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Guest on 10th May 2022 02:04:49 AM

  1. 0xC3A8E9B4 (4 bytes) - Target FOV? (looks like memory address changes). Memory addresses below might be related somehow:
  2. 0xC2C75FCC
  3. 0xC3A33368
  4. 0xC3A8E9B4
  5. 0xC3D48DBC
  6. 0xC86D8614
  8. The FOV memory address can be found by getting the Camera-Zoom value from savegame (its 4 byte array) and then dump memory while in the "shoot picture" menu for the corresponding CAS entry. And then finding that value in the dump (its position is always around the same area).
  10. Searching for values from savegame makes it possible to find it in memory and then change values in real time (character values from savegame are loaded when they're selected in any mode)

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