Wu Longhui, "Construction and Real Estate Development Company
  672. Wu's clan",Director,,,00662-3180738
  673. Zhou Jun, "The Friendship Association of Hubei, Germany
  674. Chairman of German TV Station Munster","
  675. Director of China Department", junzhou@deutschland-hubei.de,,
  676. Zhou Jian, "Latin American Overseas Chinese", Chairman,,,
  677. Zhou Lanying, Fengyuan Wax Industry,,,,2228418
  678. Zhou Zebin, French Overseas Chinese Association, Vice Chairman, 13705875258 13608169738, 331-42171360 331-42363760
  679. Zhou Jianguang, member of the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers in Japan, zhoujg@dfmc.com.cn,,
  680. Zhou Xiebang, Huining Association, Chairman,,,4470308
  681. Zhou Jiqing, French Guangdong Guild Hall, President, AACFRANCE@GMAIL.COM,,,1-49609897 01-46707008
  682. Zhou Mingqin, Acting President, Fuzhou Federation of Associations, Malaysia,,,03-21448972
  683. Zhou Xiangqian, "Germany, Germany and China Industry 4.0
  684. "China Overseas Exchange Association", "Chairman of the Alliance"
  685. Director",,,
  686. Zhou Zishan, Kaiping Hall, Penang, Malaysia,,,60-3237396,
  687. Zhou Xianzhang, Siam Puning Association, Vice Chairman,,,862093
  688. Zhou Xiaoyan, European Chinese Newspaper, Milan, Italy, Chairman, ZXY0309@MSN.COM, 39-3478183866, 39-026596580
  689. Zhou Shanchuan, President of the Netherlands Qingtian Association, chou0002@hotmail.com,,
  690. Zhou Wuzhong, Director of "Siam Jieyang Hall"
  691. Chou Clan Association of Thailand
  692.  Zhou Taisheng Auto Parts Co.", Chairman,,,,2142148 2143509
  693. Zhou Wenwo, Guyana Chinese Association, Chairman,,,,,00592-2252161 2278145 2946771
  694. Zhou Wenwo, Guyana Chinese Association, Honorary President, 592-2262067 592-6236638 592-2237653,
  695. Zhou Xuguang, "Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Nuremberg, Germany
  696. German Chinese Cuisine Association
  697. German Qingtian Association
  698. German Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  699. Bavarian Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany
  700. German Liu Ji Cultural Association
  701. German Hunan Chamber of Commerce
  702. "Fujian Association of Germany","President
  703. executive president
  704. Executive Vice President
  705. Executive Vice President
  706. Executive Vice President
  707. Executive Vice Chairman
  708. Distinguished consultant
  709. Distinguished consultant",,,
  710. Zhou Yingpeng, Bangkeng Lam Soon Paper Mill Company, Chairman,,,,4673659
  711. Zhou Xiaoqing, French Overseas Chinese Association, Vice Chairman, jeancuir@noos.fr, "3306-12785096
  712. 13567661366","3301-42771360
  713. 331-42715227"
  714. Zhou Jingrui, Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Group General Manager,,,,67401688
  715. Zhou Jingrui, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry,,,,65-6319-1688,
  716. Zhou Zhiyong, Brazil Guangdong Association, Vice President and Minister of Commerce, alexandre@yeah.net,, 0055-11-33993377 0055-11-83263333
  717. Zhou Yueping, "Fabricant IMPORT-EXPORT
  718. Mrs. Chen Ronghua ",General Manager,"jpchaussures88@hotmail.fr
  719. yueping@jpchaussures.fr","33-6-15756262
  720. 13751306868",
  721. Zhou Chaoxuan, Thailand Zhou Clan Association, Vice President,,,,00662-2126582
  722. Zhou Songfa, Singapore Dongan Guild Hall,,,,64834314,
  723. Zhou Hanjin, "Thailand Siam Jieyang Association
  724. Zhou Haifu Industrial Co., Ltd.","Vice Chairman
  725. Chairman",,,00662-2153767 2144281
  726. Zhou Yuanyao (Chongyao), Chairman, Singkawang District Folk Association, Indonesia, janny_janto@yahoo.com,811981338,"62-215415533
  727. 5415534"
  728. Zhou Xionglie, Managing Director, Zhou Group (Catering Industry), Germany, +49(0)1713832020 (86)13502885800,04521-798282
  729. Zhou Ruilai, "Chou's Clan at Batespur, Thailand
  730. TR Group Company",Chairman,,,,2335425
  731. Zhou Shengzong, President, European Federation of Chinese Professional Associations, zhou@fcpae.com,,
  732. Zhou Jingcheng, "Swiss Guangdong Association
  733. President of the Federation of Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Switzerland","
  734. Supreme Advisor",Chau-hauTuong@hotmail.com,0041-77-6209692,"0041-71-4465271
  735. 41-79-4861063"
  736. Zhou Suizhen, Heyongda Enterprise Co., Ltd.,,,,03-613890713
  737. Zhou Meihua, Austrian Chinese Women's Federation, Contact, 43-1-6986477,
  738. Zhou Yingliang, Business Consultant of Bangkok Bank, Thailand, Xiancheng Fat Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2234581
  739. Zhou Kwong Shuyan, Executive Director, Zhou Group (Restaurant), Germany, +49(0)1716112608,04521-798282
  740. Zhou Gang, President of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Business Association in Florence, Italy, ALIMPORT2@YAHOO.IT, 39-335336364, 39-0553416191
  741. Zhou Cedong, "Bozpu Yanshi, Thailand
  742. TR Group Company",Chairman,,,,2335425
  743. Zhou Ruibo, Director of the General Administration of China Tonghui, Peru,,,,0051-1-4275334
  744. Zhou Jinlai, "The Zhou Clan of Shrike, Thailand
  745. TR Group Company","Vice Chairman
  746. Chairman",,,2335425
  747. Zhou Gaoqiang, Malaysia Klang Xinyi Friendship Association, General Affairs, 603-21443833,
  748. Zhou Gaoqiang, Guangdong Guild Hall, Selangor, contact, KWANGTUNG@PO.JARING.MY, 60-17-3938413, 603-20784336
  749. Zhou Hongtu, General Manager, Kaiyuan.com,,,
  750. Tang Yaqun, Nordic-China Economic and Cultural Exchange Center, Managing Director, ecec.nechina@hotmail.com, 46-708410636 Sweden, 46-8-6474088 Sweden 47-99461522 Norway
  751. Tang Qinghui, Argentina-China Association of Production and Industry, Vice Chairman,,,
  752. Tang Ge, "Thailand Style Magazine
  753. "Guangzhou Telattai Film & TV Co., Ltd.","President
  754. Choreographer",,13600052271 00661-6150318,38847599 38847598 38847597
  755. Tang Jinshui, President of the China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of Central and South America,,,
  756. Tang Jinshui, Vice Chairman, China-Panama Tourism Environmental Protection Association, M: 6614898, O: 507-2791356 H: 2767773
  757. Tang Xilin, Raoping Association of Thailand,,,,,,006601-15503637 00662-2410062,
  758. Shang Yong, editor-in-chief of "Russian Dragon",,,
  759. Khun Renqiu Xiali, Founding Chairman, Thai Young Entrepreneurs Association,,,
  760. Xia Dongkai, "Guangdong Wants Minghe Hometown Association
  761. Yokohama Overseas Chinese Association
  762. Yokohama Yamate Chinese School "," Honorary President
  763. Honorary Vice President
  764. Council Advisor",,81-45-2012806,045-6639669 45-6513835 45-2012806<h>
  765. Xi Dashan, apex international, general manager, kits@apexpharmacy.com.my, 6012-6284350, 606-2847381 606-2849612
  766. Yao Liying, Philippine Chinese TV Station, Director,,,
  767. Yao Yong, "Jedapon Group Company
  768. Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel
  769. Lao Chinese Chamber of Commerce","Vice Chairman
  771. President Fu", laosly@126.com,020-55504466,77716622
  772. Yao Zongxia, "Liantai Machinery Co., Ltd.
  773. Initiator cum of Overseas Chinese Center of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Building
  774. Zhen Ning Yi Shi De Co., Ltd.
  775. Chentai (Group) Co., Ltd.
  776. Kai Kai Textile Co., Ltd.
  777. Yao Zongxia School, Chaoyang, Guangdong Province
  778. Yao Zongxia School in Rushan City, Shandong Province
  779. Yao Zongxia School in Cuijia Village, Xiyang County, Shanxi Province
  780. Thailand Yao Family Association
  781. Thai Chinese Cultural Charity Foundation
  782. Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  783. Chaozhou Assembly Hall in Thailand
  784. Jieshoutang Charity Hospital, Thailand
  785. Thailand Chaoyang Association
  786. Shantou City, Guangdong Province
  787. China Shanghai Population Welfare Foundation
  788. Shanghai Zhabei Overseas Cultural Exchange Association
  789. Thai Chinese Teachers Association","Chairman
  790. The first chairman
  791. Chairman of the board
  792. Chairman of the board
  793. Executive Chairman
  794. founder
  795. founder
  796. founder
  797. Permanent Honorary Chairman
  798. Honorary Chairman forever
  799. Honorary Advisor forever
  800. Honorary Chairman
  801. Honorary Chairman
  802. Vice Chairman
  803. Honorary citizen
  804. Honorary Chairman
  805. Honorary President
  806. Honorary Chairman",,"3101088
  807. 66-13101088","2712400
  808. 2712401
  809. 2712599"
  810. Yao Bin, Lao Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President,,,
  811. Yao Bin, "Lao Chinese Newspaper", Chairman,,,
  812. Yao Xiaoping, "Thailand Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  813. Thai Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  814. Thai-Chinese Artists Association
  815. Thailand Yao Family Association
  816. Thailand Chaoan Association
  817. Thai Shun Association
  818. Reserve Army of the Ministry of Defence of Thailand
  819. Youth Committee of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese of Guangdong Province, China
  820. China Chaozhou Overseas Chinese Federation Youth Committee
  821. Chao'an County Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  822. Jayfa Group
  823. Thailand Jiafa Domestic Products Co., Ltd.
  824. Jafa Television Thailand
  825. Jafar Real Estate
  826. Thailand Taiping Trading Co., Ltd.
  827. Thailand Pingyuanfa Customs & Clearing Co., Ltd.
  828. Thailand Fine Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  829. China Jiafa Porcelain Factory
  830. Director of Thai Chinese TV Station ","
  831. Executive Vice President
  832. Vice president
  833. Vice Chairman
  834. Standing director
  835. Standing Committee
  836. Colonel Commander
  837. Standing Committee
  838. Vice president
  839. Honorary Chairman
  841. Chairman of the board
  842. Chairman of the board
  843. Chairman of the board
  844. Chairman of the board
  845. Chairman of the board
  846. director
  847. Chairman of the board
  848. Vice Chairman and Deputy Director",ping@kia-huad.com,China:13718998118,"081-342-6888
  849. 081-314-8301
  850. 0-2762-5571-2
  851. 0-2316-7771-2"
  852. Yao Zhiteng, Singapore Shangling Industrial Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4405832
  853. Yao Senliang, Kluang Tai Po Township Association, President,,,,607-7711545
  854. Yao Zhenzhen, Brazilian Chinese Chamber of Commerce,, cccb2008@yahoo.com.cn,5511-32281900 5511-33130415,
  855. Yao Zijian, Taijing Electronics Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4243964
  856. Yao Longwei, President of the Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, Austria, 86-15990828162,
  857. Jiang Hongjun, French Chinese TV Media Group, Chairman,,,
  858. Jiang Yanbin, President of the Russian Confucius Culture Promotion Association, 86-15010505867,
  859. Jiang Dechun, China News Agency, President,,,
  860. William Witch, Pakistan-China Friendship Association, Honorary President,,,
  861. Kong Fan, European Times, reporter, wuweiassociation@hotmail.com, 659012719, 951998158
  862. Kong Jiezhen, Director, Guangdong Association of Japan, "81-9061336888
  863. 15917403399",81-42-797-1330
  864. Kong Bingjian, Xianghetai Construction Company, Executive Director,,,,02-6199620-1
  865. Kong Fanzhong, "Malaysian Youth Federation
  866. Malaysia Hainan United Youth", General Secretary, kongfuantong@yahoo.com.sg,, 603-56371090
  867. Sun Ran, "Oriental News", editor-in-chief,,,
  868. Sun Likang, Swiss Overseas Chinese Association, Contact, 86-18649016288,
  869. Sun Huakai," Rio Chinese Friendship Association, Brazil
  870. China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
  871. Appointed as China Overseas Exchange Association in September 2017
  872. 2018 2nd World Western Conference
  873. Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Business Association
  874. The 11th Wenzhou CPPCC in 2019
  875. Honorary President of the Ninth Wenzhou Ouhai District Political Consultative Conference in 2019
  876. director
  877. Member of the 6th Council
  878. director
  879. director
  880. Committee member
  881. Members",,,
  882. Sun Juan, Director of Council Affairs (Secretary General), Kitakyushu Chinese and Overseas Chinese Association, Japan, "81-90-36696833
  883. 136-1173-3478",81-93-6175758
  884. Sun Xiaoqin, President, Brazil Federation of World Fujian Youth Association, 86-13799367998,
  885. Sun Shaorong, Europan Catering Group, General Manager
  886. Sun Yuexin, "Czech Qingtian Association
  887. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  888. Czech Oriental Cuisine Oriental Pearl Restaurant Chain Group","Chairman
  889. Overseas committee
  890. Chairman", zarivaperla@gmail.com/osqtcz@gmail.com, 00420-721885588/15805782353,
  891. Sun Xiulian, "Japan China News", chief writer,,,
  892. Sun Jifei, "Indonesian Chinese Businessmen", Editor-in-Chief of New Media,,,
  893. Sun Lei, Chairman, Russian Far East Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ruvosl@hotmail.com, 13998603800, "79299161296
  894. 79262155269"
  895. Zhou Meng, Managing Director, Join Universe, Germany,,,
  896. Ji Zengbin, All-Dutch Association of Chinese Associations, Chairman,,,
  897. Ji Zhihai, "Friendship Conference of Overseas Chinese in Italy
  898. Holy-Chinese Friendship Affairs","Chairman
  899. Consultant",,,
  900. Ji Yuping, "United Daily News", editor-in-chief,,,
  901. Gu Fan, "Swiss-China Friendship Association
  902. Swedish Cultural Envoy","Chairman
  903. ",,,
  904. An Jia, "Khmer China Daily", Editor-in-Chief,,,
  905. An Zaiming, Director, South Korea Daelim Shuishuan County Co., Ltd.,,,6890999-123
  906. Song Lifeng, Executive Chairman, Sino-French Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce, acppfc2003@gmail.com, 33-6-09834453, 33-1-48666305
  907. Song Yuan, "Sin Chew Daily", Executive Editor,,,
  908. Song Nanping, President of Brazil Association for the Promotion of Friendly Cooperation and Exchange, nanpingsong@yahoo.com.cn,,
  909. Song Kunying, Donglin (Leather) Enterprise Gopeng Huining Association, Chairman,,,012-5381129 13612435407,605-3236106 605-3591129 605-3591459
  910. Song Wei, "Times Wealth and Wisdom", President,,,
  911. Song Hong, "United Arab Emirates Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
  912. UAE International Trade
  913. Eurasian Eagle Group
  914. Beijing Federation of Overseas Chinese
  915. Guangdong Overseas Chinese Federation ","Executive Vice Chairman
  916. Chairman of the board
  917. Chairman of the board
  918. Overseas committee
  919. Overseas consultant
  920. ",shong5552000@aliyun.com,971-50-4680097,971-4-3806547
  921. Song Chunxi, President of Hubei Association of Belgium, 0032-0-25120168, 0032--0-43428055
  922. Zong Jinbo, President and Editor-in-Chief of "Nordic Chinese Newspaper",,,
  923. Guan Ningyang, Puzzle Bookstore, Manager,,,,2345612
  924. Feng Jiasheng, Guangxi Guild Hall, Thailand, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General,,,,,662-431-2379
  925. Feng Jiasheng, Guangxi Guild Hall,,,,,662-431-2379,
  926. Shang Xingxi, "Mandalay Yunnan Association of Myanmar
  927. North Myanmar Chinese Education Association
  928. Myanmar Yunhua Teachers College
  929. Myanmar Mandalay China Friendship Association
  930. China Overseas Exchange Association
  931. Yunnan Overseas Exchange Association
  932. Overseas Friendship Association of Lincang City, Yunnan Province
  933. Dehong Prefecture Overseas Friendship Association of Yunnan Province","President
  934. President
  935. Chairman of the board
  936. Vice president
  937. Director
  938. Vice president
  939. Vice Chairman
  940. Vice president", , ,
  941. You Jianmin, "China Overseas Exchange Association
  942. Overseas Chinese Federation of Yunnan Province, China
  943. Myanmar-Mandalay-China Friendship Association
  944. Myanmar Lashio Myanmar-China Friendship Association
  945. Myanmar Chinese and Overseas Chinese Welfare Association in Lashio
  946. Myanmar Lashio Fujian Association
  947. Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce "," Council Member
  948. consultant
  949. Vice president
  950. Vice president
  951. President
  952. President
  953. Honorary President and other social duties",,,
  954. Yin Chuping, Brazil-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, Permanent Honorary President, 86-13967094988,
  955. Cen Kangping, Enping Club, Singapore,,,2236329,
  956. Cen Minghui, "Venezuela Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce in China
  957. Venezuela Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  958. China Business News
  959. Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Federation","Vice President
  960. Standing Committee
  961. vice president
  962. The seventh member",598972976@qq.com,18823055223, (+58)4125321372
  963. Cen Minghui,Vice-Chairman,Vice-China Chamber of Commerce,,,58-241-9906344
  964. Cen Jinchao, "Venezuela Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce in China
  965. Manso Group Co., Ltd.", executive director, 2459426655@qq.com, 13822318768/0058-4123483298,
  966. Cui Daqing, "Sdusvik Nuclear Energy Center, Sweden
  967. National Thousand Talents Plan
  968. "China Nordic Technology Innovation and Development Association", "China Regional Manager Senior Engineer
  969. expert
  970. Vice President ",,8.61531E+12,
  971. Chang Hui, European Chinese Podcast, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  972. Chang Qi, President, Hunan Chamber of Commerce, UAE, cq4819@hotmail.com,,
  973. Zhuang Yamei, Kuala Lumpur Granny Association, Member,,,
  974. Zhuang Yuansheng, Puning Association in Siam, Vice Chairman,,,,02-2124502-4
  975. Zhuang Qianjin, "Commercial President's Reputation
  976. Philippines Manila China Aid Center
  977. Philippine Garment Textile Manufacturers Association
  978. Philippine Hui'an Association
  979. Philippine Fairview Chuang Clan Association
  980. Philippine Jinjiang Association","Chairman of the Board
  981. director
  982. Honorary President
  983. Honorary President
  984. director
  985. Standing Consultant",,,
  986. Zhuang Hexin, Nanyang Puning Hall, Vice President,,,,64524439
  987. Zhuang Guohui, Kuala Lumpur Granny Association, Member,,,
  988. Zhuang Yingcheng, Chuxing Rice Noodle Factory Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4571915
  989. Zhuang Dechang, Kuala Lumpur Granny Association, Member,,,
  990. Zhuang Zhiwei, Kuala Lumpur Granny Association, Member,,,
  991. Zhuang Xinfu, Kuala Lumpur Granny Association, Member,,,
  992. Zhuang Jingyou, Shanda Binna Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  993. Zhuang Yongsheng, General Manager of Zhuang Caihe Co., Ltd.,,,2355770-4
  994. Zhuang Hanzhong, Puning Association in Siam, Vice Chairman,,,,02-2124502-4
  995. Zhuang Niu, Kuala Lumpur Granny Association, Member,,,
  996. Zhuang Linlin, Philippines-China News Channel, Deputy Director,,,
  997. Zhuang Ronghou, President of the Puning Association of Siam,,,,02-2124502-4
  998. Zhuang Rongcan, Puning Association of Siam, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,,02-2124502-4
  999. Zhuang Xing'an, Kuala Lumpur Granny Association, Member,,,
  1000. Zhuang Jinmei, Kuala Lumpur Granny Association, Member,,,
  1001. Zhuang Qinhua, Chairman, Indian and Chinese Peoples Association of Northern Jiangsu Province,,,,061-7368926
  1002. Zhuang Mingdeng, Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Philippine Commercial Daily,,,
  1003. Zhuang Zhenxiong, Thailand Chaoyang Association, Vice Chairman,,,,662-2211252
  1004. Ying Zhenzhong, Dubai China.com, founder,,,
  1005. Pang Zhongwu, President, German-Chinese Culture Promotion Association, zwpang@T-online.de, zhongwupang@hotmail.com,
  1006. Kang Qinju, "Guangdong Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands
  1007. Guangzhou Kangning Nursing Home
  1008. Guangzhou Kangfu Education Group
  1009. Shenzhen Qianhai Kangshi Asset Management Co., Ltd.
  1010. Kangfu International Art Academy
  1011. Sun Yat-sen University School of Management","Vice President
  1012. Dean
  1013. Chairman of the board
  1014. director
  1015. Dean
  1016. MBA tutor",,"13322812804
  1017. 18928839015",
  1018. Liao Zhipei, Germany (European Youth Daily), President,,,
  1019. Liao Tianbao, "Southeast Asia Land Development (M) Public Company Limited
  1020. Malaysia Negeri Sembilan Guangdong Hall", Chairman,, 6019-6211232, 606-7631232
  1021. Liao Zonglin, President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Rome, Italy, EUROPACINA2004@YAHOO.COM.CN,"39-3395276889
  1022. 39-06-77200755 13867708598",39-0677200525
  1023. Liao Qiaoming, "A hometown of Rui'an in northern Italy
  1024. "Overseas Chinese Association in the Central District of Italy", "Lifetime Honorary President
  1025. Honorary President",,,
  1026. Liao Jiefan, Japan Cantonese Friendship Association,,,,81-43-2384567,
  1027. Liao Zhangran, First Vice-Chairman, Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Provincial Government of Northern Jiangsu Province
  1028. Liao Zhangran, Disaster Relief Committee of the Chinese Society of Subei, Indonesia,,, 62-61-7368902,
  1029. Liao Yufang,"B.A.,M,A.,(University Indonesia)
  1030. Drs.,D.Litt(Leiden University)", Ph.D, aminleo@pacific.net.sg,,65-6469 0748
  1031. Liao Jinliang, Federation of Malaysian Cloth Department Stores and Garment Manufacturers Association,,,(603)-2384170 603-20261528, 20784170,
  1032. Liao Xilin, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President, tmisco@thaimalleable.co.th,,
  1033. Zhang Yerong, Perak Huining Association, President, KIAMFATT@STREAMYX.COM, 019-5555209, 05-2540994 05-2540992 5555209
  1034. Zhang Danhua, "Asia Times", President,,,
  1035. Zhang Liqing, Yunlitai Group, Group Executive Director,, 016-3372451,03-51917848
  1036. Zhang Liling, CCTV Dafu TV, Chairman,,,
  1037. Zhang Wei, Brazil Chinese Association, President,,,
  1038. Zhang Weisan, Sanxingtai Weaving Factory Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,2860316
  1039. Zhang Weikuan, Panama "Qing Cong" Fellowship Association, Vice Chairman,,,,507-2515438
  1040. Zhang Boqiang, Director, Hua County Association of Chinese Association of Panama,,,,00507-262-3468
  1041. Zhang Junyi, Vice President, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, UAE, zjylike@hotmail.com,971-50-3494217 13736315165,971-4-3687448
  1042. Zhang Yuanquan, Honorary Chairman of the Zhang Clan Association, Gangtou Township,,,2918008
  1043. Zhang Guanghui, Argentine Ceramic World Company, Chairman,,,, 005411-49519983
  1044. Zhang Keshun, "Central Java Express", President,,,
  1045. Zhang Chuangbiao, "Thailand Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  1046. Thai Chaozhou Assembly Hall ","Vice President
  1047. Executive member",,"081-840-1762
  1048. 086-666-8928",0-2840-7747
  1049. Zhang Yongmin, French Association of Chinese Scientists and Technologists, Chairman, yongmin.zhang@upmc.fr,,
  1050. Zhang Qihua, Pirat Xinxing Yunfu Club, Honorary President,,,,605-2537473
  1051. Zhang Qifeng, Swedish Youth Chinese Association, Chairman, kai@ysca.se,, 4.60702E+11
  1052. Zhang Heran, President, Yinhua Daily,
  1053. ,,
  1054. Zhang Jiashu, "The Federation of Overseas Chinese in Japan
  1055. The 13th Dalian Political Consultative Committee
  1056. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee
  1057. Chairman of the 6th Council of China Overseas Exchange Association","
  1058. Committee member
  1059. Committee member
  1060. Overseas Director",,,
  1061. Zhang Guoguang, Honorary Chairman of Puning Association in Siam,,,,4277417
  1062. Zhang Guoquan, Honorary President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Association in Rome, Italy, 86-13957708517,
  1063. Zhang Guoliang, President, Nanyang Hubei Tianmen Hall, Singapore,, 0065-67457479,
  1064. Zhang Kunyao, Thailand Co., Ltd., Consultant,,,,01-8968477 074-232219
  1065. Zhang Dali, Vice-Chairman, "Qing Cong" Association of Panama,,,507-2261928
  1066. Zhang Shoucheng, Le Pifu Overseas Chinese Association Council, President,,,,32337476
  1067. Zhang Hongtu, Newland International Freight Co., Ltd., Manager,, 9.71507E+11,97142354809
  1068. Zhang Jiajie, Hongyue Media Group, Chairman, CHEONGCC@REDHOT.COM.MY, +60123295522 13310883300, 60376206888
  1069. Zhang Jiasheng, Singapore Guangdong Association, Honorary President, banghong@singnet.co, 65-97565936, 65-67355216
  1070. Zhang Jiahao, Portuguese Guangdong Association of Townspeople,,,,351-23-2415523,
  1071. Zhang Hanping, Ouhua Media Group, President,,,
  1072. Zhang Shaoping, UAE Overseas Chinese Federation, Vice President, 1169275115@qq.com,,
  1073. Zhang Qiaozhong, President of the Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce,,,
  1074. Zhang Changbao, "French Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  1075. France-China Friendship and Mutual Aid Association
  1076. Friends of Hefei, France
  1077. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  1078. Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Youth Federation
  1079. Anhui Overseas Exchange Association
  1080. Zhejiang Overseas Exchange Association
  1081. Wenzhou Ouhai District Political Consultative Conference
  1082. Li'ao Overseas Youth Federation, Ouhai District, Wenzhou","Executive Chairman and Secretary-General
  1083. Honorary President forever
  1084. President
  1085. Overseas committee
  1086. Vice president
  1087. Overseas Vice President
  1088. Standing director
  1089. Overseas Specially Invited Committee
  1090. First Chairman",,,
  1091. Zhang Ping, "Thailand Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  1092. Thai Chinese TV "," Assistant to the Chairman
  1093. Director",info@tycc.org,,662-235-6136-9
  1094. Zhang Qingshou, "Indonesia Hakka Friendship Association Counseling Committee
  1095. China-India Friendship Association", Chairman, 81618767,"0062-21-6621188
  1096.  6617108"
  1097. Zhang Qingshou, Indonesia Dapu Township Association,,,,006221-6628576,
  1098. Zhang Tingqiang, President of the Association of Malaysia, CHONG.THINKIONG@GMAIL.COM, 6013-8305098, 6086-853054 6086-252062
  1099. Zhang Jianwei, Chairman, Federation of Chinese Scholars and Student Organizations in Germany, zhang@informatik.uni-hamburg.de,,
  1100. Zhang Jianan, Chaoan Guild Hall, Chairman,,,,,0065-62952708
  1101. Zhang Jianan, Singapore Chaoan Club,,,,0065-67469298,
  1102. Zhang Zhengxiong, Malaysian Chinese Assembly Hall Federation, President,,,
  1103. Zhang Zhengxiong, Perak River Po Association, Malaysia,,,05-5512101,
  1104. Zhang Zhihe, "Surinam Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations
  1105. Guangyitang
  1106. China Aid Center","Executive Vice President
  1107. Head
  1108. Executive Chairman",,,
  1109. Zhang Gongyu, "Vietnam Ngee An Chaozhou Assembly Hall"
  1110. Chairman of Nghe An Xingyi Co., Ltd., Vietnam
  1111. Chairman",,,84-8-558675
  1112. Zhang Huiping, President of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, 168606284@qq.com,,
  1113. Zhang Huizhao, Chairman, World Artists Association,,,,22343944
  1114. Zhang Yang, "Thailand-China Relations Advisor, Chairman of the Thai National Assembly
  1115. Ministry of Culture, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  1116. Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  1117. Thailand Young Entrepreneurs Association
  1118. President of Thailand Cultural and Economic Exchange Association
  1119. Thai King Ho Holdings Co., Ltd.
  1120. Thailand Zhongteng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  1121. Thailand Hantai Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
  1122. Thailand Qinhe Energy Technology Co., Ltd. "," Deputy Director
  1124. Vice Chairman
  1125. Chairman's Advisor
  1126. Chairman of the board
  1127. Chairman of the board
  1128. Chairman of the board
  1129. Director",,,
  1130. Zhang Zhenrong, "Integrity Foundation
  1131. Integrity Group
  1132. Integrity Law Tax Consultancy Company
  1133. Hello Spanish Association
  1134. Spanish Dominion Art and Culture School
  1135. Fuen City Christian Life Church
  1136. Fuen City Christian Life Church Chinese School","Chairman
  1137. vice president
  1138. Shareholder manager
  1139. President
  1140. Vice-Chancellor
  1141. deacon
  1142. headmaster", , ,
  1143. Zhang Wenchao, Shunde Federation of Malaysia (Sabah),,,379844021,
  1144. Zhang Changlong, Singapore Chaoyang Club, President,,,
  1145. Zhang Mingkai, Qiandao Daily, "qiandao.ribao@jj-i.net
  1146. qiaodao-ribao@hotmail.com",,"(62-31)5354544
  1147. (62-31)5354543
  1148. (62-31)5354542"
  1149. Zhang Mingqiang, Lao Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President, 86-18998291027,
  1150. Zhang Mingyao, Hubei Association of Bandung, Indonesia, Secretary, 022-4230425,
  1151. Zhang Yingkun, Editor-in-Chief, Editor-in-Chief, "China News",,,
  1152. Zhang Xiaoqing, "The Founding of the World Zhang Clan Association
  1153. World Chinese Press Association
  1154. President of the World Federation of Overseas Chinese Merchants","
  1155. Chief President
  1156. Executive Vice President", , ,
  1157. Zhang Xiaoqing, Evergreen Group, Executive Chairman,,,,,084-216155
  1158. Zhang Xiaobei, President of European Times Media Group, President, zxb@wanadoo.fr, 3.30603E+11, 3.3015E+11
  1159. Zhang Zeng, Panama Gangzhou Guild Hall,,,507-2603646,
  1160. Zhang Chaolin, Director of Liaison Department of Guangdong Office, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, UAE, 15815068213@163.com, 020-38677582, 020-38677582
  1161. Zhang Chaojiang, President, Chaozhou Association of Thailand,,,2141024
  1162. Zhang Laifu, Bentong Club Ningxiang Association Youth Club, Head,,,,2225755
  1163. Zhang Song, Thai Cement Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2410238
  1164. Zhang Linhu, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Norway, President,,,
  1165. Zhang Baiyuan, Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce, first deputy head of the Central Council Youth League, enquiry.mccc@gmail.com,, 603-92231188
  1166. Zhang Guilian, Xinfeng Grain Factory, General Manager,,,,2220674
  1167. Zhang Zhizhen, Cantonese Guild Hall, Surabaya, Indonesia,,,62-31-3551747,
  1168. Zhang Chunan, President of Thailand Creative Electric Group Co., Ltd.,,,"0-2892-2888
  1169. 0-2892-5082-87
  1170. 0-2894-8623-32"
  1171. Zhang Zhengqi, Creation International Co., Ltd., CHINACHANCE@126.COM,9.71503E+11,97165394688 97144341968
  1172. Zhang Wubang, Hong Kong Jicheng Real Estate Company, Chairman,,,
  1173. Zhang Hanzhen, Siam Puning Association, Council Member,,,2770866
  1174. Zhang Hanchang, Board Member, Puning Association of Siam,,,,2261381-4
  1175. Zhang Hanchi, Raoping Association, Honorary Chairman,,,,00662-222488
  1176. Zhang Hongjun, Indonesia Subei Medan Hakka Association,,,,061-4551630,
  1177. Zhang Haishi, UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce/UAE Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce, Vice President/Executive Vice President, washami Helen2013@yahoo.com,13502783396/971-508766199,00971-42561288
  1178. Zhang Haiping, French Chinese Computer Chamber of Commerce, President, takizhp@gmail.com,"18603020338
  1179. 330611517117",
  1180. Zhang Tao, Chairman and President of Dingxing Media,,,
  1181. Zhang Bingcai, Malaysia Bentong Association Ning Township Association, President,,,,2225755
  1182. Zhang Huanqu, "The Federation of Overseas Chinese in Guangdong, China
  1183. American International Trading Company"," Consultant
  1184. Chairman",,507-66755728 13435632149, 507-2210140
  1185. Zhang Huanqu, Panama Gugang State (Siyi) Guild Hall,,,,507-2603646,
  1186. Zhang Huanqi, Chief Editor, CCTV Dafu TV Station,,,
  1187. Zhang Aizhu, Bolivia Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry,,,,00591-3-3533028,
  1188. Zhang Yuming, Liaison Officer, Women's Department, Culture and Education Section, Guangdong Guild Hall, Malaysia, Changyokement@gmail.com, 6012-7733920, 603-20784336
  1189. Zhang Ruizhen, Wanshengfa Co., Ltd., Managing Director, Vtpsaigon@hcm.vnn.vn,0903 968968,"(84-8)8225940
  1190. (84-8)8299384"
  1191. Zhang Jialin, President, Hubei Association of Spain, 34-93-7943120,
  1192. Zhang Shengyu, "The General Assembly of the Association of Chinese Residents in Korea
  1193. Hanwha China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  1194. Famous SPA chain
  1195. Changjiang Decoration Company
  1196. Incheon Chinese Diaspora Association","
  1197. Vice President
  1198. Chairman of the board
  1199. Chairman of the board
  1200. President", Zhang_feifei@naver.com,0082-10-9555-8888,032-424-5888
  1201. Zhang Fuxing, Southeast Thai Restaurant, Chairman,,,,2796251
  1202. Zhang Fuliang, President of Singapore Raoping Hall,,,(65)3834868
  1203. Zhang Fuliang, Singapore Raoping Association,,,97247592,
  1204. Zhang Xiuguan, Kuala Lumpur Hepo Association, Vice President,,,
  1205. Zhang Qiugen, the Zhang family in Gangtou Township, Thailand, forever honorary president,,,2911483
  1206. Zhang Qiumei, Vice Chairman, Guangdong Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, koalafashion@sina.com/info@gdne.nl,31-20-6391128/31-632298888/18820029083,
  1207. Zhang Qiuyun,SIN SOON CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD,,sinsoon@gmail.com,6017-9781222,609-6228159
  1208. Zhang Shaoji, "Lam Soon Association of France
  1209. Shunde Friendship Association","President
  1210. Vice President", cheung-kin-clement@wanadoo.fr,2.62693E+11,2.62262E+11
  1211. Zhang Weiqing, "Austrian Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  1212. "," Honorary President of the Chinese Committee of the Austrian-Chinese Friendship Association
  1213. Honorary Chairman", , ,
  1214. Zhang Weiqing, President, Austrian Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification, zhangweiqing9@hotmail.com,"43-650-5868888
  1215. 13957791009",43-1-2020191
  1216. Zhang Chong, CEO of "Golden Phoenix" newspaper,,,
  1217. Zhang Yaokang, Indonesia Sijia Chaozhou Folks Association ,,,62-561-735661 62-561-768240,
  1218. Zhang Cong, World Chinese Media Group, Executive Director,,,
  1219. Zhang Congxin, Thailand Longgang Pro-righteous Association, Consultant,,,4275917
  1220. Zhang Zhaoji, Myanmar Yinghe Hall, Chairman, 95-95000542, 95-1222401(o) 95-1225255(h)
  1221. Zhang Zhaoquan, Hakka Yinghe Hall,,,,246468,
  1222. Zhang Shengfu, Member of Parliament of the Southern District of Petaling Jaya, Master, 019-3319031,03-79562266
  1223. Zhang Ziru, Qiaosheng.com, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  1224. Zhang Yinghui, Shun Hing Wire Reel Factory, Chairman,,,,4650659
  1225. Zhang Rongwei, Executive Vice President, Overseas Chinese Association of Venice, Italy, ZHANGINITALIA@ALICE.IT,, 39-3921314888
  1226. Zhang Rongbing, Thailand Chaoan Association, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,6226823
  1227. Zhang Ping, "International Daily", vice president,,,
  1228. Zhang Caichen, Chu Gang Chuang Construction Public Co., Ltd.,,,,
  1229. Zhang Caiyu, Qiu Gang Chuang Co., Ltd., Managing Director,,,,2770460
  1230. Zhang Feng, Kuala Lumpur Hepo Association, Member,,,
  1231. Zhang Jiyou, Xinxin Bar, President,,,,,,507-2679035
  1232. Zhang Guiyou, Kuching Huidong Security Association, Malaysia, First Vice Chairman,,,,60-168088389
  1233. Zhang Guilong, Chaozhou Folks Association of Laos,,,,856-21-413040,
  1234. Zhang Daguang, Vice President of the Five Chinese Association of Thailand,,,,24626480
  1235. Zhang Yingchun, President, Yangon Yunnan Assembly Hall, Myanmar,,,
  1236. Zhang Shuzhou, Kobe Chinese Tongwen School, Principal,,,
  1237. Zhang Jinyan, Seafood Restaurant, Manager,,,,507-2290442
  1238. Zhang Jincai, Association of Overseas Chinese in Germany,,,(040)2802312,
  1239. Zhang Jianping, "Thailand Chaoan Association
  1240. Tae Kyung Hyun Chen Shantang ","Vice Chairman
  1241. Vice Chairman",,01-6497329,02-2842611
  1242. Zhang Qinxian, Executive Vice President, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates, 2233919759@qq.com,971-55506868,971-4-2263378
  1243. Zhang Xilin, Thailand Raoping Hometown Association, Chairman,,,,15503637
  1244. Zhang Jincheng, "Thailand Shunhecheng Group
  1245. Founding Chairman of Yiwang Yage Co., Ltd.","
  1246. Chairman",,66-818555001,662-2677273 662-6591727
  1247. Zhang Jinxiong, Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice President and Executive Chairman,,,
  1248. Zhang Yanhui, "Window of China" Chinese TV, person in charge,,,
  1249. Zhang Qinggui, Huiyuan Enterprise Private Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,62503838
  1250. Zhang Songhan, Thailand Chaoan Association, director,,,
  1251. Zhang Yingfa, UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce and Guangdong Association, Vice President, kczhangkc@hotmail.com,971-527588666,
  1252. Zhang Qilin, "World Fuzhou Ten Yi Township Association
  1253. Chairman of Hubei Association of Malaysia","
  1254. President",kirinmjc@gmail.com, kirinmjc@tm.net.my,
  1255. Zhang Qilin, ASEAN Hubei
  1256. Hometown Association, President,,,
  1257. Zhang Long, "The Netherlands-China Economic and Trade Promotion Association
  1258. Holland Xinmao International", Executive Chairman, "info@dctepa.com
  1259. koalafashion@sina.com","31-79-3318618
  1260. 13867700862
  1261. 31-632298888",
  1262. Peng Yunjian, Permanent Secretariat of the World Peng Clan Association, Founding President,,,,607-9317085 607-9317086
  1263. Peng Yunzhao, Malaysia World Peng Family Clan Association,,,,607-9317085,
  1264. Peng Yunpeng, Jakarta Pacific Group Company, President,,,,62215306711
  1265. Peng Liushu, Kuala Lumpur Hepo Association, Member,,,
  1266. Peng Kaiquan, "Huining Association
  1267. Singapore Huining Association",President,,,4470308
  1268. Peng Hua, Malaysia Senjiahe Po Township Association,,,,
  1269. Peng Guoliang, Peng's Guild, Chairman,,,,2898381 3458112
  1270. Peng Guoliang, Peng's Guild,,,,4276784
  1271. Peng Fendou, "Chile Chinese Medical Research Center
  1272. President of the China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of Central and South America","
  1273.  Executive Chairman",PENGFENDOU@YAHOO.ES,,56-2-2250945
  1274. Peng Jianren, Kuala Lumpur Hepo Association, Member,,,
  1275. Peng Zhongliang, General Secretary, Kuala Lumpur Canton Hall, Malaysia,,,,603-2072 9228
  1276. Peng Yuecheng, Secretary-General of the Selangor Huining Association, 193356196, 603-20785500
  1277. Peng Guilan, Paraguay Chinese Women's Association, President, alan1368@126.com,,
  1278. Peng Wulue, Malaysian Sand Crabs Vietnam Longxi Association,,,415318,
  1279. Peng Shuying, Malaysia Senjiahe Po Association,,,,
  1280. Peng Yiwei, "China Othro Environmental Development Co., Ltd.
  1281. World Federation of Vietnamese Chinese Associations
  1282. France-China Friendship Association","Executive Director
  1283. Member of the Standing Committee and General Secretary General of Europe",BANHHUY@HOTMAIL.COM.FR,"33-63065746
  1284. 13016072257
  1285. 13711248242", Company: 331-45853171 Residential: 331-45214111 010-85801494
  1286. Xu Yezhong, "Quanfa Trading Company
  1287. French Guangdong Hall","General Manager
  1288. Vice President",king.fat@wanadoo.fr.aacfr@hotmail.com,,"33-0562713840
  1289. 01-49609897"
  1290. Xu Congcang, "China Overseas Exchange Association,
  1291. Myanmar Guangdong Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
  1292. Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  1293. Myanmar Overseas Chinese Charity Association ","Executive Director
  1294. President
  1295. Executive Vice President
  1296. Vice president", , ,
  1297. Xu Zuolong, Jieyang Hall, Vice Chairman,,,,00662-3941221
  1298. Xu Jiajia, Myanmar Chinese Network, Director,,,
  1299. Xu Guanghui, "Thailand Chaozhou Assembly Hall
  1300. Thailand Chinese Chamber of Commerce Communication
  1301. Thai Overseas Chinese Baode Shantang
  1302. Thai-Chinese Culture and Education Association
  1303. Thai and Chinese Chamber of Commerce in and out","Vice Chairman
  1304. deputy director
  1305. Standing director
  1306. Honorary Chairman
  1307. Vice Chairman",,,
  1308. Xu Pinhua, "Austrian European Qingtian Association
  1309. European Chinese News Agency
  1310. "Chinese News"","Contact person
  1311. President
  1312. President", tongxianbao@hotmail.com,027-87394147,
  1313. Xu Shixing, Executive Director, Panyu Hall, Lima, Peru,,,,511-4273506
  1314. Xu Cunsong, "European Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  1315. China Europe International Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  1316. China Overseas Exchange Association
  1317. China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
  1318. Beijing CPPCC","Chairman
  1319. Chairman of the board
  1320. director
  1321. director
  1322. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Work Consultant",,,
  1323. Xu Xiaoping, "UAE Far East Management Consulting Company
  1324. Chairman of the UAE Golden Bay Travel Agency","
  1325. Chairman",,,
  1326. Xu Zhibao, President, South America China-Glass Trade and Cultural Exchange Association, 86-13916586164,
  1327. Xu Zhiyuan, French Overseas Chinese Association, Vice Chairman, marlimy888@yahoo.com,"33-616196171
  1328. 13858871184",331-40264022
  1329. Xu Wenshan, "European Chinese", Chairman,,,
  1330. Xu Mingmin, Chairman, General Administration of China and China Connectivity, Peru, 511-4274470,
  1331. Xu Mingfu, "Argentina, Guangdong, Guangxi Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  1332. Chairman of Guangdong Boka Business Co., Ltd.","
  1333. Chairman",,"13660623288 549-1156566088
  1334. 005411-48318996",020-86368062-15 5411-48318996 5411-49323151
  1335. Xu Yuejuan, "Italian China-Italy Enterprise Alliance Association
  1336. Assolombarda Entrepreneurs Association of Italy
  1337. NFS Carla secoli International Branch of the Italian High Fashion Academy","Chairman
  1338. consultant
  1339. Dean",,,
  1340. Xu Songhua, "Spain Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  1341. Madrid Chinese School","Chairman
  1342. Chairman",,0034-635425500/13567626598,0034-915419104
  1343. Xu Hanqiang, Golden Sea Fisheries Industry Co., Ltd.,,,,2409351-7
  1344. Xu Jieli, French Guangdong Guild Hall, Vice President, sulydie@hotmail.fr,330-618708557,330-562713840
  1345. Xu Tao, "Ecuadorian Chinese and Overseas Chinese Association
  1346. President of the Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Unification of Ecuador","
  1347. President",,,
  1348. Xu Qinyuan, Buddhism Panshang Firm, Chairman,,,,2793306
  1349. Xu Yicang, Plastic Injection Molding Factory, Chairman, usplastic@myanmar.com.mm, 95-99921520, 95-99921520
  1350. Xu Jingbo, Asia News Agency, President,,,
  1351. Cheng Jianxin, "Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Chile
  1352. World Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations
  1353. All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  1354. Chilean Chinese Entrepreneurs Association","President
  1355. Vice Chairman
  1356. Overseas committee
  1357. Vice President","jt1-888@163.com
  1358. jtl-888@163.com/chilecs@126.com",0056-9-56577965/13777903999,0056-2-6897498/8558237
  1359. Cheng Dexiang, President of the former Cheng Clan Association, Singapore,,,
  1360. Established Chao, Singapore Nanyang Hakka Association, Vice President, "65-62210605
  1361. 65-62226590",
  1362. Established Chao, "ASEAN Investment Co., Ltd.
  1363. Singapore Guangdong Association","Chairman of the Board of Directors
  1364. Vice President",,65-64470615,(o)65-63441260 (h)65-96168990
  1365. Dai Furen, Executive Secretary of Dai Clan Association, Malacca Wan Auditorium,,,,00606-3123663
  1366. Dai Peiqing, Asean Chinese Business Online, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  1367. Dai Jun, "Hungary Dalikin International Trade Co., Ltd.
  1368. Hungarian Chinese and Overseas Chinese Association","President
  1369. Vice President", DAIJUN3@HOTMAIL.COM QQ:420900477,13977183245 003630-9811466,0036-1-2422576 0771-5590533
  1370. Dai Huadong, "The Voice of Overseas Chinese", President, ,,
  1371. Dai Yongmei, General Manager, Taiyuan Photographic Printing Center, Malacca,,,,019-3780808
  1372. Dai Guoxing, "Philippine Charity Office
  1373. Chinese Nursing College
  1374. Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce "," Director of College Group
  1375. Director",,,
  1376. Dai Biyuan, Director of the Women's Association of the Peruvian China General Administration,,,,00514-4279063
  1377. Di Anyou, French-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President,,,
  1378. Dai Hongda, Chairman, Philippine-China Peace Reunification Council, anthonysyy@yahoo.com,,
  1379. Dai Hongda, "Philippines China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  1380. Honorary President of the Philippine-Chinese Federation of All Circles","
  1381. Honorary Chairman", , ,
  1382. Dai Meipeng, Malaysia Dai Clan Association,,,,00606-3123663,
  1383. Dai Yuren, Xinglian Travel Guide Company, Chairman,, 63-917 8982288, 632-2433588-90
  1384. Dai Liangye, "Malaysian National Chamber of Commerce
  1385. Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCC)
  1386. Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce (KLSCCCI)
  1387. Klang Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  1388. Xiamen University Malaysia
  1389. Bank of China Malaysia
  1390. World Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference Advisory Committee
  1391. Malaysian Chain Association
  1392. Xinghua Middle School
  1393. Binhua Middle School
  1394. Kuncheng Middle School
  1395. Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation","President
  1396. President
  1397. President
  1398. President
  1399. director
  1400. director
  1401. member
  1402. consultant
  1403. Vice Chairman
  1404. Vice Chairman
  1405. director
  1406. Honorary Director",,,
  1407. Dai Yingtai, President of the Fujian Association of Townships in France, "(33-1) 42168833
  1408. 0033-1-45833682 45820830",
  1409. Fang Xiaohui, Professor, School of Business, Stockholm University, Sweden, tony.fang@fek.su.se, 46-735517228 15000335948, 46-8163063 46-8162000
  1410. Zhao Yihua, "European China Investment Development Group"
  1411. Polish Chinese Federation
  1412. Poland-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  1413. Director of China Overseas Friendship Association
  1414. All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee
  1415. Director, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association","
  1416. Founder and Executive Vice President
  1417. President
  1418. director
  1419. Committee member
  1420. Director",ywchiu@aliyun.com,"48-601327088
  1421. 13602869789",48-14-6761867
  1422. Dato Chen Yongqi, President, Tatung Industries Group, Malaysia,,,,603-56339939
  1423. Datuk Ou Xiaoxiang, Retired Deputy Chief of Administration,,,,605-2554828 6012-5289509
  1424. Dato Lee Cambridge, Cambridge Holdings Limited, Chairman, kwangtung@po.jaring.my/dkklee@tm.net.my,,603-20784336
  1425. Datuk Gao Songhua, Penang Huining Association, Consultant,,,,04-2824607
  1426. Dato Huang Hanliang, "Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  1427. President of Huafeng Group","
  1428. Chairman",enquiry.mccc@gmail.com,,603-92231188
  1429. Datuk Seri Chen Guangcai, "MCA
  1430. Acting President of the Ministry of Transport of Malaysia","
  1431. Minister",,,603-88866008
  1432. Datuk Seri Hong Laixi, "The Federation of Malaysian Chinese Surnames Association
  1433. Malaysian Clan Youth Charity and Education Foundation
  1434. President of Malaysia-China Public Relations Exchange Association","
  1435. Chairman
  1436. Secretary General",angdatojp11@gmail.com,"6012-3821111
  1437. 6019-6911111
  1438. 13922541111",03-92219122
  1439. Datuk Seri Banglima, "Malaysia Chinese Assembly Hall General Assembly
  1440. The Belt and Road Promotion Committee","Vice President
  1441. Chairman",,,
  1442. Dato Xu Deren, "Sarawak Federation of Chinese Associations
  1443. World Fuzhou Shiyi Township Association
  1444. Federation of Malaysian Fuzhou Associations
  1445. Sarawak Fuzhou Association of Societies
  1446. Miri Province Chinese Association
  1447. Miri Fuzhou Association","President
  1448. Vice President
  1449. Vice president
  1450. Vice president
  1451. President
  1452. Chairman",,,
  1453. Wenhuaxing, Luxembourg Chinese Culture and Education Association,,,,352-21156638,
  1454. Wen Jianli, Executive Vice Chairman, All-German Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese,"349-01712160258
  1455. 01713160258",349-0228-656035
  1456. Wen Guixiang, Singapore Association, Vice President,,,,6591090438
  1457. Wen Ruichao, French Chaozhou Club, Chief Supervisor, van.philippe@hotmail.fr, France Mobile0660553872, 33-145820601
  1458. Wen Fei, Editor-in-Chief, Bilingual Network of France China Net,,,
  1459. Fang Sanjing, "South American Overseas Chinese News", President,,,
  1460. Fang Wei, "TCL International Co., Ltd.
  1461. Chaozhou Assembly Hall in Thailand
  1462. Thailand Huilai Association","Chairman
  1463. Vice Chairman", veera@tclintergroup.com, 641-8696980, 662-212 9660
  1464. Fang Zuobin, Malaysian Chinese Writers Association, Consultant,,,,03-2274 5388
  1465. Fang Qiaosheng, General Manager, Canadia Bank,,,, 00855-23-215286 00855-23-215285
  1466. The direction rises, Xiangchengfa Hardware Co., Ltd., vice chairman,, 02-4207366, 02-4312553 8106607
  1467. Xiang Xianghui,Tairongfa & Co., Ltd., director,,,,02-2141709 2141973
  1468. Fang Tianxing, Malaysia Chinese Assembly Hall General Assembly (Head of China), President,,,603-22734008
  1469. Fang Tianbiao, Wilson Chemical Co., Ltd., Executive Director,,,,02-4275612 02-4271071
  1470. Fangdao Town, Thailand Real Estate Company, Chairman,,,4247696
  1471. Fang Zhanshao, French Chaozhou Association, Honorary President,,,,331-45820601
  1472. Fang Yongjun, President of "Europe Union Weekly",,,
  1473. Fang Jianfeng, General Manager, Handa Chinese and Western Medicine Co.,,,,,2332078
  1474. Fang Sijun, New Central Plains News, Chairman,,,,2340684-9
  1475. Fang Yangsheng, Trade Department of Reignwood International Group Co., Ltd., China Business Co., Ltd., Director,,,,02-2542608 6531027-8
  1476. Fang Shuming, Textile Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,4688672
  1477. Fang Chunyue, Wuyue Trading Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,7598225-7
  1478. Fang Xianqiu, "French Fushan Society"
  1479. French Panyu Fushan Society","Always honorary president
  1480. Standing President",phuonght@free.fr...phuonghthu@gmail.com,"33-0619033536
  1481. 15322236
  1482. 786","33-014895-0608 33-0153603886
  1483. 33-09-50845728"
  1484. Fang Manqing, Europe and China United Times, Executive Director, A19962006@GMAIL.COM, 333-6544781,06-77200525
  1485. Fang Songjian, Director, Yongan Apartment, Funian Electric Heating Co., Ltd.,,,,02-2948339 6837844-9 06-3182168
  1486. Fang Hanbiao, Yiqun Food Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,"00662-2528554
  1487.                         00662-2526658"
  1488. Fang Hanrong, French Chaozhou Guild Hall, "Executive Consultant
  1489. Vice President",,"33-622627605
  1490. 33614902954","331-48669110
  1491. 01-45820601"
  1492. Fang Qingzhi, Hip Hing Chong Singapore Pte Ltd, Chairman,,,,5351888
  1493. Fang Zhizhou, Fang's Enterprise Company Libin Qiaosheng Publishing House, Chairman and President,,,
  1494. Fang Zhizhou, Philippine Overseas Chinese Press,,,,
  1495. Fang Zhixu, Vice President, Vice President of Chaoshan Union Township Association,,,
  1496. Fang Zhixu, Philippine Chaoshan Union Township Association,,,,632-7332482,
  1497. Fang Fang, Chairman, Thai-Chinese Artists Association, 66813313166,
  1498. Fang Zhonglin, Caili Jewelry Co., Vice Chairman, 02-6568053, 02-2525448 2514376
  1499. Shi Yikai, "Singapore Heshan Guild Hall
  1500. Guanghui Zhaobishan Pavilion","Chairman
  1501. Chairman",sghoksan@gmail.com,,6223 6233
  1502. Shi Henry, "Philippines Jinjiang Association
  1503. Philippine Jinjiang Chamber of Commerce","Honorary Chairman
  1504. The first president",,,
  1505. Shi Huamin, Brazilian Chinese Chamber of Commerce,, cccb2008@yahoo.com.cn,"5511-55395547
  1506. 0769-87770808",
  1507. Shi Wenzhao, "Apollo Investment and Trade Co., Ltd.
  1508. Member of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Federation
  1509. UAE Fujian Chamber of Commerce
  1510. UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce","Chairman
  1511. Executive Chairman
  1512. executive president
  1513. Honorary President", apollo_swz@163.com,971507028968 15920029333,97142736617
  1514. Shi Chuhong, Union Food Co., Ltd., Director,,,,02-2892459
  1515. Shi Yu'efei, China Television Station, Director,,,
  1516. None, Executive Vice President, German Tourism Culture Media Exchange Association, 15810902880,
  1517. Qu Huan, "The Belt and Road Research Institute" in South Korea
  1518. The 6th China Overseas Exchange Association
  1519. The third session of Heilongjiang Overseas Exchange Association
  1520. Shandong Overseas Exchange Association
  1521. The Fifth Council of Jiangsu Overseas Exchange Association
  1522. Chungcheongnam-do International Exchange and Trade Consultation
  1523. "Honorary Citizen" of Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
  1524. Heilongjiang Provincial People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
  1525. Guizhou Province Cultural Tourism Ambassador
  1526. Ewha Womans University
  1527. "Dongguan People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries", "Co-President
  1528. Overseas director
  1529. Vice President of the Council
  1530. Standing director
  1531. Vice president
  1532. Committee member
  1534. Overseas director (re-elected)
  1536. Propaganda Ambassador and President's Global Strategic Advisor
  1537. Overseas Director",,,
  1538. Cao Kan, Nordic Group, Chairman, 13026726513, +47 92680189
  1539. Cao Heping, "China Overseas Exchange Association Council
  1540. China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
  1541. The Fifth Session of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee
  1542. Hungary Skála Investment Enterprise Group
  1543. Hungarian Great Wall Hungarian-China Friendship Association
  1544. Hungarian Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  1545. "Hungary China-Hungary Education Foundation","Executive Director
  1546. Standing director
  1547. Overseas members
  1548. Chairman of the board
  1549. Chinese Executive Chairman
  1550. Honorary President
  1551. senior consultant", , ,
  1552. Cao Zhenzhong, China-Russia Consulting Network, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  1553. Cao Minfeng, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Biao La Province, Peru, 328546,
  1554. Cao Mingquan, South Korea's Xinhua Newspaper Group, Chairman,,,
  1555. Cao Wangkai, "The World of Europe and China", President,,,
  1556. Cao Xizhen, Peruvian Yijidao Chinese Association, Chairman,,,
  1557. Zeng Yewen, Vietnam Chongzheng Hall,,,9505326,
  1558. Zeng Guanquan, Singapore Zengqiu Association, Deputy General Manager, (65)7488044,
  1559. Zeng Qifu, Chairman, Medan Goose City Charity Foundation, Indonesia,,,,,,0062-61-7368902
  1560. Zeng Tianxiong, President, Asian Food Enterprises Chamber of Commerce,, (65) 68416068,
  1561. Zeng Xianjian, "French Congress
  1562. Mayor of Toppound, Reunion Province",Member,,,01-40-63-73-54
  1563. Zeng Xiankai, Tseng Clan Association of Thailand,,,2862667,
  1564. Zeng Shaoqiu, Zeng Clan Association, Director General,,,,286-2667
  1565. Zeng Guangxi, Siam Jieyang Hall, Director,,,,2220385
  1566. Zeng Guangyu, Perak Hua County Hall, President,, 010-5562881, 605-012-5170217
  1567. Zeng Guangyu, Hua County Hall, Perak, Malaysia,,,605-4461886,
  1568. Zeng Guangwei, Lion City Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Club, President, changkwangwee@gmail.com, 91962546, 67373093
  1569. Zeng Yingchu, Director of Chenghai Association of Thailand,,,,24375335
  1570. Uncle Zeng Jian, President of the Tsang Association of Teochew, Singapore,,,,97975555
  1571. Zeng Deshen, Yokohama Overseas Chinese Association, tongxun@yokohama-chinese.gr.jp, 81-456418606,
  1572. Zeng Huiyang, "One Belt One Road", President,,,
  1573. Zeng Zhenqiang, "Xinshan Guangzhao Hall
  1574. Malaysia Johor Bahru Cantonese Club", President, 07-3336850 07-3337560, 07-3336850 07-337560
  1575. Zeng Zhenzhong, Cantonese Club Johor Bahru, Vice President,,,,202-36801333
  1576. Zeng Zhinong, Hubei Association of Japan, President, zhinong213@yahoo.com.cn zhinongz0213@yahoo.co.jp,,
  1577. Zeng Wenmu, Zeng Family Clan Association, Chairman,,,02-2152223
  1578. Zeng Zhaochun, Chiang Mai Dun Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  1579. Zeng Zhaoxuan, "Chinese Culture Promotion Association
  1580. China Guandi Literary Association","Director
  1581. Vice President",,,0262-272439,0262-250570
  1582. Zeng Bufeng, President of the Italian Youth Association of Overseas Chinese, hzmini@hotmail.com,"39-3938289999
  1583. Guo Jianwu 39-3888248285",
  1584. Zengchi Jinmei, Tuku New Leather Co.,,,,,3805327
  1585. Zeng Yongqiang, Director of the Zeng Clan Association, Vietnam, 00848-8304982 00848-8304981,
  1586. Zeng Haichao, Executive Chairman, Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of France and China,,,,33145829500 33148538111
  1587. Zeng Bingsheng, Taijing Mare Federation, Vice Chairman,,,
  1588. Zeng Fuying, Philippine China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, Chairman, pcpprc@gmail.com,632-2449973,632-2477141/632-2449974
  1589. Zeng Suiqin, President of JNU European Benelux Alumni Association, "jnuaab@jnuren.com
  1590. jinanxyh@gmail.com","31(0)628496558
  1591. 13925092521",
  1592. Zeng Jiqin, Thailand Lam Tin Zeng Clan Association,,,,3181238,
  1593. Zeng Cuiyu, French Chongzheng General Association, Vice President,,,,01-64667702
  1594. Zeng Fenzhi, French Baihua Friendship Association, President,,,,33 0160069294
  1595. Zeng Ronghui, Singapore Gaoming Association,,,(65)2233430,
  1596. Zeng Dak, Director of the Czech Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Chen Peiteng,,,
  1597. Zeng Xiyuan, Singapore Hua County Association, President,,,2854988
  1598. Zhu Liliang, "LITTER SUNSHINE
  1599. Guangdong Hall","
  1600. Director of Women's Group",,6013-9274881,609-6221281
  1601. Zhu Chuangxin, "Brazilian Guangdong Association
  1602. Brazilian Chinese Association","Chairman of Supervisors
  1603. Vice President", userwu-br@yahoo.cn,13725966013 0055-95869689,0055-11-3271-6667 0055-11-31012827
  1604. Zhu Lihua, President, Shanghai Association of Denmark, 86-13482149505,
  1605. Zhu Guoliang, "Singapore Qingyuan Assembly Hall
  1606. Qingyuan City Qingyuan County Overseas Chinese Federation","Industry Trustee and Consultant
  1607. Honorary Chairman",Ltcchoo@gmail.com,"6593214214
  1608. 65 9070 5010",
  1609. Zhu Dui, Zhu Dui Frost Industry, Vice Chairman,,,,02-2244076 02-2256293
  1610. Zhu Shaoyun, "French Wencheng Association
  1611. French Economic and Trade Association
  1612. Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export","
  1613. Honorary President
  1614. Standing President",,,
  1615. Zhu Yueqiu, Chairman of Thailand Jilun Xinwei Co., Ltd.,,,,2874112
  1616. Zhu Yingchang, Ho Chi Minh City Chinese Education Aid Association, contact person, 84-8-38753141,
  1617. Zhu Zhiwei, "Xin Ming Daily", Editor-in-Chief,,,
  1618. Zhu Siqin, Panama Heshan Office, Vice Chairman, ang3-71@hotmail.com, 507-67075338 15994860500, 507-2280193 0750-3378693
  1619. Zhu Wenqiang, Huang Shengxiang Electric Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman,,,,02-2225066 02-2219652
  1620. Zhu Zhengmin, Belgian Qingtian Association, Permanent Honorary President, zhuzhengmin@hotmail.com,"0475-350296
  1621. 13967082766",32-3-7760565
  1622. Zhu Minhui, Chairman, Guangdong Overseas Chinese Association of the Philippines, pffcassn017@gmail.com,"31-251-654319
  1623. 632-7117188 ",
  1624. Zhu Zhihua, President, Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Argentina, 54114312-1888,
  1625. Zhu Haian, President of the Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Unification in Belgium,,,
  1626. Zhu Bin, Secretary General, Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Argentina,,,,54-15-431211888
  1627. Zhu Ailian, "Eurasia Times", President,,,
  1628. Zhu Yuhua, "Xinhua Times", Executive Director,,,
  1629. Zhu Weide, Singapore Qingyuan Assembly Hall, Chairman,, 65-9679 6646, 65-62215055
  1630. Zhu Suzhong, "Brazilian Chinese Association
  1631. Brazil Qingtian Association
  1632. Brazil Council for the Promotion of International Trade
  1633. Brazil Guangdong Association of Hometowns "," Permanent Honorary President
  1634. Permanent Honorary President
  1635. Permanent Honorary President
  1636. Permanent Honorary President ",,,
  1637. Zhu Yuhua, "Italian-Italian-China Exchange Association"
  1638. Italy Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce
  1639. Italy Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce
  1640. Morocco-china friendship association
  1641. Ferrari China Club ","Chairman
  1642. President
  1643. President
  1644. Chairman
  1645. Chairman",,,
  1646. Zhu Hui, Jiangquan International Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Managing Director, jqtiandi@hotmail.com,06-812-1666,662-3375574
  1647. Zhu Mingjiang, "Ping Zhen Building
  1648. Japan Guangdong Association
  1649. Yokohama Overseas Chinese Association
  1650. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee ","Manager
  1651. Vice president
  1652. Vice president
  1653. Overseas Youth Committee",zmj@hotmail.com.jp,,"03-58236556 045-7145659 (resident) 045-4749960 (office)
  1654. 045-641-8606 "
  1655. Piao Wenjie, Director of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan, cccj-jimu@ccck.jp,,03-3575-5050
  1656. Li Yuguo, Shantou University, experimenter,,,
  1657. Li Yizhu, Vice President, Rio de Janeiro Chinese Friendship Association, Brazil, 13827048099,
  1658. Li Shiming, Baili Trading,,,,019-6607849,
  1659. Li Shiyong, President, Meizhou Guild Hall, Indonesia,,,,0062-21 6504868
  1660. Li Yejiu, Leizhou Hall, Malacca, Malaysia,,,603-56313759,
  1661. Li Zhonghan, Chief and Vice President of the Korean Overseas Chinese Association in Seoul,,,
  1662. Li Shumian, Gushi & Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,3913634
  1663. Li Yunzhen, "Malaysia King Brother Petroleum Co., Ltd.
  1664. National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia","Managing Director
  1665. Deputy Director of Public Relations Group",obpec@tm.net.my,,"603-62511133
  1666. 62526088"
  1667. Li Yunsheng, Executive Vice President, French Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese, 13906633933,
  1668. Li Yaming, Makou Taki River Association, Council Member,,,,606-4541248
  1669. Li Yali, Negeri Sembilan Takie Club, Vice President,,,,606-7621278
  1670. Li Yisen, "China-Czech Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange Association
  1671. Czech Guangdong Chamber of Commerce
  1672. President of the World Youth Remote Control Model Federation","
  1673. President
  1674. Executive Vice Chairman",li@sino-czech.com; www.sino=czech.com,"420-606242388
  1675. 13928753735",420-257809999
  1676. Li Weiguo, "Malaysia Klang Xinyi Association
  1677. Dato, Lee Cambridge's nephew, engaged in construction, real estate", Chairman,,,60-12-3373636,60-3-21443833
  1678. Li Bobo, Executive, Chairman, Myanmar-China Exchange and Cooperation Association,,,
  1679. Li Junyou, Judge of the Eighth District of Southern Thailand, Governor General,,,,073-349086 282990
  1680. Li Junwen, "Thailand Culture Group
  1681. Thai-Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce ","Vice President/Web Director
  1682. Standing Director","thaiwindnet@hotmail.com
  1683. guitaisolo@hotmail.com","66-85-2337569
  1684. China: 86-13590646401","02-3308767
  1685. China: 86-20-38847597"
  1686. Li Xianbiao, Hongfa Jewelry Co., Ltd., General Manager,, 081-6575888, 02-6302881-2
  1687. Li Guanghui
  1688. ,Panama Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Honorary President,,,
  1689. Li Guanglong, "Thailand Chaozhou Assembly Hall
  1690. Thailand Jieshoutang Charity Association
  1691. Xieda Feed Co., Ltd.
  1692. Wuxi Overseas Chinese Town, China ","Former Chairman
  1693. Chairman
  1694. Chairman of the board
  1695. Chairman",,,"622-632 7232
  1696. 622-632 7300"
  1697. Li Xingduo,Thailand Lee Clan Association,,,2140144,
  1698. Cambridge Lee, Chairman, Kuala Lumpur Canton Hall, Malaysia, kwangtung@po.jaring.my, (603)-20784336 603-2384336,
  1699. Li Yongen, "Latin America Express", Editor-in-Chief,,,
  1700. Li Beihai, Heshan Club, Lima, Peru,,,511-4284425 2262147,
  1701. Li Zhuohui, Editor-in-Chief, Guoxin Xinbao,,,
  1702. Li Zhuopeng, "Thailand Culture Group
  1703. Thailand Jiahua TV Station Co., Ltd.",,championli2008@yehoo.com.cn,13630087977 086-7792366,02-3167734
  1704. Li Shuangjie, "Russian Dragon", President,,,
  1705. Li Guohua, Yingshen Holdings Co., Ltd., Director and Executive Chairman,,,7715798
  1706. Li Guoji, Xinglun (Private) Co., Ltd.,Managing Director,,,65-3688222
  1707. Li Guofu, President, West Japan New Overseas Chinese Association, liguofu@jcecjapan.com,,
  1708. Li Guowei,Wei Kee Food Co., Ltd.,,,,2825538
  1709. Li Guozhong, "ACEVRAS, Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce in Ontario
  1710. The first session of the Jiangmen Wuyi Youth Federation of Venezuela
  1711. Venezuelan Overseas Chinese Welfare Association of Ontario
  1712. The 2nd "," Chairman of the Jiangmen Wuyi Youth Federation of Venezuela
  1713. Vice President
  1714. Chairman
  1715. President",,,
  1716. Li Guosong, Japan Guangdong Association, Consultant,,,,81-42-797-1330
  1717. Li Guohan, "Worker of Sai Kejun Group
  1718. Singapore Huilai Association","Managing Director
  1719. Honorary Chairman",,,2713636、2713888、4685769
  1720. Li Guobu, "Li Guobu Accounting Company
  1721.  Singapore Huilai Association","Master
  1722. Chairman",,,3382911 3388320
  1723. Li Kuntai, "Cambodia-Chinese Council Advisor and Youth League
  1724. Cambodian Chamber of Commerce","Deputy Head
  1725. Vice president", , ,
  1726. Li Xia, "European Chinese Business Daily", editor-in-chief,,,
  1727. Li Yixian,MINISTRY OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY,,yishyan@mti.gov.sg,,65-6332 7858
  1728. Li Zonglin, Lujie Chinese Economic and Trade Association,,,,420-296642898,
  1729. Li Jiabi, Raoping Hometown Association, Vice Chairman,,,,2211234
  1730. Li Fusheng, Hakka Folk Association of Bali Province, Indonesia,,,,0361-242996,
  1731. Li Shaoyu, "Pakistan-China Friendship Association
  1732. Brazilian Chinese Association","President
  1733. Permanent Honorary President",,,
  1734. Li Yuefa, Weifa Textile Industrial Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,893-3369 893-1377
  1735. Li Feng, President of the French Southern Chinese Chamber of Commerce,,,
  1736. Li Feng, Vice President, Hubei Chamber of Commerce, Russia, 18800067810,
  1737. Li Pingjun, "Tai Jingming Shou Tan
  1738. "Li's Association in Neipan Township, Thailand", Chairman,,,,2339791 8727108
  1739. Li Guanghua, "Hungarian Chinese Federation
  1740. European Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  1741. President of Ouhua International (Hungary) Company","
  1742. Executive Vice Chairman
  1743. Chairman",guanghua40318@hotmail.com,15038231595,"0036-30-8996995
  1744. 0036-30-7115028"
  1745. Li Yingyuan, Grand Parallel, Manager,,,,053-321389
  1746. Li Jianfeng, "Chile Chinese Business Daily", deputy editor,,,
  1747. Li Jianjiang, President, Honggao Trading Co., Ltd., kohtrade@juno.ocn.ne.jp, "13705772001
  1748. 0081-9036194748",06-675858581
  1749. Li Zhibin, "Xunnan Daily", President,,,
  1750. Li Zhiming, "Sarawak Hepo Association
  1751. Bright Industrial Co., Ltd.
  1752. Baoguang Group Co., Ltd.
  1753. Malaysia Jin Hans Lee Association","President
  1754. Chairman",,483666 0060-082-241600,483666 0060-082-241600
  1755. Li Zhongxian, "The Overseas Chinese Primary School in Seoul, Korea
  1756. Seoul Overseas Chinese Association
  1757. Co., Ltd. "Toho","Vice Chairman
  1758. consultant
  1759. Representative director",,,
  1760. Li Huiling, Director, Singapore Press Holdings Chinese Media Group,,,
  1761. Li Zhenjian, Indonesia Bandung Bolangan Welfare Foundation,,,,022-6033994,
  1762. Li Zhenguang, Cantonese Association of Malaysia,,,,603-7760761,
  1763. Li Zhenrong, "Myanmar China Free Youth Headquarters
  1764. Yangon Miyang Guild Hall ","Honorary Chairman
  1765. Chairman",,(95-9)5004091,(95-1) 291273.299260.720333
  1766. Li Wenfeng, "Bangkok Li Family Association
  1767. Northeast Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd.","Vice Chairman
  1768. Managing Director",,,02-2402908 043-814028
  1769. Li Wenzhong, President, Overseas Chinese Association of Argentina, jksiuperu@gmail.com,,
  1770. Li Wenzheng, the 5th Overseas Friendship Association, Honorary Vice President,,,
  1771. Li Wenxi, the Puning Association of Siam, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,,3917011
  1772. Li Wenxiang, Hip Shing Cheong Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,3181154
  1773. Li Chunyan, "Sunshine News Agency", Executive Editor-in-Chief,,,
  1774. Li Jinwen, Director of Public Relations, Swedish Young Chinese Association, doris@ysca.se,, 46-0735767957
  1775. Li Jinghe, Mingjiao Group Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2512028
  1776. Li Mubo, "The Li Clan Association in Southern Thailand"
  1777. Thai Southern Lee Clan Association",President,,,074-220659
  1778. Plum gum, green fruit line,,,,074-243628
  1779. Li Songjian, Singapore Qingyuan Assembly Hall,,,65-3237110,
  1780. Li Lin, Executive Secretary, Guangdong Association of Associations of Malaysia,,,,603-2078-4336
  1781. Li Guixiong, "Thailand Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  1782. Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  1783. Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  1784. Thailand "China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification"
  1785. China National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  1786. China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  1787. China Overseas Exchange Association
  1788. China Overseas Friendship Association
  1789. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  1790. Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  1791. International Teochew Federation
  1792. Thailand Global Group
  1793. Thai-Chinese Cultural Industry Group
  1794. Thai-Chinese Culture Media Group","Chairman
  1795. Vice Chairman
  1796. Vice Chairman
  1797. Vice President and Secretary General
  1798. Delegates
  1799. director
  1800. Standing director
  1801. director
  1802. Committee member
  1803. Committee member
  1804. President
  1805. Chairman of the board
  1806. Chairman of the board
  1807. Chairman",info@tycc.org,"662-6301101-2
  1808. 662-2356136-9","00662-2356135-9
  1809. 622-2356136-9"
  1810. Li Mengxiong, "Chairman of Hongda Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.
  1811. "Boston Industries Co., Ltd. Chairman", Chairman, 661-8216967, 662-3924082 662-71333401 662-3819630
  1812. Li Chujin, Chaozhou Assembly Hall, Hat Yai, Vice Chairman,,,,074-243266
  1813. Li Yongfang, Sarawak Hepo Association, Employment Ask,,,,082-336900
  1814. Li Yonggen, PROTEX (Itami Corporation), representative, yonggenjp@yahoo.co.jp, "13710389920
  1815. 0906306833",072-7727588
  1816. Lee Hanbo, Hat Yai Lee Clan Association, Honorary Chairman,,,,074-349257
  1817. Li Wentian, Miti Engineering Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2940160
  1818. Li Huan,,,,,
  1819. Li Ceming, "Malaysia Negeri Sembilan Guangdong Hall
  1820. Xianli Office Furniture System Center","Voluntary Secretary General
  1821. Marketing Manager",SHENGLI@TM.NET.MY,6019-6513789,"606-6332599
  1822. 606-6336960"
  1823. Li Runsheng, Ruijing Chinese Association, Chairman, li.sonny@gmail.com,, 46-0-707601709
  1824. Li Hu, "Thailand-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  1825. Jiafeng Group","Deputy Worker
  1826. Vice President", lh@veshishang.com,13510247576,0755-28723333
  1827. Li Manquan, "European Gourmet Association
  1828. Junxiuwen International Company (Netherlands)
  1829. Junxiuwen Food Trading Company (Netherlands)
  1830. Dutch Gourmet Association
  1831. Asian Gourmet (Hong Kong) Association
  1832. Norwegian Chinese Culture and Sports Association
  1833. Advanced Technology of the Dutch Chinese Kitchen Association
  1834. Zhuo Jia Sports Association (Hong Kong)
  1835. Hong Kong Single Line Skating Association
  1836. Guangdong Overseas Friendship Association","Chairman
  1838. President
  1839. Chairman
  1840. Chairman
  1841. Honorary President
  1842. consultant
  1843. Honorary President
  1844. Honorary President
  1845. Director",Moontsun@163.com,"31-625199999
  1846. 13923798413
  1847. 852-69451801",31-0251-245765
  1848. Li Tanshui, Motorcycle Company, General Manager,,,,075-218640
  1849. Li Haozhong, Chairman, Vietnam Guangdong Enterprise Association (Vietnam Guangdong Chamber of Commerce), vietnam.guangdong.e.c@gmail.com,"84-8 62876538
  1850. 0903150801(Mobile)",
  1851. Li Yanchang, Brazil Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President, leeycbr@hotmail.com,5511-85985421 13534805802,5511-33416128
  1852. Li Yanshun, Hat Yai Lee Clan Association, Vice Chairman,,,,074-243482
  1853. Li Bingsong, Bangkok Daxi Lee Folks Association, Vice President,,,,00662-8885124 8885125
  1854. Li Yusheng, Miri Hepo Association of Malaysia,,,085-430064 611954,
  1855. Li Sweden, "Taimei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
  1856. Taimei Machinery Co., Ltd.", Chairman,,,,2352940-9
  1857. Li Ruihua, Venezuelan Chinese Overseas Chinese Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, Chairman, Antonio_lee_ng@hotmail.com,0414-3400481,
  1858. Li Zhisheng,Lee Clan Association, Finance,,,,02-3131659
  1859. Li Bihua, Vegetable Wholesale Company, Manager,,,,, 7604604
  1860. Li Li, Founder, Charm Singapore Media Company,,,
  1861. Li Zuqing, "The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Northern Myanmar
  1862. Myanmar-China Friendship Association of Mandalay Province","Secretary-General
  1863. Vice president", , ,
  1864. Li Xianglong, "United Times", editor in chief,,,
  1865. Li Zhenjie, "Europe (Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao) Guangdong Association of Associations
  1866. Norwegian Guangdong Association","Vice Chairman
  1867. Vice President", Ihnorway@hotmail.com,86-13808817876,*47-90021628;
  1868. Li Fuquan, "The Federation of German Chinese Entrepreneurs
  1869. All-German Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese
  1870. President of New Century Technology Co., Ltd. ","
  1871. Executive Chairman
  1872. Chairman ",,,0049/40/245862
  1873. Li Xiukui, Reunion Chinese Culture Promotion Association, Executive Director and Finance,,,, 00232-281860 281275
  1874. Li Xiutong, "Milan Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  1875. Milan China Assistance Center
  1876. "Milan Overseas Chinese and Chinese Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce","President
  1877. director
  1878. Honorary President",,,
  1879. Li Xiuxian, Indonesian Calligraphers Association, President, indocalligrapher@gmail.com,, 62-21-6684248
  1880. Li Qiufa, Xinlong (916) Jinzhuang,,,,05-7760690
  1881. Li Kejun, Keno Group, Chairman,,,,62-21-6545422
  1882. Li Junrong, Hong Kong International Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice Chairman, Likw2009@yahoo.com.hk,,
  1883. Li Su'e, "Shiwei Auto Repair Shop
  1884. Guangdong Hall","
  1885. Permanent member, secretary",,6013-9559744,609-6171744
  1886. Li Shaoqing, "Clan Association
  1887. Zhengda Group","Vice Chairman
  1888. Deputy Director",,,02-6382353 6382354
  1889. Li Shaochang, Guangdong Assembly Hall in Selangor, contact, KWANGTUNG@PO.JARING.MY,, 603-20784336
  1890. Li Jichang, "Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Northern Myanmar
  1891. Jinduoyan Charity Federation
  1892. Mandalay Heshun Association","Executive Vice President
  1893. Executive Vice Chairman
  1894. President",,,
  1895. Li Weiwen, Shantou University, Engineer,,,,, 8464102
  1896. Li Meihua, "Zhannan Commercial Company"
  1897. The Lee Clan Association in Chanthaburi, Thailand",Director,,,323603
  1898. Li Qundi, Council Member, Panama Flower County Association,,,,00507-7761368
  1899. Li Yi, editor-in-chief of "Phnom Penh Evening News",,,
  1900. Li Yaozhong, sugar, tobacco, alcohol and food wholesaler, manager,,,, 4560752
  1901. Li Yaozhang, "Tianxiang Jinsong Institution
  1902. The Lee Association of Miri, Malaysia", Chairman of the Board,,,424191
  1903. Li Fangmei, China Flower Translation Training Firm, Chinese-French-English Senior Translator, antheia.china@wanadoo.fr, 33-687363034, 33-140606707
  1904. Li Rong, Thai Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce, Vice President,,,,66-818180938
  1905. Li Xianqiang, General Manager, Guangdong Meishan Railway Longpeng Company,,,,8337688
  1906. Li Dazheng, "Singapore Guanghui Zhaobishan Pavilion
  1907. Singapore Ningyang Club ","Vice Chairman
  1908. Chairman","pstheng@singnet.com.sg
  1909. kwspst@yahoo.com.sg",9380 0612,6256 2426
  1910. Li Bangxian, Huichaojia Club, Surabaya, Indonesia,,,031-3521346,
  1911. Li Jiuhong, "Hong Meifa Construction Company
  1912. The Lee Clan Association of Qingliao, Bangkok, Thailand",Director,,,467987
  1913. Li Jinwen, real estate,,,,
  1914. Li Ruipeng
  1915. ,French Zhejiang Association, President,,,
  1916. Li Xirong, President of Jinbao Huining Association, 012-3341193, 05-4662433
  1917. Li Jinchun, Changli Gems Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  1918. Li Jinsheng,,,,,
  1919. Li Changzuo, "Jeju Overseas Chinese and Chinese Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Unification of China
  1920. Jeju Chinese Aid Center, South Korea
  1921. Hwa Sung Art Troupe, Jeju, South Korea
  1922. Japan-China-Korea Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange Federation
  1923. President of Korea-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry ","
  1924. principal
  1925. Head
  1926. Corporate chairman
  1927. Corporate President",,,
  1928. Li Aping, President of the German Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation, 86-13146723911,
  1929. Li Xiong,Apichok Wanich Co.Ltd.,,,081-6948683,"02-9194937
  1930. 02-9182388
  1931. 02-9182399"
  1932. Li Zhen, European Union Chinese News Agency, President,,,
  1933. Li Jingzhu, Nanguo Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  1934. Li Shuncai, President of the Daxi Lee Folks Association in Bangkok,,,,00662-3844097
  1935. Lee Shun Choi, The Lee Clan Association, Bangkok, Thailand,,,01-822714,
  1936. Li Peng, "German Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
  1937. Hamburg Chinese and Overseas Chinese Association", Executive Vice President, fritzli@nct24.de, (0049) 1606988606, (0049) 40245862
  1938. Li Heling, Panyu Club, Lima, Peru, Chairman,,,051-4613285
  1939. Li Huang Guoping, French Guangdong Association, Executive Vice President,,,,33(0)609374085
  1940. Li Long, Vientiane Council of Laos,,,85621214661,
  1941. Du Ki, Belgian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President, keekee0473@gmail.com, 32-473-810219, 32-3-2322930
  1942. Du Zhiqiang, "Singapore Tianfu Club
  1943. Singapore's only international group","President
  1944. Chairman/Executive President",,,
  1945. Du Wenbin, Singapore Puning Association, Chairman,,,,65-63380451
  1946. Du Xiaowei, "Busan Diaspora Association
  1947. China Construction Korea Branch","Executive Director
  1948. Marketing Manager",279364421@qq.com,13333428667,
  1949. Du Tanzhu, Guangxinsheng Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4370136
  1950. Du Ruitong, "The Cambodian-Chinese Council of the Kingdom of Cambodia
  1951. Chaoshan Guild Hall of the Kingdom of Cambodia ","Vice President
  1952. Honorary consultant forever",ping2003kh@yahoo.com.cn,"855-12878488
  1953. 855-23-364266",855-23-218999 855-211668
  1954. Du Jin, "All Japan Overseas Chinese Association
  1955. "Faculty of International Studies, Takushoku University", "Board of Directors
  1956. Professor", office@nocaj.org,13482180423,03-3695-0700
  1957. Yang Shihui, General Manager, Ginseng Pharmaceutical Company,,,,62921588
  1958. Yang Liran, Lam Soon Hall,,,,0046-8155589,
  1959. Yang Xinxing, Yang Family Traveling Thai Pro-Association, Vice Chairman,,,,,00661-2247968
  1960. Yang Hengquan, "The Young Clan Association in Jakarta
  1961. Henry Metal Products Company","Vice President
  1962. Manager",,,0561-735510
  1963. Yang Zhongxing, "Belgian New Generation Cultural Association
  1964. Young's Diamond Co., Ltd. of Belgium
  1965. Overseas member of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese","Chairman
  1966. Director",gerard@sicassoc.eu,"32-475-688087
  1967. 15858886363",00852-60541042/32-475-688087
  1968. Yang Youming, Shengdefu Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd, Manager,,,,,2569091 2569092
  1969. Yang Kelin, Indonesia Hakka Friendship Association,,,62-21-6696420,
  1970. Yang Huagen, Hundred Years Chinese Ambition Foundation, Chairman, WKYEUNG@100JAARCHINEZEN.NL, 653372715, 31-302232950
  1971. Yang Huasheng, "Malaysia Sarawak Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry"
  1972. Datuk, Yang Huasheng Construction Company East
  1973. Yang Huasheng Furniture Co., Ltd.
  1974. Yang Huasheng Development Company East","Vice Chairman
  1976. Managing director
  1977. ",yonghuasying@yahoo.com,6-013-8033677,006-084796181
  1978. Yang Huahong, Philippine-Chinese Federation of All Circles, Executive Vice Chairman,,,
  1979. Yang Shuangbiao, "Guangdong Quanzhixiang Mineral Beverage Company"
  1980. Singapore Nanyang Hakka Association","Chairman
  1981. President",,65-90016189,65-5454968
  1982. Yang Shuangbiao,Singapore Rongyang (Tai Po) Hall,,,,,0065-67442050,
  1983. Yang Qiqiu, "Cambodia Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  1984. Cambodian-Chinese Federation", President, 855-12802029, 855-23-885388
  1985. Yang Qiqiu, Chaozhou Assembly Hall,,,,,885-23-215455,
  1986. Yang Qiqiu, Chaozhou Association of Cambodia,,,855-23-216641 855-23-218999 (Du),
  1987. Yang Shanzhong, "Swiss-China Friendship Exchange Association
  1988. Swiss-Swiss-China Friendship Exchange Association", President, yang_shanzhong@hotmail.com, 0041-764206101, 0041-31-9821665
  1989. Yang Guosheng,You Qiang Co., Ltd.,,,"081-4346558
  1990. 084-0550968",032-415497
  1991. Yang Bitian, Singapore Xianle Young's Guild, President,,,, 96616447
  1992. Yang Shiqin, "France Shanghai Catering Co., Ltd.
  1993. French Overseas Chinese Association ","Chairman
  1994. Vice Chairman",,33-0620771963,33-0142152430
  1995. Yang Tianhua, President, China ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry,,,
  1996. Yang Tianpei, "Malaysia
  1997. China General Chamber of Commerce
  1998. "Malaysian Hakka Association","Lifetime Honorary President
  1999. President
  2000. Federation",apyong@chungchemicals.com,,603-79832728
  2001. Yang Wei, Chairman of Dubai China-UAE TV,,,
  2002. Yang Xueqin, President of the General Administration of China Tonghui, Peru, benefichina@speedy.com.pe, 511-99453249, 51-1-4274470
  2003. Yang Xueliang, LATEX Y PLHSTIEO SRC (operating hotel farms, etc.), chairman, miguelyh@hotmail.com, 51-998702234, "51-5369691
  2004. 51-2258084"
  2005. Yang Zongde, Yang's (Myanmar) International Trade Co., Ltd., President, 95-95137178 66-94303223, 95-8451166 95-231749
  2006. Yang Xiaoai, Ecuador Qingtian Association, Honorary President,,,
  2007. Yang Shaorong, President of the French Qingtian Association, 86-15652580599,
  2008. Yang Shanyi (Zhaoyi), "Poland-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  2009. Polish Chinese Youth Federation
  2010. New Silk Road Cultural, Sports and Tourism Center
  2011. "Fashion Milan Trading Co., Ltd.","Executive Vice President
  2012. Executive Vice President
  2013. Chairman of the board
  2014. Chairman",newmilano@163.com,"’+48 731855555
  2015. 13587578358",
  2016. Yang Yingqun, Singapore Guangdong Association, Honorary President, skthk@singnet.com.sg, 65-96158191, 65-67355216
  2017. Yang Jianren, Selangor Chayang Club, General Affairs,, (603)2410686, (603)2416686
  2018. Yang Jianzhong, Brazil-China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, President,,,
  2019. Yang Qianghua, "German Overseas Chinese Public Diplomacy Association
  2020. European Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2021. Global China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Association Alliance
  2022. China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Association in Berlin, Germany
  2023. China Chengdu Overseas Exchange Association
  2024. All-German Federation of Chinese Associations
  2025. Honorary (Founding) President of the Association for the Promotion of Chinese Peaceful Reunification of Overseas Chinese in Germany
  2026. Secretary General
  2027. Vice Chairman
  2028. Chairman
  2029. Vice president
  2030. Executive Chairman
  2031. Executive Vice President",,,
  2032. Yang Zhihua, Peru Fujian Association, President,,,
  2033. Yang Zhongyong, President of the Maritime Silk Road Society of Malaysia, sabahsilkroute@gmail.com, 6088-486799,
  2034. Yang Wenkai, China Herald, President,,,
  2035. Yang Wenbin, Executive Vice President, Vietnam Guangdong Enterprise Confederation, yangwenbin@vn-gree.com,"84-989660098
  2036. 13500099866",84-8-62876538
  2037. Yang Wende, Chaozhou Ngee An Hall, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,,,848-8558675,
  2038. Yang Wenhan, Medan Goose City Charity Foundation, Indonesia, 62-62-7368902 7970067,
  2039. Yang Ming, President of the Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification in France,
  2040. Yang Xingyao, Keelung Rongyang (Tapu) Hall, Chairman,,,012-3093643
  2041. Yang Xingyao, Malaysia Selangor Rongyang Hall,,,,00603-21412686,
  2042. Yang Chuntian, The Yang Family Association of Thailand,,,6756004,
  2043. Yang Xingping, Yang Xingping Trading Company, Chairman,,,,661303
  2044. Yang Jiemin, "EU China Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2045. Propaganda Department of the Guangdong Association of the Netherlands
  2046. Dutch Conifer Association
  2047. Sino-Dutch Cultural and Economic Relations Foundation
  2048. Holland Kangli International Trade Co., Ltd.","Vice President
  2049. minister
  2050. Total finance
  2051. Director General
  2052. General manager
  2053. ","WeChat: sandy0642926666; sandy823@live.nl
  2054. ",13622206669,31-642926666
  2055. Yang Shujie, Chairman of Malaysia Biyi Construction Company,,,,,,0066-9519891
  2056. Yang Zhengzhao, Italy-China Wide Angle Development Federation, President, YANGZHENGZHAO@LIVE.CN, 0039-0816580828,
  2057. Yang Liuzhou, Shipping Corporation, President,,,,62-216908830
  2058. Yang Haiquan, The Crocodile Lake Zoo, Samut Prakan, Thailand, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,,02-7034891 7035144-8
  2059. Yang Chaoxiong, "Zhenfengfa & Co., Ltd."
  2060. The Yang Clan Association of Thailand","
  2061. Permanent Honorary Chairman",,,"081-3095588
  2062. 084-6965588"
  2063. Yang Liebiao, "Thailand-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  2064. Thai Young Clan Association
  2065. Chunfu Foreign Language School
  2066. Communication in Chunfu Popular School
  2067. Chunfu Puning Liaison Office
  2068. Spring House Penglai Siqiu Pavilion
  2069. "Chunfu Yang Jiafa Wine Shop","Vice President
  2070. Secretary General
  2071. Dean
  2072. director
  2073. deputy director
  2074. Audit and Clerical Officer
  2075. Manager",,,"6638-282659
  2076. 661-3351300"
  2077. Yang Xiurong, European (Netherlands) Overseas Chinese Love Foundation, President, 00-263118015,
  2078. Yang Tengjin, Honorary Legal Counsel, Beilan Crocodile Lake Zoo,,,,02-7034891-4
  2079. Yang Rongwen, Minister of Economics and Trade, Singapore,,,
  2080. Yang Hui, "European Youth Daily", president,,,
  2081. Yang Jinzhang, Kun Xun Yongshengtang Fan Village, Jakarta Eternal Trading,,,,62-561-734059 62-21-629445
  2082. Yang Chuanyu, "Nineteenth National Congress", the 10th National "Two Sessions"
  2083. China Overseas Exchange Association
  2084. China Returned Overseas Chinese Association
  2085. The Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese in Yunnan Province
  2086. Yunnan Chinese Business Charity Foundation
  2087. The Second Board of Directors of Beijing College of Chinese Language and Culture
  2088.  Hong Kong Jade Chamber of Commerce
  2089. Hong Kong Kowloon Jade Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2090. Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2091. Yangon Yunnan Assembly Hall
  2092. Association of Descendants of the Expeditionary Forces of the WWII League of Myanmar "," Representatives
  2093. Standing director
  2094. Overseas consultant
  2095. Honorary Chairman
  2096. Honorary Chairman
  2097. Director
  2098. Honorary President forever
  2099. Honorary President forever
  2100. Honorary President
  2101. Honorary President
  2102. Consultant",,,
  2103. Yang Tongcheng, "China Guangqihang Group Co., Ltd.
  2104. Cambodia International Airlines","Chairman
  2105.  Vice President",,855-012598199,855-23 993 077
  2106. Yang Jinlai, Young's Diamond Co., Ltd.,,,32-475-719098,32-3-2329098
  2107. Yang Jinghu, Argentina Guangdong Association of Townships,,,,005411-45517311 0054-11-48632333
  2108. Yang Long, Founding President of Chaozhou Association of Sweden,,,,46021145513
  2109. Lin Wanli, Thai Lin Clan Association, Employment Ask,,,,02-87080412
  2110. Lin Shiru, Huilai Association, Director General,,,,2216243
  2111. Lin Lixia, "China Overseas Friendship Association
  2112. Beijing Federation of Overseas Chinese
  2113. German Peace Conference
  2114. German-Chinese Cultural Exchange Promotion Association
  2115. And the German Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations"," Council Member
  2116. Overseas consultant
  2117. Honorary President
  2118. Executive Vice President
  2119. Vice president", , ,
  2120. Lin Chuanping, "Zhongyi Group
  2121. "Spain Association of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations","Chairman
  2122. Chairman",,,
  2123. Lin Boliang, Thai Lin Clan Association, Executive Director,,,,077-511333
  2124. Lin Junbao, Chairman of the Board of Thai Pei & Co., Ltd.,,,,02-4178011
  2125. Lin Junsen, Thailand? Yu Trading Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  2126. Lin Jiancheng, Lin Jinfadian Hardware Co., Ltd., Manager, 03-2338812, 03-2338529
  2127. Lin Guangwu,,,,,
  2128. Lin Kexu, "Indonesia Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PERPIT)
  2129. Indonesian Chinese Association (INTI)
  2130. India-China Hundreds of Family Names Association (PSMTI)
  2131. China Overseas Exchange Association
  2132. China Federation of Overseas Chinese Overseas Advisors
  2133. China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
  2134. Yunnan Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2135. Consultant of Yunnan Overseas Exchange Association
  2136. Overseas Chinese from Jiangsu Province
  2137. Fujian Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2138. Sichuan Returned Overseas Chinese Federation ","Vice President
  2139. Honorary Chairman forever
  2140. consultant
  2141. Standing director
  2142. Vice president
  2143. Executive Vice President
  2144. The 6th Council 2017-2022
  2145. United Overseas Consultants (The Seventh Committee)
  2146. Standing director
  2147. Overseas Advisor of the Eighth Committee",,,
  2149. Yunnan Kunling Film Industry Co., Ltd. "," Chairman
  2150. director
  2151. Chief and President", henry@indopoly.co.id, 62-818-668989, (62-21)251-2353
  2152. Lin Quannan, Ehime Overseas Chinese Federation, President,,,
  2153. Lin Qi, Ecuador Chinese Community Website, Director,,,
  2154. Lin Yanghao,Lin Tai Lin Nanshan Guild, Honorary Chairman,,,,00663-8513360
  2155. Lin Zaixing, Lin Hanxue Association, Chief of Organization,,,,02-4128233
  2156. Lin Zaifu, Diamond Century Co., Ltd., Managing Director,,,,951-382373 951-222101
  2157. Lin Ning, Executive Secretary of Guangdong Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, info@gdne.nl/amandalam@139.com, (3120)6223942/13500031219, (3120)6391128
  2158. Lin Kaixuan, "Brazilian Chinese Association
  2159. Brazil Jiangxi Association of Hometowns ","Executive Vice President
  2160. President",,,
  2161. Lin Jiazhe, French Overseas Chinese Association, Honorary Chairman, gerardingyang@hotmail.comacrf2003@hotmail.com,330609696533 13587698385/13969106601,3.30143E+11
  2162. Lin Liken, Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce, Central Director/First Deputy Head of Youth League, sec@mccc.my/lekern@innoglass.com.my, 6012-2070752, 603-92231188
  2163. Lam Hsip, "Hat Yai Nanshan Association
  2164. Lin Xieli Tea Company","Director
  2165. Manager",,,074-232354
  2166. Lin Youshun, Asia Weekly Malaysia, Special Representative,,,,03-79540382
  2167. Lin Fayong, Yongsheng Electric Co., Ltd., director,,,,02-5896915 5911056
  2168. Lin Jianan (Yu Jin), "Thai-China Friendship Foundation
  2169. World Shishi Fellowship Association
  2170. Thai Stone Lion Association and Thai Stone Lion Chamber of Commerce
  2171. China National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  2172. Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  2173. China Overseas Exchange Association
  2174. China Federation of Overseas Chinese Overseas
  2175. Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2176. Communication Department of Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2177. Thailand China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  2178. Thai Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  2179. Thai Hokkien Assembly Hall","Chairman
  2180. President
  2181. Founding President
  2182. Overseas delegates
  2183. Overseas delegates
  2184. director
  2185. Committee member
  2186. Vice Chairman
  2187. deputy director
  2188. Honorary President
  2189. Honorary President
  2190. Vice Chairman",,,
  2191. Lin Guoguang, "Czech Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce
  2192. President of the Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification ","
  2193. Standing President",,,
  2194. Lin Guoqiang, "Shihua Daily", editor-in-chief,,,
  2195. Lin Guozhang, President, Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Malaysia, Email: pkcchcm@hotmail.com, 605-2421366,
  2196. Lin Zengji,Thailand Thai Kee Co., Ltd.,Managing Director,,,,02-2891121-5
  2197. Lin Ruguang, KEDAUNG GROUP, Chairman,,,,,6221-5402278 6221-6190709 6221-6192345 6221-5402308 (Straight line)
  2198. Lin Miaoying, "Jinghua Zhongyuan United Daily", Managing Director,,,
  2199. Lin Ziwei, "New Overseas Chinese News", President,,,
  2200. Lin Zikun, Takan Freezer Co., Ltd., Managing Director,, 02-4164552, 02-4151368
  2201. Lin Zirong, Alina Fashion Company, Chairman,, 0755-25846800, 00331-41721388
  2202. Lin Zichong, "French Chaozhou Guild Hall
  2203. Paris Alina Fashion Company","Vice President
  2204. Chairman",sz-alina@963.net,"33607981791
  2205. 13510812589",01-40217323 331-41721388
  2206. Lin Xuerong,Lin Tai Lin Nanshan Association, Chairman,,,,00662-8110405
  2207. Lin Hongxiu, Rongqiao Group Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  2208. Lin Baozhen, Secretary, Vietnam Guangdong Enterprise Association (Vietnam Guangdong Chamber of Commerce), vietnam.guangdong.e.c@gmail.com,"84-8 62876538
  2209. 0903150801(Mobile)",
  2210. Lin Jiafu, "Brazilian Guangdong Association
  2211. Bazhong Resources Service Co., Ltd."," the first vice president
  2212. Chairman",13906717282@qq.com,987586168/15992170233,32214391/22953834
  2213. Lin Jiaping, Taiping Commercial Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman,,,,02-2243850-2 4521862-5
  2214. Lin Zunwen, "World Lin Clan Association
  2215. Malaysian Translation and Creation Association
  2216. Shandong Overseas Chinese Business Association
  2217. Secretary General of China-ASEAN Business Association","
  2218. Acting President
  2219. Vice president
  2220. Director",,,
  2221. Lin Shaoqu, Yuhua Commercial & Co., Ltd., Director,,,,02-2490312
  2222. Lin Shaomian, Hat Yai Songwen Hardware Construction Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,,074-231832 232463
  2223. Lin Shaohao,Thailand Chenghai Township Association,Executive Director,,,,2701336
  2224. Lin Yuechun, "Nanshan Association
  2225. Lin Jinxing You Co., Ltd.","Honorary Chairman
  2226. General Manager",,,2799285 2714471
  2227. Lin Feng, "Chinese School
  2228. Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations in Spain
  2229. Spanish Trade Promotion Association","Chairman
  2230. Vice Chairman
  2231. executive president", , ,
  2232. Lin Feng, Spanish Association of Overseas Chinese, Chairman,,,
  2233. Lin Chongwu, Thai Minsheng Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  2234. Lin Ping, President, China Association of Engineers in France, Ping_lin@hotmail.fr,,
  2235. Lin Jianming, Penang Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,3913150
  2236. Lindenian, Chairman of Taiyi Mining Co., Ltd.,,,,,662-2529618
  2237. Lindenian, Siam Puning Association,,,,00662-2124502-4,
  2238. Lin Zhongguang, President of Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Milan, Italy, ZHONGYIDA.ITALIA@GMAIL.COM, 39-3398378983 13858869018, 39-0233100441
  2239. Lin Zhongfan, "Xinhua Times", publisher,,,
  2240. Lin Huilong, The Peak Hotel, Huilong Real Estate Development Company Sihanoukville Chamber of Commerce, Chairman and Chairman,,,,855034320340 855012838485
  2241. Lin Zhensheng, "SOON LEE WORKSHOP"
  2243. Guangdong Hall
  2244. Shutong transportation and car repair manufacturer","
  2246. Deputy Director of Recreation Group",,6013-3547713,609-6224132
  2247. Lin Zhenchao, China Council of Vientiane, Laos,,,,85621-21466,
  2248. Lin Zhenhui, "China Overseas Exchange Association 2017-2021
  2249. China-ASEAN Business Association (Malaysia)
  2250. Youth Committee of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese of Jilin Province, China
  2251. Yunnan Overseas Exchange Association=
  2252. China Shanghai Overseas Exchange Association
  2253. World Lin Family Association
  2254. Federation of Malaysian Chinese Surname Associations (2018-2020)
  2255. Lin Family Association of Malaysia
  2256. Malaysian Clan Youth Federation (2017-2019)
  2257. Malaysia Negeri Sembilan Anxi Club
  2258. Board of Directors of Bigan Temple, Malaysia
  2259. Malaysian Chinese Association Telok Kamwang Conference
  2260. Malaysian Clan Youth Association
  2261. Malaysian Chinese Association Port Dickson Conference
  2262. The Lin Family Association of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia","Director
  2263. financial
  2264. Vice president
  2265. Vice president
  2266. director
  2267. Vice Chairman
  2268. Vice President
  2269. Vice President
  2270. President
  2271. Acting President
  2272. Chairman of the board
  2273. Chairman
  2274. President Datuk Seri
  2275. Chairman
  2276. President", kinglim@senggroup.com,60-193160919,60-3-92219122
  2277. Lin Wenguang, President, India-China Business Council,,,
  2278. Lin Wenguang, China Embroidery Village, Director,,,,01-4843242 6232093
  2279. Lin Wenbin, Deputy Chairman of the Thai Lin Hanxue Association,,,,02-25104608
  2280. Lin Wenhan, Taikun or Garden City Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,034-424581-3
  2281. Lin Wenquan, Lin Guanghua Copper Foundry, Chairman,,,,4288521
  2282. Lin Wenmeng, "Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2283. Myanmar Overseas Chinese Charity Association
  2284. Myanmar Fujian Association
  2285. Yangon Jiulongtang Lin Family Association","Vice President
  2286. Vice president
  2287. Vice president
  2288. Chairman",,,
  2289. Lin Wenxiang, Zixiang Integrated Group Co., Ltd., Dato,,,,603-78830602
  2290. Lin Wenqi, Argentine Liudui Hakka Association,,,,0054-11-4301-4508,
  2291. Lin Wenhui, Sanhe Miyue Thana Construction Co., Ltd., Managing Director,, 3914459, 3917210
  2292. Lin Zhu, Chumphon Wine Co., Ltd., Managing Director,,,,2338391
  2293. Lin Fanghe, "Phoenix Color Printing Co., Ltd.
  2294. Malaysian Hainan Association Youth League","Sales Manager
  2295. Deputy General Finance", print_smr@yahoo.com, 6012-3351162, 603-80616971
  2296. Lin Xuping, European Zhejiang Chinese Friendship Association, President, cangshige@sina.com,,
  2297. Lin Shiyong,,,,,
  2298. Lin Changhua, "The Board of Directors of Huaqiao University, China
  2299. China Overseas Exchange Association
  2300. Indonesian Chinese Education Foundation
  2301. Indonesia Fanhua International Joint Stock Company","Vice Chairman
  2302. Standing director
  2303. Chairman
  2304. Chief Supervisor",,,
  2305. Lin Mingchu, "Wing Lee Stone Works Co., Ltd.
  2306. Penang Huilai Association
  2307. Malaysia North Malaysia Huilai Association","Managing Director
  2308. Chairman",,,04-513428 873255
  2309. Lin Mujian, Lin Qingfa Bookstore, Director,,,,,01-6402226 2223412
  2310. Lin Musheng, Lin Jinyuan Construction Co., Ltd., Honorary Chairman,,,,02-2812506 02-2822778
  2311. Lin Mujin, Singapore Guangdong Association, Honorary President, "mklim33@gmail.com
  2312. mk_lim33@yahoo.com",13044294726,"65-96833111
  2313. 6012-2202684"
  2314. Lin Zhuqing, European Chinese Television Station, Director,,,
  2315. Lin Mengle, Le Rongji Machinery Co., Ltd., Director,,,,02-224581 3982694
  2316. Lin Sengui, Singapore Tokin Pte Ltd, Chairman of the Board,,,
  2317. Lin Chuhuan, Hat Yai Lin Yonghe Hardware & Electrical Appliances Company, Manager,,,,074-243548
  2318. Lin Chuqin, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman,,,
  2319. Lin Zhengmin, "The Guangdong Association of Bintulu, Malaysia
  2320. Dadao Chaozhou Association", Chairman,,,086-336336 335626 337061
  2321. Lin Wuhan, Rongsheng Co., Ltd., Managing Director,, 02-4639471,02-4635363
  2322. Lin Yibin, Association of Overseas Chinese in Venice, Italy, Consultant, LINYIBIN@EMAIL.IT,,39-3496027551
  2323. Lin Hanwu, Thai Lin Clan Association, General Affairs,,,02-4768313
  2324. Lin Qingchi, Chinese Association in the Netherlands, President, KELLYLAM@ONLINE.NL, 31(0)654311326, 31-206233191
  2325. Lin Qingrong, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President, dengli@goldenholdings.com,,
  2326. Lin Yankun, Organizing Committee of the Chinese Council of Vientiane, Laos,,,,
  2327. Lin Bingnan, Thailand Iron Bridgehead Minsheng Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,00662-22525211
  2328. Lin Bingkun, Zhuyuan Restaurant,,,,46-08-6400052 460709886886
  2329. Lin Bingcheng,Lin Dehe Stationery Store,Dongweng,,,03-4241376
  2330. Lin Bingsheng, General Manager, Tianxitang Ginseng and Rong Medicine Co., Ltd., 081-8106981,02-4393756
  2331. Lin Binglong, Lin Chunxingbao, Dongweng,,,02-2215503
  2332. Lin Zhaoting, "Nanshan Gonghui"
  2333. Eastshin knitting mills gmbh & co. kg
  2334. Thai Lin Nanshan Association","Vice Chairman
  2335. General manager
  2336. Vice Chairman",,,4540040 4542749
  2337. Lin Yanbiao, "Currently the Danish Chinese Association
  2338. Denmark-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  2339. Danish Chinese Art Troupe
  2340. Denmark's largest Chinese school Danish Chinese Association Chinese School
  2341. National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference","Chairman
  2342. senior consultant
  2343. consultant
  2344. headmaster
  2345. Overseas delegates",,,
  2346. Lin Yanlong, Deputy Director, Business Service Group, New Central Plains News,,,,2365230
  2347. Lin Youli, PAR Natural Development Consulting Company, Urban Planner, par_trp@streamys.com, 6019-2228509, 603-78043373
  2348. Lin Yutang, President of the Malaysian Chinese Assembly Hall Association, HANXING@TM.NET.MY,, 603-91325418 603-91325419
  2349. Lin Ruisong, European Chinese Radio, Deputy Director,,,
  2350. Lin Ruisong, European Chinese Radio Station, ruisong.lin@radiomandarin.fr/ruisonglin@gmail.com, (33) 617776715/13822277587, (33) 980881813
  2351. Lin Jiayuan, "Lin Clan Association of Thailand
  2352. Jingfeng Construction Co., Ltd. "," director
  2353. General Manager",,,714628 053-715204
  2354. Lin Jiayan, "Singapore Equator Management Group
  2355. Singapore Huilai Association","Consultant
  2356. Honorary Chairman forever",,,65-3388320
  2357. Lin Zhiqun, Taijing Fengyuan Qiao & Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,2229212
  2358. Lin Fushan, "Malaysian Federation of Fujian Associations
  2359. Malaysia Anxi Association
  2360. Lin Family Association of Malaysia
  2361. General Chairman of Malaysia Guangdong Investment Promotion Association","
  2362. General meeting
  2363. long
  2364. President
  2365. President",,,
  2366. Lin Fucai, "The World Yue Mianliao Chinese
  2367. Association of Groups", Secretary General of Europe, tai1668@yahoo.com,"13723720118
  2368. 852-60238901
  2369. 84-903841502
  2370. 33683447699",O:331-45868954 H:331-45868152 020-60238901 84-903841502
  2371. Lin Fucai, French Chinese Association,,,,0033-1-45853171 00336-09184883,
  2372. Lin Yuejun, Caracas Four Towns Association, President,,,
  2373. Lin Jingping, European Chinese Radio, Director,,,
  2374. Lin Jingping, European Chinese Radio Station, Director, jingping.lin@radiomandarin.fr,607123489,980881813
  2375. Lin Hongfo, Printing Industry Co., Ltd.,Manager,,,,4634124-6
  2376. Lin Meizhi, Thai Lin Nantai Commercial Bank, Director,,,,032-662197
  2377. Lin Meijun, Managing Director, Manager, Singapore Equatorial Hotel International Management Group,,,,7320431
  2378. Lin Meizhi, President of "Asian Flying Dragon" magazine,,,
  2379. Lin Han, President, Philippine Philippine China Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce,, 0063-9178833000,
  2380. Lin Yaohua, Ronghua Construction Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,038-602014、602331
  2381. Lin Yuqing, "Philippines Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2382. The Philippine Coast Guard assists the Navy
  2383. Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2384. Philippine Quanzhou Labor Union","Chairman
  2385. brigadier
  2386. Chairman
  2387. Honorary Chairman forever",,,
  2388. Lin Shengqin, President, Hungarian Chinese Women's Federation, 86-15800879430,
  2389. Lin Shenglong, Thailand Lin Hanxue Association,,,02-4662787,
  2390. Lin Lianghui, Yingcheng Xinzhong Oil Palm Plantation Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,385048
  2391. Lin Maofa, Chairman of Malaysia Xingning Association,,,,00607-9481145
  2392. Lin Maoshan,Thailand Chenghai Township Association,Executive Director,,,2245679
  2393. Lin Maoshan, the Lin Family Association of Thailand,,,43715278,
  2394. Lin Rongjia, Hefasheng & Co., Ltd., Executive Director,,,,02-2224278 2224635
  2395. Lin Rongsheng, Danish Chinese Association,,,,45-31553050 40389687,
  2396. Lin Rongsheng, The Newspaper, President,,,
  2397. Lin Wanjin, "India-China Hundred Family Surnames Association
  2398. Indonesia Fuqing Association
  2399. Indonesian Magirang Fuqing Association","Chairman
  2400. Vice Chairman
  2401. Chairman",,,
  2402. Lin Qianran, Yongqing Company, Chairman,,,,23423980
  2403. Lin Zanbiao, Secretary General, Teochew Association of Bintulu, Malaysia,,,,086-331497 019-8859982
  2404. Lin Chaonian, editor-in-chief of "Voice" magazine,,,
  2405. Lin Hui, "Painting and Calligraphy Group of Chaozhou Guild Hall, Thailand
  2406. Deputy Director of the Belgian Federation of European Fine Arts Association","
  2407. Member",,,2587041
  2408. Lin Huihua, Ronghua Construction Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,,038-602014 602331
  2409. Lin Dafu, Huanyu Group, President, acc@interware.hu, 36-30-2107188, 36-1-2103458
  2410. Lindaf, Chairman of the Hungarian Chinese Friendship Association,, 86-15800879430,
  2411. Lin Jincai, Director of Thailand Shengcai Electric Company,,,,02-8753041
  2412. Lin Jincai, Shengcai Hardware & Electrical Co., Ltd., Dongweng,,,02-4378955
  2413. Lin Lianxiu, "Nanshan Guild
  2414. Lin Taixing & Co.","Chairman
  2415. General Manager",,,2141012
  2416. Lin Lianxiu,Lin Nanshan Association of Thailand,,,02-4672914,
  2417. Lin Fengsheng, Indonesia Fuqing Hometown Association, member,,,
  2418. Lin Daolun,,,,,
  2419. Lin Jinsong, Thai Lin Hanxue Association, Vice Chairman,,,,02-7063207
  2420. Lin Qinguang, Singapore West River Shangguan Road Association,,,,
  2421. Lin Ruiqin, Singapore Sindu Lin Family Association,,,,
  2422. Lin Xixin, Shunxing Seafood Company, Manager,,,,3663100
  2423. Lin Xiqiao, "Italian Overseas Chinese Friendship Association
  2424. President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese in Milan, Italy","
  2425. President",xuecaomei@yahoo.com,,
  2426. Lin Xihui, Director of the Lin Family Association of Thailand,,,,02-58058823
  2427. Lin Jinliang, General Manager, Thai Fortune Co., Ltd.,,,,02-4132855
  2428. Lin Azhi, Vice President of Paraguay Oriental City Council,,,, 00595-61-510576,
  2429. Lin Yunlong, "Chinese Committee of Austrian-Chinese Friendship Association
  2430. All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  2431. Austrian WOK N ROLL Ltd. "," Chairman
  2432. Overseas committee
  2433. Chairman",,,0043-664-3504389,0043-2236-677620
  2434. Lin Shun, Director, China Affairs Department, Office of the Governor of the Governor's Office of the Provincial Government of Northern Iloilo, Republic of the Philippines, linshun_ph@yahoo.com,"63917555498
  2435. 13262288398",63777722889
  2436. Lin Shunbao, General Manager, Thailand Jinxing Co., Ltd.,,,02-8770448
  2437. Ke Jiaxun, New Era College, Dean, PhD, nec@newera.edu.my,, 603-87392770EXT.110
  2438. Ke Guoqiang, Swiss Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation, First Vice President,,,,061-831-1150
  2439. Ke Weihan, "Federation of Alumni Associations in the Philippines
  2440. Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce Culture and Education Committee
  2441. Jinjiang Association of the Philippines
  2442. Soong Ching Ling Foundation of the Philippines
  2443. Philippine Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  2444. The 5th China Overseas Exchange Association
  2445. Fujian Federation of Overseas Chinese
  2446. Quanzhou Federation of Overseas Chinese
  2447. Jinjiang Overseas Chinese Federation
  2448. Jinjiang Nanwan Middle School Council
  2449. Quanzhou Overseas Exchange Association
  2450. Honorary Chairman of Jinjiang Overseas Friendship Association","
  2451. director
  2452. director
  2453. Standing director
  2454. Vice president
  2455. director
  2456. Overseas committee
  2457. consultant
  2458. Honorary Chairman
  2459. Chairman of the board
  2461. Standing Director",,,
  2462. Liang Zhaotao, Overseas Chinese Association in Belgium, Honorary Chairman, 32-0477590851 13622511773, 32-03-2335712 32-03-3222339 0757-23315318
  2463. Liang Bing, "Wan Yi Cheng Co., Ltd.
  2464. Association of Chinese Language Schools in Thailand "," Chairman
  2465. Honorary Chairman forever",korex@skd-group.com,,"02-3192068-71
  2466. 02-7451950-3"
  2467. Liang Zongda, Malaysia Penang Enping Association, Vice Chairman,,,,604-3334186
  2468. Liang Qingjing, "Liang Kaifu Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd
  2469. Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry "," Chairman of the Board
  2470. Honorary Director", ikfmed@singnet.com.sg, Singapore Company: 65-65333057 Residential 65-62508464 Hong Kong 852-25778292 852-25779484
  2471. Liang Zhihai, Bodu Naguru Chinese Hall, Chairman,,,,0058-81-658744
  2472. Liang Yang, European Times, Executive Editor-in-Chief, liangyang@oushinet.com, 3.30626E+11, 3.3015E+11
  2473. Liang Zhenrong, Penang Enping Association of Malaysia, Chairman,,,
  2474. Liang Sixiong, "SEE HONG ENT."
  2475. Guangdong Hall","
  2476. Director of Recreation Section", ttuckhong@yahoo.com.hk,6019-9839276,609-6173833
  2477. Leung Guixian, Nanyang Xinxing Club, President,,,,65-65354838
  2478. Liang Yonggang, Golden Dragon Enterprise Co., Ltd.,,,,02-455138
  2479. Liang Zhanquan, Guangdong Association of Malaysia,,,2384336,
  2480. James Leung, Guangdong Guild Hall, Selangor, Permanent Honorary President, 012-6914267, 603-2384336
  2481. Liang Haoming,NONG LAM CO.,LTD,,ctnong l am@hcm.vnn.vn,86-13922334803
  2482. Liang Runchao, "Thailand Chaozhou Guild Hall
  2483. Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2484. Thai Liang Clan Association","Vice Chairman
  2485. Deputy Secretary-General
  2486. Director ",,,2861625 2867968
  2487. Liang Bingquan, "Venezuela Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce in China
  2488. Manso Group Co., Ltd.", Executive Director, 397495961@qq.com,, 0412-3422338
  2489. Liang Mei, Negeri Sembilan Takie Hall, Honorary President,,,,606-7621278
  2490. Liang Cuizhen, St. Petersburg Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation, Vice President,,,
  2491. Liang Yingxian, Singapore Gangzhou Guild Hall, Consultant,,,65-2861166,2850005
  2492. Liang Yufa, Negeri Sembilan Tea Yang Club, President,,,,06-7623905
  2493. Liang Daren,Malaysia Klang Shunde Hall,,,,603-89416249,
  2494. Liang Zhongwen, "Japan Half Moon Digest", President,,,
  2495. Liang Shun, Peru General Administration of China and Benefits, Chairman,,,
  2496. Liang Shun, "Peru China General Administration
  2497. National CPPCC
  2498. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  2499. Peru China Aid Center","Chairman
  2500. The Fifth Session of the Twelfth Conference
  2501. Overseas committee
  2502. Director",alfonsolian@hotmail.com,"0051-998170278
  2503. 511-998170278",511-4274470 511-4275334-104
  2504. Liang Pengcheng, World Federation of Vietnamese and Mianliao Chinese Associations, Deputy Secretary-General, 00856-20-5495126 13332891955, 00856-64-314503 020-87290162
  2505. Mei Weiping, "Chinese Association of Physicists in Germany
  2506. Hamburg Chinese Cultural Association
  2507. Chinese Association of Physicists in Germany
  2508. Hamburg Sino-German Association
  2509. Successive Chairman of North German Chinese and Overseas Chinese Association","
  2510. Honorary Chairman
  2511. Served Vice Chairman
  2512. Executive Vice Chairman","weiping.mei@beiersdorf.com
  2513. meiwp@gmx.de",,
  2514. Lou Daming, France-China Business Council, Permanent Honorary President, damingfr@hotmail.com,15270826088,079186762266/0033148342595
  2515. Outland China, Volkswagen (Paint) Trading Company,,,,019-8873975,084-345717
  2516. Ou Zongqing, "Thailand Hainan Hall
  2517. Thailand Oulan Group ","Forever Honorary Chairman
  2518. Chairman",,,66-0-232172819
  2519. Ou Jiangwei, French Cantonese Hall,,,,33-143707008,
  2520. Bi Chuanyou, All-Dutch Chinese Association, Chairman, 0031-20-7700895 31-570651936,
  2521. Bi Guangrun, "Vietnam Bi Clan Association
  2522. Bi Family Clan Association",President,,"00848-8363408
  2523.    8352312",
  2524. Mao Yiming, Dubai People Media, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  2525. Jiang Yajiu, Hucheng Congqing Guild Hall, Chairman,,,,04-5371958
  2526. Jiang Xianhan, "Sarawak State Ministry of Environment and Public Health
  2527. Malaysian Sarawak Association Ning Tongxiang Association", Special Advisor, 084-310339(H), 082-206450(O)
  2528. Jiang Guosheng,Thailand Tai Po Hall,,,,00662-2151511,
  2529. Jiang Fulong, Jiang's Father and Son Industrial Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,481187/480535
  2530. Jiang Xiaobin, "Turkey and China Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2531. Chairman of Turkey Mingming Group Trading Co., Ltd. ","
  2532. Chairman",,,
  2533. Jiang Zhongren, Chao'an Township Association,,,,
  2534. Jiang Bainan, Kuching Real Estate, Supervisor,,,,6082425593
  2535. Jiang Bolin, Kuala Lumpur Real Estate, Deputy General Manager,,,,60123311882
  2537. Kuching Association","Manager
  2538. President",,60198396432,082-336889
  2539. Jiang Haiqing, Kuala Lumpur Real Estate, Supervisor,,,,60198803989
  2540. Jiang Shaoquan, Miri Country Association, President,,,,60198853705
  2541. Jiang Zhong, Russian Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Youth, Deputy Secretary-General, JXZ1999@YAHOO.COM.CN,13327815956,007-9261295189
  2542. Jiang Ying, President, Japanese Business Association for the Promotion of Investment in China,,,
  2543. Chi Wansheng, French Overseas Chinese Association, Permanent Honorary Chairman, acrf2006@hotmail.com, 33(0)607092283, 33-01-42771360
  2544. Chi Wanfeng, Sino-French Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce, Honorary President, chijeanetienne8888@163.com,336-22852096,331-48348887
  2545. Chi Yuji, Suriname General Church,,,,597-474097
  2546. Chi Ping, "Indonesia Bazhong Alumni Association
  2547. Liaison Department of Indonesia Hakka Friendship Association","Deputy Director of Cultural and Recreation
  2548. Vice Chairman",,,3515044
  2549. Tang Xinyuan,GAJAH BALI Managing Director,,,,62-361-752858
  2550. Tang Yonghong, "Bosau Association of Sibu, Malaysia
  2551. Kapitan, Sarawak Kwong Hui Zhao Guild Association
  2552. Sibu Guanghui Zhao Guild Permanent
  2553. Sarawak China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export
  2554. Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2555. Yonghong Export Co., Ltd.
  2556. Buddy Co., Ltd.
  2557. Biwei Industrial Co., Ltd.
  2558. Great yuan enterprise co., ltd.
  2559. "Fuma Enterprise Import and Export Bird's Nest"," Honorary Chairman
  2560. Honorary President
  2561. Honorary Chairman
  2562. Honorary Chairman
  2563. Honorary President
  2564. Chairman of the Board
  2565. Chairman of the Board
  2566. Managing director
  2567. Managing director
  2568. Managing Director",winghuong@ymail.com,"6084320878
  2569. 60-198866722
  2570. 13025889969
  2571. 13427203399
  2572. 13528336660","0060-82-258380
  2573. 6084-3208
  2574. 78, 320877"
  2575. Tang Yusan, "French Oriental Chinese Association
  2576. "French Tang's supermarket chain"," the honorary president forever
  2577. Chairman",,,
  2578. Wang Wanming, Czech Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President, raffywang@besteco.cz, 420-284685306/420-602512288/13929554241,
  2579. Wang Dongfa, Chairman of the Thai Wang Clan Association,,,,01-8178989
  2580. Wang Dongsheng, Liangyi Sugar Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,01-8587729
  2581. Wang Dongsheng, Thailand Wang Clan Association,,,02-8098602-2,
  2582. Wang Yifang, President, Medan Hubei Association of Indonesia, 0062-61-7345135,
  2583. Wang Keqing, Thailand Wang Clan Association, Vice Chairman,,,,02-4681601
  2584. Wang Ziping, Guangfa Stationery Co., Ltd., Chairman, 074-348529, 074-348526
  2585. Wang Wensheng, "Siam Jiexi Hall
  2586. Wang Sanxing Co., Ltd.","Vice Chairman
  2587. Chairman",,,01-8356024
  2588. Wang Jindang, Wang Jindu Sponge Academy, Managing Director, 034-322776, 034-230096
  2589. Shen Junwei, Chairman, Malaysia-China Silk Road Entrepreneurs Association, scw@mcsrea.org/simchiunwee@gmail.com, 13242300058, 6016-8880525
  2590. Shen Tianping, Negeri Sembilan Takie Hall, Honorary President,,,,603-80701811
  2591. Shen Demin, "Bali Style", President,,,
  2592. Shen Shida, President of the Shen Clan Association of Chaozhou, Singapore,,,,62845761
  2593. Shen Songji, Vice President, Hanshi Calligraphy Association, henrysimsk@hotmail.com, 96347933, 65827351
  2594. Shen Genyou, Executive Director, Panyu Hall, Lima, Peru, 511-4273506,
  2595. Shen Dayan, Ecuador Overseas Chinese Friendship Association, Chairman,, 2-236624 593-2-2958231,
  2596. Shen Jinshu, Cambodian Hakka Hall,,,,00855-23-364503,
  2597. Shen Junji,Malaysia Rainbow Publishing Co., Ltd.,Managing Director,,,,607-3316288
  2598. Shen Junyuan, Malaysia Unified Customs Brokers Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,603-55693999
  2599. Tai Jia Rang, Qin Tai Fung Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,3926200-4
  2600. Hong Dongcheng, Phuket Chaozhou Assembly Hall, Chairman,,,,2212480
  2601. Hong Zhong, President of the German Tongji Alumni Association, zhong.hong@gmx.de,,
  2602. Hong Jixiang, "Hong Jixiang is currently the sixth session of the China Overseas Exchange Association
  2603. The 13th Meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  2604. The Tenth Committee of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  2605. World Liuguitang General Chamber of Commerce
  2606. Chairman and Council of the 5th Board of Directors of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines","Executive Director
  2607. Overseas committee
  2608. Overseas consultants/committees
  2609. First president
  2610. President",,,
  2611. Hong Guangfa, "President of Dongan Guild Hall, Singapore
  2612. Hong Guangfa Accounting Company",President, hoong@kfhoong.com.sg,,"65-62234415
  2613. 65-6334 8018"
  2614. Hong Zhifeng, "Siam Jieyang Hall
  2615. Mary Commercial Co., Ltd.","Deputy Chairman
  2616. Chairman",,,2211307 2215170 2583825
  2617. Hong Wenqi, "Philippines Union
  2618. Chamber of Commerce
  2619. China Chamber of Commerce ","Vice President
  2620. director
  2621. Honorary President",,,
  2622. Hong Xinmiao, Chairman, Xinhua Newspaper Group, Italy,,,
  2623. Hong Zengli, Secretary General, Malaysia-China Silk Road Entrepreneurs Association, jordanang@mcsrea.org/jordanang@gmail.com, 6012-3455377,
  2624. Hun Sensen, President, Italian Qingtian Association, 86-18857827598,
  2625. Hong Qiuwen, paper mill, manager,,,,,,006221-54204560
  2626. Hong Ye, "All-Russian Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations
  2627. Russia-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  2628. Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Moscow, Russia
  2629. Secretary General
  2630. President",,(86)13611149924,(007-495)+7715841
  2631. Hong Rongmao, Fuxing Construction Co., Ltd.,,,,6741151
  2632. Tu Anjun,,Small vendor,,,
  2633. Tu Chaoxin,,Doctor,,,
  2634. Masao Shimizu, "Japanese International Art Research Association"
  2635. West Japan New Overseas Chinese Association "," Council Member
  2636. Director", nipponkosho@tiara.ocn.ne.jp,090-1153-1282,0724-46-5787
  2637. Wen Nanzhen, President, Miri Hepo Association, Sarawak, 2541164, 085-423716
  2638. Wen Nanzhen, Miri Hepo Association, Sarawak, Malaysia,,,08-530064,
  2639. Wen Guowei, Director General, Panama Wuyi (Jiangmen) Friendship Association, 507-66121680,
  2640. Wen Huaiqin,,,,,
  2641. Wen Jinxi,"Southeast Asia Garment Co., Ltd.
  2642. Thai Wen's Association",Director,,,3940900
  2643. Wen Jinhua, Honorary President, Russia-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association,,,
  2644. You Zhanghe,JOE FASHION JAKARTA,,,816925300,062-6690138
  2645. Lu Xuemao,Venezuela Overseas Chinese Federation,,,58-414-3451565,
  2646. Teng Lihao, President, Hubei Association of Vietnam, 8.6139E+12,
  2647. Teng Weijie, Chairman and President of Diamond Media,,,
  2648. Pan Shijin, President, Overseas Chinese Association in the Netherlands, "E-mail:kangning@chello.nl
  2649. scpan88@163.com","0031-10-4270472
  2650. Pan 31-641959818",
  2651. Pan Zhongyuan, "The Treasure of Indonesia
  2652. P.T.KNITTING FACTORY", author, "hajimax33@hotmail.com
  2653. alfatlhah@yahoo.com",,6221-6192277 5402152
  2654. Pan Jianhao, Holder Electronics Pte Ltd, Director,,, (0065) 2937268
  2655. Pan Sri Liu Chen Huiyu, "China Overseas Exchange Association
  2656.  The 3rd World Federation of Liu Yi
  2657. Chinese Association of Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  2658. Malaysian Hakka Association
  2659. Malaysian Hepo Cultural Foundation
  2660. Honor of World Longgang Pro-righteous Association
  2661. Liu Guan Zhang Zhao Ancient City Club, Johor, Malaysia
  2662. Hong Kong Longgang Pro-righte Association
  2663. Hong Kong Liu Clan Association
  2664. The Liu Family Association of Malaysia
  2665. Member of the Business Group of the Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2666. International Trade and Industry Group of Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce "," Council Member
  2667. Honorary Advisor
  2668. Honorary Advisor
  2669. Permanent Honorary Chairman
  2670. Permanent Honorary Chairman
  2671. Honorary President
  2672. President
  2673. Honorary Advisor
  2674. Forever Chief Honorary President
  2675. Honorary President forever
  2676. Women's Group Advisor
  2677. Group member",,,
  2678. Pan Xinjiu, Malaysia Kwangtung Hall, First Vice President, kwangtung@po.jaring.my, 60193293388, company: 603-26926285, 603-21429233 603-20784336 (hall) Residence: 603-22823811
  2679. Panhanglin, Director, China German Computer Association, panhanglin@hotmail.com,,
  2680. Pan Dongtang, Dongye Construction Co., Ltd., Director,,,,088-427571/2
  2681. Pan Yizhu, Austrian Crystal Jewelry, President of China, pyizhu@126.com, "13857727379
  2682. 439910768888",
  2683. Pan Fuping, Representative Director, President, akira@fx-kyc.com, 090-7984-5732, 03-5207-6688
  2684. Jiao Guolin, established the Italian (China) Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, President,,,
  2685. Xiong Guoxiu, President, Dutch-Dutch-China Business Cultural and Educational Exchange Association,, 86-13431018829,
  2686. Xiong Guoxiu, Chairman of the Dutch Society for the Development of Chinese Culture, LONG.LAM@PLANET.NL,31(0)644026739,31104512993
  2687. Xiong Yingchang, Chief Consultant, Bandung Hubei Association of Hubei, Indonesia, 022-4230425,
  2688. Xiong Delong, "Indonesia "International Daily"
  2689. Indonesia Chinese Chamber of Commerce "," Chairman
  2690. Honorary Chairman",,,,0062-21-3458533 3453534
  2691. Xiong Haogui, Taunggyi Jewelry Enterprise Co., Ltd., Chairman, tgm.com@mptmail.net.mm,,95-1-556009 95-1-546764
  2692. Mu Guoliang, Secretary-General, European Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations, 13811472703/17710256203, (0043) 6608430595/42-1-94-4108638
  2693. Wang Shixiong, French Chaozhou Guild Hall, Vice President and Director of Public Relations Group, France Mobile0613682000, 33-145820601
  2694. Wang Weixian, "European Overseas Chinese News Broadcasting", President,,,
  2695. Wang Weisheng, Arab Asia Business Satellite TV, Chairman,,,,971-43602600
  2696. Wang Hexing, "Chile China Aid Center
  2697. Chilean Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
  2698. Chi Chinese Association","Director
  2699. President
  2700. First Vice Chairman",,,
  2701. Wang Junlin, Struggle at Korea.net, person in charge,,,
  2702. Wang Lieguang, Shunli Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,3936347 3936348
  2703. Wang Liesheng, Chairman of Holland Mill Cotton Mill Co., Ltd.,,,, 3189801-20
  2704. Wang Jianguang, "Federation of Chinese Associations in the Netherlands
  2705. European Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations
  2706. Confederation of All Dutch Chinese Societies in the Netherlands
  2707. China Overseas Exchange Association","Executive Committee
  2708. Honorary Chairman
  2709. Standing Director",Xiu-rong-yang@hotmail.com,,
  2710. Wang Jianguang, All-Dutch Federation of Chinese Associations, European Union of Zhejiang Merchants, Chairman, INFO@EU-ZHEJIAN.COM, 0031623696828 13221118888, 31-264423185
  2711. Wang Jiaqing, "The Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification in France, China
  2712. Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  2713. Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
  2714. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese","Director
  2715. executive president
  2716. CPPCC members
  2717. Overseas members",,,
  2718. Wang Weiguo, Executive Chairman, Cambodia China-ASEAN Agricultural Materials Chamber of Commerce, 00855 97 752 4367,
  2719. Wang Weiping, Editor-in-Chief, China Street News,,,
  2720. Wang Weijiang, "Chile Alaska Import and Export Co., Ltd.
  2721. "Chile-China Federation of Industry and Commerce","Chairman
  2722. Vice Chairman", impalaska@terra.cl,"56-9-92775213
  2723. 13544310294",56-2-6897218 56-2-2988538
  2724. Wang Dali, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Double Happiness Construction, Thailand,,,, 3851134
  2725. Wang Kuifeng, Chairman of Bangsaisi Leather Trade Co., Ltd., "princesssebag@163.com
  2726. princessebagfr@hotmail.com",15913129988,33-689792230
  2727. Wang Jie, Head of Office, Chinese and Overseas Chinese Business Association in Florence, Italy, A.I.C.ITALIA@GMAIL.COM, 39-3347810374, 39-055374489
  2728. Wang Xuezuo, "The Federation of Associations for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China in Thailand and Asia
  2729. Guangdong Luen Thai Group, Investment Group","Executive Vice President
  2730. President",,"15102011111
  2731. 13809180888",
  2732. Wang Xuehou, Chairman of Thailand Yonghua Winery Co., Ltd.,,,,00662-2140255
  2733. Wang Xueyu, "Thailand-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  2734. Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese
  2735. COFCO Rice (Yancheng) Co., Ltd.
  2736. Guangzhou Yongyang Cereals and Oils Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.","Executive Director
  2737. Standing Committee
  2738. Guangdong Special Distribution
  2739. ",,13902897368,020-82557735
  2740. Wang Zongfu, AIB ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS SDN.BHD, Chartered Architectural Surveyor, och@istibina.com.my,,603-79872168
  2741. Wang Xiaowei, "Portuguese Chinese Federation
  2742. Portugal Ouxiang Group
  2743. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese","Chairman
  2744. Chairman of the board
  2745. Member", wangxiaowei2008@hotmail.com,00351-863814788/15967253080,00351-271227181/
  2746. Wang Xiaoqi, French Institute of Health and Medicine, Project Manager, Xiaoqiwang20@outlook.com,,
  2747. Wang Didong, First Asian Development Bank Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,678-24651
  2748. Wang Guangyuan, "russian chinese trade center in moscow)
  2749. Russia-China Southern Chamber of Commerce (russian trade federation of south entrepreneurs)","Chairman
  2750. President","wgy1112000@yahoo.com.cn. 13301391111@163.com
  2751. 13911305984@163.com","007-903-7438888
  2752. 13301391111
  2753. 7915-4211111",007-495-9805488
  2754. Wang Yingwen, General Manager, Yangtze River Trade Import and Export Company Curtain Decoration Center,,,,2914896
  2755. Wang Jianhuan, Hengtai Building Materials Co., General Manager,,,,,74611233 74611415
  2756. Wang Jianrong, "Stockholm China Aid Center, Sweden"
  2757. Director of the 18th "," European Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations
  2758. Chairman (Executive Committee)",,,
  2759. Wang Biguang, Austrian Chinese Association, "President
  2760. Executive Chairman", sirleiwang@gmail.com, 43-69910888898, 43-1-3196208
  2761. Wang Zhimin, "Thailand" China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification"
  2762. Thai Chinese Association
  2763. Jiales Group
  2764. Chairman of the General Association of Thailand-China Peace and Communication Promotion Association","
  2765. President
  2766. President
  2767. President",amom@galaxy.co.th,"6689-681777
  2768. 15102011111
  2769. 13809180888
  2770. 662-681-1777",662-681-1777
  2771. Wang Huaizheng, Lion City Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Club, Secretary, 91058103, 65-62506060
  2772. Wang Gan, General Manager, "Europe Times" (Central and Eastern Europe Edition),,,
  2773. Wang Dunzheng, President, Jiage Group, Indonesia,,,,, 62-31-5618525 62-81-6503976 65-96172358
  2774. Wang Wenyan, Wang Wenyan Construction Co., Ltd., President,,,, 2515200
  2775. Wang Xinyu, General Manager, Xintai Daily Media Group,,,
  2776. Wang Xing, President, Hungary China-EU Economic and Trade Cultural Exchange Promotion Association,, 86-15858006616,
  2777. Wang Jingle, Philippine Chinese News, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  2778. Wang Jie, Milan Mingbao Winery, legal representative, wangjiejp@hotmail.com,,
  2779. Wang Songming,Thailand Dengrong Folks Association,,,"015564078
  2780.                  027451802",
  2781. Wang Yibin, Executive Vice President, Polish Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification, laowanye@gmail.com, 13950608208, 48-609705109
  2782. Wang Shuiliang, Zun Kong Independent High School, General Affairs of the Board of Directors,,,,, 603-20726321 603-20261086
  2783. Wang Yongyi, Chairman, Philippine China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Development, 1034611775@qq.com,,
  2784. Wang Jida, Wuta Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4664040-3
  2785. Wang Haijun, "The General Assembly of the Association of Chinese Residents in Korea
  2786. Hanwha China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  2787. China International Cultural Exchange Association
  2788. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  2789. Korea Huazhu Center
  2790. Korea Huaxing Art Troupe
  2791. President (Corporate Legal Person)
  2792. President
  2793. Overseas committee
  2794. director
  2795. Leader",,,
  2796. Wang Tianwen, Vice President, Jakarta, China, Pakistan, China and Guangzhou Alumni Association, gzwangtw@yahoo.com.cn, 13610077271, 020-87629230
  2797. Wang Qingfa, Wang Clan Council, Chairman,,,,22491590, Bangkok
  2798. Wang Yuanhe, Singapore Chenghai Club,,,,
  2799. Wang Xianmin, Spanish Chinese and Overseas Chinese Economic Development Association, ,rubenwz89@gmail.com,,
  2800. Wang Rui, BRICS TV,,,,
  2801. Wang Fuxin, Nanyang Xinxing Club, former president,,,,65-65354838
  2802. Wang Xiula, "CHOP HIN HUAT"
  2803. Guangdong Hall","
  2804. Vice Chairman of Women's Group", whltrd@hotmail.com,6012-9883697/609-6163968,609-6173812
  2805. Wang Liren, Nanyang Puning Hall, Honorary President,,,,62536282
  2806. Wang Shaoqing, East Asia Ocean Shipping Company, General Manager,,,,7481881
  2807. Wang Meiying,JAYA KARTA MOTOR SPARE PART,SERVICE & VARIASI,,,021-8815748
  2808. Wang Yaobin, President, Hubei Federation of UAE, dubaifxl@163.com,,
  2809. Wang Yuming, Wang Weimao & Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,2246050
  2810. Wang Gujun, Thai-Chinese Women's Federation, President,,,,5133221
  2811. Wang Yiyan, Japan Xiaochun Net, President,,,
  2812. Wang Hui, Wei De Chengfeng & Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,4660057
  2813. Wang Daqing, Makou Taki River Association, President,,,,606-4541248
  2814. Wang Daoyi, President, Hubei Association of Singapore, WDY@POST1.COM,,
  2815. Wang Daoxian, Xian Huafa Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,8621080
  2816. Wang Qiuchao, Baicaotang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Director and General Manager,,, 212313
  2817. Wang Yinle, "South American Overseas Chinese Daily Chile Window", publisher,,,
  2818. Wang Xishan, Busan Overseas Chinese Association, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors,,,
  2819. Wang Jinkui, Wang Clan Association, Chairman,,,,02-6821070 6820117
  2820. Wang Zhenjiang, President of Okuno Trading Co., Ltd., okunotrading@yahoo.co.jp,"090-8121112
  2821. 090-3105-7201",81-485590427
  2822. Wang Changjiang, "Global Hakka
  2823. Chongzheng Federation", Secretary-General, 2674385851@qq.com, 13809230961,
  2824. Wang Xueyan, South American News Network, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  2825. Wang Xuefen, "Quanfa Trading Company
  2826. ",Chairman,,,,33-0561636793 33-0561991430 33-0562713840
  2827. Wang Jingchao, Colombian Overseas Chinese Friendship Association, Vice Chairman, 571-282447, 571-2824247
  2828. Wang Mingfeng, "China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  2829. UAE Chinese Chamber of Commerce ","Youth Committee
  2830. Vice President","alnayzak988@gmail.com
  2831. QQ: 1079821426 ",971 50 6444973,971 4 2220678
  2832. Zhen Yusong, Malaysia Penang Enping Association, Vice Chairman,,,,604-3334186
  2833. Zhen Jinliang, Zhentang Zhongshan Hall,,,,
  2834. Gan Lizhen, Singapore Qingyuan Assembly Hall, Permanent Honorary President, liawlaichun@hotpop.com,, 65-6469 0748
  2835. Gan Pei'an, Lam Soon Association of Belgium, Belgian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President, 0032-032-394635,
  2836. Tian Zhenrong, Tai Po Hall of Thailand, Permanent Honorary President,,,,00662-4630077 4630078
  2837. Liu Shenghai, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rome, Italy, President, 1248293076@QQ.COM, 39-3203003555 13858878888 13738316999, 39-064451850
  2838. Shi Renlin, President of the Hubei Hunan Association of France, 0033-144296768,
  2839. Shi Huimin, Chairman and President of Asia Media Group Co., Ltd.,,,
  2840. Shi Changzhong, Chairman, Xijiang Hubei Supreme Good Foundation, Indonesia, 0062-411-436566,
  2841. Shi Shiwu, Shi Laixing Garment Factory, Knitting Factory, Chairman,,, 2116037
  2842. Qi Yong, "Poland Chinatown Co., Ltd.
  2843. Poland-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  2844. Polish Qingtian Association
  2845. Slovak Chinese Youth Union Chamber of Commerce
  2846. Qi Ji Trading Co., Ltd.","Chairman
  2847. Executive Vice President
  2848. Executive Vice President
  2849. Executive Vice President
  2850. ",chiky@vip.163.com,13857050990,"48-535859888
  2851. 421-911155888"
  2852. Zhu Youcheng, Chanzhou Chinese Chamber of Commerce, consultant,,,
  2853. Zhu Zhuokai,Jingxin Machinery Hardware Co., Ltd.,,,,012-3703362 603-60914676
  2854. Qin Chuqi, Qinhua Travel Agency, General Manager,,,,2645138
  2855. Qin Huajie, Puning Association in Siam, Honorary Chairman,,,,2213686
  2856. Qin Jiarang, Baishalong Folks Association in Thailand, Honorary Chairman,,,,00662-3926200-4
  2857. Qin Chusong, Xinliu Shunli Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,2511818
  2858. Qin Rong, Bangkok Plastic Toy Silk Flower Factory Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4245061
  2859. Cheng Hongli, Chairman of Shanghai Kaitong Real Estate Co., Ltd., 13916011139,021-56803830 021-56490625
  2860. Cheng Guanghuai, Venezuela-China Chamber of Commerce, Business Consultant, 13719084432, 58-241-9906344
  2861. Cheng Chenggang, French Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Vice President, ASSOCIATIONACWF@YAHOO.COM,, 33-0140267888
  2862. Cheng Xianqi, "Japan-China Business Daily", President,,,
  2863. Cheng Chaohui, "Rowe Trading Company
  2864. "Jinggangshan Runze Mineral Water Co., Ltd.","Chairman
  2865. President",jinggang688@126.com,13528661515 336-84846888,"(o)331-48873838 (h)331-43576478
  2866. 020-83177169"
  2867. Cheng Yuping, Director of China Liaison Office, Lion City Calligraphers Association, shicheng94@163.com, 65-67474969
  2868. Zhang Shengyao, Indonesia Furama Group, Chairman, INFO@MANTATOURS.COM, 0888-1885788 0816962705, Company: 6221-6257272 6221-3457272 Residential: 6221-3812239
  2869. Zhang Shengyao, Indonesia Hakka Friendship Foundation,,,,62-21-6696457,
  2870. Zhang Liancai, Bintulu Chaozhou Association, General Affairs,,,,086-333809 013-836575
  2871. Fu Guorui, President of the French Marseille Hualian Association, chen888@hotmail.fr,"33-623805402
  2872. 13544336308
  2873. 13670764143",33-442793380
  2874. Fu Shucun, Nanyang Commercial Daily, Huatuan Business Manager,, 013-3314288, 03-78726888
  2875. Fu Shubo, Selangor Hainan Hall, Vice President,, 012-3723706, 603-22747088
  2876. Fu Yongfang, Chief Editor, Asia New Media,,,
  2877. Fu Luowei, "Singapore Iron Manufacturers Association
  2878. Singapore Leizhou Club","Always Honorary President
  2879. Chairman",david@loyangoffshore.com,"65-985 70007
  2880. 855-935 70007
  2881. 86-15102170007","65-67485995
  2882. 65-67465610"
  2883. Fu Zhiqiang, Selangor Hainan Club, Director, polyee1@gmail.com, 60123322148, 603-56371090 603-22747088 0898-66701112
  2884. Fu Zhiqing, Papua New Guinea in Malaysia, Dato, Commercial Counsellor, polyee@streamyx.com, 6012-2029090
  2885. Fu Shunhe, "Japan Guangdong Association
  2886. 塾【Teaziya】《Training School》
  2887. Yokohama Overseas Chinese Association
  2888. Yokohama Yamate Chinese School
  2889. Yokohama Overseas Chinese Women's Association
  2890. Yokohama Overseas Chinese Research Association
  2891. China Research Institute
  2892. China Studies Center, Confucius Institute, Institute of Technology
  2893. Society of Overseas Chinese in Japan
  2894. "Jinan University Japan Alumni Association","Vice President
  2895. Person in charge
  2896. director
  2897. Councillor
  2899. member
  2900. consultant
  2901. Guest Researcher
  2902. member
  2903. Officer",fujunwa4569@yahoo.co.jp,81-80-55213276,"81-456639021
  2904. 81-456623192"
  2905. Jian Guanghui, "Jinhui Trading Company
  2906. Chinese Documents of Guangdong Guild Hall",,,6019-9833628,609-6222628
  2907. Jian Guotai, President, Guangdong Association of Hyogo Prefecture,,,90-82309311
  2908. Jian Binghua, Indonesia Wenzhao Hall, Chairman,,,,62-361-237062
  2909. Guan Hanqiang, Xinyahao (a wholesaler of daily necessities and stationery),,,,019-6605146,06-7632018
  2910. Guan Jinkui, Chairman of the Buddhist Association, former Minister of the Interior,,,,,0066-38443554
  2911. Ji Zhijie, Real Estate Company, Chairman,,,,4455359
  2912. Ji Huaiyong, Tai Wanlong Co., Ltd.,,,,2110621-5
  2913. Ji Jingwen, Busheng Comprehensive Engineering Company, Manager,,,,65-63683711
  2914. Ji Huiqi, "Indonesia Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2915. Indonesian Grand Harmony Party","Chairman
  2916. President",setiaina@indosat.net.id,0062-21-6690703,
  2917. Ji Jinhui, Asia Construction Company, General Manager,,,,2116705
  2918. Najilin, "World China", magazine president,,,
  2919. Continued Bingyi, Asean Times, Vice President,,,
  2920. Miao Renlai, President, Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, "cbah108@cbah.org.vn
  2921. QQ:334146785","84-8-62641027
  2922. 84-8-62641028",
  2923. Miao Xiangyang, Polish Chinese Charity Foundation, President,,,
  2924. Luo Shihou, Singapore Gaoyao Fellowship Association,,,2217914,
  2925. Luo Jiajun, French O-Roa-Lyon Chinese Overseas Chinese Association, President,,,
  2926. Luo Juncai, Chaozhou Guild Hall in Yangon, Myanmar, consultant, chaial182@gmail.com,09-5004728,95-1-223519 95-1-210146 95-1-221205
  2927. Luo Zhaoxiong, "New World Daily", President,,,
  2928. Luo Zhaoxiong, Peruvian Chinese Restaurant Association, President, cesarloo1@hotmail.com, 0051-997580246, "00511-4210874
  2929. 4229547
  2930. 4210814"
  2931. Luo Qinguang, Laos Vientiane Chaozhou Friendship Association,,,,856-21-222338,
  2932. Luo Zongzheng, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chairman,,,
  2933. Luo Youzhen, "Director of China Overseas Friendship Association"
  2934. Overseas Liaison Committee of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
  2935. China Chamber of Commerce
  2936. Japan-China Industry Association
  2937. Japan-China SME Common Market
  2938. Global Chinese Helicopter Association
  2939. Li Dequan Research Association","Executive Director
  2940. Committee members, specially invited consultants
  2941. Director of Japan
  2942. Representative director
  2944. Representative director
  2945. Main director",,,
  2946. Luo Lin, Luo Lin Furniture Company, Director, AMITY-HOMES1998@YAHOO.COM, 012-
  2947. 5238753,05-7761624
  2948. Luo Hanlin, Luo Zhongya Weights and Measures Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,2211534
  2949. Luo Bingnian, President of the Panama Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry,,,
  2950. Luo Huanwen, Rongyang (Taipu) Encouragement Club, President,, 0065-74444777, 06-5325683
  2951. Luo Huanwen, Singapore Bukit Panjang Hakka Association,,,,7627555,
  2952. Luo Yuhong, President of China Business Times,,,
  2953. Luo Yaohuai, Lam Soon Assembly Hall,,,,65-62217536,
  2954. Luo Rongji, "Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2955. Lo Shu Kee Private Limited "," Council Member
  2956. Managing Director",,,65-3360072 3370049
  2957. Luo Jitian, Panama Flower County Association, President, sociedadfayen@hotmail.com,66598819,2791356
  2958. Luo Haojie, "Thailand Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  2959. KAWA Electric Group","Board of Directors
  2960. President",,,4280998
  2961. Luo Chaoxi, President of the Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification in Argentina,,,
  2962. Luo Daotian, Taijing Kongdi Association, Honorary Chairman,,,,2582772
  2963. Luo Tieying, Chairman of the Chinese University Alumni Association of Thailand,,,
  2964. Luo Jindie, Fengshun Hall of Thailand, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,,2211610
  2965. Weng Dansheng, Executive Chairman, Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce, UAE,"13413419888
  2966. 18688021988
  2967. 971-50-2760888",
  2968. Weng Huihua, Hechang Property Co., Ltd., Managing Director,,,,,,2216816-8 2201100 2245362
  2969. Weng Lieqiang, Singapore Xinxingzhan Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,"2232232
  2970. 2242292"
  2971. Weng Qian, "Europe Wenzhou Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation
  2972. Vice President of the Association of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Women in Rome, Italy","
  2973. Executive Vice President", WENGXIUQIAN@YAHOO.CN, 0039-3343582299 13957708517 13777888367, 0039-06-7001821
  2974. Weng Ronghua, Bintulu Chaozhou Association, Vice Chairman,,,,086-339168 019-8155168
  2975. Weng Yueling, French Overseas Chinese Association, Vice Chairman, wengshoubai_3@hotmail.com,"330611147034
  2976. 13521727611",3.30143E+11
  2977. Zhai Jingli, Cotai Group (China), Vice President,,,
  2978. Geng Jie, "New Herald", president,,,
  2979. Geng Jie, Hungarian Chinese Weekly, President, gengjie@xindb.com, 36-30-3971369/13811256948, 36-1-4318278
  2980. Xiao Junjie, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yaobao Pavilion Recitation Society of Thailand
  2981. Xiao Guangsheng, Johor Bahru Hakka Association, Forever President,,,607-2224102
  2982. Xiao Jianbo, Taixiangxing Gold Company, Proprietor,,,2514872
  2983. Xiao Bo, Director of "Heguang Media",,,
  2984. Hu Renai, Sino-French Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce, President, acppfc2003@gmail.com, 3306-09834453, 3301-48666305
  2985. Hu Weiliang, Secretary of Guangdong Association of Japan,,,,81-90-75565868,81-42-797-1330
  2986. Hu Yunge, Netherlands Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification,,,,31-0206253190,
  2987. Hu Yuanshao, "Chairman of the Vienna China Center
  2988. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  2989. Austrian Chinese Association
  2990. The 3rd and 4th "," President of the European Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations
  2991. Sixth Advisor
  2992. President
  2993. Executive Vice Chairman",,,1-5878594
  2994. Hu Lanbo, "World China" Magazine
  2995. "World China Net"","President
  2996. Editor-in-chief",,,
  2997. Hu Qinan, President of the China-French Exchange Association Lianghu Association,, 86-013986008334,
  2998. Hu Chu, Kwangtung Canton Hall, Communication, kwangtung@po.jaring.my, 012-3177103 012-2547867, 603-20784336 603-78757049 78761409
  2999. Hu Zhuoxiong, President, Guangzhou Association of the Netherlands, 003190) 251-645319,
  3000. Hu Jiasheng, Asiavisa Travel Service Co., Ltd., General Manager, asiavisa@126.com, 13719022303 13926039303, 0066-6-9091028 852-95379099 853-6326864
  3001. Hu Guodong, "Executive Officer of Zhejiang Association in Milan, Italy
  3002. Qingyuan City Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
  3003. "Zhongshan Kanglong Cosmetics Co., Ltd.","Chairman
  3004. Overseas director
  3005. General Manager",daming.hu@icloud.com,"86-18858722297
  3006. 00393669793502",0760-87716928
  3007. Hu Jianyi, "Thailand Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  3008. Tonghe Enterprise Co., Ltd. "," Assistant to the Chairman
  3009. Managing Director","tungwo@snia.com
  3010. tungwo@truemail.co.th",081-840-2965,"66-2-732-1596
  3011. 66-2-7363795"
  3012. Hu Shiqiang, China-Malaysia Fengshun Hall, President,,,,92818553
  3013. Hu Jipu, "Wencheng Association of the Netherlands
  3014. Honorary President of the Association of Overseas Chinese in the Netherlands","
  3015. Executive Vice President",,(0031)651502268,(0031)70-3939581
  3016. Hu Xueying, Columbia Hertagena Chinese Association, Chairman,,,
  3017. Hu Jianzhang, "Indonesia General Assembly
  3018. Three Malinda Co., Ltd. ","Vice Chairman
  3019. General Manager", lie889@yahoo.com, 62-818301778 13533834521, 62-317318399 62-7325618
  3020. Hu Zhiguang, "The Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3021. Dutch Chinese Religious and Cultural Exchange Association
  3022. "China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese", "Lifelong Honorary President
  3023. President
  3024. Consultant","info@hcu.nl
  3025. jduint@hotmail.com", (31)650201808/(86)13857736565,31302946388
  3026. Hu Zhongwei, Bazhong International Development Chamber of Commerce, President, "br22@live.com
  3027. 1482585944@qq.com",,
  3028. Hu Wenyuan, Bernama, partner of the Belt and Road theme column,,,
  3029. Hu Wenjuan, "Japan-China Communications", publisher,,,
  3030. Hu Xudong, "European Times" (German Edition), Editor-in-Chief,,,
  3031. Hu Mingkang, Secretary of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, 86-13237102258,
  3032. Hu Yongyang, "Association of Overseas Chinese in Holland
  3033. Netherlands-China Friendship Association
  3034. Honorary President of the Netherlands Anfeng Investment Co., Ltd.","
  3035. Vice president
  3036. Chairman", Li_hu13@hotmail.com, (0031) 651888822/15867799189/15825633929/15058722699, (0031) 104270472
  3037. Hu Husheng, Executive Vice President, Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification in the Netherlands, 31-20-6132894(o), 31-598-397918(h)
  3038. Hu Zeyuan, Selangor Guangdong Association, Managing Director,,,,603-2384336
  3039. Hu Yulin, "Huichuan Rice Industry Co., Ltd.
  3040. Thai Chaozhou Assembly Hall","Chairman
  3041. Honorary Chairman forever",,01-9883333,Company 662-2244924 662-2226141-5 Residential 662-2539550
  3042. Hu Yishan, Malaysia-Sabah Malaysia-China Friendship Association, President,,,
  3043. Hu Yishan, "Malaysian Prime Minister Najib's Former Political Secretary
  3044. Famous writer",,,,
  3045. Hu Jinwei, Chilean Chinese Association, Vice Chairman, 0056-998724219, 0056-27345704
  3046. Hu Junhan (formerly known as Hu Lijing), "Zhejiang Oriental New Idea Public Welfare Exchange Center"
  3047. China Overseas Friendship Association
  3048. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee
  3049. China Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3050. Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese Youth
  3051. Zhejiang Communication Association
  3052. Zhejiang Overseas Friendship Association
  3053. Returned Overseas Chinese from Zhejiang Province
  3054. Wenzhou Overseas Friendship Association
  3055. Wenzhou Public Diplomacy Association
  3056. Overseas Chinese Love Branch of Wenzhou Charity Federation
  3057. The 9th, 10th and 11th Wenzhou CPPCC
  3058. The 10th and 11th Returned Overseas Chinese Federation of Wenzhou City
  3059. Huzhou Overseas Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce
  3060. Shandong Overseas Chinese Federation Youth Committee
  3061. Tai'an Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  3062. The Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese in Yunnan Province
  3063. European Union of Wencheng Societies
  3064. Austrian Chinese Association
  3065. Austrian Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce","Chairman
  3066. director
  3067. Standing director
  3068. Standing director
  3069. Vice president
  3070. Vice president
  3071. Standing director
  3072. Overseas committee
  3073. Vice president
  3074. Standing director
  3075. Executive Vice President
  3076. Committee members and standing committee members
  3077. Vice Chairman
  3078. Vice president
  3079. Vice president
  3080. Honorary Chairman
  3081. Overseas committee
  3082. Vice president
  3083. Vice president
  3084. Honorary President",,,
  3085. Hu Jingping, "Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in France
  3086. French Overseas Chinese Association","Vice President
  3087. Vice Chairman", FDM757@HOTMIAL.COM, 336-11316854 13826235618, 33-140267888 331-42729616 331-42712155 331-42771360
  3088. Hu Chen Ruiying, Yangshi Weilanzhi Co., Ltd., Executive Director,,,,02-4766009 4760064
  3089. Su Yongxiong, "Malaysian Youth League Association
  3090. Youth League of Guangdong Association of Associations of Malaysia", Chairman,"cncyfm@yahoo.com
  3091. fkty81@yahoo.com",603-20311203,
  3092. Su Junliang, Brazil Guangdong Association, Permanent Honorary President, "5511-92974030
  3093. 5511-33993377
  3094. 5511-5521-7931 5511-5687-4694",5511-33993377 5511-55216508 5511-56873432
  3095. Su Baolian, "Expert Advisory Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council"
  3096. Overseas Exchange University","Member
  3097. Standing Director",,,
  3098. Su Yuezhang, Chairman of the Chaoan Association of Thailand, 662-2231230, "2150730-49
  3099. 2539319-30"
  3100. Su Pingyi, Taihua Building Materials Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,9885535
  3101. Su Deqi, "Malaysia Xianglong Enterprise Development Group Corporation
  3102. Malaysia Sibu Huapu Sin Association
  3103. Malaysia Jianxing Primary School
  3104. Malaysia Xing'an Association General Assembly
  3105. Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia
  3106. Federation of the Seven Rural Regiments of Malaysia
  3107. Public Service Committee of the Prime Minister's Department of Malaysia
  3108. Ministry of the Interior of Malaysia
  3109. World Chinese Entrepreneurs Federation","Managing Director
  3110. President
  3111. Chairman of the board
  3112. Vice President
  3113. Vice president
  3114. Vice President
  3115. Special Committee
  3116. Marriage Registrar
  3117. Honorary President", crsoteke@gmail.com, 6-0128862693, 6-084-330506
  3118. Su Zhihong, Assistant Marriage Registrar, Malaysia Chinese Assembly Hall General Assembly, SCHCCONG@GMAIL.COM, 012-3928256, 03-91301382 03-91318256 03-91307431
  3119. Su Xinjun (Sanada Shinya), Yazhou Industry Co., Ltd., Sales Department Manager, martin690413@gmail.com,13924663056 13823154845,03-36353631 0755-26452370
  3120. Su Xinming, Brazil Guangdong Association of Townsmen, Minister of Industry and Commerce, paulosu168@hotmail.com,5511-33265212 13533116987,5511-33993377 5511-44380262
  3121. Su Xiancheng, Indonesia Canton and Zhao Association,,,62216905340,
  3122. Su Xianming, President of Indonesia Audiovisual Corporation of the Motherland, 62811182168, (62-21) 6120473
  3123. Su Muyuan, "Taihua Wood Co., Ltd.
  3124. Taiyuan Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd.
  3125. The Su Clan Association of Thailand ","General Manager
  3126. General manager
  3127. Deputy Director",,01-9888894,"02-9276395-7
  3128. 9288949"
  3129. Su Ziyou, Brazil China-Brazil Federation of Industry and Commerce, President, asibar@uol.com.br,5581-88331568 13825001012,5581-32240902 5581-34416447 5581-34530379
  3130. Su Chuxiong, Su Yongtai Jinxing, Manager,,,,32-511195
  3131. Su Hanjia, Executive Director, Chaoan Association of Thailand,,,"416-2215
  3132. 893-0776
  3133. 893-1577"
  3134. Su Binglong, Su Canfeng & Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,2217443
  3135. Su Xianglong, Chairman of the Su Clan Association of Thailand,,,,,8932711-15
  3136. Su Meiguang, "Malaysia Sarawak Guangdong Rural Association
  3137. Sarawak Miri Guanghui Zhao Guild
  3138. Meili Puyi Chinese College
  3139. "Sanlin Timber Co., Ltd.","Chairman
  3140. Chairman
  3141. Chairman of the board
  3142. Consultant",,6012-8778899,60-85-423000
  3143. Su Zhenna, Thai Chinese Association, President,, 0066-02-7170200,
  3144. Su Jinxuan, Brilliant International Computer Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,9885535
  3145. Su Need, Thailand Baode Shantang, Secretary-General,,,
  3146. Su Jingxiang, Su's Medicinal Materials Company, Manager,,,,65293788
  3147. Fan Wenbei, "Association of Chinese Diasporas in Korea
  3148. Hanwha China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  3149. Representative of South Korea Sanyuan High-Tech Co., Ltd.
  3150. Hangzhou G20 Summit Beautiful Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Community","
  3151. Vice President
  3152. director
  3153. Propaganda Ambassador",beibeimail@hotmail.com,"82-58516066
  3154. 86-13391342133",82-322126066
  3155. Fan Botao, President of the French Two Lakes (Hunan, Hubei) Association, fan@paris7.jussieu.fr,,
  3156. Fan Rongbang, Johor Takigawa Hall, President,,,,607-5542750
  3157. Fan Xuan, Editor-in-Chief, "New Europa",,,
  3158. Shigeo Arai, Faculty of Humanities, Mie University, Professor, klpapa@human.mie-u.ac.jp, 059-232-1211 ext. 2684
  3159. Mo Zuosheng, Singapore Gaoyao Hall, General Affairs,,,65-2217914
  3160. Mo Tianlai, River Sand Supplier, Operation Manager,, 6019-2419173, 603-78761548
  3161. Mo Xingwan, Heshan Association of the Philippines,,,852-6135331,
  3162. Mo Chanying, Chairman of Mo Chanying Public Welfare Education Foundation, 63915-2627491, 632-8884621
  3163. Modatine, Panama Cologne Siyi Township Association, Chairman,,,
  3164. Mo Shunle, Mo Trading Co., Ltd., Managing Director,, 012-6817689, 06-7637689
  3165. Xiao Junjie, Hualian Enterprise Co., Ltd., Director and General Manager,,,,3920862
  3166. Xiao Xiaoquan, "Peru China General Administration
  3167. Honorary Chairman of China-Latin America Cooperation Promotion Association","
  3168. President", ,51-998160983,51-1-427-4470 511-4271403(o) 511-2248905(h)
  3169. Xiao Xianzeng, Global Life Insurance Company, Agent,,,,00262-250712
  3170. Xiao Jiafa, South China Sea Federation of Malaysia,,,,603-92851599,
  3171. Xiao Zhiyong, Guangdong Association of Argentina,,,,005411-45517311 0054-11-48632333,
  3173. Guangdong Hall
  3174. Xinshun Construction Development Co., Ltd. ","
  3175. Deputy General Affairs", sinsoon@gmail.com, 6012-9838826, 609-6228159
  3176. Xiao Zhaoyuan, "Thailand Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  3177. X.Z.Y. Import and Export Co., Ltd. ","Vice President
  3178. Managing Director", xzythai@hotmail.com, 661-6272288, 662-8620031-4
  3179. Xiao Ying, "All-German Federation of Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese
  3180. German Bavaria Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
  3181. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  3182. Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association","
  3183. Honorary President
  3184. Overseas committee
  3185. Director",,"49-175-1166398
  3186. 15012547021",49-89-592744
  3187. Xiao Jinan, Singkawang District Folks Association, Counseling Chairman, info@permasis.org, 62-0811811341, 62-215306711 21-5359420 21-5491031
  3188. Sabir Bogda, "Turkish Uyghur Federation of Industry and Commerce
  3189. Turkish Chinese and Overseas Chinese General Chamber of Commerce","Chairman
  3190. Chairman",,,
  3191. Dong Fa, "West Japan Overseas Chinese News", President,,,
  3192. Dong Diocui, "Lianhe Daily", Editor-in-Chief,,,
  3193. Dong Diocui, Philippine-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, Propaganda Committee, 63-916-5718928, 632-2477072
  3194. Dong Hongxuan, "Brazil Henan Association
  3195. Brazil Henan","President
  3196. President",,,
  3197. Jiang Yida, "Luxembourg Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  3198. Luxembourg Qingtian Association
  3199. Luxembourg Overseas Chinese Youth Federation
  3200. Luxembourg Wenzhou Association
  3201. Luxembourg and Guangdong Overseas Chinese Association
  3202. Luxembourg Fujian Association ","Secretary-General and Executive Vice President
  3203. Secretary-General and Executive Vice President
  3204. consultant
  3205. consultant
  3206. consultant
  3207. Consultant",,,
  3208. Jiang Feng, "New Overseas Chinese News", President,,,
  3209. Jiang Zuoxuan, President of the Austrian Qingtian Association, 86-13207248888,
  3210. Jiang Keliang, Honorary Chairman, Chinese Committee of Austrian Austrian-China Friendship Association,,,
  3211. Jiang Guozhang, President, Hubei Association of the Netherlands, jiang90@zonnet.nl,,
  3212. Jiang Ping, "European Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations
  3213. All-German Federation of Chinese Associations", Executive Chairman, Contact@uccvd.org,,
  3214. Jiang You, Zenglong Guild Hall, President,,,
  3215. Jiang Juying, Paraguay China Trade Promotion Association, President, Lisajiang4908@aliyun.com,,
  3216. Jiang Yanghui, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Philippine China Daily,,,
  3217. Lan Jianling, Chairman of the Chenghai Association of Thailand, 662-2665440,
  3218. Lan Zhenghou,Singapore Chayang (Tai Po) Club,,,67420288,
  3219. Lan Wuchang, Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, President,,,,604-2288964 0194472075
  3220. Lan Haizhang, Malaysia First Holding Industrial Group, Executive Director,,,,603-21620060
  3221. Cai Weihua, "Khmer-Chinese Council
  3222. Cambodian Chua Clan Association","Vice President
  3223. Vice President", chhornary@qq.com/chhornary@gmail.com, 012-929994/016-919050, (023) 221621
  3224. Cai Yusheng, Founder, Jakarta Culture and Art Center,,,,021-6678501
  3225. Cai Guangwei, Jieyang Clan Association, Vice Chairman,,,,607-3339864
  3226. Cai Gangxiang, Green Development (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4211105
  3227. Cai Nanfang, West Japan New Overseas Chinese Association, Vice President, cai@minakata.c0.jp,,
  3228. Cai Xiangping, Good Dragon Construction Co., Ltd., General Manager, kheatpheng168@gmail.com, 855-17989111/855-313666666,
  3229. Cai Zheyi, "China-Dutch Business Daily", President,,,
  3230. Cai Jiashun, Singapore Hepo Group, Vice Chairman,,,
  3231. Cai Guoxing, Weichai Machinery Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,3110905
  3232. Cai Jianyi, "Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Representative Office in Cambodia
  3233. Cambodia Guangdong Chamber of Commerce
  3234. Chua Clan Association of Cambodia"," Chief Representative
  3235. President
  3236. Secretary-General", 61695141@qq.com, 885-1180686/012-804486,
  3237. Cai Dasheng, Liansheng Two Meetings Company, Chairman,,,
  3238. Cai Tianyou, Director of Sibu Catholic High School and Central Primary School, Director Secretary, Sarawak, Malaysia,,,
  3239. Cai Tianyou, Senior Manager, Administration and Human Resources Development Department of Evergreen Group,,,,,084-216155
  3240. Cai Zijin, "Sarawak Hepo Association
  3241. Malaysia Sarawak River Po Association",President,"365252
  3242. 082-483635 365555",6082-365555
  3243. Cai Dingzhong, Weijipan Company, Chairman,,,,,00662-314410145
  3244. Cai Baoqiang, "The 6th China Overseas Exchange Association Council
  3245. Malaysian One Belt One Road Committee
  3246. Malaysian Food Import and Export Chamber of Commerce
  3247. Malaysian Table Tennis Association
  3248. Malaysia-Chinese Culture and Art Association
  3249. Malaysia-China Trade Promotion Council
  3250. Malaysia-China Friendship Association
  3251. Asia Pacific Tsinghua President Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  3252. The Council of Tsinghua University, Malaysia
  3253. Malaysian Clan Youth Foundation","Director
  3254. President
  3255. President
  3256. Acting President
  3257. Vice president
  3258. Vice president
  3259. Deputy Finance
  3260. director
  3261. Vice Chairman
  3262. Vice Chairman",,,
  3263. Cai Jialiang, President, Cambodian Cambodia Daily News,,,, 00855-11-970678
  3264. Cai Zhanwen, Sarawak Hepo Association, Director,,,
  3265. Cai Xiqing, Chairman, Quanfeng Company, Malaysia,,,,00604-2277251
  3266. Cai Jiancheng,,,,,
  3267. Cai Jianming, Singapore Chaoan Guild Hall, Chairman,,,,46753339
  3268. Cai Wenzhong, "Cai Clan Association in Thailand
  3269. Zhongyuan Group","Deputy Chairman
  3270. General Manager",,,2230186 223478 2236115
  3271. Cai Wenxian, "Portuguese Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3272. Executive Director and Executive Committee of Portuguese ESTORIL-SOL Group","Chairman
  3273. Chairman", ,86-13587892078,
  3274. Cai Mingjian, Hakka Association of Miri, Malaysia,,,428955,
  3275. Cai Linhai, "Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan
  3276. International Teochew Association ","Counselor
  3277. Representative of Japan",,,
  3278. Cai Biao, "Paraguay-China Union of Culture and Technology of Industry and Commerce (UCITC)
  3279. Brazil-China Business, Culture, Science and Technology Information Exchange Association (China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Overseas Training Channel)"," Chairman
  3280. President",,,
  3281. Cai Zilin, "French Chaozhou Guild Hall
  3282. Yalejia Wine Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.","Honorary President
  3283. Chairman",choy_leon@hotmail.com,13632832880,33-1-45820601
  3284. Cai Wusheng, Jifa Industrial Private Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Board, 6635139, 60-7-6639664
  3285. Cai Yonglian, "European Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations
  3286. Spanish Chinese Overseas Trade Group","Executive Director
  3287. Chairman","CYL582@hotmail.com
  3288. 1228451197@qq.com",0580-3690535,
  3289. Cai Yongda, "Forte Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  3290. WILBECK Leather Company
  3291. Wanjiafu Supermarket
  3292. SW GLOBAL UNITED Real Estate Development Company","Chairman
  3293. Chairman of the board
  3294. Vice Chairman
  3295. Vice Chairman",,,
  3296. Cai Hanzhong, French Chaozhou Guild Hall, President, 00331-45820601, 00331-46722888
  3297. Cai Hanwen, "Cai Clan Association
  3298. Executive Director of Chaozhou Guild Hall and Lion Dance Group","Honorary President
  3299. Head",,855-23430788/855-12894551,
  3300. Cai Shenjiang, "Lianhe Evening News", Editor-in-Chief and Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Radio,,,
  3301. Cai Shenjiang, Operations, Chief Editor, Huawen Media Group, chuackg@sph.com.sg,"6561391376
  3302. 65-93691803",6563196319
  3303. Cai Bingyu, Maoxingtai & Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,
  3304. Cai Liren, Thai Fengshun Hall, Chairman,, 25432544, 866103-3
  3305. Cai Liren, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce,,,"02-3870062
  3306. 02-3892510",
  3307. Cai Xiyou, Indonesian Calligraphers Association, President, indocalligrapher@gmail.com, 62-8121070988, 62-21-6684248
  3308. Cai Wei, President of the Kuala Lumpur Hepo Association,,,
  3309. Cai Meili, Yehepo Association of Johor, Malaysia,,,07-631139,
  3310. Cai Dihua, "Cambodia Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Unification
  3311. Cambodian-Chinese Association of Cambodia
  3312. Peace Investment Co., Ltd. ","Vice President
  3313. Vice president
  3314. Chairman", thaivan@pbc.com.kh, 855-12812248, company: 855-23-222299 residence: 855-23-217919
  3315. Tsai Dihua, Cantonese Association of Cambodia,,,64570,
  3316. Cai Jinhua, Sanshui Club, Singapore,,,67442250,
  3317. Cai Jinhui, Singapore River Po Group, Administrative Manager,,,
  3318. Cai Jinghui, French Chinese Mutual Aid Association, Vice President, kea-huy.chhun@hotmail.com,623826874,33-1-40098495
  3319. Cai Changchun, "Italian Overseas Chinese Association
  3320. Honorary President of Italy-China Peace Promotion Association","
  3321. Honorary President",,,
  3322. Cai Shunmei, Federation of Malaysian Hakka Associations,,,,016-3151519 03-92216096,
  3323. Xue Wenqiang, Executive Chairman, Argentine Chamber of Commerce for Chinese Importers and Exporters,,,
  3324. Xue Yongxiang, China News Agency, Chairman,,,
  3325. Xu Zhenchuan, Singapore Calligraphers Association, Jury, sctcalligraphy@yahoo.com.sg, 65-96857666, 65-64510870
  3326. Yu Anlin, "Russian Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  3327. President of Russian Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese ","
  3328. President",mskdongfang@aliyun.com,,
  3329. Yifan, "Thailand Chinese Association
  3330. Thailand Baode Shantang Volunteer Rescue Team
  3331. "Chairman of the School of Chinese Culture and Economics, Huaqiao University, Thailand"
  3332. Deputy Commander
  3333. Dean",,,
  3334. Yuan Jiafa, Haizhou Club, President,,,,657856351
  3335. Yuan Jianping, Honorary President, Chinatown Management Committee, Argentina,,
  3336. Yuan Jianping, President of the Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification in Argentina, tingsheng@speedy.com.ar,,
  3337. Yuan Wenfeng, "Cambodia-China Guangdong Chamber of Commerce
  3338. China-Hong Kong Freight Company","Vice Chairman
  3339. Chairman",,012-839983,023-5152777
  3340. Yuan Jingbian, Rose City Real Estate Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2363995
  3341. Yuan Yaoqiang, President, North Rhine Overseas Chinese Federation,,,,,49-211-362042 0172-2633228
  3342. Yuan Zhenlong, UDYLITE METALLIC MFG.CORP, Prime Minister, 63-9178135367, 632-2930216 632-2926236 632-2915381
  3343. Yuan Ni, "Indonesian Writers Association
  3344. "India Daily"","Chairman
  3345. Editor-in-Chief",,,
  3346. Qiu Zhengyu, "New World Weekly", president,,,
  3347. Pei Hongfu, President, Vietnam-China Friendship Association, 84-8-38754621,
  3348. Zhan Liang, "Portuguese Chinese Newspaper"
  3349. "United Times", President,,,
  3350. Zhan Weiping, "Austria-China Enterprise Exchange Association
  3351. Austrian Austrian-Chinese Friendship Association ","Chairman
  3352. Vice Chairman",,,
  3353. Zhan Dequn, Lampang Art Porcelain Factory Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,66054225133
  3354. Tan Shaorong," (strain) China Air Travel Service
  3355. China United Shipping "," on behalf of
  3356. represent", , ,
  3357. Xu Shijing, "SYK LETRIK KT UNION SDN BHD
  3358. Guangdong Hall","
  3359. Permanent member",,6012-9810338,609-6172788
  3360. Xu Shijing, "Head of the Indonesian Chinese Association
  3361.  Indonesia Minnan Fellowship Association
  3362.  Indonesia Yongchun Fellowship Association
  3363. Hatta International Bank
  3364. APP Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd.
  3365. "Hengde Gaoling Mining Co., Ltd.","Chairman
  3366. Chairman
  3367. President
  3368. Chairman of the board
  3369. Chairman of the board
  3370. Chairman",,,
  3371. Xu Yelong, Cambodian Golden Dragon Craft Boutique Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,00855-12-915767
  3372. Xu Zhongrong, "Philippines China Federation of All Circles
  3373. Honorary Chairman of Philippine Orient Tourism Co., Ltd.","
  3374. Chairman",,,
  3375. Xu Keyi, Philippine Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, President, drjohnco,,
  3376. Xu Youshun,Indonesia Chaozhou Pro-song Association,Vice Chairman,,,6221-56965340
  3377. Xu Peifeng, Jinfengsheng & Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,2362307-9
  3378. Xu Miaohua, Canadia Bank, Investment Manager,,,,,00855-23-215266
  3379. Xu Hongtao,Thailand Zhang Family Folks Association,,,5379314,
  3380. Xu Ding'an, General Manager of Wujia Menglicha Company,,,,2492017
  3381. Xu Baozhong, Chairman and General Manager of Thai Huaxin Co., Ltd.,,,"(036)2216930 2229317
  3382. (00662) 2218448 2210343"
  3383. Xu Shixin, Raoping Hometown Association, Vice President,,,,2430080
  3384. Xu Jiawei, Thailand Xu Clan Association,,,2164466,
  3385. Xu Shaohong, General Manager, Quandu Industrial Pte Ltd,,,,62889068
  3386. Xu Guangying, President, Huaxian Guild Hall, Perak,,,43153-892810
  3387. Xu Tingyan, Jinfeng Public Co., Ltd., President,,,,, 00604-2262226 2280037
  3388. Xu Tingyan, Chaozhou Club, Penang, Malaysia,,,,604 2615629,
  3389. Xu Jiannan, Chairman, Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations in Catalonia, Spain,,,
  3390. Xu Jingge, "Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  3391. Haishunlong Co., Ltd.","Central Director
  3392. Managing Director",sec@mccc.my/hslsb@hslfood.com,6012-3386791,603-92231188
  3393. Xu Zhenyi, Singapore Eye, Chairman,,,
  3394. Xu Mingzhong, President of Malaysia Longmai International Halal Food Certification Chamber of Commerce, albert6853@hotmail.com,,
  3395. Xu Xianru, Panyu Club, Perak, Malaysia, Chairman,,,,604-2548884
  3396. Xu Zhiqiang, Wanfengtai Co., Ltd., Manager,,,2144470
  3397. Xu Chaozhen, Chairman of the Chenghai Association of Thailand,,,,662-2332784
  3398. Xu Muquan, Thailand Qianpu Folks Association,,,,9961588,
  3399. Xu Mutong, Real Estate and Building Materials Company, Chairman,,,,2234465
  3400. Xu Biao, Guangming Electric Fire Co., Ltd., Director,, 016-2817178 012-9149986, 06-7631626
  3401. Xu Yusheng, Editor-in-Chief, Overseas Chinese News,,,
  3402. Xu Shuiduan, Chuan Mingsheng & Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2227384
  3403. Xu Zequn, Hougou Villagers Association in Thailand,,,2953151,
  3404. Xu Yu, Vice President, Thailand China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification,,,02-286-6358
  3405. Xu Dengke, Singapore Jieyang Hall, Chairman,, 7487685, 65-67376614
  3406. Xu Kui, "French Chaozhou Association
  3407. French Chaozhou Assembly Hall
  3408. France Paris Hao Kee Food Industry Company "," the fourth vice president
  3409. The 16th First Executive Vice President
  3410. Chairman",ghua@hauky.com,,33-145820601
  3411. Xu Jianguang, Zhengming Huolong Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,5870099
  3412. Xu Hong, Raoping Association, Vice Chairman,,,2256938
  3413. Xie Wanfu, Malaysia Perak Jiaying Hall, General Affairs, cheahbanfoo@gmail.com, 6-012-5385547, 05-25440526
  3414. Xie Wei, "Tokyo Zhongshan Society
  3415. "Overseas Chinese Association Japan Branch","Executive Committee Member
  3416. Secretary General",vhsieh0560@msn.com,090-92307719,"03-52948444 047-3290468
  3417. 047-3079385"
  3418. Xie Fengxian, Fengsheng Garment Cotton Commodity Wholesale Store, Managing Director, 019-6609718, 06-7616288
  3419. Xie Huashi, Honorary Chairman of the Netherlands Center for Economic and Technological Development, XIEHUASHI2002@YAHOO.COM.CN, 647944170 15011551911,23-5251453
  3420. Xie Shouxu, Deputy Chairman of the Xie Family Association,,,,,8810300-2, Thailand
  3421. Xie Xiaochu, "The Dutch Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association
  3422. European Investment Commission
  3423. European Public Relations and Diplomacy Association
  3424. Dutch Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association
  3425. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  3426. China Overseas Exchange Association
  3427. Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  3428. Jiangsu Overseas Exchange Association
  3429. Council of Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association
  3430. Fujian Overseas Exchange Association
  3431. Honorary citizen of Xiamen
  3432. Xiamen Municipal Government
  3433. Xiamen Overseas Exchange Association
  3434. Jilin Province Overseas Friendship Association
  3435. Xiamen Overseas Chinese Federation
  3436. Xiamen City Chamber of Commerce
  3437. Netherlands Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  3438. "Overseas Friendship Association of Siming District, Xiamen","Chairman
  3439. Vice Chairman
  3440. Vice Chairman
  3441. Chairman
  3442. Overseas committee
  3443. Rationale
  3444. Specially invited members
  3445. Vice president
  3446. Overseas director
  3447. Standing director
  3449. Investment Advisor
  3450. Honorary President
  3451. Honorary Vice Chairman
  3452. Overseas consultant
  3453. Honorary Advisor
  3454. senior consultant
  3455. Honorary Chairman",,,
  3456. Xie Guomin, "Thailand Zhengda Group
  3457. "China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association","Senior Chairman
  3458. President", ,"13802500560
  3459. 8618876940107",622-6993301-3
  3460. Xie Peiming, Vice Chairman of the Xie Family Baoshu Family Association, Chenghai Waisha, Thailand,,,"2164582-4
  3461. 2916427"
  3462. Xiesek, Kecheng Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd., Thai Secretary,,,,02-4400983-91 02-4601291
  3463. Xie Chongshen, Xie Senyuan Rice Industry, Executive Director,,,02-2862450 02-2869657
  3464. Xie Chongze, Chongyuan Co., Ltd., Honorary Chairman,,,,02-2367040 02-2367052
  3465. Xie Chongtong, Executive Vice President, Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification in Thailand, tong_1368@hotmail.com,"6681-6378548
  3466. 13160890122",
  3467. Xie Zhengyou, Wing Fat Institution Co., Ltd., Managing Director, CHEAHCY@TM.NET.MY, 012-9883313 019-9102633, 09-5664905 09-5663185
  3468. Xie Zhiqiang,NONG LAM CO.,LTD,,,848-903904281
  3469. Xie Nianfang, Shihua Multimedia, General Manager,,,
  3470. Xie Zhencheng, Wulana Industrial Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman and Finance,,,,02-4632178 8166122-3 01-8497833
  3471. Xie Zhenzhong, Chaifeng Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman,,,,02-2812506 02-2822778
  3472. Xie Wengao, Taicheng Iron and Steel Industry Co., Ltd.,,,,3950705
  3473. Xie Mingyu, Kuala Lumpur Environmental Protection Company, Chairman,,,, 6033224093
  3474. Xie Yuee, Lin Jinyuan Construction Co., Ltd., Consultant,,,,02-3924334 3924338
  3475. Xie Chuchuan, Wanli Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd., Chairman, chochun@pc.jaring.my,,605-8077568
  3476. Xie Yi, Thailand Chia Tai,,,,
  3477. Xie Yongcheng, Leizhou Association of Sarawak, Malaysia,,,82-241267,
  3478. Xie Runjian, Singapore Xie Deshun Foods Import and Export Corporation, Chairman,,,,67789978
  3479. Xie Xiangrong, "Cambodia Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3480. Cambodian China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  3481. Jiayun Tourism Group Corporation (Sunshine Hotel)
  3482. Jiayun Dredging Development Co., Ltd.
  3483. Huicheng Construction Development Co., Ltd.
  3484. Honorary Chairman of Cambodia First Brick & Tile Co., Ltd. ","
  3485. Secretary General
  3486. Chairman of the board
  3487. Chairman of the board
  3488. Managing Director
  3489. Director","jiayunbj@yahoo.com
  3490. Xing guang yuan 28@yahoo.com.cn",13911131919,"855-23 725684
  3491. 00855-12853258"
  3492. Xie Hanxian, "Business Daily", President,,,
  3493. Xie Yan, Xie’s Baoshu Family Association, Member,,,"038-216020
  3494.                           038-772858"
  3495. Xie Aiping, University of Raman, PhD, chiaop@mail.utar.edu.my,017-3041862,603-79551310
  3496. Xie Shengyao, French Hainan Association, President,,,,01-46-70-93-31
  3497. Xie Yuqiao, Lun Shiyan Sugar Industry Co., Ltd., Honorary Chairman,,,,02-2141023 02-6119037 01-9408842
  3498. Xie Yingmu, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, "Ecuadorian Overseas Chinese News",,,
  3499. Xie Yinsong, Tse's Treasure Tree Family Association, Member,,,,2110744
  3500. Xie Yuchi, French Chinese TV, Chief Editor,,,
  3501. Tan Xinhong, Negeri Sembilan Takie Club, President,,,,606-7639192
  3502. Tan Guangfu, Jakarta, Indonesia vs. Paul University,,,,
  3503. Tan Shaohong, Penang Zhongshan Club, President,,,
  3504. Tan Shaohong, Penang Island Zhongshan Club, Malaysia,,,,
  3505. Tan Jiansheng, Negeri Sembilan Takie Club, Former President,,,,6012-2081817
  3506. Tan Zhijiang, Secretary General, Zhongshan Guild Hall Federation,,,
  3507. Tan Jingquan, Mandalay Guangdong Association,,,,00952-31743 33129
  3508. Tan Baiye, President of the Indonesian Guangzhao Association, 0811-163586, 62-21-63854346
  3509. Tan Ruzhuang, Makou Takijiang Association, Honorary President,,,,6019-5852211
  3510. Tan Qinghua, Panama Tan Company, General Manager, 13926403081,
  3511. Tan Lihua, Singapore Tianhe Association,,,,
  3512. Tan Yaohong, CEO, Hongantai Business Education Consulting Company, Austria, "tamyaohong@hotmail.com; ocff@hotmail.com
  3513. yaohong.tam@makvista.at",13829706799,43-69919630726
  3514. Junying He,,,,,
  3515. Pei Nanlong, Pei’s Century Methodology, President, 62-81-6708084, 65-68361242
  3516. He Junying, European Federation of Chinese and Overseas Chinese Associations, Executive Director, 13907352568 13888980888 13308849489, 44722-970188 0871-5015033
  3517. Jia Kejie, "Federation of Swiss Societies
  3518. "Chinese Association of Schaffhausen, Switzerland","Executive Director
  3519. President",,,
  3520. Lai Yahan, Penang Chinese Assembly Hall, Chairman,,,,00604-2615877
  3521. Lai Yahan, Huizhou Guild Hall, Penang, Malaysia,,,00604-2621248,
  3522. Lai Decao, Singapore Express Agency Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,734-470
  3523. Lai Debiao, Huizhou Guild Hall,,,,2218001,
  3524. Lai Jinting, "Thailand Hakka Association
  3525. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  3526. Thailand Lai Clan Association","Chairman
  3527. consultant
  3528. Chairman",angelhakka@hotmail.com,"081-8248601
  3529. 662-2264473-4 662-2242256", 0-22219938 0-22226729 0-22220969
  3530. Zhao Dan, Chairman, Sino-French Wine Industry Association, eirst@hotmail.fr,,
  3531. Zhao Yuling, "Fujian Association of Brazil
  3532. Honorary President of the Brazilian Chinese Association","
  3533. Vice President",,5511-77473320/5511-83817137,5511-32289747
  3534. Zhao Zhaoying, Curaçao Siyi Overseas Chinese Residence,,,,005999-4613785
  3535. Cambridge Zhao, SINO MYANMAR TRADING CO.,LTD ,Managing Director,cambridge-chew@yahoo.com.tw,
  3536. Zhao Qiping, Philippine Philippine China Chaoshan Association, President, fil-chaoshan@hotmail.com,632-7334619 632-7331537,
  3537. Zhao Qiping, Weiwe Enterprise Co., Ltd., Chairman, kevin@weiweicoldstore.com,"63-917-8499079
  3538. 13143986494","63-2-7334619
  3539. 7334608"
  3540. Zhao Jiancheng, Zhao Family Traveling Thai Pro-Association, Vice President,,,,00662-758113
  3541. Zhao Ji, President of Chaozhou Association of the Netherlands,,,,31(0)20-6200004 6257757
  3542. Zhao Zilian, Singapore Gangzhou Guild Hall, Vice Chairman,,,
  3543. Zhao Zhili,Executive Director of the Association of Overseas Chinese in Argentina, Guangdong Association,,,,5411-45224988
  3544. Zhao Chunsen, "Thailand Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3545. Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  3546. Thailand China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  3547. Thai Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  3548. All-China Youth Federation
  3549. Culture and art sector
  3550. China Overseas Friendship Association
  3551. All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  3552. Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association
  3553. Guangdong Overseas Friendship Association
  3554. Shanghai Youth Federation
  3555. Shanghai Oriental Culture Communication Center
  3556. Thailand Senbang Group","Board of Directors
  3557. Vice Chairman
  3558. Vice Chairman
  3559. Vice president
  3560. Standing Committee
  3561. deputy director
  3562. director
  3563. Committee member
  3564. Standing director
  3565. Standing director
  3566. Standing Committee
  3567. director
  3568. Chairman",,,
  3569. Zhao Songfa, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Physician,,,,606-7635788
  3570. Zhao Guizhen, "ING INSURANCE BERHAD
  3571. Guangdong Hall","
  3572. Liaison Director of Women's Group",,6013-9274322,609-6227978
  3573. Zhao Wenhua, Danish-China Friendship Association, President, 18858851937,
  3574. Zhao Zhenyao, Nanyang Chayang Zhao Family Association,,,(603)2422482,
  3575. Zhao Qing, CenterYoung GmbH, General Manager, jane11@foxmail.com,,
  3576. Gu Songyong, Liyun Wooden Box Company, Manager,,,,2697388-6
  3577. Koo Hansong, Sing Chau Nanyang Koo Association,,,,
  3578. Gu Binglin, Thailand Gu Clan Association,,,,
  3579. Gu Bingbiao, Puning Association of Siam, Vice Chairman,,,,4688140 4600032
  3580. Gu Meizuo, Chaoan Association, Honorary President,,,(0065) 7321153
  3581. Lian Zhencheng, Singapore Trade and Industry Association, Honorary Consultant, alfredlienks@gmail.com, 65-62506998
  3582. Deng Lirou, France Oberta Winery Office in China, Chairman, heleneteng@hotmail.fr, 18802552181,0750-2318288
  3583. Deng Lanfang, "SYK LETRIK KT UNION SDN BHD
  3584. Guangdong Hall","
  3585. Material Consultant of Women's Group",,,6013-9342683,609-6221604
  3586. Dunn Tang, Malaysia Selangor State and Federal Territory Xinhui Huangbian Association,,,,603-92224442,
  3587. Deng Zhentang, General Manager, "Mihua Business Daily",,,
  3588. Deng Min, "European Chinese TV, South China News Center, China
  3589. European News Network","Director
  3590. Deputy Chief Editor", europachinatv@gmail.com,0039-3926198888/0086-13981110823,
  3591. Deng Minghui, President, Hubei Chamber of Commerce, Japan, degn@dadu.co.jp,,
  3592. Deng Shuisheng, Yangchun Weijian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Weijian Industrial Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,0662-7733380 0852-24213808 0755-28107983
  3593. Deng Liexian, Thai Plastic Association, Director,,,,661759
  3594. Deng Yushan, Garden Restaurant,,,,9-2214854 13556987498,562-2971768
  3595. Deng Jihua, French Laodu Alumni Association, President, rtachon2000@yahoo.fr, 3.30621E+11,3301-64772407
  3596. Deng Yaoguang, Thai Deng Clan Association,,,4105495,
  3597. Deng Jinlong, "Sarawak Association Ning Association
  3598. Y2K Network Co., Ltd.","President
  3599. Chairman of the Board",,016-8883089,084-310046
  3600. Deng Jinlong, Sarawak Association, President,,,,6016883089
  3601. Kwong Weisen, "All-German Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese
  3602. Executive Chairman of the German Federation of Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Germany","
  3603. Executive Chairman", JACKKWONG@RESTAURANTCHINA.DE, 49-1717869966, company: 0049-402802312 residential 0049-40243529
  3604. Kuang Meirong, "CHIN SHENG TRADING"
  3605. Guangdong Hall","
  3606. Director and Secretary of the Women’s Group Recreation Group",,,6013-3547713,609-6224132
  3607. Kwong Jinrong, "Thai-China Overseas Chinese Merchants Association
  3608. Ministry of Education, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3609. Thai Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce ","President
  3610. deputy director
  3611. Executive Vice President", , ,
  3612. Kwong Jinrong, President, Xinhua Magazine, Thailand,,,
  3613. Kwong Jinrong, "The Youth Committee of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  3614. Member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry ","
  3615. Vice Chairman", thaiwinworld@hotmail.com, 13823127788, 66-2362-4362
  3616. Qiu Yumin, Advisor, Chinese Affairs, Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, 9178945319, 63-8945770
  3617. Qiu Guangxing, Yisen Cooked Fish Industry Company, Chairman of the Board,,,62932946
  3618. Qiu Guangsheng, "World Journal", President,,,
  3619. Qiu Chuangyang, Anliang Steel Works Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2342283
  3620. Qiu Zhijun,,,,,
  3621. Qiu Huihua, President, Overseas Chinese Association of Venice, Italy, 39-3348144586 13952735768, 39041411998
  3622. Qiu Wenlin, "Panama News
  3623. "Panama Flower County Association","President
  3624. First Vice President",diarion_era@hotmail.com,507-66221328,"507-2365244
  3625. 507-66221328/5072791356"
  3626. Qiu Hanmin, Jindao Shoes Company, Chairman,,,,2533103
  3627. Qiu Yanping, "ING INSURANCE BERHAD
  3628. Guangdong Hall","
  3629. Chairperson of the Women's Association", changeck@streamyx.com, 6019-9488256, 609-6235213
  3630. Qiu Aihua, "European Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Women
  3631. French Overseas Chinese and Chinese Women’s Federation "," the second president
  3632. The first president",,,
  3633. Qiu Xiumin, "Eton Property
  3634. Philippine Airlines","Chinese Director
  3635. Director",,,
  3636. Qiu Lifeng, "The Association of Returned Overseas Chinese from Thailand, Shantou, Guangdong Province
  3637. Gansu Overseas Chinese Federation Chaoshan Overseas Friendship Association", Honorary President, 13902774849 13302725113,
  3638. Qiu Yaoxing, Fengli Fishnet Pte Ltd, Chairman of the Board,,,,62981233
  3639. Shao Songmei, European Times, reporter, 923259876@QQ.COM, 39-3318271817,
  3640. Zou Chuanhua, President, Hubei Association of Moscow, Russia, lujs0311@newmait.ru,,
  3641. Zou Zhenmo, Dongfang Glass Manufactory, Chairman,,,,4131601
  3642. Zou Wengui, Panama Zhongshan Association, Vice President, 507-2646367, 507-264-4924 507-264-6867
  3643. Zou Liang Jin E, Vice President of the Overseas Chinese Friendship Association in Vietnam,,,,(403)207-3383
  3644. Zou Muxing, Clan Clan Association of Thailand,,,4653806,
  3645. Zou Lu, Essay Nanyang Website, Co-founder,,,
  3646. Zheng Yifeng, Kunjiang Association, President,,,,,,0065-64593838
  3647. Zheng Qianyou, "Hungarian Chinese Federation, General Chamber of Commerce
  3648. Hungary Ruifa Group
  3649. President of the Hungarian Chinese Entrepreneurs Association","
  3650. Chairman of the board
  3651. President",RUIANMICHELLE@SINA.COM,"00-36309121090 13615879918
  3652. 86-13958839203",003630-6398265
  3653. Zheng Yawei, Renshi Container Transport Service (Private) Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,62240576
  3654. Zheng Yifeng, Singapore Kunjiang Township Association,,,,,0065-64593838,
  3655. Zheng Jinzhi, "Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  3656. Zheng Jinzhi and Shalina Lawyer's Office","Central Council Member
  3657. Chief Cooperative Lawyer/Datuk",sec@mccc.my/lawyers@tehkimteh.com,6019-3235178,603-92231189
  3658. Zheng Weichang, Thailand Chamber of Commerce, Chairman, 02-2211827,
  3659. Zheng Xinjian, Permanent Chairman, Medan Goose City Charity Foundation, Indonesia,,,,, 0062-61-7368902 4526286
  3660. Zheng Guangmin, "German Association for the Promotion of China's Peaceful Reunification
  3661. German Qingtian Association","Executive Vice President
  3662. Honorary President",,,
  3663. Zheng Xing, "Nagoya Huasuke Center"
  3664. Director of the Chinese New Year Sacrifice Association of Overseas Chinese in Japan","
  3665. President",,,
  3666. Zheng Zaisheng, "Italian Sino-Italian Youth Federation
  3667. Federation of Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Florence, Italy
  3668. China Overseas Exchange Association
  3669.  Zhejiang Ruian CPPCC Committee
  3670. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Committee
  3671. President of the European Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations ","
  3672. First Executive Vice President
  3673. director
  3674. Committee member
  3675. Overseas committee
  3676. Executive Committee",,,
  3677. Zheng Guanying, "China-Pakistan Cultural Center
  3678. Founder of Panama Horse Drinking Association","
  3679. President",,507-2691313,2691313
  3680. Zheng Liu Feng, "Singapore Jieyang Hall
  3681. Fengfa Electric Pte Ltd","Vice Chairman
  3682. Chairman",,96714471,67444251 67413900
  3683. Zheng Liulong, "Singapore Jieyang Club
  3684. K. Wah Film and Television Production Pte Ltd","Vice President
  3685. Managing Director",,96805555,67495555
  3686. Zheng Chuangji, Nanyang Textile Group, Chairman,,,"00662-2240045
  3687.                 00662-2240025"
  3688. Zheng Wulou, Wanlang Industrial Zone, Bangkok World Trade Center, Chairman,,,"00662-2230561
  3689. 00662-2911952"
  3690. Zheng Mingwu, Honorary President of the UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, 971-42256585, 971-42295513
  3691. Zheng Qinan, CEO, CEO of Feilong.com,,,
  3692. Zheng Yinan, Dashanjiao Hanjiang Association, Branch Vice President,,,04-511348
  3693. Zheng Shaoping, Head of South American News Network, Director,,,
  3694. Zheng Zhiqi, Yiduo Engineering Company, Chairman,,,,7449659
  3695. Zheng Huizhong, Dadu Knitting Factory Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman and Auditor,,,,02-4282522-4 02-4281811
  3696. Zheng Gonghan, "Tongde Shantang Nianxin Society"
  3697. Singapore Tongde Shantang", Chairman,,,,0065-62535111
  3698. Zheng Xinyu, Kulai Guangzhao Guild Hall, Johor, Acting President,, 013-7655323, 07-8833728
  3699. Zheng Mingru, "Thailand Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3700. Taixu Chemical Co., Ltd.","Chairperson
  3701. Chairman
  3702. Chairman", ,02-2332069,6338511
  3703. Zheng Xiaofeng, Meixian District Special Administration, Education Commissioner,,,8256249
  3704. Zheng Wisdom, "Malaysian Datuk
  3705. Rongsheng Technology Holdings Limited",,,,604-6440122 6449760
  3706. Zheng Shubo, University of Political Science and Law, Minister Counselor,, 8839889, 0062-8839889 8837052
  3707. Zheng Guirong, Singapore Haizhou Association,,,,63236749,
  3708. Zheng Chubiao, "Thailand China Peaceful Reunification Association Association Zheng Chubiao
  3709. Jinwanjia Decoration Group
  3710. China Railway 21st Bureau Group Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd. (Guangdong Branch)
  3711. Shantou Boxing and Sanda Association","Vice President
  3712. Chairman of the board
  3713. General manager
  3714. Vice President", szsjwjzs@163.com,13823577772,0755-88312333
  3715. Zheng Haosheng, Canadian Chinese Grocery Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman,,,
  3716. Zheng Haiyan, Deputy Director, Deputy Director,,,
  3717. Zheng Qingquan, Raoping Hometown Association, Honorary Chairman,,,,25792501
  3718. Zheng Xiangzhi, "Singapore Jieyang Hall
  3719. Dalu Industry Co., Ltd.", Deputy Finance,,,,0065-7489933
  3720. Zheng Bingshan, "Singapore Jieyang Hall
  3721. Rongyang Hall Zheng's Joo Chiat Guild
  3722.  Zhenghe Sanitary Electrical Engineering","Vice President
  3723. Honorary Chairman
  3724. Proprietor",,91816967,62881132 62815367
  3725. Zheng Bingshu, "Singapore Jieyang Hall
  3726. Yuanlongli Trading Co., Ltd.","Finance
  3727. Chairman of the Board",,96396362 97101332,62808191 62882914
  3728. Zheng Ruirong, "Nanyang Liyang Zheng Family Association
  3729. Singapore Zhengcuo Township Association",President,,,,0065-65333711
  3730. Zheng Jianqiu, Raoping Hometown Association, Honorary Chairman,,,,22112828
  3731. Zheng Xiuqin, Italian Association of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Women Entrepreneurs, President, 124802877@qq.com,,
  3732. Zheng Zhangliang, "Yiyamin Mandeli Trading Co., Ltd.
  3733. Hongmen Youth Zhi Gong Party","Chairman
  3734. Vice Chairman", aymfuji@myanmar.com.mm,09-2020781,951-644068 959-5000671 952-38258
  3735. Zheng Jilie, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, "Chairperson
  3736. Chairman", ,"02-2412150
  3737. 662-2797915",
  3738. Zheng Weiquan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sanwudao Group Company,,,,,0065-67350297
  3739. Zheng Liangde, Malaysia Shipping Company, Chairman,,,,03-21619055 (20) line
  3740. Zheng Rongxing, "Machina Chamber of Commerce Penang Branch
  3741. Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce-Central
  3742. China ASEAN Business Association General Conference
  3743. Malaysia Chinese Assembly Hall General Assembly (Hua General)
  3744. Penang Chinese Assembly Hall, Malaysia
  3745. Cheng's Ying Yang Church, Penang
  3746. Penang Huibei Spring Harbor Association
  3747. Malaysian Chinese Cultural Association Penang Branch
  3748. Pinang State Fujian Assembly Hall
  3749. Malaysia Hui'an Spring Harbor Association
  3750. Penang Fulian Youth Chinese International Lecture
  3751. Penang Kiunan National Chinese Primary School Board of Directors
  3752. Construction Committee of Penang Qiaonan National Chinese Primary School
  3753. China Overseas Friendship Association
  3754. China Fujian Overseas Exchange Association
  3755. "Fujian Overseas Chinese Think Tank", "Chairman of Fujian Overseas Chinese Federation"
  3756. director
  3757. Deputy Chief Finance Officer
  3758. director
  3759. Vice Chairman
  3760. Chairman
  3761. Acting Chairman
  3762. Acting Chairman
  3763. financial
  3764. Deputy Welfare Officer
  3765. Founding President
  3766. General affairs
  3767. Secretary
  3768. director
  3770. Researcher",,,
  3771. Zheng Haoran, "Guanghua Daily", Acting Editor-in-Chief,,,
  3772. Zheng Xianjie, President of the Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Unification of China in Italy,,,
  3773. Zheng Guiwen, President, Guangdong Association of South Korea, 82-2-752-5069,
  3774. Zheng Hui, "French Chinese Mutual Aid Association
  3775. President of Paris Store Group Co., Ltd.","
  3776. President",NAVY@PARIS-STORE.COM,"33609037139 33144068808
  3777. 01-45-868099","331-45128899 331-44068801 852-25401899
  3778. 331-45128888"
  3779. Zheng Jinbiao, General Manager, French European Trade Import and Export Co., Ltd.,,622634717,145088802
  3780. Zheng Zhong, Indonesia Samwu Island Group, DongAffairs Chairman,,,,065-7343866
  3781. Zheng Mingshu, China Association of Hualian Society, Chairman,,,
  3782. Zheng Changlong, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Thailand,,,
  3783. Zheng Xiongxiong, Zheng Tongrong & Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,2227592
  3784. Zheng Yatai, "Malaysian Guangdong Association Youth League
  3785. Creative Commercial Products Co., Ltd."," Acting Chief
  3786. Managing Director",,012-8836639,6082-481722
  3787. Zheng Gaoqiu, LANCASTER,,thomas@lancaster.fr,"33-0684848878
  3788. 33-0684848877
  3789. 330684848876",33-01-41838888
  3790. Guo Bohong, Myanmar Yangon Guangdong Company (Guangdong Association),,,00951-293087,
  3791. Guo Jiadi, "The 11th and 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  3792. Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  3793. Fujian Overseas Chinese Federation
  3794. Shanghai Cooperation Organization Economic Cooperation and Humanities Exchange Promotion Center
  3795. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee
  3796. China International Studies Foundation
  3797. China Overseas Friendship Association
  3798. Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary
  3799. Member of the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations","
  3800. The eighth and ninth members, the tenth standing committee members
  3801. Vice Chairman
  3802. director
  3803. Standing director
  3804. Special Director
  3805. director
  3806. Founding President, Honorary President
  3807. Honorary Chairman", , ,
  3808. Guo Juncheng, "Modern China News", President,,,
  3809. Guo Kongfeng, "China Overseas Exchange Association
  3810. The Eighth Board of Directors of Jinan University
  3811. All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese ","Executive Director
  3812. director
  3813. Overseas consultants",,,
  3814. Guo Juren, "Fengzhong", President,,,
  3815. Guo Chongxing, French Baihua Friendship Association, President,,,,33-160069294
  3816. Guo Bin, Honorary President of Guangdong Association of Hometowns,,,,55-11-32720700
  3817. Guo Quan, Executive Vice President, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates, 631860877@QQ.COM, 971554433969 13713713501, 9714226922
  3818. Guo Jiequn, French Chaozhou Guild Hall, Vice President,,,,01-45820601
  3819. Guo Hanchang, Director General, Taisha Yuanweilong Bag Industry,,,,02-3321120 09-8938539
  3820. Guo Qingjiang, Chief Editor, Sin Chew Daily,,,
  3821. Guo Yuquan, Zenglong Guild Hall, Chairman,,,
  3822. Guo Ruizhi, Deputy Secretary-General, World Federation of Vietnamese and Mianliao Chinese Associations,,,, 33-0160065210 0610961964
  3823. Guo Zude, Brazil Chinese Association, President, 819879310@qq.com,,
  3824. Guo Shenghua, French Guiana Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai Overseas Chinese Federation, Chairman,,,
  3825. Guo Rui, President of @Bangkok Magazine,,,
  3826. Guo Daming, Selangor Chaozhou Club, Director of Liaison Group, SECRETARIAT@TEOCHEW-SKL.ORG, 012-6532988, 03-20782492 03-20701882
  3827. Guo Changzhu, Chairman of the Polish Palace Co., Ltd., changzzhu@gmail.com. WeChat: guochangzhu668,48-518179668,48-228279707
  3828. Guo Yingqiao, "Xing Siam Daily", CEO,,,
  3829. Zou Shouhan,YOKOHAMA BATTERY,Group Managing Director,,,,603-87233327
  3830. Zheng Zhisun, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman,,,
  3831. Jin Lina, French French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vice President, laklook@free.fr, "330619032023
  3832. 13958805910",3.30148E+11
  3833. Jin Guozhong, "Dragon City Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Dubai, UAE
  3834. China Overseas Exchange Association
  3835. China Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3836. Zhejiang Council for the Promotion of International Trade
  3837. International Chamber of Commerce in the UAE
  3838. Jilin Province Overseas Chinese Federation
  3839. Beijing Overseas Exchange Association
  3840. Yunnan Overseas Exchange Association
  3841. Anhui Overseas Exchange Association
  3842. Sichuan Overseas Exchange Association
  3843. Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3844. Yongjia Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3845. Linyi International Chamber of Commerce
  3846. Wenzhou Longwan Chamber of Commerce
  3847. Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce in the UAE","Chairman
  3848. director
  3849. director
  3851. chief representative
  3852. Overseas committee
  3853. Standing director
  3854. director
  3855. director
  3856. director
  3857. Vice president
  3858. executive president
  3859. Honorary President
  3860. Honorary President
  3861. Chief Representative",,,
  3862. Jin Tingting, Thailand Chinese Alumni Association, Secretary General,,,"249-3627
  3863. HOME:284-2019"
  3864. Jin Yueqi, "All-German Federation of Chinese Associations
  3865. President of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association in Germany","
  3866. President", ,49-3631897136,
  3867. Jin Yueqi, European Chinese Calligraphy Association, Chairman, yuechiking1948@yahoo.com.cn,"13621385466
  3868. 13735908136",49-071818849911
  3869. Jin Chongru, Thailand Raoping Hometown Association, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,,0-2221-0384
  3870. Jin Jianshu, "Sino-German Cultural Exchange Bonn Carnival Association
  3871. President of Wenzhou Association of Germany ","
  3872. President",,,
  3873. Jin Jinhuang, Shi Suwang Construction Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2611807
  3874. Jin Genyan, President, Bandung Hubei Association of Hubei, Indonesia, 022-4230425,
  3875. Jin Yongsen, "Guangdong Zhongxin Investment Development Co., Ltd.
  3876. Guangdong Office
  3877. UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce","Executive Deputy General Manager
  3878. Director", jinyyongsen@163.com, 13902408978, 4008333889
  3879. Jin Hao, "Barcelona China Aid Center
  3880. Spanish Chamber of Commerce
  3881. Director of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona, ​​Spain","
  3882. President
  3883. The third chairman",,,
  3884. Jin Haibo, Executive Vice President, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, France, 13515779988 0033622855378,
  3885. Zhong Shilun, CBN INTERNATIONALE BVBA, General Manager, hugo.zsn@hotmail.com, (31)626727216/13928783925,32-2-6502263/0031708209198
  3886. Zhong Jia,Malaysia Jinbao Gaoyao Hall,,,,
  3887. Zhong Junyi, Editor-in-Chief, Good News,,,
  3888. Zhong Kayin, "Malaysia Terengganu Canton Hall
  3889. Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (Dengzhou Branch)","President
  3890. Vice President","seniwood@gmail.com
  3891. kwangtungtrg@gmail.com","60-199833898
  3892. 609-6221215
  3893. 6285161",
  3894. Zhong Shengjian, Singapore Yanlord Group, President,,,,28610608
  3895. Zhong Qike, Honorary President, Meizhou Guild Hall, Indonesia,,,,0062-21-6294454
  3896. Zhong Pilun, Thailand Haiyu Travel Service Trading Co., Ltd., Managing Director,,,,66-2-3117999
  3897. Zhong Pilun, "Thailand Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  3898. Thailand Chaoan Association ","Vice President
  3899. Director",seabonanza99@hotmail.com,,662-2356136-9
  3900. Zhong Wenzhi, Panama Heshan Office, Chairman, elechisa@hotmail.com,66375931,507-2604158
  3901. Zhong Ming, Director, Computer Software Technology Development Department, A Tao Shi, Australia and Japan, a multinational international company,,,, 0033-673363430
  3902. Zhong Mucheng,Maofa Trading Co., Ltd.,,,,04-4216698
  3903. Zhong Shuyao, Zhongnan Longxing Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4335492
  3904. Zhong Jie, "European Chamber of Commerce Sichuan Chamber of Commerce
  3905. Fujian Chamber of Commerce", President, 13366333388@163.com, 13366333388,
  3906. Zhong Yuanquan, "Insurance Trust Company
  3907. China-Thailand Friendship Association","Chairman
  3908. Vice President",,,00662-2240056 2211390
  3909. Zhong Jicheng, Malacca Culture and Education Foundation, Chairman,,,,, 00606-2813180 3356509
  3910. Zhong Yaoqiang, Panama Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President, chuseg@cwpanama.net, 507-66181918, 507-2616980
  3911. Zhong Shengqiang, "Malaysia Dongguan Chamber of Commerce
  3912. Changnan Ceramics (Ma) Co., Ltd.","Central Director
  3913. Executive Director", QQ: 1478497106, 6014-6255980, 014-6255980
  3914. Zhong Cheng, "European Times", Executive Vice President,,,
  3915. Zhong Linchang, Chairman, Guangdong Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, info@gdne.nl/xinyangholdingbv@gmail.com, (31)654335137/13121902837, (3120)6391128
  3916. Qian Xudong, President of the Netherlands-China Chamber of Commerce,,,
  3917. Qian Haifen, Editor-in-Chief of French Overseas Chinese Newspaper,,,
  3918. Qian Haifen, French Overseas Chinese Network, Principal, ecmdpress@gmail.com,, 33-0671252881
  3919. Zhong Laifu, "Malaysia Chinese Assembly Hall General Assembly
  3920. Chinese Assembly Hall in Kedah, Malaysia
  3921. The Chinese Affairs Committee of the State Government of Kedah, Malaysia","Executive Vice President
  3922. President
  3923. Director",,,
  3924. Ruan Zhiqiang, "Cambodia Times", President,,,
  3925. Ruan Budao, Chinese and Overseas Chinese Business Association in Florence, Italy, Executive Vice President, RUAN 1969@HOTMAIL.COM, 39-3349009090, 39-055374489
  3926. Lu Youhong, Sino-French Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce, Overseas Consultant, acppfc2003@gmail.com,"13094738568
  3927. 13780128628",3301-48666305
  3928. Lu Wenjun, Director of the Malaysia Klang Xinyi Friendship Association, 60-11-10801710, 60-3-21443833
  3929. Lu Xinhua, Malaysia Klang Xinyi Friendship Association, Deputy General Manager, 60-12-6211822, 60-3-21443833
  3930. Lu Xiaofeng, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, France, Secretary General, associationacwf@yahoo.com,, 33-0140267888
  3931. Lu Huanxin, "President of Guangdong Association of Japan, Lutian Dental Hospital
  3932. Japan Guangdong Association
  3933. Guangdong Overseas Chinese Federation
  3934. Dean of "Tokyo Guangdong Association","Japan
  3935. President
  3936. Consultant",,81-42-797-1730,"03-58236556 042-7971330
  3937. 81-42-797-1330"
  3938. Chen Yiping, Director General, Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, 081-8263057 089-1235577, 02-6758574-84 02-2123917
  3939. Chen Yiming, Huancheng Construction Co., Ltd., Executive Director,,,,01-6224325 02-4165579
  3940. Chen Wanping, Chairman, Thai Redwood Company,,,,4166566
  3941. Chen Shibei, Tilixiang Construction Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,038-241151
  3942. Chen Shifu, "European Overseas Chinese", Chairman,,,
  3943. Chen China, Huada Corporation,,,,40361319
  3944. Chen Naike, "Czech Qingtian Association
  3945. Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3946. Lishui Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce ","Honorary President
  3947. Executive Vice President
  3948. President",,,
  3949. Chen Yakun, Nanyang Puning Hall, Vice President,,,2580274
  3950. Chen Yacai, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, CEO, tangahchai2017@gmail.com, 603-2274 6645Mobile: 6012-226 9373,
  3951. Chen Yabiao, President of the Chen Clan Association in Taitunpu,,,,,00662-3931508
  3952. Chen Yixin, Fortune Island Group, Chairman,,,
  3953. Chen Zhongying, French Chaozhou Association, Permanent Honorary President,,,45708000
  3954. Chen Renxing, North Hang, Bangkok, Business,,,,24271735
  3955. Chen Weizhen, "Venezuela Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce in China
  3956. Venezuela National Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese
  3957. China Business News
  3958. Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Federation
  3959. Vice President of the "Vegetarian China Chamber of Commerce", "Chairman of the "Vice-China Business News"
  3960. President of the YMCA
  3961. vice president
  3962. The seventh member",chl238@china.com,86-15915981631,"58-241-8424369
  3963. 58-412-3448899
  3964. 58-241-8323237"
  3965. Chen Chuanming, Xinyi Industrial Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,2242347
  3966. Chen Bonian, "Indonesia General Assembly
  3967. Sanma Yunda Co., Ltd.
  3968. GLOBAL ORION PTE LTD "," President
  3969. Chairman of the board
  3970. Chairman",sinarasa@cbn.net.id,62-816934715,"6221-5308805 6221-5362250 6221-5480156
  3971. 65-6271 8779
  3972. 6221-5308805
  3973. 6221-5362250
  3974. 6221-5480156"
  3975. Chen Foquan, Jardine Co., Ltd., Director,,,,00605-2540409
  3976. Chen Jundian, Chen Chengqi Woodenware, Honorary Consultant forever,,,02-5855586 5856856
  3977. Chen Xiuwang, The Chen Clan Association of Yingchuan, Rongjiang, Thailand,,,2143880,
  3978. Chen Xiutong, Yantongang Trading Co., Ltd., Chairman, phatco@myanmar.com.mm, 951527701
  3979. Chen Xiuxi, "Thailand Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  3980. Orient Industrial Co., Ltd.","Vice Chairman
  3981. President",,,22493976
  3982. Chen Jianye, Board Member, Singapore Chaozhou Bayi Hall,,,,65-7382691
  3983. Chen Jianli, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Director, cm@sccci.org.sg,, 65-6337 8381
  3984. Chen Jianli, Singapore Chaozhou Bayi Club,,,,65-67382691,
  3985. Chen Yunlu, President, Japan-China Painting and Calligraphy Art Exchange Association, 86-17705133637,
  3986. Chen Guangping, "The United Times of the Netherlands
  3987. Dutch Chinese Youth Federation, "Dutch Times" President","President
  3988. President
  3989.  Director",CHEKON@HOTMIAL.COM,31-625121277 13021151637,31-165388791
  3990. Chen Kexiu, Puning Association of Siam, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,2797475-7
  3991. Chen Keguang, French Chaozhou Association, Third Vice President,,,45708000
  3992. Chen Kewei, French Chen Brothers Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,331-45708000 331-49609988
  3993. Chen Keqi, Thai World Import and Export Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2940178-82
  3994. Chen Xingzhao, "Chen Xingzhao Construction Co., Ltd.
  3995. Melaka Huilai Association","Managing Director
  3996. Vice Chairman",,,06-232822/225940
  3997. Chen Gang, "French National Research Center
  3998. French Southern Chinese Association "," PhD
  3999. President",chen@l3m.univ-mrs.fr,3.30672E+11,33-0491118518
  4000. Chen Gang, Russian Far East Business Weekly, Principal,,,
  4001. Chen Liliang, Executive Editor-in-Chief of Oriental Daily,,,
  4002. Chen Jianbo, Taihuanet, General Manager,,,
  4003. Chen Jianxiong, Head of Cadre Training Class, Shantou Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank,,,, 8324149
  4004. Chen Gongen, Brazil Overseas Chinese Association for Promotion of Unification, President, ywperfect@163.com, 120811863@qq.com,
  4005. Chen Huayue, "World Journal", President,,,
  4006. Chen Huakun, Thailand Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Assistant Chairman, "haifong@163.com
  4007. 564611433@qq.com
  4008. 494415160@qq.com","13902500714
  4009. 852-27275797","006687-9066679
  4010. 0759-3332574"
  4011. Chen Zhuoran, Siam Jieyang Hall, Chairman,,,,3842223-4
  4012. Chen Zhuohao, Huatai Plastic Factory Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4270088
  4013. Chen Shanhao, Huatai Plastic Factory Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4270088
  4014. Chen Houqi, Caracas Overseas Chinese Association, Chairman,,,
  4015. Chen Houhuang, Thailand Dayangmei Folks Association, Vice Chairman,,,,00662-22165027
  4016. Chen Youxin, "Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce
  4017. INTI Education Holdings Group
  4018. Malaysia Tan Kah Kee Fund
  4019. Federation of Malaysian Chinese School Directors
  4020. China Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation Tan Kah Kee Education Charity Fund
  4021. Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
  4022. Malaysia Tongan Golden Gate Xiamen Federation
  4023. Chairman of the National Education Reform Action Committee and Chairman of the Malaysian Action Strategy Alliance","
  4024. founder
  4025. Co-chair
  4026. Acting Chairman
  4027. Chairman
  4028. Conference consultant
  4029. Conference consultant
  4030. Vice Chairman",sec@mccc.my,6012-2004180,603-92231188
  4031. Chen Yousheng, Dongfeng Chen Family Association, President,,,,0065-6741446
  4032. Chen Yousheng, Singapore Dongfeng Township Association,,,,0065-67040478,
  4033. Chen Youming, Indonesian Trilingual School Association, Chairman/PhD, chen_you_ming@hotmail.com,,62-811-287200
  4034. Chen Minghai, President of the Taitunpu Clan Association,,,,038-283189
  4035. Chen Qixiong, "UAE Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce
  4036. China Textile Industry Co., Ltd.", President, NBBLLC@163.COM,"13911908833
  4037. 971-50-1676888",971-4-2291378
  4038. Chen Guoqi, Singapore Guangdong Association, Director, skthk@singnet.com.sg, 65-96793492, 65-67355216
  4039. Chen Guoying, President of the All-Guangdong Federation of Economic and Trade Association of Guangdong, chan.paul@gmx.de,"49-17662560333
  4040. 15012525908",
  4041. Chen Jianhui, Venetian-China Chamber of Commerce, Chairman,,,,58-241-9906344
  4042. Chen Kunzhao, Chen Kunsheng Fireworks Factory, Honorary Chairman,, 02-2920870, 02-2918188 2921784
  4043. Chen Zengqiang, Meichangtang, manager,, 012-2578722, 06-7623878
  4044. Chen Tianchang, "Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  4045. Woori Industrial Brush Co., Ltd.", Vice President/Datuk, sec@mccc.my,6019-6660895,603-92231188
  4046. Chen Tiansong, Sihai Trading Company, Chairman,, 6012-5721674, H; 604-2810976
  4047. Chen Miaoliang, Bangkok Administration, Politics,,,,23534333
  4048. Chen Yaoshui, Counselor, Joint Women's Department of Guangdong Association of Malaysia, US.CHAN@YAHOO.COM, 012-6161297, 603-51910548
  4049. Chen Xuedong, "Jiehua Newsletter", Editor-in-Chief,,,
  4050. Chen Hongsheng, the Malaysian delegation of the International Teochew Association, consultant,,,
  4051. Chen Dingguo, French Southern Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Permanent Honorary President,,,
  4052. Chen Baolin, President, Cambodian Qingtian Association, 86-15967278866,
  4053. Chen Fusheng, Consultant, Consultant, Bandung Hakka Association,,,,,,0062-22-6656323
  4054. Chen Xiaowei, Principal, Overseas Chinese School in Milan, Italy, CHENXWXUEXIAO@YAHOO.COM, 39-3395341548 13681816986, 39-0228510506
  4055. Chen Xiaoxian, President of Rio Chinese Friendship Association, Brazil, 0055-21-78947009, 13857960111
  4056. Chen Shaomin, Executive Chairman, Federation of Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Rome, Italy, EUROPACINA2004@YAHOO.COM.CN, 39-3396108820 13857798235, 39-064464869 39-0677200525
  4057. Chen Shaoming, Puning Association in Siam, Vice Chairman,,,,2490045-8
  4058. Chen Jianbang, United Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,3143303
  4059. Chen Daifan, "Guxi Chen Clan Association of Traveling to Thailand"
  4060. "Taifa Hardware Iron and Steel Plant", "Honorary President
  4061. Chairman",,,00662-2946860
  4062. Chen Yuezhong, Director, Chaoan Association of Thailand,,,
  4063. Chen Feng, President of the Swiss Fujian Association,,,
  4064. Chen Qiaozhong, President of the Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce, info@dccc.nl,,
  4065. Chen Ping, President of the German-Chinese Culture and Development Association,,,
  4066. Chen Guangnan, Vice President, Malaysian Chinese Assembly Hall Association,,,,603-22734008
  4067. Chen Guangsong, "Siam Jieyang Hall
  4068. Li Mao Friendship Club
  4069. Jinchengtai Co., Ltd. ","
  4071. Chairman",,,2355500-2
  4072. Chen Qingtian, Nanyang Puning Hall,,,,64674614
  4073. Chen Yinghong, "French Guiana is all because of the Overseas Chinese Residence
  4074. ", Honorary Chairman,,,,594-594-357771 594-594-356323
  4075. Chen Yongguang, European Fujian Union Fujian Chamber of Commerce, President,,,
  4076. Chen Tingzhao, Director of Shantou University Audio-visual Education Center,,, 8312403
  4077. Chen Jianping, President, Brazil China Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, 005521-22-240881,
  4078. Chen Jianbo, Chairman of the Thai Xiao Clan Association,,,,00662-3920862
  4079. Chen Jianming, "Lian An Co., Ltd.
  4080. Taijing Wine Industry Co., Ltd.",Chairman,,,"00662-2164620
  4081. 00662-2142415"
  4082. Chen Qiang, Hong Kong Association of Overseas Chinese in Laos,,,,852-2581 1013
  4083. Chen Biao, President, Global Weekly, Poland,,,
  4084. Chen Deshi, President and Editor-in-Chief of Pontianak Daily,,,
  4085. Chen Defeng, "SEE HONG ENT."
  4086. Guangdong Hall","
  4087. The Women's Group is the Finance, Secretary", ttuckhong@yahoo.com.hk,6019-9839276,609-6173833
  4088. Chen Deqi, "Jinjiang Charity Federation
  4089. World Fujian Youth Federation
  4090. Thai Fujian Chamber of Commerce","Honorary Chairman
  4091. Honorary President forever
  4092. Founding President",,,
  4093. Chen Dejuan, Danish Chinese Association, Honorary President, 0045-26231688, 0045-45830107
  4094. Chen Zhigang, St. Petersburg Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation, President,,,
  4095. Chen Zhijie, France Yax Co., Ltd.,,,13806531771 13148907771,331-40280322
  4096. Chen Zhikun, "Indonesia Xide Group
  4097. Indonesia Chinese Chamber of Commerce", Chairman and General Manager, 62-816787879, 62-21-6330633
  4098. Chen Zhirong, "China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification
  4099. China Overseas Friendship Association
  4100. Federation of Chinese and Overseas Chinese Associations in Catalonia, Spain
  4101. Council Member of Barcelona Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China ","
  4102. director
  4103. Chairman of the Bureau
  4104. President",,,
  4105. Chen Zhiyuan, President, Zhejiang Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, UAE,,,
  4106. Chen Zhiyuan, President, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, UAE, 97150-5592168 13738368889 13858852507, 9714-2229887
  4107. Chen Siyan, Vice President, European Federation of Cantonese Opera Research Associations, "33-626565335
  4108. 13423682862",33-145214111
  4109. Chen Enjia, "Taiguxi Chen Enchengtang"
  4110. Jiaxing Aluminum Company","Chairman
  4111. Manager",,,00662-2944856
  4112. Chen Enlie, MULIA LESTARI, "ml@mulia-lestari.com
  4113. mulia@attglobal.net",,"(62-22)6031639
  4114. (62-22)6035709"
  4115. Chen Enduo, "French Marseille Hualian Association
  4116. President of Eastern Trading Company","
  4117. General Manager",tran.andre4@wanadoo.fr,33-623805402,0033-442793380 623805402
  4118. Chen Chengfeng, Japan Chaozhou Friendship Association,,,,81-3-39740719,
  4119. Chen Chengjin, "Bangkok South America Company, Thailand
  4120. Chen Family Association","Chairman
  4121. name
  4122. Honorary Chairman",,,2360059
  4123. Chen Zhennian, Indonesian Cantonese Association,,,62216905340,
  4124. Chen Zhenzhi, Thai Chinese Entrepreneurs Association,,,,662-2674797-9    ,
  4125. Chen Zhenzhi, Chairman, Chaozhou Guild Hall,,,,,662-2240077
  4126. Chen Zhenzhao, China-Thailand Travel Limited, Proprietor,,,,225254-9
  4127. Chen Xiaoliang, "Sarawak Guangdong Township Association
  4128. Miri Hua President
  4129. Sarawak Miri River Po Association
  4130. E Cosway Organization Owner","Secretary-General
  4131. Deputy Conference Director
  4132. Director of Culture and Education
  4133. ","cchl7195@gmail.com
  4134. www.ecosopp.com,ID:613486",6013-8335738,
  4135. Chen Xiaolong, Executive Director, Thai Wind Media Culture Co., Ltd., xlong929@126.com,"13720028572
  4136. 66-80-9616788",02-3308767
  4137. Chen Wenwei,,,munkong@flashwork.co.th,08-16287567,02-2863092 02-2860927 02-2868113
  4138. Chen Wenchu, Thailand Chaoan Association, Honorary Chairman,,,,3993401-4
  4139. Chen Wenwang, Chen's Dental Science and Technology Center,,,,019-5564378,05-5462378
  4140. Chen Wentian, President, Jiangmen Wuyi Youth Federation, Brazil, 0086-13265700888,
  4141. Chen Wentian, "Brazilian Guangdong Association
  4142. Brazil Hongji Clothing Import & Export Co., Ltd.
  4143. Honorary President of the Brazilian Hongmen Association","
  4145. Director",chen-wentian@hotmail.com,13265700868/(5511)952111111/949777777,
  4146. Chen Wenxiong, French Asian Higher Council, Chairman,,,
  4147. Chen Wenxiong, Paris 13 District Government, Deputy District Mayor, buon-huong.tan@paris.fr,, 33-1-44081440
  4148. Chen Wenhong, President, Panyu Fushan Society, France, vong.henri@gmail.com,"13642608371
  4149. 330603213454",3.30147E+11
  4150. Chen Shicheng, China-France Garment Industry Chamber of Commerce, First Vice President, acppfc2003@gmail.com, 3306-09834453, 3301-48666305
  4151. Chen Chunliang, Bangkok Business, Business,,,,25336124
  4152. Chen Xiaomin, President of the Spanish Chinese Youth Federation, 13757902663,
  4153. Chen Xiaoyan, European Times, Vice President, chenxiaoyan@oushinet.com, 3.30603E+11, 3.3015E+11
  4154. Chen Jingqing, Vice President, Reunion Shunde Association, French Overseas Department, guy.709293@gmail.com,262-692709293,2.62263E+11
  4155. Chen Jingdi, Chaoyang Guild Hall, Director,,,,0065-474600
  4156. Chen Jingpeng, "Malaysia Selangor Dongan Guild Hall
  4157. Dongguan Kejian Chemical Building Material Co., Ltd.
  4158. Huayi Rolling Door Industry Co., Ltd. ","
  4159. financial
  4160. Chairman",fareast@fareast.com.my, www.fareast.com.my,
  4161. Chen Zhigan, Thai Young Entrepreneurs Association, Honorary Chairman,,,
  4162. Chen Youzhi, President of Wanliwang Association Ning Township Association,,,,2812007
  4163. Chen Laijin, "Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  4165. Guangdong Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce","Vice President
  4166. President",,,
  4167. Jack Chen, President, Bangkok International Times,,,
  4168. Chen Songxi, "Chen Xing Fire Saw Co., Ltd.
  4169. Chen Huanfa Co., Ltd.", Honorary Chairman,,,,02-4272422 4273852
  4170. Chen Songzhou, Honorary Chairman of Shengtong Machinery Co.,,,,,02-5916996 02-9546166
  4171. Chen Lin Qiaozhen, the wife of the vice chairman of the previous Chenghai Association of Thailand,,,
  4172. Chen Kamjun, editor-in-chief of Guangming Daily,,,
  4173. Chen Guizhen, Chaozhou Association of Germany,,,,49-251-2017429,
  4174. Chen Guiling,Chile Chinese Association,,,,56-26383382
  4175. Chen Juyao, Sanpan Weaving Industry Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2210419
  4176. Chen Chuhao, President of the Singapore Golden Sands Chen's Association,,,,6597334889
  4177. Chen ZhengXi, Italy-China Chamber of Commerce, President,,,
  4178. Chen Buxing, Chen's Yanhua Church in Qiuxi, Thailand, Chairman,,,,00662-2243355
  4179. Chen Minkun, Myanmar China Net, person in charge,,,
  4180. Chen Yongguang, Association of Huizhou Subordinate Organizations in Malaysia,,,607-7712978 019-7745978,
  4181. Chen Yongzai, "Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  4182. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  4183. China Overseas Exchange Association
  4184. "China Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce", "Always Honorary Chairman
  4185. Chief Adviser
  4186. Council Advisor
  4187. Executive Vice President", , ,
  4188. Chen Hanguang, Chief Editor, Nanyang Business Daily,,,
  4189. Chen Hanguo, "Thailand Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce
  4190. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee
  4191. Guangdong Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee
  4192. International Teochew Federation
  4193. Servina International Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  4194. Friends of Home Decoration Materials Center
  4195. Jinwei Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  4196. Thai Chinese TV Station ","Vice President
  4197. Committee member
  4198. Committee member
  4199. director
  4200. Managing Director
  4201. Managing Director
  4202. Managing Director
  4203. Vice Chairman",,"6686-8883883
  4204. China:13802303937","662-2356136-9
  4205. 662-3835555
  4206. 662-3835678
  4207. 622-3836888"
  4208. Chen Hanshi, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Thailand, 02-2677670,
  4209. Chen Hanshi, "Thailand Chaozhou Assembly Hall
  4210. Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  4211. Asian Volleyball Association
  4212. Thailand-China Friendship Association
  4213. Thailand and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export
  4214. Thai Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
  4215. Faculty of Chinese Education in Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand
  4216. Geely Securities Co., Ltd.
  4217. Thai Wansheng Frozen Food ","Chairman
  4218. Vice Chairman
  4219. Vice president
  4220. Vice president
  4221. Permanent Honorary Chairman
  4222. Honorary President forever
  4223. President
  4224. Chairman of the board
  4225. Chairman",,,"22498905-9
  4226. 662-2980024"
  4227. Chen Hanjin, General Manager, Thailand Tongchangtai Co., Ltd.,,,
  4228. Chen Jianghe, Golden Eagle International Group, Chairman,,,,Beijing: 010-83915168 Singapore: 0065-62169207
  4229. Chen Jianghe, "China Overseas Friendship Association
  4230. China Overseas Exchange Association
  4231. China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association
  4232. All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  4233. China Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation
  4234. "China Federation of Overseas Chinese Businessmen","Executive Director
  4235. Standing director
  4236. Executive Vice President
  4237. Overseas consultant
  4238. Vice president
  4239. Honorary President",,,
  4240. Chen Peiwen, Chen Peiwen Law and Services Co., Ltd., Honorary Legal Counsel,,,02-2548638
  4241. Chen Peiteng, "Czech Guangdong Chamber of Commerce Li Zhong
  4242. Vice Chairman of Vernato Group
  4243. Weina Du Train Theme Restaurant",,,,2076738931@qq.com,13902286018,
  4244. Chen Taisheng, China Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Director General,,,,6758574184
  4245. Chen Tailong, Chairman, Malaysia-China International Cultural Economic and Trade Promotion Association, tantloong@gmail.com,,
  4246. Chen Tailong, Chen Rongcheng Co., Ltd., Director,, 012-4741368, 604-7722388 604-7723188
  4247. Chen Zeyang, Pirat New Cloud Hall, President,,,,605-2810316
  4248. Chen Hailiang, "Thailand-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association"
  4249. Thailand Haoliang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.","Vice Chairman
  4250. Chairman",387712407@qq.com,669-13812333/15957982998,
  4251. Chen Hailin, President, Macao Association of Returned Overseas Chinese from Indonesia, alanmacau@qq.com,"15344861909
  4252. 853-62161909",853-66115152
  4253. Chen Haiqun, President of the Dutch Chinese Kitchen Association, 15157803077,
  4254. Chen Runguang, Swiss Guangdong Association, Supreme Advisor, chau_hau Tuong@hotmail.com,41-77-9209692/41-792558102,41-71-4465271/41-22-7819015
  4255. Chen Runwei, French Faya Friendship Association, Chairman,,,, 33-0145831785 0145865666
  4256. Chen Qingyu, President of Singapore Chaoan Sancuo Association,,,
  4257. Chen Qingwu, Indonesia Medan Goose City Charity Foundation, General Affairs,,,,,0062-61-7368902
  4258. Chen Pai, "Paris Chinese Literature Association
  4259. Chinese Literature Society of Paris, France",President,,,33 0146309252
  4260. Chen Cantai, "Taichenghai Township Association
  4262. Jianyang Friendship Association","Vice Chairman
  4263. Chairman",,,4658921
  4264. Chen Yanbang, Jieyang Hall, Executive Director,,,,00662-3192924
  4265. Chen Bingqiu, Malaysia International Zhouyi Federation, President, 228127068@QQ.COM,13929729663 13542378789,014-6452926
  4266. Chen Binghui, Accounting Law Firm, Accounting Lawyer,,,2376619
  4267. Chen Huande, Panyin Industrial Co., Ltd., Permanent Honorary Consultant,,,,02-2235882 2211790
  4268. Chen Yuhua, "Caring Association of Overseas Chinese in Germany
  4269. President of the German Qingtian Association","
  4270. Vice president", , ,
  4271. Chen Yukun, Nanyang Puning Hall, Vice President,,,,4757329
  4272. Chen Yuzhen, Huiji Commercial Bank, Chairman,,,,81-78-3313851
  4273. Chen Ruiren, "Guxi Clan Association in Luxin"
  4274. Singapore Jieyang Hall","Chairman
  4275. Standing Director",,,0065-62230576 62246990
  4276. Chen Ruifa,Thailand Dongfeng Township Association,,,,066-22212400,
  4277. Chen Ruiyan, China Assembly Hall, Malacca, Chairman/Jushen, sweeyen5@gmail.com, 012-3230651, 06-2833743
  4278. Chen Ruilian, "HOSPITAL SULTANAH
  4279. Guangdong Hall","Nurse
  4280. Permanent member",,6012-9810338,609-6172788
  4281. Chen Jianhui, Singapore Aotou Township Association,,,,0065-2808888,
  4282. Chen Pan, "Vietnamese Cotton Lao Association
  4283. The world is more cotton-lao","Chairman
  4284. Deputy Secretary-General",,,(02)7342703
  4285. Chen Lisheng, "Lianhe Daily", Editor-in-Chief,,,
  4286. Chen Sheyao, President of the Bossau Association of Sibu, Malaysia,,,,084-332779
  4287. Chen Fulin, Jakarta Merrill Lynch Timber Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,3925678
  4288. Sister Chen Xiu (Kurita Hideko), "Japan Fujian Economic and Cultural Promotion Association
  4289. Fujian CPPCC
  4290. President of Fujian Sea Trade Fair","
  4291. Overseas committee
  4292. Secretary-General", kurita@cila.jp,03-56232239/0359572989,03-56232238/
  4293. Chen Xiusheng, Thailand Shengfa Real Estate Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,, 4683101
  4294. Chen Qiuwu, Secretary of the Women's Federation of Nan'an City, Fujian Province,,,, 8316200
  4295. Chen Lifa, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Director, cm@sccci.org.sg,, 65-6337 8381
  4296. Chen Suhong, "Venezuela Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce in China
  4297. Manso Group Co., Ltd.", executive director, chensuhong1314@hotmail.com,,0412-3434777
  4298. Chen Chun, President of China Daily,,,
  4299. Chen Xijin, Chairman's Advisor, Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of Thailand, qilith_in@hotmail.com,"66-818214168
  4300. 13502536168",66-22442643
  4301. Chen Jixiang, Thailand Xiangtai Group, Managing Director,,,,662-246-1701
  4302. Chen Weigang, Xinhua Media Network, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  4303. Chen Meijuan, "KREATIF SEMANGAT SDN BHD Construction Contracting and Decoration Project
  4304. Guangdong Hall","
  4305. Permanent Member Accounting Supervisor", ytkong@streamyx.com,6016-9222379,609-6224657/609-6237935
  4306. Chen Yaonan, Director, Culture and Education Committee of Guangdong Guild Hall, Malaysia, tyiaw_nam@hotmail.com, 6019-2386720, 603-20784336
  4307. Chen Yaosong, "Association of Chinese Language Schools in Thailand
  4308. Association of Chinese Minority Schools in Northeast Thailand
  4309. Moai Education Promotion Association
  4310. Public Yuqiao School","Vice Chairman
  4311. Vice Chairman
  4312. Chairman
  4313. Chairman of the School Council",,,
  4314. Chen Yaoqun, Chairman of the Zhangdong Friendship Association, Chenghai District, Thailand,,,,00662-4210766
  4315. Chen Shengyong, "United Times" (Barcelona), President,,,
  4316. Chen Yingwen, Chen Yingwen Brothers Co., Ltd., General Manager,,,,917748
  4317. Chen Maonan, Pingfa Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2250127
  4318. Chen Maonan, "Siam Jieyang Hall
  4319. Thai Fung Fat Co., Ltd.","Vice Chairman
  4320. General Manager",,,2233234-9
  4321. Chen Maoqing, Taihezhan & Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,2222769
  4322. Chen Ronghua, An Wangni Shoes Co., Ltd., Chairman, 33626361765 13806688401, 331-41832888 O:076985038128
  4323. Chen Rongzheng, Brazil Guangdong Association, President, wchengchan@gmail.com,, 055-11-33993377/055-11-32552328/055-11-81122609
  4324. Chen Rongquan, East Asia Weaving Factory Co., Ltd., Chairman, 4571555, 4570100
  4325. Chen Rongtian, Brazil Guangdong Association, "Contact person
  4326. Chief Supervisor","2892315672@qq.com
  4327. qq:1309647427/mario.chang@hotmail.com", (005511) 983-502318/13427433768, 005511-23726032
  4328. Chen Yinquan, Chairman of the Chen Clan Association of Chao'an Ancient Alley in Thailand,,,"2166600
  4329. 2166635"
  4330. Chen Luofen, Jianyang Friendship Association, Honorary President forever,,,
  4331. Chen Xizhou, President of the Liaison Office of Hubei Province, Myanmar, mgmgsein2009@gmail.com,,
  4332. Chen Xunjun, Thai Unicom, person in charge,,,
  4333. Chen Xianyu, Member of Congress,,,,00662-9401680
  4334. Chen Xuan,Thailand Zhanjiang Association,,,662-7147623,
  4335. Chen Yunsheng,Thailand Thieti Electric Co., Ltd.,Vice Chairman,,,,02-8112350-9 8155566
  4336. Chen Jinxing, Jinping District Procuratorate, Chief Prosecutor,,,, 8250860
  4337. Chen Tongguang, Chen Guangfa Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,2865621
  4338. Chen Tongcai, The Chen Clan Association of Yingchuan, Rongjiang, Thailand,,,2143880,
  4339. Chen Bangzhi, President of the Chen Clan Association of Guangdong, Korea, 86-2-998-8400, 017-2235579 82-2-9932579
  4340. Chen Jin, Federation of Cantonese Chinese in the Philippines,,,,632-7333334,
  4341. Tan Jincheng, Malaysia Klang Xinyi Friendship Association, Director,, 60-17-6909006, 60-3-21443833
  4342. Chen Jincai, Leizhou Club, Singapore,,,65-96387752,
  4343. Chen Jincang, Former American Folks Association in Thailand,,,4769592,
  4344. Chen Qin Shang, Rama Hotel Hatyai, Chairman of the Board,,,"073-212380
  4345.               212990
  4346.                            073-212659"
  4347. Chen Mingkun, Polish Fujian Association, President,,,
  4348. Chen Xiping, Xinfeng Grain Factory, Chairman,,,,2220674
  4349. Chen Xiyong, Honorary President, Overseas Chinese Cultural Association of Reunion East,,,,00262-501423
  4350. Chen Jintong, Qiaodong Association, President,,,"02-2537757
  4351. 02-2537720"
  4352. Chen Jinping, "Norway and Guangdong fellow
  4353. Norwegian Chinese Music and Dance Ensemble","Member of the Council
  4354. Secretary General",,,*47-46682331
  4355. Chen Xiongbin, Chairman, Rio China Peace Reunification Promotion Association, chenpin1987@gmail.com,,
  4356. Chen Yabiao, First Executive Vice President, Overseas Chinese Association of Venice, Italy, 39-3394811028 39-3318374079,
  4357. Chen Xuefei, Chief Editor, Nordic Green Post,,,
  4358. Chen Lei, President, Austrian Europe-China Science and Technology and Cultural Exchange Association, 86-13661824772,
  4359. Chen Lei, Editor-in-Chief of MasterCard Magazine,,,
  4360. Chen Zhen, "Central and Eastern European Society of Chinese Medicine
  4361. Hungary-China Cultural Exchange Society
  4362. President of the Hungarian Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine","
  4363. Honorary President
  4364. Secretary-General",,,
  4365. Chen Linjiang, Chen Jiafa Xihe Company, Chairman,,,,5895433
  4366. Chen Jing, "European Chinese News", editor-in-chief,,,
  4367. Chen Shunyuan, Paris K. Wah Import and Export Company, Chairman, btan@kawa.fr., France 33-674984358 Hong Kong 85294724979 Guangzhou 13918388168, 331-41832020 Company: 331-56619889
  4368. Chen Shunliang, Huizhou Guild Hall, Malacca, Malaysia,,,606-2823503,
  4369. Chen Gaopeng, Xiangtai Steel Works Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,4277938
  4370. Chen Hongzhang, Honorary Chairman, Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Employees), Thailand, rabu55@vhotmail.com, 002-6681-7213333, 002-6622743326-113
  4371. Chen Dezhong, Chaozhou Association of Sweden, "chinanet88@hotmail.com
  4373. ",760088068/0046 (0)734088828,
  4374. Tao Xinyi, President, Ouhua Media Group, Spain,,,
  4375. Lei Hanping, "German Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  4376. German Health and Telemedicine Industry Sub-Group","Executive Chairman
  4377. Managing Director", info@dcih.org,13910316959,
  4378. Lei Bin, Brazilian Chinese Friendship Association, President, Aqa3668@gmail.com,,
  4379. Lei Meilun,Mrs. Li Guosong,,,,81-42-797-1330
  4380. Lei Jinhua, Datong Construction Co., Ltd., Managing Director,,,,03-79836054
  4381. Huo Zhaoxiang, Kobe Overseas Chinese Association,,,,,787918117 (087)331-4232,
  4382. Han Shihong, French Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association, Vice President, ADREHAN888@163.COM, 13922530099 13907418888, 33-0140267888 0769-85038688
  4383. Han Yongmei, Huawen Media Group, Digital Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Lianhe Zaobao,,,
  4384. Han Zongwei, "Thailand Hubei Chamber of Commerce
  4385. Chairman of ASEAN Business Magazine","
  4386. President",aseanecon@gmail.com,02-6121277,
  4387. Han Qingxiang, Johor Bahru Hakka Association,,,,00607-2249904,
  4388. Han Zhongchao, Beijing Hans United, Chairman,,,
  4389. Han Shenghao, "Hanwha China Peace Union Promotion Association
  4390. Chairman of the Association of Chinese Friendship in Korea","
  4391. President", sunho8833@hanmail.net, cuiqingfeng@haotmail.com,
  4392. Han Jie, "Beijing Association of Catalonia, Spain
  4393. "Spain Association of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations","President
  4394. Executive Chairman",,,
  4395. Xiang Jinguang, Italy (China) Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Lifetime Honorary President,,,
  4396. Gu Jianming, Chairman, Netherlands-China Friendship Association, 0031-64227368,
  4397. Yan Dongru, Hairui High Seafood Company, Chairman,,,
  4398. Yan An, President of Japan Chinese Education Association,,,
  4399. Yan Wujian, Executive Vice President, Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce, UAE, 13556466118,
  4400. Ma Dongya, President of Hubei Association of Russian Federation, mskdongfang@yahoo.com.cn,,
  4401. Ma Limei, "Portuguese News", President,,,
  4402. Ma Limei, "Portuguese Chinese Media Group
  4403. Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Friendship Association","Executive Director
  4404. Vice President", huaxinpt@gmail.com,0086-13924116813,
  4405. Ma Dingwei, Chairman of Thailand Shengtong Rice Industry Co., Ltd.,,,
  4406. Ma Wensheng, Association of Overseas Chinese in Ecuador,,,,5934-2518311 5934-2325617
  4407. Ma Wenxin, China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, President, mwx@ma.dk, 4561686322, 45-35-836322
  4408. Ma Yugui, BMW Holdings Limited ,Director,poma@pacific.net.sg,,6262 2600
  4409. Ma Lin, President, Hubei Association of Germany, malin@snb-law.de,,
  4410. Ma Hongwen, President, Hubei Industrial and Commercial Mutual Aid Association of Germany, hongwenma@hotmail.com,,
  4411. Ma Zhiyuan, "French Cantonese Association
  4412. French Canton Hall","Vice President
  4413. Executive Vice President", SHNH.LA@CARAMAIL.COM,, 0033-662-176923
  4414. Ma Qinxing, French Chaozhou Association, Vice President,,,,01-45820601
  4415. Ma Xuling, "POMA Holdings pte. Ltd.
  4416. Legislative Yuan","Chairman
  4417. The first legislator",,6281-114-6689,"62-21-31927006
  4418. 65-6262 2600"
  4419. Ma Hongbin, Executive Editor-in-Chief, China Daily,,,
  4420. Luo Yonglin, French Guangdong Hall, Vice President, AACFR@HOTMIAL.COM,, 01-49609897 01-4582-8436
  4421. Luo Qingzhong, West Malaysia Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., Managing Director,, 019-3204409, 03-55196750
  4422. Luo Ruimei,Guangzhou Jiamei Horticulture Co., Ltd.,Chairman,,,,81529777
  4423. Luo Yaoxiang, Prime Minister, Panyu Guild Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia, (603)-2423696 603-21423696,
  4424. Luo Yaoxiang, President, Panyu Club, Malaysia Klang Valley,,,,603-40220808
  4425. Luo Huixiang,President Panyu Club, Malaysia,,,03-22743678
  4426. Gao Dongjiang, Xinshunfa Mu Fangxing, Chairman,,,,3950670
  4427. Gao Yunlang, sharp wood rows,,,,461159
  4428. Gao Weining, "Bang Mancha, Sarawak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  4429. Weixing
  4430. Gao Shangquan Co., Ltd.
  4431. Obicheng Development Co., Ltd.
  4432. Dongcheng Enterprise","Director
  4433. Proprietor
  4434. Managing director
  4435. Managing director
  4436. Chairman of the Board",kscko@yahoo.com,,6082-236803,242953
  4437. Gao Hua, "Cambodia Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  4438. Cambodian China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association
  4439. Honorary President of Cambodia MRT Group Corporation ","
  4440. Executive Vice President
  4441. Chairman",cambochina@163.com,,
  4442. Gao Zhanji,Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,,,,2531619
  4443. Gao Xinsong, Telami Co., Ltd., Manager,,,,311463
  4444. Gao Hanlong, Thailand Gao Family Clan Association,,,0 19356681,
  4445. Gao Xuanhuo, Yuanli Apartment, Chairman,,,,2866432
  4446. Gao Xiang, Euronews.com,,,,
  4447. High-speed Zhi, Tyler Secret Fire Saw Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,3311703
  4448. Wei Weijie, "World Chinese Cultural Relics Collectors Association
  4449. Weijie Co., Ltd.","Chairman
  4450. Chairman",,,00606-2825608、2836069
  4451. Wei Zean, "Dongguan Dingyu Clothing Co., Ltd.
  4452. UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce ","Manager
  4453. Acting Vice President",yareson@yahoo.com.cn,"0086-1371320567
  4454. 00971-50-5762988",04-2353400
  4455. Wei Zean, Manager, Mustfa International Trading Company, UAE, YARESON@YAHOO.COM.CN,13713230567,97142353400
  4456. Wei Hexiang, French Chaozhou Guild Hall, President,,,,,00331-45845763 00331-44240794 331-45820601
  4457. Wei Jicheng, General Manager, Cambodia Paper Processing Industry,,,,,00692-87872222
  4458. Wei Delin, Denmark-China Friendship Association, contact person, 37213721@hotmail.com,,
  4459. Wei Fuyan, President, "South American Overseas Chinese Newspaper" (Ecuadorian Chinese Newspaper),,,
  4460. Wei Xiquan, Zenglong Association of Malaysia,,,605-5-5267225,
  4461. Mai Yecai, French China (Yuehua) Friendship Association,,,,33-014-391-0808 33-014-391-0088,
  4462. Mai Wei, Vice President, French-Chinese Science and Technology Economic and Trade Exchange Association,,,,,331-45214111
  4463. Mai Qijia, "Panama Overseas Chinese and Chinese Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China
  4464. President of the Panama Chinese Association","
  4465. Honorary President",mail19638@gmail.com, qq:642044638,"507-69309638
  4466. 18565515338"
  4467. Huang Yihong, Editor-in-Chief of "Fujian Business Magazine", Philippine Edition,,,
  4468. Huang Shihao,DATO'DR WONG SAI HOU D.P.M.S.ADUN KAWASAN KAMPUNG TUNKU,,,,019-3886122,03-78756249
  4469. Huang Yishao, "Nakhon Ratchasima Hardware Import and Export Corporation
  4470. Lutai Puning Mazha Folks Association","Chairman
  4471. President",,,243939
  4472. Huang Shude, "Hong Decheng Import and Export Co., Ltd.
  4473. Lutai Puning Mazha Folks Association","Chairman
  4474. President",,,5880798
  4475. Huang Weiguang, Youfeng Light Rail Industry Co., Ltd.,,,,2932416
  4476. Huang Weiwen, "Panama Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  4477. China Travel Service in Panama
  4478. Panama Congqing Hall","President
  4479. Chairman of the board
  4480. President","pty507@163.com
  4481. pty6688@gmail.com","8618610755882
  4482. 507-66888888 18998601988
  4483. 17817883825","507-2901388 507-2901688
  4484. 507-8306682"
  4485. Huang Weiwen, Conghua Association of Qingyuan, Panama,,,00507-2742886,
  4486. Huang Weilin, Former President of the French Cantonese Association, "01-49-60-98-97
  4487. 01-46-70-70-08",
  4488. Huang Weilin, French Association of Cantonese and Zhao Country in France,,,,143910808 33-143597712,
  4489. Huang Bohua, Austrian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Vice President, bohua05@163.com,13922772857,
  4490. Huang Weiyin, Chairman, Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Department Store Cloth Merchants Association, 03-2236828,
  4491. Huang Weiyin, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Managing Director,,,,603-42532135
  4492. Huang Jiancheng, President of the French Guangdong Hall, 01 46 70 70 08,
  4493. Huang Jiancheng,French China Sports Association,,,145854911,
  4494. Huang Chuangbao, Bangkok Mission Land Public Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2541031-41
  4495. Huang Liyun, "Zhengde (Philippines) Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  4496. Fuzhou Fellowship in the Philippines
  4497. Honor of Philippine China Quanzhou Association
  4498. "China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association","Chairman
  4499. Chairman
  4500. President
  4501. Vice President",zhengde(phils.)investment group co.inc President,8.61391E+12,
  4502. Huang Yong, "Korea China Law News", President,,,
  4503. Huang Huasheng, Deputy General Manager, High State Association of Malaysia, 019-3316784, 603-21414843
  4504. Huang Nande, Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, General Manager,,,,67420756
  4505. Huang Nanrong, Nanrong Shipping Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,2361769-9
  4506. Huang Yinhua, "Subei Express"
  4507. Indonesian Chinese Association
  4508. Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  4509. Indonesia Minnan Fellowship Association
  4510. "China Overseas Exchange Association","President
  4511. Vice President
  4512. Honorary Chairman forever
  4513. Vice Chairman
  4514. Standing Director",,,
  4515. Huang Yinhua, "General Association of Chinese in Subei Province, Indonesia
  4516. Chinese Association of Subei Province, Indonesia", Chairman,, Indonesia: 62816300814 China: 13666024919, Company: 626-1-4520310 Residential 626-1-8200219
  4517. Huang Youren, Indonesian Calligraphers Association, Honorary President, indocalligrapher@gmail.com,, 62-21-6684248
  4518. Huang Tairong, Honorary Citizen of Chenghai City,,,,3950218
  4519. Huang Tongqing, "Taijing Songxing Construction Company
  4520. Honorary Chairman of the Wong Clan Association of Thailand","
  4521. General Manager",,,00662-3146136 3183145
  4522. Huang Xirong, President, Panyu Clubhouse, Sandakan, Malaysia, (089)-212772,
  4523. Huang Guoping,,Manager,,,00656-5607752
  4524. Huang Guoping, French-Guangdong Association, "Executive
  4525. Vice President",,13903071682,0033-0143-5933-18 38478794
  4526. Huang Guoping, France-Guangdong Association,,,,33 (0) 1 60 02 43 12,
  4527. Huang Guobin, Malaysian Calligraphy Association, Member, 012-3326866, 603-78760761
  4528. Huang Guozhong, Malaysia Huang Wenbin Group, President,,,
  4529. Huang Guohui, "International Times", Managing Director,,,
  4530. Huang Kundi, Thai-China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, Vice Chairman,,,,22657562
  4531. Huang Peijian, Chinese Association in the Netherlands, Vice President, 020-6233191 0624-620428,
  4532. Huang Daqing, "Thailand Huang Clan Association
  4533. Cheetah Co., Ltd.","Chairman
  4534. Chairman",,,00662-2673388-94 0061-8124748
  4535. Huang Zihua, Malaysia Johor Jiangxiatang Mutual Aid Association,,,,07-5991719,
  4536. Huang Zibin, "General Manager of Rongbin Apartment
  4537. Lu Tai Puning Maza Folks Association","General Manager
  4538. Vice President (clerk)",,,4763929-3936
  4539. Huang Ziming, Bangkok Land Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,2541031-41
  4540. Huang Zizhang, Director of International Academic Exchange, Hanxin School of Communication, FCAHM@PO.JARING.MY,, 603-22734008
  4541. Huang Xueming, French Carle Leather Co., Ltd., Managing Director, christian@ccaro.com, 33-609497516, 33-141838488
  4542. Huang Xiaodan, Head of Culture and Education Section, General Administration of China and China General Administration of Peru, gustavo99430198@hotmail.com, 511-99430198, 511-4274470 511-4269478
  4543. Huang Shaokang, Executive Vice President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Rome, Italy, 3357056245 3201174886, 06-44702584
  4544. Huang Qingbo, Vice President (Communication), Puning Mazha Folks Association,,,,2361341
  4545. Huang Dexing, United Power Industry Co., Ltd., Managing Director,, 012-5087785, 05-8084232
  4546. Huang Dexin, "Indonesia Meizhou Guild Hall
  4547. Indonesia Meizhou Assembly Hall", President,, 62-816971388, Company: 6221-6930110 Residence 6221-6693303 6221-6691036
  4548. Huang Zhiyuan, Executive Vice President, China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association,,,
  4549. Huang Zhiyuan, President and Chairman of Indonesia Sinar Mas Group,,, Indonesia 6221-2301369 Home: 6221-7976372 6221-3149054 Shanghai Branch 021-63352222
  4550. Huang Cheng, "Director of Commercial and Advertising Department of Xing Siam Newspaper Co., Ltd.·Reporter
  4551. Director-General of Thai Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce","DirectorDirector General",qingnian@tycc.org,661-6928481,"662-2250070-31
  4552. 662-235-6135-9"
  4553. Huang Yangqi, Yehepo Association of Johor, Malaysia,,,07-631139,
  4554. Huang Zhenxing, Malaysia Huang Clan joined the Family Association, Vice President/Datuk, ngdengchin@gmail.com,019-2220128,603-33737544
  4555. Huang Zhenjin, Dong Weng of Huang Jinhai Plastic Factory
  4556. Travel to Puning Mazha Folks Association","General Affairs
  4557. Vice President",,,2917760-2
  4558. Huang Qingtian, "Wuzhou Super Mall
  4559. Honorary President of the French Chaozhou Guild Hall", Chairman,, 33-611679999, Company: 331-45822015 Residential: 331-46813248
  4560. Huang Ridong, Philippine Cantonese Overseas Chinese Huangjiang Xiatang, Chairman,, 63-9178168368, Company: 632-5245186 632-5245267 632-5245186 Residential: 632-8891168
  4561. Huang Xuyu, Hengchang & Co., Ltd., director,,,,02-2110995 02-2112971
  4562. Huang Mingshan, "Chairman of Chinatown Restaurant in Paris, France
  4563. Honorary Chairman of Teochew International Association Annual Meeting
  4564. Honorary Chairman of the French Chaozhou Club", Chairman,,,,331-45847221
  4565. Huang Mingchuan, Indonesia Cotton Huazhong Alumni Association, General Affairs,,,, 061-4159432 4522599
  4566. Huang Jingkai, Chairman of KLCC, 016-6205122,"03-91014578
  4567. 03-92211507 03-91011880"
  4568. Huang Muxing, Vice President, Puning Mazha Folks Association,,,,2142535
  4569. Huang Muwei, Wo Tai Gongchuang Real Estate Company, Chairman,,,, 2523815 2490276
  4570. Huang Jiesheng, Vice President, China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association,,,
  4571. Huang Song, Sofina Co., Ltd., Chairman,, 13901179633, O: 64652928 64652930 H: 84338900
  4572. Huang Songjun, Printing Industry Co., Ltd.,Manager,,,2839422
  4573. Huang Songfa, Siam Puning Association, Secretary,,,,4542486
  4574. Huang Dongxing, Philippine Chinese Business Media, President,,,
  4575. Huang Yongwan, HSBC Trust Tai Wanfeng Mortgage Company, Chairman,,,,,2352510-6 2254843
  4576. Huang Yongzhi, Puning Association of Siam, Honorary Chairman forever,,,3980134-5
  4577. Huang Hancheng, Fulong Glove Factory Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,2940074-5
  4578. Huang Hanliang, Raoping Association of Thailand, Permanent Honorary Chairman,,,,0-2476-9827
  4579. Huang Zhixun, Indonesia Equator Foundation,,,,
  4580. Huangpuyuan, Guyana Chinese Association, President,,,,592-2262067 592-6236638
  4581. Huang Runtu, President, Perak Qingyuan Club, Malaysia,,,
  4582. Huang Bingzheng, Thai Wheel Union Travel Company, Chairman,,,,,0066-55252170
  4583. Huang Qiwang, "Chinese Headlines", President,,,
  4584. Huang Ruihua, Vice President and Secretary General, Cambodia China Hong Kong and Macao Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, CHKMEBA@PPCTV.COM.KH, 855-12525522, 855-23216880
  4585. Huang Ruilin, Member of the Supervisory Committee of the General Assembly of Indonesia,,,,Company: 62-711-310176 Residential: 62-711-310542
  4586. Huang Shengqiang, Singapore Poly International Quarry Pte Ltd,,,,
  4587. Huang Yilong, "Malaysia Chinese Hall
  4588. Malaysia Fuzhou Association of Societies
  4589. Federation of Chinese Associations in Sarawak
  4590. Sarawak Bintulu Chinese Association
  4591. Bintulu Province Subsidy Chinese Elementary School Director Gift Box
  4592. Kaichi Secondary School Bintulu
  4593. Board of Directors of Bintulu Chinese Public School
  4594. Sarawak Jang Wong
  4595. Sarawak Bintu Lujiang Xia Huang","General Secretary
  4596. Chairperson
  4597. Honorary President
  4598. Executive Advisor
  4599. Honorary Chairman
  4600. Vice Chairman
  4601. Vice Chairman
  4602. President
  4603. Executive Advisor",,,
  4604. Huang Shengdao, Singapore Pacific Company, Chairman,,,,656737026
  4605. Huang Shengzun, Pacific Brothers (Private) Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,65351679
  4606. Huangshihe, Villagers Association of Singkawang, Yecheng, Indonesia,,,,62-21-66601738 62-0816961270,
  4607. Huang Shebin, Thai Cantonese Hall, Forever President,,,,662-2211198
  4608. Huang Herong, Thailand Jiedong Hall, Chairman, 2490276,
  4609. Huang Xiuzhen, YOKOMO SDN.BHD., Senior Sales Manager, 012-900-5529, 03-62504843
  4610. Huang Xiurong, Tainan Commercial Bank, Chairman,,,,4123876
  4611. Huang Qiupeng, French Chaozhou Guild Hall, President,,,,145820601
  4612. Huang Lihe, former president of Chaozhou Association of Switzerland, 41-22-7814748 41-22-3297160,
  4613. Huang Jijun, Indonesia Chaozhou Folks Association,,,,62-21-56965340
  4614. Huang Jiqing, Bolivia Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President,,,
  4615. Huang Jilu, "Pengbi Real Estate Company
  4616. Thai Chinese Poetry Society", Chairman,,,,2797521 5880692
  4617. Huang Qiwen, Shantou University, Trade Union Chairman,,,,8310029
  4618. Huang Weichang, "Universal Watch Co., Ltd.
  4619. Lu Tai Puning Maza Folks Association","General Manager
  4620. Honorary Chairman",,,2512887
  4621. Huang Meilan,PT.Asuransi AIA Indonesia,,,0856-7851052,"021-576 3440
  4622. 021-5789 8188
  4623. 021-580 2801
  4624. 021-580 9215"
  4625. Huang Yaoting, "Myanmar Guangdong Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  4626. Xinglou Enterprise Co., Ltd. ","Vice Chairman
  4627. Director",,,95-1-226019
  4628. Huang Liangxing, "Jinan University Malaysia Alumni Association
  4629. "Guangzhou Aomao Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.","Chairman
  4630. Executive Director","longhengwang@gmail.com
  4631. lhw.cbs@gmail.com; www.cbspty.com","0060166016828
  4632. 18664825566",020-36773376
  4633. Huang Yingjian, Yinlun Accounting Building, ekwong@pd.jaring.my,019-2671067,603-92811302
  4634. Huang Rongwen, President of the High State Association of Malaysia, "Malaysia 603-019-3112068 Guangzhou 13692562641
  4635. 3-214148473 5-21459760",603-78462325 603-21414843
  4636. Huang Yuqin, Indonesia Bandung Hakka Association, Chairman, 022-5223068, 0062-22-6015234
  4637. Huang Guanxing, President of Malaysia Genden Gaozhou Guild Hall, 60-163157462,
  4638. Huang Chaoren, Secretary General of the General Association of Canton and Zhaochao of Malaysia, 6016-3113333 006012-2368888
  4639. Mike Huang, President, Federation of Dutch Chinese Professional Associations, michael.huang@telfort.nl,,
  4640. Huang Jin, "European Business Daily", President,,,
  4641. Huang Jin, European Times, Vice President, wongchun888@gmail.com,, 3.30142E+11
  4642. Huang Yuanguang, KL Hepo Association, Director, 6363388, 60-34940034
  4643. Huang Huiguang, "Maha Chai Chi Paper Mill Co., Ltd.
  4644. Thai Chaozhou Assembly Hall ","Chairman
  4645. Standing Secretary","sandd@sandd.co.th
  4646. mkpc@mahachaikraftpaper.com",,"662-4521291
  4647. 2-4521705-6
  4648. 2-4521661
  4649. 6634-468135-9"
  4650. Huang Diguang, Colombia Barranquilla Federation of Overseas Chinese,,,,00575-3532733,
  4651. Yellow blond hair, Malaysia Dongan Guild Hall, former president,,,,605-3124389 6012-5175995
  4652. Huang Jincheng, "Xin Lianyi Galvanizing Plant
  4653. Huang Clan Association","Chairman
  4654. Vice Chairman and Finance ",,,00662-2362460
  4655. Huang Jinhong, Netherlands One Net, Editor-in-Chief,,,
  4656. Huang Yangsheng, President, Huichaojia Hall, Surabaya, Indonesia,,,,,0662-31-34542001
  4657. Huang Xiong, Brazil Guangdong Chamber of Commerce and Culture,,,55-11-33110366,
  4658. Huang Yaping, "Zhifeng Wax Candle Factory
  4659. "Puning Mazha Villagers Association in Taipu","Public Relations
  4660. Vice President",,,2911619
  4661. Huang Pin, China Europe News Agency, President,,,
  4662. Huang Gaosheng, West German Cyanobacteria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chairman,,,,,603-80754985
  4663. Huang Pengting, Singkawang District Folks Association, Honorary Chairman, info@permasis.org, 62-811826869, 62-2166602768
  4664. Li Zhaorong, President of Dongan Guild Hall, Penang, Malaysia,,,,,,019-4492724 8902943
  4665. Lai Fu Wing, "Fei Tsai Wing Restaurant Pte Ltd
  4666. Singapore Panyu Assembly Hall",Vice President,,,,0065-63482332
  4667. Li Furong, Chairman, Panyu Guild Hall, Singapore, (65)62255152,
  4668. Li Shouyou, Panama Cologne Siyi Township Association, Chairman,,,
  4669. Li Jinming,Malaysia Selangor Gaoyao Hall,,,03-40235892,
  4670. Long Lihua, "International Student News", Deputy Editor-in-Chief,,,
  4671. Long Guoqiang, "Qiangxing Construction Project"
  4672. Malaysian Construction Banks Association
  4673. Negeri Sembilan Longgang Pro-righteousness Association"," Prospective Dato
  4674. President
  4675. Acting President", kionghing@yahoo.com.my, 012-6888383, 06-7648898 06-7629998
  4676. Long Pan, Laos Information Network, Chairman,,,
  4677. Long Min, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, China Foreign News Agency,,,
  4678. Gong Xin, FemtoFiberTec, Director General,Gong@femtofibertec.de,,
  4679. Gong Liming, "The First Session of the Thirteenth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  4680. European Federation of Shanghai Associations
  4681. Shanghai Chinese Overseas Chinese Association in Germany
  4682. The 3rd and 4th China Overseas Friendship Association
  4683. All-China Federation of Overseas Chinese Overseas Committee Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association
  4684. Shanghai Federation of Overseas Chinese
  4685. German Liming Industrial Co., Ltd.
  4686. Shanghai Mengde Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.", "Overseas Committee Member
  4687. President
  4688. President
  4689. Overseas director
  4690. Vice president
  4691. Overseas consultant
  4692. Chairman of the board
  4693. Chairman",,,
  4694. ,Cambodia Chinese Development Foundation, President, 86-13622892714,
  4695. ,Thaozhou, Indonesia, a fellow township,,,62-21-6280878,
  4696. ,Pondian, Indonesia, Chaozhou fellow township,,,,
  4697. ,Indonesia Subei Chaozhou Association,,,,6261735-8888,
  4698. , Palembang Chaozhou Friendship Association, Sunan Province, Indonesia ,,,62-711-351647,
  4699. ,Indonesia, India and China Hundred Family Surnames Association,,,62-21-5453784,
  4700. , Japan AB Information Technology Company, CEO, kaneko@ab-is.com,,
  4701. ,Teochew Association of Japan,,,,
  4702. ,Laos Chaozhou Association,,,,
  4703. ,Liu Lao Country Taqu Mutual Aid Association,,,,
  4704. ,KK LAND SDN BHD,CEO,,,,089-759211
  4705. ,Tractors Malaysia(1982)Sdn.Bhd.,Sales Manager,,,,09-5661811/12
  4706. ,SYARIKAT INTAN LETRIK SDN.BHD,DIRECTOR,,019-3153089,603-9851599 603-9816879
  4707. ,Teochew Club, Terengganu, Malaysia,,,,
  4708. ,Malaysia Tawau Teochew Association,,,,
  4709. ,Malaysia Kemaman Chaozhou Assembly Hall,,,,
  4710. ,Teochew Association of Kuching, Malaysia,,,60-82-242457,
  4711. ,Kuang Hui Zhao Guild, Kuching, Malaysia,,,,0062-082-364586,
  4712. ,Kluang, Malaysia belongs to the Teochew Association,,,,
  4713. ,Malaysia Miri Teochew Association,,,,
  4714. ,Malaysia Pahang Tamlu Chaozhou Assembly Hall,,,,
  4715. ,Malaysia Perak Hanjiang Chaozhou Club,,,,
  4716. ,Malaysia Johor Bayi Club,,,,
  4717. ,Negeri Sembilan Teochew Association,,,,6-7630163,
  4718. ,Malaysia Sarawak Kuching Association Ning Township Association,,,2221091,
  4719. ,Teochew Association of Sandakan, Malaysia,,,,
  4720. ,Malaysia Sibu Chaozhou Assembly Hall,,,,
  4721. ,The Federation of Chinese Associations in Sibu Province, Malaysia,,,,60-84-211269,
  4722. ,Shunde Federation of Malaysia (Selangor) ,,,60389416249,
  4723. ,Selangor, Malaysia Teochew Bayi Club,,,,
  4724. ,Malaysia Selangor Zhongshan Fellowship Association,,,,
  4725. ,Sekinchan Teochew Club, Sekinchan, Malaysia,,,,
  4726. ,Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Chaozhou Assembly Hall,,,,
  4727. ,Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Longyan Club,,,,
  4728. ,Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce and Industry,,,(603)-2411278,
  4729. ,Malaysian Zhongshan Federation,,,603-22740946,
  4730. ,Malaysia Western Medicine Malacca China Assembly Hall,,,, 06-283 3743,
  4731. , Kuching Huining Association, President, ASSKBEW@PD.JARING.MY,019-8868760,6082-340831 6082-336751 6082-349810
  4732. ,Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce,"mccoc@myanma.com.mm
  4733. huzhuhui@myanmar.com.mm",95-1-246076,
  4734. ,tri-mark foods INC., Chairman, aianfung@lingnam.net,0917-8556883,602-3765116-17
  4735. ,Philippines Chinese Chamber of Commerce,,,,0632-242-2347(61),
  4736. ,Singapore Sealand Club,,,,0065-65604826,
  4737. ,Singapore Hongnong Union,,,,
  4738. ,Singapore Liu Long Association,,,,
  4739. ,Singapore Nanyang Puning Hall,,,,
  4740. ,Singapore Zhongshan Assembly Hall,,,,0760-62230600,
  4741. ,The Chao'an Association in Siam,,,,
  4742. ,Thailand Travel Siam Puning Association,,,,
  4743. ,Preparatory Committee of Thailand South Australia Association,,,,
  4744. ,Thai Pang Family Association,,,4276784,
  4745. ,Phuket Chaozhou Association of Thailand,,,,667-6211546,
  4746. ,Phuket Overseas Chinese Federation,,,,667-6222310,
  4747. ,Thailand Shunchang Travel Agency,,,,
  4748. ,Thailand Thai Chinese Press People Charity Foundation,,,,
  4749. ,Thailand Zheng Clan Association,,,,662-2943224,
  4750. ,Thailand-China Friendship Association,,,662-2740461,
  4751. , "Saigon Liberation Daily", editor-in-chief,,,
  4752. ,Central and South America China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification,,,00507-2215523,
  4753. ,Panama Chixi Township Association,,,00507-2531083,
  4754. ,Panama Gugu State Assembly Hall,,,00507-2210140,
  4755. ,Panama Heshan Office,,,00507-2366039,
  4756. ,Panama Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry,,,00507-2336460,
  4757. ,Panama Weightlifting Association,,,00507-2605103,
  4758. ,Cologne Chinese House,,,00507-4417347,
  4759. ,Latin American Express,,,,00507-2363197,
  4760. ,Latin American Overseas Chinese,,,,00507-2369809,
  4761. ,New News,,,,00507-2367578,
  4762. ,China-Pakistan Cultural Center,,,00507-2691976,
  4763. ,China-Panama Trade Development Office,,,00507-2654061,
  4764. ,Bahamas Overseas Chinese Friendship Association,,,242-3235494 242-4772894,
  4765. ,Belgium Chaozhou Association,,,32-2-2301597,
  4766. ,Belgium Overseas Chinese Federation,,,3232335712,
  4767. ,Traditional Chinese Medical association in Demark,PhD,mwx@ma.dk,,45-35-836322
  4768. ,Danish Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry,,,45-35-836322,
  4769. , District 13, District Chief, jerome.coumet@paris.fr,, 01-44081313
  4770. ,French Greater China Sports and Culture Center,,,,
  4771. ,French Chinese into France Promotion Association,,,,33-0145650367,
  4772. ,French Alumni Association of Laos in France,,,,
  4773. ,French Vietnam Chinese Friendship Association,,,,
  4774. ,European Cantonese Opera Federation,,,,331-45214171,
  4775. ,Kylin Friendship Club,,,,
  4776. ,Sino-French School,,,,
  4777. ,The Chaozhou Association of Bologna, Italy,,,,
  4778. ,The Overseas Chinese Association of Venice, Italy,,,39432508893,
  4779. , Overseas Chinese Association in Turin, Italy, asscinesltorino@libero.it ,39/011 2483865,
  4780. ,All-Dutch Chinese Athletic Association,,,,31-20-6383018,
  4781. ,Guangdong Association of Lugeland Province, Norway,,,47-40889897,
  4782. ,Portuguese Overseas Chinese Association,,,,
  4783. ,Portuguese Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce,,,,
  4784. ,Teochew Association of Brazil,,,,
  4785. ,COMERCIAL LEE CHAN,,,,00593-4-2514452,
  4786. ,COMISARIATO FENIX,,,,00593-5-751974,
  4787. ,Oriental Group,,,,00593-5-2750511,
  4788. ,Guyana China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification,,,,592-223-6577, 592-227-5373 592-2262067 592-6236638
  4789. ,Paraguay Chaozhou Association,,,,
  4790. ,Long Shan Community, Zhongshan Long Town, Lima, Peru,,,,
  4791. , "Weihua Daily", Vice P

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