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Guest on 24th April 2022 12:27:02 AM

  1. Fuck that shit, Rosey.
  2. You don’t get to fucking sit there and pretend that what you’re doing isn’t predatory. That it isn’t basically just profiteering. And that you aren’t completely aware of it. You had me roped in at first, too, just like everyone else. I gave you leniency because I empathized with you. On some level, you helped introduce me to a lot of great snacks, and for that, I thank you. But also eat shit you unscrupulous exploitative FUCK.
  4. In the past, I bought a box of Korean Mochi Choco Chip Cookies from you. They were $12. That’s pretty steep for one box, but on Amazon they were listed for something like $25, so while it felt steep, at the time, I swallowed it. I thought, hey, at least I was supporting someone who was simply spreading some positivity. But then I bought some Kkobuk Chips, aka Turtle Chips, from you, for a whopping TEN. FUCKING. DOLLARS. A single bag of chips. Must be some pretty fucking good chips, I thought. (And Christ almighty they are, godDAMN.) But it didn’t sit right with me – ten whole goddamn dollars? So I remembered that I don’t live very far from you, relatively speaking. We established this on one of your streams. That means we both basically have access to the same shops. They’re a bit of a drive for me, but fuck it, I thought I’d check their stock, and OH BOY. You’ve had some shit ass excuses, but literally SEEING IT WITH MY OWN EYES I could barely fucking believe it.
  6. $4. They cost FOUR dollars. onetwothreeFOURDOLLARS
  8. And they had whole fucking shelves lined with them.
  10. So, let’s assume that you buy them straight from HMART and not a wholesale vendor. (You say you have a vendor, but that would mean you’re overpricing MORE, making it even worse, and I feel like being extra fucking nice today, so let’s go with HMART.) That means those Turtle Chips cost you $4 per bag to buy. Selling them for $10 a bag, that’s a 150% markup. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT. This isn’t an isolated incident, either, the things you sell are consistently in the 100-150% markup range. Of course, there are costs associated with acquiring items and processing them, but that kind of markup is fucking OBSCENE when you ADD NO VALUE TO THE PRODUCT. These aren’t home-grown chips. You’re not selling GMO-free mochi cookies. Your shelves aren’t lined with organic Hello Kitty cookies. The only “value” you add is making these items available to people who are ignorant of, or do not have access to places like HMART, Daiso, 99Ranch, Mitsuwa, Seafood City, or any number of other Asian import chains. Maybe you believe that to be worth such a repulsive level of profiteering, but that would only make it again, worse.
  12. Because what truly makes it so vile and nauseating, isn’t the consistent 150% markup. It’s the disgustingly saccharine, completely insincere, unabashedly manipulative bullshit you peddle alongside it. “UGU GUYS I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!<3!!” That’s the hollow “value” you try to add to justify that markup. That you’re a struggling college student, hoping and dreaming, and fuck it, haven’t we all been there. That you care about your customers, and that you truly just want to spread happiness and kawaii to all the good little boys and girls. But you don’t get to be all cutesy while gouging your customers out the ass. We see you. We’ve been seeing you. It was only a matter of time before people got to talking, and I, personally, have been counting down the hours. Everyone deserves to know. Everyone WILL know.
  14. You chose not to sell these products, but to sell yourself. And people bought it. They wanted to support YOU. And so they did. But in return, they were left feeling lied to and manipulated. Do you have no conscience? Can you honestly say you wouldn’t feel just as betrayed if you were an unknowing customer of yours? There are other vendors like Mindzai that resell their products at a price that actually matches the “spreading love and positivity” message you try to claim. She ACTUALLY enables people to try Canadian snacks for cheap, without dicking her customers. How can you sleep at night knowing your whole business is built on exploitation?
  16. You know what, though? You are actually right, Rosey, in that you aren’t the ONLY one guilty of this. It’s a whole matted clusterfuck of con artists just like you taking advantage of others, and I hate every single one of you. You are all NASTY as fuck, and you’ve somehow managed to find yourself as the face of it all. The way you immediately pointed fingers, naming and shaming your friends publicly like that, is just perfect – really speaks to your character. Congratulations, you’ve truly earned your spokesperson title.
  18. It’s all coming down around your ears. I have so many recordings of your streams, and I’m constantly documenting all the shady shit that surrounds you. Every hurt person. Every cutesy act. Every piece of disingenuous drivel you spew. Every single time I KNEW I could use something against you, I recorded. I still do. You’ve hurt me, and more importantly you’ve hurt my friends, and I want to make sure all this shit is etched into the annals of Popshop history. Your exodus is inevitable, a

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