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model swap
Guest on 13th May 2022 08:08:31 AM

  1. Chris to Leon (head only):
  2. -Swap everything in uPl02HeadChrisAsia and Leon's head arc
  3. -Add Leon's textures to pltex0200_1 and replace pl0203_1.2749C8A8 with Leon's pl0003_0.2749C8A8
  5. Helena to Sherry (entire character):
  6. -Move all textures from PlTex0100_0 to PlTex0500_0
  7. -Copy and rename the MRL, MOD, CCL and CTC files from Helena to Sherry archives
  8. -Copy and rename the LMT file in the archive with head model from Helena to Sherry
  10. -Copy all efl files from HelenaUsa to SherryeEurope
  11. -Copy and rename the file in effect/epv
  13. Notes:
  14. -uPl##Ac has files for the head model for cutscenes.
  15. -I used a small model called shadow.mod to act as dummy invisible model. It might not actually be fully invisible though.
  17. JakeAsia to JakeOmage02:
  18. -Copy all files from *Omake02 AcHead, Head and Jake to *Asia
  19. -Update text files to have the new files.
  20. -Replace Ac->data\event\face\pl0400\cs_pl0401.mod with the omake02 head model. Also replace mrl.
  21. -Replace cs_pl0400.mod from same directory with shadow.mod (also do the same with 03.mod if it exists)
  22. -Replace model and mrl files in Head and Jake.
  23. -Copy new texture to the uPlTex files and add it to the text file.
  24. -Replace 0 and 3 mrl files in the uPlTex files with the ones from omake02 files

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