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what is a tag?

Guest on 24th April 2022 08:04:23 AM

  1. First, what is a tag?
  2. A tag is a name for a reference in the background coding of a website that rells the browser and search engines something about the page.
  3. For instance, a "Title" tag tells the browser to show the information following that tag at the top of the browser. It also tells the search engines what to display in the search results as the title of the website.
  4. Then there are Meta tags. These are special tags that give other information to the search engines. Such information usually includes a description of the site and the keywords related to the site. As I mentioned in the keywords article the keywords tag is no days pretty much ignored by search engines due to dishonest website designers and SEO companies abusing it so much.
  5.  But the description Meta tag is still used.
  6. The Description Meta tag is where the search engines get the information to display right after the title of your website. It is important for two reasons. One is to help search engines understand what your site is about and the other is to give real people something to tell them about your site when seeing it listed in the search results.
  7. Here is an image from the tags in my own site. You will notice the title tag which has the title as "<title> PDX Webmaster - Great Websites and Good SEO Information! </title>" Also you will see a tag called "<meta name="description" content="Great website design and SEO for small businesses around the Portland, Oregon area and beyond!" />
  8. I also included the keywords Meta tag just to show you how it looks, but, again, don't put too much effort into it since it is pretty much irrelevant.
  11.  So, the importance of the title and description tags are this: The search engines will use both to help them figure out what the site is about. The title should be descriptive of the site with s couple main keywords in it. The description will be read by searchers when they get the results so it should be compelling enough to get them to click on your listing.
  12. As well it should include keywords for the search engines to understand more about your site and to compare to the terms the searcher is using in their query.

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