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Guest on 13th May 2022 08:02:51 AM

  1. -As with RE5, the item ide string is not what defines the actual item.
  3. -Byte just before "80 01" for first entry defines how many entries there are in file.
  5. -5 bytes before the first ID string for an entry is the entry num for that entry.
  7. -0x09 bytes after "uItem" is a one byte counter which increases with 0x0A for each entry. However, this varies on the entry. I think it increases with the amount of variables for that entry.
  9. -I have not been able to replace or add full entries yet.
  11. -0x0F is the maximum amount of entries for one item file?
  13. (offsets are after the itemid string. add one byte to be where the first byte of value is)
  14. -0x1A6 - mItemId (the item's real ID)
  15. -0x1AC - mItemNum (how many there are of the item)
  17. -Value for time bonuses actual time bonus (these two values should be 60 and 90): 42 70 00 00 and 42 B4 00 00

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