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Guest on 25th April 2022 10:07:29 PM

  1. How to Create Aliases in xConsole
  2. Aliases for Everyone:
  3. just a few of my favorite aliases to get you started and see the potential of the 'alias' system in the xConsole.
  5. First, some information about xConsole Aliases (not to be confused with Keybind Aliases < different animal).
  7. Aliases
  8. An alias is a command that is created by the user to combine, extend or simplify unreal console commands and/or xConsole commands.
  10. Command Structure:
  11. Alias <function> <Name> <command>;<command>;...
  13. Functions:
  14. add add the alias to the list of user aliases.
  15. del remove the alias from the list of user aliases
  17. Name:
  18. Name of the alias and the command to type in the console. Try not to use reserved names or other xConsole names to avoid conflicts.
  20. Command:
  21. Any UnrealTournament console command, xConsole command or xConsole Alias. Commands are seperarated by a semicolon ';' in the alias statement.
  24. Example:
  25. alias add SetDuck set input MIddleMouse Duck;set input shift walking;close
  27. *close command is to close the xConsole when the command is finished executing.
  29. These Aliases are in the UnrealTournament.ini format and are to be edited with caution. ALWAYS make a backup of you .ini file BEFORE editing or making changes of any sort.
  31. Substitute the X in 'Alias[X]' with the number in the position you are inserting the alias at. DO NOT COPY this LIST to your [xConsole.xConsole] section, it WILL NOT WORK.
  33. [xConsole.xConsole]
  34. Alias[X]=(Name="SpawnRU",Command="admin set %game%.superWRU240 respawntime 0.001;summon %game%.SuperWRU240;say #Siege Ultimate Resource Crystal Spawned;close")
  37. Alias[X]=(Name="xNukers",Command="nukers all SiegeInstaGibRifle;nukers all HyperLeecher;nukers all ApeCannon;nukers all FlameThrower;Nukers all AsmdPulseRifle;Nukers all sgGrenadeLauncher;Nukers all;set xconsole bAutoswitch True;set xconsole bExtrabuttons True;set xConsole bDoHud True;xspec on;ViewTargetted;fov 110;close")
  39. Alias[X]=(Name="xStop",Command="nukers stop;xspec off;removers stop;set xconsole bAutoswitch False;set xconsole bExtrabuttons False;set xConsole bDoHud False;ViewSelf;fov 90;close")
  41. Alias[X]=(Name="xRed",Command="nukers Red SiegeInstaGibRifle;nukers Red HyperLeecher;nukers Red ApeCannon;nukers Red FlameThrower;Nukers Red AsmdPulseRifle;Nukers Red sgGrenadeLauncher;nukers Red sgTranslocator;Nukers Red;set xconsole bAutoswitch True;set xconsole bExtrabuttons True;set xConsole bDoHud Tre;xspec on;ViewTargetted;fov 110;close")
  43. Alias[X]=(Name="xBlue",Command="nukers Blue SiegeInstaGibRifle;nukers Blue HyperLeecher;nukers Blue ApeCannon;nukers Blue FlameThrower;Nukers All Blue AsmdPulseRifle;Nukers Blue sgGrenadeLauncher;nukers Blue sgTranslocator;Nukers Blue;set xconsole bAutoswitch True;set xconsole bExtrabuttons True;set xConsole bDoHud True;xspec on;ViewTargetted;fov 110;close")
  45. Alias[X]=(Name="xStatus",Command="Echo bDoHud;Get XConsole bDoHud;Echo bHudTime;Get XConsole bHudTime;Echo bRemoversHud;Get XConsole bRemoversHud;Echo bExtraButtons;Get XConsole bExtraButtons;Echo bAutoSwitch;Get XConsole bAutoSwitch")
  47. Alias[X]=(Name="GetApe",Command="admin summon %Game%.ApeCannon")
  48. Alias[X]=(Name="GetFlame",Command="admin summon %Game%.FlameThrower")
  49. Alias[X]=(Name="GetRubber",Command="admin summon %game%.WildcardsRubberSuit")
  50. Alias[X]=(Name="GetMetal",Command="admin Summon %game%.WildcardsMetalSuit")
  51. Alias[X]=(Name="GetInsta",Command="summon %game%.SiegeInstaGIBRifle")
  52. Alias[X]=(Name="KillMetal",Command="admin killall %game%.WildcardsMetalSuit")
  53. Alias[X]=(Name="KillRubber",Command="admin killall %game%.WildcardsRubberSuit")
  54. Alias[X]=(Name="KillApe",Command="admin killall %Game%.ApeCannon")
  55. Alias[X]=(Name="KillFlame",Command="admin killall %game%.FlameThrower")
  56. Alias[X]=(Name="KillInsta",Command="admin killall %game%.SiegeInstaGIBRifle")
  57. Alias[X]=(Name="Boobies",Command=":irc privmsg %IRCBOTNICK% Adminsay Boobies %password%"

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