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STP Controller

Guest on 23rd April 2022 08:02:44 AM

  1. --------[Buttons]---------
  2. --// Main button of the controller, You have to TAP IT TWICE to stop the ped
  3. StopPedButton= {{DPadRight}}
  4. StopPedModifierButton=None
  5. --// Controller button to open the Context Menu for Peds and Vehicles
  6. ContextMenuButton= {{A}}
  7. ContextMenuModifierButton= {{DPadLeft}}
  8. --// Controller button to be used with gunpoint to make a ped as pursuit target (only works when you are pointing a gun)
  9. GunpointPursuitButton= {{DPadUp}}
  10. GunpointPursuitModifierButton=None
  11. --// Shortcut button to quick grab the ped
  12. QuickGrabButton= {{B}}
  13. QuickGrabModifierButton= {{DPadLeft}}
  14. --// Button to tackle the player is chasing pursuit ped
  15. TacklePedButton= {{B}}
  16. --// Button to boost player speed when sprinting for a few seconds (configurable duration)
  17. SprintBoostButton= {{Y}}

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