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One More Thing

Guest on 24th April 2022 08:05:36 AM

  1. One More Thing
  2. One other thing to keep in mind when doing SEO on your website is that all the efforts you do will only amount to about 25% of the total facets of SEO.
  3.  Actually all the things you do on your website are 100% of the SEO as SEO, by definition, is what you do to optimize your website. So all SEO is pretty much applied to the site itself.
  4. So now we will turn our attention to the offsite stuff, which is called SEM,
  5.  or Search Engine Marketing. This is really where you will get the most traffic to your website. If you do this right you can forget about having to please the Google Gods as there are ways to get more traffic to your site without even showing up in Google or the others.
  6. SEM is everything you can do off the site to get traffic to your website. This includes Social Networking, Viral Marketing,
  7.  placing ads on such sites as craigslist and anything else you can do to get the word out about your site, even putting your domain name on all your print advertising like business cards.
  8. These articles will continue with an introduction to Social Networking.

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