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mrtg sensors
Guest on 18th April 2022 06:00:43 PM

  1. CPU0 Temperature for tacolinux
  3. Title[tacolinux.sensors]: tacolinux Sensors Data
  4. Target[tacolinux.sensors]: `/usr/bin/mrtg-sensors via686a-isa-6000 "CPU Temp" via686a-isa-6000 "SYS Temp"`
  5. MaxBytes[tacolinux.sensors]: 100
  6. Options[tacolinux.sensors]: gauge, nopercent, growright, noinfo
  7. YLegend[tacolinux.sensors]: Degrees Celcius
  8. Legend1[tacolinux.sensors]:  Processor Temperature in Celcius
  9. Legend2[tacolinux.sensors]:  System Temperature in Celcius
  10. LegendI[tacolinux.sensors]:  CPU:
  11. LegendO[tacolinux.sensors]:  SYS:
  12. PageTop[tacolinux.sensors]: <H1>tacolinux Sensors Data</H1>
  13.         <P>This summary page shows the processor (green) and system (blue) temperatures of our web server.
  14. ShortLegend[tacolinux.sensors]: &#176C
  16.  Fan monitors for tacolinux
  17. Title[tacolinux.fans]: tacolinux Fan Data
  18. Target[tacolinux.fans]: `/usr/bin/mrtg-sensors via686a-isa-6000 "CPU Fan" via686a-isa-6000 "P/S Fan"`
  19. MaxBytes[tacolinux.fans]: 8192
  20. Options[tacolinux.fans]: gauge, nopercent, growright, noinfo
  21. YLegend[tacolinux.fans]: Revolutions per Minute
  22. Legend1[tacolinux.fans]: &nbsp;CPU Revolutions per Second
  23. Legend2[tacolinux.fans]: &nbsp;Power Supply Revolutions per Second
  24. LegendI[tacolinux.fans]: &nbsp;CPU:
  25. LegendO[tacolinux.fans]: &nbsp;P/S:
  26. PageTop[tacolinux.fans]: <H1>tacolinux Fan Data</H1>
  27.         <P>This summary page shows the CPU (green) and power supply (blue) fan speeds for tacolinux.
  28. ShortLegend[tacolinux.fans]: RPM

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