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FAQ on OpenWebmail

Guest on 21st April 2022 02:01:11 PM

  1. FAQ on OpenWebmail
  2. ===================
  3. by Thomas Chung
  5. Q1) Is there perl-suidperl package for RHEL 6?
  6. A1) Yes. I just confirmed Red Hat released perl-suidperl for RHEL 6 via RHN.
  8. Q2) How about CentOS 6? Will there be perl-suidperl package for CentOS 6?
  9. A2) CentOS 6 hasn't been released yet. But I can only assume they will follow the same footstep as their upstream.
  11. Q3) Fedora 14 doesn't include perl-suidperl. How can I install OWM on Fedora 14?
  12. A3) I'm sorry, I haven't been invloved with Fedora Project for many years.
  13. I would suggest to join Fedora Project forum/mailing list and submit your question.
  14. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate

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