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What is a Keyword?

Guest on 24th April 2022 08:01:22 AM

  1. What is a Keyword?
  2. When I speak of a “keyword” I am speaking about words that people will use when searching for your specific type of business or product.  This can be one word or a combination of words. In SEO it is better to use multiple words but not more than four or five.
  3. Let me explain. When people search for something most times they use what we call a “long tail search” which means they use more than one word in their search terms. Like if they are looking for a dress for their seven year old daughter they might search for “young girl dresses” rather than just “dresses”. “Dresses” might bring up an overwhelming list to look through, whereas “young girl dresses” will narrow down the results to more relevant results.  The searcher could get even more specific by searching for “seven year old girl dresses”. I think you get the idea. Now days most searches are for long tail terms like the above.
  4. So how does this affect your search engine optimization? When you optimize your site for search keywords you need to keep in mind how the “real world” searcher might be looking for your product or service. If you sell dresses you might want to come up with search terms that cover all the specific types of dresses you sell.
  5. Ok, let’s back up a bit now. When you build a website you need to use the actual “real world” keywords most people will use when looking for your type of business. This means you need to sit down and write a list of all the ways you think people will search for you. In the example above you would take stock of the types of dresses you offer. If you offer dresses for anyone then you will have a lot more keywords and phrases to consider. If you only offer seven year olds’ dresses then this will narrow down the choices.
  6. For example, if you are a general dress shop then you might want to use keywords like “dresses”, “adult dresses”, “prom dresses”, and whatever other types of dresses you might offer. Also, if you want to narrow things down to just a specific area like Portland, Oregon you might include terms like “dresses in Portland, Oregon” (capitalization is NOT important). Or “prom dresses in Portland, Oregon”.  If you offer dresses to ship to anywhere then leave out the local area references.
  7. In this article I am not going into much detail about the Meta tag in the coding of the website for keywords because this is getting more and more irrelevant to the search engines. Many of the Black Hat SEO people have used tactics like stuffing keywords into the keyword Meta tag that the search engines pretty much ignore them now.
  8. What you really want to concentrate on is using these keywords and phrases throughout the content of your website.
  9. So, the point is to figure out what people might be typing into search engines to find your type of business. Spend time writing a list of the keywords and phrases people will be using. Have friends come up with ones you might not think of. There are even tools available online that will help you find out the actual words people are using in real searches. Then begin the planning of the content of your website.
  10. The search engines will look at the content (text) of your website to determine how it aligns with the search terms a searcher uses. If someone searches for “prom dresses” the search engine will look through the content of the site to see how well prom dresses are represented. The more the better, up to a point. Use the keywords and phrases as many times as seem proper in normal writing or conversation. Don’t just stick them in all over the place and make the content seem un-natural or hard to read.
  11. This is an art – to be able to write a good, well flowing article to present your business well while also using the keywords and phrases you have identified that searchers will be using to find you. Sometimes it is better to just pick a few that you think are best and concentrate on them.
  12. If you really want to do your best to get high rankings in the search engine results it would be best to actually hire a copywriter to come up with well flowing, interesting, compelling content that presents your company well while using your keywords and phrases as much as practical.
  13. This is one of the biggest areas where a company fails when building a website. They do not do the work to come up with good, keyword rich content. I have seen so many websites that just say something like “We sell prom dresses, wedding dresses and many other dresses” (this is a fictional site, but gives an idea of how many sites are designed). The content might go on to tell about the company a bit and might even have a good sales pitch, but as far as the search engines are concerned it rates low in relevance to the search terms used.
  14. So, first come up with the keywords and phrases you think people will use in searches for your company. Then write your content with these in mind. The best results will be from sites that use a combination of good keywords and good compelling content. Remember, you could have great rankings in Google, but when people get to your site they can be bored, confused or just lose interest after a paragraph or so due to poorly written content. All your work to get ranked highly will be wasted.
  15. Keep two things in mind: Search terms (keywords) and readable, compelling content. These two things, ba

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