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misc attempts

Guest on 13th May 2022 08:06:57 AM

  1. Successful attempts:
  3. - Loading an onslaught stage in mercs or no mercy works, but you have to select characters with revolver magnum and rocket launcher as onslaught stages needs those weapons loaded.
  5. - Mining the depths onslaght stage when played in no mercy only spawned 216 enemies in total.
  7. On going attempts:
  9. - Trying to change campaign weapons: The game refuses to give certain weapons to certain characters (for instance, hydra to 1P). Maybe it would be possible to remove the code which does this check? Also need a proper pointer to the inventory. Could check writes to the inventory.
  11. Failed attempts:
  13. -I was not able to add items or duplicate item files. Not sure at all how to add more item files. Adding more items to a file should work but I probably got the wrong counters increased.
  15. -Removing em07 outright from s0305 caused a crash.
  17. -Speech types (quiet, loud, angry, etc) are hardcoded based on level?

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