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What To Do First

Guest on 24th April 2022 08:00:38 AM

  1. What To Do First
  2. So, you decided to take matters into your own hands and do the SEO on your website yourself. But where to start?
  3. It is best to plan your strategy before even designing the website. As you will read in this series of articles, there are a number of things related to SEO that are built into the website as you create it. Then there are a number of things off the site. I will cover them each individually in successive articles, but for now let’s get started on planning your website.
  4. The very first thing you need to do is come up with keywords and phrases to use in the main body of text on the site, or the “content”. How to do this will be in an article specifically focused on this.
  5. Once you have your keywords THEN choose a domain name. Why can’t you use that old domain name you bought for something else last year and never did anything with it? It’s because the search engines look at the domain name first to try to get a feel of that the site is all about. The term of the domain name registration is also important.
  6. The website content needs to have as many of the keywords and phrases, (I will just call these “keywords” with the understanding that I am also speaking of key phrases), as would be reasonable while keeping the content clear and readable to your visitors.
  7. So, first come up with keywords. Then pick a domain name. Register the domain name for as long as you can. You can register a domain name up to 10 years at one time. The search engines like to see longer terms for domain registration as it shows stability of a business. They like to rank long term, stable business higher.
  8. Once you have these done it is time to begin planning the layout and content of the website. If you keep a few things in mind as you plan and build the site you will get the best rankings possible.
  9. Now write a few articles, or pages, of content for the site. You will need a home page which will introduce the site to your visitors. This should be your main focus to get the potential customer’s attention. Tell who you are and why they should do business with you. Look over similar websites to see how they do it.  You should also have a page that goes deeper into who you are. Include such things as how long you have been in business and any other information to give the potential customer a reason to trust you with their business. From there other pages will be more specific to what you offer, either a service or a product.
  10. While you are looking over other sites pay attention to how they use keywords and phrases in their content. When you do a search for your type of business use the first two sites in the results to model yours after as far as the content and keywords.
  11. I’ll give you a little trick here. When you are looking at a page from a high ranked website you can find what keywords they used by looking at the “source code” of the page. The source code is the actual coding that is how the browser knows how to display the page.
  12. In the source code there is a place to put in keywords for the search engines. It is in a line near the top that starts with something like “Meta name=”Keywords”” then a long string of words and phrases with each separated by a comma. I’ll go more into Meta tags and how to use them in another article. Just know this for now: the keywords a site uses are represented here as well as in the content of the site. So if you are at a loss for keywords just find a high ranking site of the same business as yours and look at the keywords Meta tag.
  13. Now, how do you see the source code?
  14. It is different in different browsers, but I will give you to top two, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. In Internet Explorer, (Otherwise called IE), you click on “file” in the menu bar. If you don’t see this then you will need to enable the menu bar or use the keyboard combination of “Alt” and “F” both pressed together. Under “File” you will see a listing for “View Source”. This will bring up the source code. Now just look through the code for a line as I mentioned above; “Meta name=”Keywords”.
  15. In Firefox the process is basically the same except they call it “Page Source”.
  16. So, the gist of this article is to first find quality keywords, get

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