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  1. -"I did a quick look into the em files and noticed that RE6 handles enemy weapons the exact same way that RE5 does. All you do is search for 07 01 and then the byte after is the weapon. I gave all of the zombies in Urban Chaos 5A. 5A is the machine gun used by the police zombies."
  3. -"After comparing Rooftop Mission's EM files I noticed a certain text string at the beginning of the file saying "mSearchCircle" so I used this to pinpoint the location of the value. I noticed it was right before an angle definition so I looked there. After comparing the first Zombie in Urban Chaos, and a Ubistvo from Rooftop Mission there was only a one byte difference between these certain points. And that my friends, is this one: (see answerd.png)
  5. "Changing this value to "00" causes any enemy to go to the player. I tested this by replacing all enemies in em00 with Ubistvo and it works! No dumb AI. You don't even need to worry about weapon incompatibility because the enemy will just not use the weapon anyway.
  7. "An easy way to locate this value would be searching "01 43 3E" and moving 38 (in hex) to the right."
  9. "Also for Extra randomness, notice at offset 00000CC0, the byte after the first 01, changing THAT byte to "01" makes the zombie left handed."
  11. -"You should also probably add the bit to get Ubistvo and similar enemies working. I think that's more important than an uncounterable zombie.
  13. The location of THAT byte is before the byte to fix Ubistvo and after 01 43 3E. It's the same deal, just change the second 01 to 00."
  15. -"Sectus, it turns out BSAA soldiers have their own weapons too. The values for BSAA Assault rifle is 0F and 61... I don't know any differences but w/e. I'll look for more."
  17. - (see bloodshot.png) "The first four bytes at offset D5A marked in red are defined as BloodType in the text string. Changing them to "00 00 00 01" makes the zombie turn into a bloodshot whereas changing it to "00 00 00 02" makes the zombie a bloodshot off the bat.
  19. The two bytes at offset D82 are defined as BloodLife, and is the bloodshots life. It is 04 B0 or 05 DC for BSAA zombies by default in Urban Chaos.
  21. I will look into J'avo now. But before I do I want to look into the other FF values and see what they do.
  23. Edit: It appears offset D6A controls whether or not a zombie is wearing a helmet. I messed around with a couple other values but nothing really happened.
  25. I assume that that bundle of FF values controls the following mBombTimer.mStickType.mBloodType.mAppearType.mHelmetType.mChangeAIAction.mTurboRunRange.mBloodLife.mMotionSpeed"

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