BASH   59
Guest on 4th May 2022 08:13:45 AM

  1. REM Script to create files with Sample Text for Parallel Operating Systems
  3. SET drive=E:
  4. @ECHO Create files with sample text for %username% on %drive%
  5. IF exist %drive%\%username% RMDIR %drive%\%username% /s /q
  6. %drive%
  7. CD \
  8. MD %drive%\%username%
  9. CD %drive%\%username%
  10. ECHO The fool would teach the learned > Quote001.txt
  11. ECHO The force of anger is broken by a soft answer > Quote002.txt
  12. ECHO The fox may grow gray, but never good > Quote003.txt
  13. ECHO The gods assist the industrious > Quote004.txt
  14. ECHO The gods send nuts to those who have no teeth > Quote005.txt
  15. ECHO The good is the enemy of the best > Quote006.txt
  16. ECHO The greater the fool, the greater his insolence > Quote007.txt
  17. ECHO The half is better than the whole > Quote008.txt
  18. ECHO The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world > Quote009.txt
  19. ECHO The laborer is worthy of his hire > Quote0010.txt
  20. ECHO The labour is in itself a pleasure > Quote0011.txt
  21. ECHO Work Smarter Not Harder > Quote0012.txt
  22. dir *.txt

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