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basic idea behind Twitter is that

Guest on 24th April 2022 08:03:12 AM

  1. Twitter
  2. The basic idea behind Twitter is that you can broadcast short messages about whatever you want.
  3. The messages go to followers’ cell phones so they need to be 140 characters or less.
  4. You set up a Twitter account at www.Twitter.com. Then when you have something to say go there and “tweet” it. A Tweet is the actual message you broadcast.
  5. For instance, when I write a new article for this website I tweet it to my followers or to anyone who happens across my account.
  6.  That way I can keep people informed that something new is on my website.
  7. I write an article, post it on my site (or blog) and then Tweet it.
  8. There is a directory within Twitter so you can find members who are offering tweets you might be interested in. In my case people find me by looking for information on SEO. Then if they find my information interesting they can “follow” me. This means that whenever I update my site, and tweet it, they will get a message on their cell phone about it.
  9. Twitter can also be configured to update my Facebook site too. So when I tweet it will show up on my Facebook page.
  10. So Twitter is one more tool in establishing a social network. When I Tweet, some people find me and look over my information. If they like what they see they can then “like” me on their Facebook site. Then my information is presented to everyone they are friends with. Some of those will visit my site. Some of those will buy from me and some may send my information to friends. In most cases this will generate some links to my site, which makes the search engines like me more and give me better rankings.
  11. All in all Twitter is one facet of the total picture in creating a social network. But it is an important part of the network. Don

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