COVID – 19: Are you at Higher Risk?

By harleymedic on 11th May 2022 02:51:13 AM

Two years have passed since the Ccoronavirus-19 began to threaten the world. Some countries continue to be heavily affected. The ongoing lockdowns and strict protocols mean that the problems in society, economy, and public health are not going away.

For travelling, especially with international flights, rapid antigen tests are still required to keep everyone in the plane safe.


Coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, China, last year. It is a virus that consists of genetic material enclosed in a lipid membrane with a protein spike. This virus can cause severe respiratory disease and SARS-CoV 2 in addition to the symptoms of fever, cough, fatigue, and loss of taste or nose.


The virus is evolving as vaccines are developed, and the world fights it. Even people who have received boosters and vaccine shots are at risk from the Omicron variant. This virus can spread to other people in three days. Below is a list of individuals at higher risk for contracting the virus.

  1. Senior Citizens – seniors have a weak immune system and can be affected by the Coronavirus, leading to severe conditions such as heart disease, kidney failure, and diabetep>
  2. Individuals With Respiratory Problems – COVID-19 is a disease of the lungs that can lead to moderate to severe breathing difficulties. If the virus spreads, it can cause severe breathing problems in people already suffering from other conditionp>
  3. Pregnant Women – during pregnancy, women may experience changes in their immune system, making them more vulnerable to respiratory disease. If a pregnant woman is infected with COVID-19, it may affect her babp>

It is essential to get a vaccine shot to protect yourself from the virus. If you have completed your second dose, it is time to schedule a booster shot. This will prevent the development of COVID-19 mutations within your body. You should also always use a mask and carry a bottle with alcohol. Keep your hands clean and dry. If you have any symptoms, it is crucial to get a quick test. You should always follow the rules when you travel and never forget to take a fit to fly Covid test for your health requirement.

To learn more about COVID-19 and who are the people with higher risk of getting infected, you can read this infographic from Harley Medic International.

COVID - 19: Are you at Higher Risk?

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