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stage files

Guest on 13th May 2022 08:14:12 AM

  1. s0105: (at least one zombie needs to be present, otherwise game crashes during loading)
  2. -em00->em06 - Enemies later in the stage
  3. -em07->em12 - Enemies in first school room. Other enemies.
  4. -em13->em15 - Enemies later in the stage
  5. -em20 - Very first enemy
  6. - Removing No_Dush.fsm from plan\fix makes it possible to dash all the time.
  7. - s0105_k18.lot - Has the scripted sequence with the first zombie and voice change.
  9. s0200:
  10. - Rain effects are somewhere in effects\efl I think
  11. - Removing the file in zso removes the rain effects. I think zso controls which effects are to be loaded for the stage.
  12. - I tried copying rain effects to rail yard (copied all files from s0200Etc to s1200Etc) and renamed the zso file. But it didn't work properly. I got thunder sounds, no wet effects and some really buggy rain effects.
  14. s0303:
  15. -Ada seems to be hardcoded into the level as 3P. Similar to Josh in RE5.
  17. s0305:
  18. -it00 - 1st and 2nd items are the magnum (size of the third entry is 0x273 bytes)
  19. -it01 - 2nd item (green herb) is in the bathroom close to where you escape from boss. 3rd item (red herb) is next to the magnum. 4th (green herb) is one of the catwalks towards magnum
  20. -it01 (easy to replace 00, 01, 03, 08)
  21. -it01 (NOT easy to replace 02, 04, 05, 06, 07)
  23. s0400:
  24. -em06 and em07 are the snowmobiles
  26. s0401:
  27. -Some javo have stun rods
  29. s0500:
  30. -em00 - First enemy in the stage
  32. s0502:
  33. -em00->03 - One of those is the second batch of enemies you meet (not the ones on the staircase)
  34. -em04->06 - Enemies you meet later into the level.
  35. -em07->10 - Enemies you meet later into the level.
  36. -em11 - 2 enemies you meet at stairs.
  37. -em20->23 - Enemies later in the level.
  38. -Ends with a coop door.
  40. s0550:
  41. -Weapon_Ready.fsm forces player to be aiming all the time
  43. s0552:
  44. -One lepotitsa is invincible?
  46. s0579:
  47. -it00 - first 0300 is the first green herb in the stage
  49. s0601:
  50. -k03 - Thingy you put medals into
  51. -k08 - Unknown
  52. -k19 - Unknown
  54. s1202:
  55. -6 enemies are active at the start
  57. s1402:
  58. -em20 has the enemies which player spawn as after dying once. You can freely modify the file to change what you spawn as. Deleting the file makes you respawn as an agent instantly, but it also makes whoever killed you lose connection.
  60. PC files:
  61. Another thing I learned (which I'm sure others has learned after fiddling with any stage archives), it seems the majority of stage archives are duplicated. There's 4 primary files per stage: the primary file, Demo (cutscene files), Etc (misc?), Scr (model and textures), and Soft (scripts).
  63. The primary file actually already contains most of the other data, and the Scr, Etc and Soft are just duplicates of files in the primary one (the game usually (or always) loads files from the latter). The console versions of the game does not have this structure. I don't know if there's a good reason why there's so much duplicated data or if the porting team just made a big mistake. This would explain why the game is so much larger on PC than on consoles.

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