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MMC Change Notes

Guest on 18th May 2022 08:26:17 AM

  1. MMC Change Notes
  2. Version 4.16.0 (Apr. 2020), use MCU 4.0.0
  4. [MCU] revision: support TLS 1.2
  5. [MCU] revision: linux version support 64bit
  6. [MCU] bug fixed: JNR editing error in handling large MyPicture data
  7. [MCU] revision: win32 only, new configm entry: nss_db_password
  8. Version 4.15.0 (Dec. 2018), use MCU 3.26.0
  10. [Installation Package] bug fixed: when meeting is terminated due to server shutdown, the meeting should still be able to be continued
  12. [MCU] revision: support WebRTC in JoinNet
  13. [MCU] revision: new configm entry jnkernel_min_ver
  14. [MCU] revision: default opus bitrate set to 48000, min opus bitrate set to 24000
  15. [MCU] revision: default port changes to 443
  16. [MCU] revision: conversion server convert to 24bit png
  17. Version 4.14.0 (Dec. 2017), use MCU 3.25.0
  19. [MCU] revision: support Audio Call and Video Call in IM window for Web JoinNet 1.5.0
  20. [MCU] revision: JNR rescuing process locks the raw files to avoid racing
  21. Version 4.13.0 (Jun. 2017), use MCU 3.24.2
  23. [MCU] bug fixed: bug fixed: in TCPMedia, ssrc checking logic error, could cause crash
  24. Version 4.13.0 (Jun. 2017), use MCU 3.24.1
  26. [MCU] bug fixed: _office_status_xxx.xml file name should use jnj_ip
  27. [MCU] revision: when websocket validate header encounter error, put error code in response and log (level 9) the request for troubleshooting
  28. [MCU] revision: log the raw file name and size at the beginning of a rescue function, just in case the MCU crash during this rescue process
  29. [MCU] bug fixed: when the raw file base position is reset due to error, should not try to re-map the file no matter what
  30. Version 4.13.0 (Feb. 2017), use MCU 3.24.0
  32. [Installation Package] revision: use PHPMailer for secure SMTP access
  33. [Installation Package] revision: adapt to changes in file _cluster_connection_xxx.txt
  35. [MCU] revision: support time information for text chat; require jnkernel 1.37
  36. [MCU] revision: use Apache PDFBox to convert PDF to PNG for conversion server
  37. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: always allow token holder to add mark on active slide
  38. [MCU] revision: IM log, timestamp now use MCU's clock, instead of adjusted client's clock.
  39. [MCU] bug fixed: when editing a JNR with large image mark, the process could create corrupted JNR, or cause MCU crash
  40. Version 4.12.1 (Nov. 2016), use MCU 3.23.8
  42. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when checking license, enforce that outsideconnection is not larger than connection
  43. [MCU] revision: _status_ip_xxx.xml now contain playback list and more information for meeting list
  44. [MCU] revision: _cluster_connection_xxx.txt now contain playback connection information
  45. [MCU] revision: configm, meeting_termination_warning now accept value 1 to 10
  46. [MCU] revision: local manage, --terminate_delay= accept value 0 to 10
  47. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when owner re-join the meeting, should adopt the new name(and email) for the owner if owner's name(or email) changes
  48. [MCU] revision: configm.ini entry disable_recording, when set to 1, no raw recording will be created
  49. Version 4.12.1 (Oct. 2016), use MCU 3.23.7
  51. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: remote management, send meeting id information in activity snapshot window
  52. [MCU] revision: linux mcu, local manage, terminate meeting by id or by index
  53. Version 4.12.1 (Sep. 2016), use MCU 3.23.6
  55. [Installation Package] revision: add HTTP header "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *"
  57. [MCU] bug fixed: uploading JNR of size [2-4]GB would fail incorrectly.
  58. [MCU] revision: conversion server, now convert to png file instead of jpg file
  59. [MCU] revision: https only support one cipher suite: TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA
  60. [MCU] revision: when unsharing a jnr, keep the view count intact
  61. [MCU] revision: always send the view count information in the CheckMessage even if the file is not shared
  62. [MCU] revision: when password error occurs, delay the response for 2ms[1st time], 5ms[2nd time], and 30ms[3+ time]
  63. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: mmc mcu, when user's name is changed at mmc, should force the msgr user to update name and pgc titles
  64. Version 4.12.0 (Jul. 2016), use MCU 3.23.5
  66. [MCU] bug fixed: websocket mcu, should try hard to detect error or peer's close during mysend loop. otherwise, sending will not stop even if the peer close the connection
  67. [MCU] revision: show full file name(i.e., with wrapping extension) in slide uploading/downloading logs
  68. Version 4.12.0 (Jun. 2016), use MCU 3.23.4
  70. [MCU] bug fixed: websocket mcu, speed up socket close detection when the peer websocket close the connection
  71. [MCU] revision: enforce 2048bit dh key exchange for manage.exe (i.e., version 4.6+)
  72. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc mcu, should take care of the "no recording" case for the raw file naming. (bug introduced from 3.23.2)
  73. Version 4.12.0 (Apr. 2016), use MCU 3.23.2
  75. [MCU] revision: stop recording when session duration exceed 10-day
  76. [MCU] revision: save the correct record time when rescue JNR from raw files
  77. Version 4.12.0 (Mar. 2016), use MCU 3.23.1
  79. [Installation Package] revision: support URL parameter "web=1", which can automatically redirect to web joinnet page
  80. [Installation Package] bug fixed: refresh page is not valid for https origin
  81. [Installation Package] bug fixed: for security, when sign in email is invalid, now show "incorrect password" instead of the old "email not registered"
  82. [Installation Package] bug fixed: for security, should escape errmsg
  83. [Installation Package] revision: support 2048bit dh key exchange for userinfo2, used in jnj. the component jnjencryptor must be upgraded
  84. [Installation Package] revision: Linux only, copy libraries to local MCU folder so that the installed libraries don't affect other programs in the system
  85. [Installation Package] revision: fix "Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed"
  86. [Installation Package] bug fixed: call_user_func cannot use parameters as reference
  87. [Installation Package] revision: support 4GB+ JNR file. the component jed must be upgraded
  89. [MCU] revision: reentry permit feature is improved
  90. [MCU] bug fixed: should forward cancel-question request to question controller instead of token holder
  91. [MCU] revision: send slide download status to both token holder and slide flipper
  92. [MCU] revision: support 4GB+ JNR file
  93. [MCU] revision: new entry in configm.ini: "jnr_creation_size_limit", 1 - 1000, means 1G to 1000G
  94. [MCU] revision: support secure websocket
  95. [MCU] revision: fully support HTTPS (see configuration steps in section 2.7 of http://download.homemeeting.com/webjoinnet/Web%20JoinNet%20Deployment%20and%20Built-in%20Customization.pdf)
  96. [MCU] revision: now support using domain name to specify relay MCU
  97. [MCU] revision: support 2048 bit dh key exchange for protocol
  98. [MCU] revision: mmc only, support 2048 bit dh key exchange for key pair and mmc jnj. also require new jnjencryptor at MMC.
  99. [MCU] revision: https turn off SSL v2, SSL v3
  100. [MCU] revision: linux mcu, support loading libraries from MCU folder
  101. Version 4.11.0 (Nov. 2014), use MCU 3.22.0
  103. [Installation Package] revision: support JoinNet Web App
  104. [Installation Package] new entry in mmc.ini, "joinnetWebApp"
  105. [Installation Package] bug fixed: it depends on the http server to decide whether to surround cmd with double quotes: IIS don't need the double quotes.
  107. [MCU] revision: support websocket, which is used in JoinNet Web App
  108. [MCU] revision: support new online status: web
  109. [MCU] revision: at msgr sign-in, MCU will automatically rejoin the user to all active pgc created by this user.
  110. [MCU] revision: default audio change from ilbc to opus
  111. [MCU] revision: valid opus bitrate is now between 12000 to 256000
  112. [MCU] revision: support video code mjpg
  113. [MCU] revision: when finding and auto-assigning a new token holder, force exiting questioners to ask question
  114. Version 4.10.0 (Jan. 2014), use MCU 3.21.0
  116. [Installation Package] new entry in mmc.ini, "meetingAutoExtension"
  117. [Installation Package] bug fixed: Avoid XSS(Cross Site Scripting) for certain pages
  119. [MCU] bug fixed: linux mcu, handle large file
  120. [MCU] revision: support force leave for group IM
  121. [MCU] revision: support saving im log at server, and allow user to check the log from client.
  122. [MCU] revision: cluster mcu, require cluster mcu must use the same version
  123. [MCU] revision: persistent group converstion, supporting offline users
  124. [MCU] revision: userinfo2 new attribute, "preparation_mode_use_predefined_duration". default value is "1"
  125. [MCU] revision: support jeditor command for msgr
  126. [MCU] revision: support audio codec opus
  127. Version 4.9.0 (Aug. 2013), use MCU 3.20.7
  129. [MCU] revision: during the joinnet log in process, if the session finishes, do not show ERROR_INTERNAL, show ERROR_SESSION_CLOSED instead.
  130. Version 4.9.0 (Jun. 2013), use MCU 3.20.6
  132. [MCU] bug fixed: linux mcu may crash when memory mapping space is using up
  133. [MCU] revision: improve memory mapping algorithm so that the MCU can support up to ~3000 playback sessions
  134. [MCU] revision: change upper limit of playback session from 500 to 1000
  135. Version 4.9.0 (May 2013), use MCU 3.20.5
  137. [MCU] bug fixed: mcu will crash if user upload file of name dPI-xxx.zzz (note, server conversion need dPI-xxx-yyy.zzz)
  138. Version 4.9.0 (Apr. 2013), use MCU 3.20.4
  140. [MCU] revision: when sending flip slide command to joinnet, send new command(with source ssrc) to new jnkernel(1.32+)
  141. also, reverse the related change in 3.20.3
  142. [MCU] bug fixed: sending my picture may stop unexpected, when there is no audio/video in the meeting
  143. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: change the way writing files that could be read by other applications at the same time
  144. [MCU] revision: new config entry, check_raw_file_across_meetingid
  145. Version 4.9.0 (Feb. 2013), use MCU 3.20.3
  147. [MCU] revision: do not send flip slide command back to the issuer
  148. Version 4.9.0 (Dec. 2012), use MCU 3.20.2
  150. [MCU] bug fixed: after a joinnet is disconnected, if the meeting is recovered multiple times, should still allow the joinnet to reconnect back.
  151. [MCU] bug fixed: when a joinnet reconnect back and the old meeting cannot be found, return session-is-over
  152. Version 4.9.0 (Dec. 2012), use MCU 3.20.1
  154. [MCU] revision: upload-slide logging show "not recorded" if the slide(s) is not recorded
  155. [MCU] revision: issuing url is not exclusive now. both token holder and controller can issue url
  156. [MCU] revision: messenger sign in log show vid when virtual server is on
  157. [MCU] revision: mmc, person-based meeting, when recovering across meetingid, only search raw files, skip jnr files
  158. Version 4.9.0 (Dec. 2012), use MCU 3.20.0
  160. [Installation Package] bug fixed: when multiple meetings are conducted under same meetingid, web page should not show error
  161. [Installation Package] bug fixed: web page should handle an empty xml file
  162. [Installation Package] bug fixed: should allow the user to attend an on-going scheduled meeting even if it has passed the scheduled end time
  164. [MCU] bug fixed: size_w/size_h is not written into jnj file when there is no vmcu.xml file. (bug introduced from 3.17.5)
  165. [MCU] revision: transfer_slide now also support slide-related commands, such as delete, swap, move etc.
  166. [MCU] revision: will always do full raw file recovery, ignoring the setting in jnj
  167. [MCU] revision: improvement on reconnection and hot recovery
  168. [MCU] revision: allow a reconnected owner to join a normal event even if the jnj is for preparation mode
  169. [MCU] revision: some new commands are recorded to jnr file: jnr file may require jnkernel 1.31 to playback
  170. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when a preparation mode meeting switch to normal meeting, should add the elapsed time to the duration. also, adjust the delay tick and duration accordingly so that all participants show time 0 at the moment of switching.
  171. [MCU] bug fixed: conversion server, do not use batch convert any more: the result could be missing and out of order pages
  172. [MCU] revision: conversion server new configm entry: convert_type_whitelist and convert_type_blacklist
  173. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when a non-id guest reconnect back to a meeting, keep using the old ssrc
  174. [MCU] revision: policy for detecting empty room change: if a (last) user leaves due to abnormal reason less than 2 minutes, donot count it as empty room. this is to handle the case that the last user get disconnected and want to come back to continue the meeting.
  175. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when a guest reconnect back to a message, allow the guest to continue leaving message
  176. [MCU] revision: new role of Deputy help owner to accept guest, end meeting, disconnect user, and retrieve token
  177. [MCU] revision: support to create random reconnect name for all guests to come back without additional permission and using the same ssrc
  178. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when guest try to join an event but the meeting is in preparation mode and owner is not logged, donot join any more
  179. [MCU] revision: mmc person-based meeting, recover raw/jnr file, should try all existing meetingid folders
  180. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: mmc mcu, after a successful recovery from a jnr file, should delete the jnr file.
  181. [MCU] revision: when a recovery of raw/jnr file fails, increase the fail count in the corresponding xml file; do not retry to recover it when the count reach 3
  182. [MCU] revision: reconnect will only skip line busy checking if it is a potential overwrite
  183. [MCU] bug fixed: mcu will crash when a joinnet request to playback a jnr file that is too new for the mcu.
  184. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: win32 mcu, improve the max tmp file count in a folder from 64K to 16G
  185. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: force meeting to end if duration exceed 20 days
  186. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: mmc mcu, when an uninvited id-guest revisit, no owner permission needed.
  187. [MCU] revision: using conversion server, give user/mcu option to convert page by page. new configm entry: convert_page_by_page
  188. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: for security, return wrong password for both wrong id and wrong password
  189. [MCU] bug fixed: linux mcu, deadlock occurs when uploading slide while recording file is full
  190. Version 4.8.0 (Jun. 2012), use MCU 3.19.0
  192. [Installation Package] revision: options to use direct jnj file for JoinNet Launching.
  194. [MCU] bug fixed: mcu may crash if the sum of slide group name length, slide title length and slide owner name length exceeds ~500 bytes (bug introduced from 3.16.3)
  195. [MCU] revision: virtual MCU support configm entry size_w and size_h
  196. [MCU] revision: virtual MCU support configm entry max_participant_video, max_participant_audio, audio_codec_preference, video_codec_preference, skin, skin2, gui_company
  197. [MCU] bug fixed: should set virtual vid 0 and 1's private value to "0".
  198. [MCU] revision: policy change: SIP connection doesn't consume any connection in license.
  199. [MCU] revision: change timeout 20s polling time from 8 to 3
  200. [MCU] revision: meeting control
  201. [MCU] revision: conversion server support
  202. [MCU] bug fixed: license enforcement for connection via relay: even if (out)conneciton is already full, should still allow connection via relay if allowing it doesn't increase the (out)connection.
  203. Version 4.7.2 (Nov. 2011), use MCU 3.17.2
  205. [Installation Package] revision: use jed 1.9
  207. [MCU] bug fixed: when a meeting is terminated and there still is a participant in the meeting with congested network, mcu may crash
  208. [MCU] revision: when a participant try to overwrite an existing connection, support to kick it out even if the existing connection is congested.
  209. [MCU] revision: when rescueing a recording file, relax the correct file checking, so that a recording file can be rescued most of the time, even if some of the raw files are corrupted.
  210. Version 4.7.1 (Oct. 2011), use MCU 3.17.1
  212. [MCU] bug fixed: when uploading my picture whose size can be divided by 500, the recording file will be invalid.
  213. Version 4.7.0 (Aug. 2011), use MCU 3.17.0
  215. [Installation Package] revision: support virtual server
  216. [Installation Package] revision/bug fixed: type=Innodb is deprecated. use engine=Innodb (from MySQL 5.5)
  217. [Installation Package] revision: because the actual reserved connection count may exceed the max reserved connection(from 3.16.4), the available instant connection calculation need to change accordingly.
  219. [MCU] bug fixed: when a user leave and re-join a meeting, the user cannot upload My Picture.
  220. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when a meeting does not request recording, donot allow to change its recording status
  221. [MCU] revision: support new configm entry: disable_recording (notification sent to jnkernel 1.28+)
  222. [MCU] revision: support slide group(several slides in one group)
  223. [MCU] bug fixed: when a user leave and re-join a meeting, the user cannot retrieve the slide's group name
  224. [MCU] bug fixed: should allow all questioners to delete their own slides
  225. [MCU] bug fixed: when overwritting owner in a meeting, the new joinnet cannot log in with error: already logged in. bug from 3.13.0
  226. [MCU] revision: when a user will potentially overwrite an existing connection, do not enforce the line busy policy.
  227. [MCU] revision: when a user reconnect (with a valid reconnection ticket), do not enforce the line busy policy
  228. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: use unit KB instead of B when logging the available memory; linux 2.6 can show correct available memory now.
  229. [MCU] revision: improve the memory fragmentation.
  230. [MCU] revision: take protective actions when virtual space is about to be used up.
  231. [MCU] revision: only send the stopping recording and recording stopped warning once to each joinnet
  232. [MCU] bug fixed: when the recording file size is near limitation(4GB) while the meeting keep going, the used memory keeps increasing until out of memory
  233. [MCU] revision: license,support fixed_mac2 to provide a backup mac address
  234. [MCU] bug fixed: access of data struture for owner's permission need protection, otherwise mcu may crash
  235. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: linux, use a faster monotonic clock(need linux 2.6)
  236. [MCU] revision: fine-tune queue management.
  237. [MCU] bug fixed: media tcp connection between relay and master may deadlock (bug in master mcu)
  238. [MCU] revision: new configm.ini entry "init_tab": 0 for white board; 1 for joint browsing
  239. [MCU] revision: policy change, guaranteed user can use available unguaranteed connections now.
  240. [MCU] bug fixed: when checking whether guaranteed usage exceed reservation, auto_extension may be effectively disabled for license with max_outconnection=0
  241. [MCU] bug fixed: when joinnet request no video, should stop sending video (bug introduced from 3.16.3)
  242. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc mcu, should request to check disk usage when exceeding the disk quota (bug introduced from 3.14.0)
  243. [MCU] bug fixed: should apply new policy(guaranteed user can use available unguaranteed connections) to meeting auto-extension.(bug introduced from 3.16.4)
  244. [MCU] revision: support virtual server
  245. [MCU] revision: support typing status
  246. [MCU] revision: support hot recovery for meetings that do not request recording
  247. [MCU] bug fixed: transfer slide, should support property len for slide length. will cause joinnet disconnection and/or mcu crash.
  248. note, this bug only occurs when preparing slide using joinnet 5.4+
  249. MCU 3.15.2 (Feb. 2011)
  251. [MCU] bug fixed: meeting participant is incorrectly disconnected due to bad connection, which is actually caused by non-atomic actions on two timestamp readings.
  252. MCU 3.15.1 (Feb. 2011)
  254. [MCU] bug fixed: when there is no recording file for a user, the client_info file cannot be saved
  255. [MCU] revision: jeditor usage enforcement policy change: do not check user's MAC address any more
  256. Version 4.6.0 (Sep. 2010), use MCU 3.15.0
  258. [Installation Package] bug fixed: from and to field show junk data for non-english emails (only for outlook)
  259. [Installation Package] revision/bug fixed: Fatal error: Call to a member function setFloatConnection() on a non-object in meeting_entry_proc.php
  260. [Installation Package] bug fixed: php/gmmktime problem
  261. [Installation Package] revision: all participants of an event-based meeting can playback the recording file
  262. [Installation Package] bug fixed: should not show "enter to talk" when not appropriate.
  263. [Installation Package] bug fixed: when export contact to web, the web should notify mcu to update the allow_list
  265. [MCU] revision: new entry in configm.ini,guest_messenger_allow
  266. [MCU] revision: recording file packet header, insert new field 'src timestamp'. require jnkernel 1.27
  267. [MCU] bug fixed: should request to check disk usage after a recording file delete via JoinNet
  268. [MCU] revision: support hm264 and f264 video codec
  269. [MCU] bug fixed: NTLM, only use unicode in negotiation
  270. [MCU] revision: new configm.ini entry: meeting_termination_warning
  271. [MCU] bug fixed: should log playback activity in daily/monthly xml log files when the playback is stopped due to shutdown/session_close.
  272. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: msgr thread, send username info to msgr client as early as possible. otherwise, the user may leave empty name when playing shared recording files
  273. [MCU] revision: new configm entry "disable_auto_accept_invitation"
  274. [MCU] revision: linux only, support large files
  275. [MCU] revision: support unlimited client_info
  276. Version 4.5.0 (Mar. 2010), use MCU 3.14.0
  278. [Installation Package] bug fixed: should always write '*****' for passwd in response when authenticating user, even if the authentication fails.
  279. [Installation Package] revision/bug fixed: use jnjencryptor.exe instead hmtg.dll to do jnj generation, etc.
  280. [Installation Package] revision: add attribute email for guest in jnj userinfo
  282. [MCU] bug fixed: A cancelled leave message may cause a junk visitor name(bug introduced in 3.13.0)
  283. [MCU] bug fixed: linux mcu, phy_mem and v_mem could overflow. set to 0xffffffff when the value is larger than 32bit.
  284. [MCU] revision: remember the user's email info in the userdata of a meeting. The email information is logged in mcu log file.
  285. [MCU] revision: use a thread to asynchronously check disk space. otherwise, certain users with many recording files take a long time to join meeting.
  286. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when disk quota is 0(not get user info from web yet), do not send exceed disk quota warning to msgr user
  287. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: port to linux 2.6 (gcc 4)
  288. [MCU] bug fixed: make sure that the memory allocation for request is enough for the memory copy later. may cause mcu crash
  289. [MCU] bug fixed: when a user rejoin a meeting, should reset the My Picture received flags of all users for this particular user. otherwise, this user will not receive my pictures.
  290. [MCU] revision: port to nss 3.12.4
  291. [MCU] bug fixed: sometimes, the log show for the peer address.
  292. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when mcu rescues a recording file and finds that the owner never logs in while usernum=2, set the recording as a message
  293. [MCU] do not always count preparation mode meeting as person-based meeting any more.
  294. Version 4.4.0 (Jul. 2009), use MCU 3.13.0
  296. [Installation Package] bug fixed: do not use mcuStatusIsUserOnline in online.php. (otherwise, it will show meeting on going while being appear offline)
  297. [Installation Package] bug fixed: init attachmentFileList as empty array instead of NULL. due to change in PHP 5, warning message appear without this fix
  298. [Installation Package] bug fixed: do not use short open tag '<?', instead, only use long open tag '<?php'.
  299. [Installation Package] revision/bug fixed: when create the meeting jnj for instant meeting, search existing active office for the primary IP setting.
  300. [Installation Package] revision/bug fixed: new entry in mmc.ini, mcuCollaborationMode, (load balance, or backup)
  301. [Installation Package] bug fixed: atttributes in response should not be escaped twice. file ~/mcu_request_proc.php
  302. [Installation Package] revision: Add exception to WinXP SP2 Firewall
  303. [Installation Package] revision: fire web2mcu/user_update request to MCU when the user name is modified at the web.
  304. [Installation Package] revision: update web certificate
  305. [Installation Package] revision: change from 'HM Messenger' or 'HomeMeeting Messenger' to 'JoinNet Messenger'
  306. [Installation Package] bug fixed: should not show 'talk to user' when the owner is trying to enter his office
  307. [Installation Package] revision/bug fixed: use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR == '/' to detect OS for the system running php
  309. [MCU] bug fixed: should update messenger count when a guest sign in/out.
  310. [MCU] bug fixed: should support 'pick user id' for jeditor usage while messenger support is removed.
  311. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc mcu, without msgr support in license, jeditor request fails.
  312. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: mmc mcu, when tag exists in userinfo, enforce non-empty guest name
  313. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: mmc mcu, for userinfo, enforce that event-based meeting jnj has the same owner id.
  314. [MCU] revision: improve virtual memory usage for a meeting
  315. [MCU] revision: do not close raw files until the recording file has been created.
  316. [MCU] revision: log successful download slide detailed information (date,filename,save user's account, plus uploader's info) . at level 6 or higher.
  317. [MCU] revision: office status 2's meaning, when at least one guest is in, set the office status as '2', no matter the owner is in or not.
  318. [MCU] revision: configm.ini, entry admin_email support multiple (up to three) emails.
  319. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc, when mcu crash, its office status file should not be used (30-second delay in fix)
  320. [MCU] bug fixed: when trying to determine whether has open office and/or the office's meetingid, should also consider the outside office and possible dead mcu status file.
  321. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc, office_status file, should write entry even if the msgr user is appear offline. (used by mmc and mcu to locate the office meetingid)
  322. [MCU] bug fixed: chunked data processing, should append null at the end of the new data.
  323. [MCU] bug fixed: after the name is modified, the change should be sent to all other users at once
  324. [MCU] revision: new configm entry. mcu_master_allow (can only relay to these allowed master mcu)
  325. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc, processing the 'user_profile' response, should update user's name
  326. [MCU] bug fixed: support keep-alive in Media TCP thread
  327. [MCU] revision: support group in check message dialog box (msgr 1.13, mcu 3.13)
  328. [MCU] revision: support personal message (msgr 1.13, mcu 3.13)
  329. [MCU] revision: support subject for share through messenger (msgr 1.13, mcu 3.13)
  330. [MCU] revision: support web service at http interface
  331. [MCU] bug fixed: data structure re-organization to support large number of concurrent meetings.
  332. [MCU] bug fixed: pipeline msgr thread. otherwise, large file transfer during congested time cause connection be broken.
  333. [MCU] bug fixed: guest invite owner via cluster server fails
  334. [MCU] bug fixed: guest share file to owner via cluster server fails
  335. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: it may take a long time to launch mcu when there are a large number of recording files. Use thread to improve this.
  336. [MCU] revision: log file sharing activity
  337. [MCU] revision: when joinnet pause playback for more than 30 minutes, break the playback connection.
  338. [MCU] bug fixed: should trigger the 2nd participant to ask quesiton automatically when the config/license do not allow participant audio channel.
  339. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: when listen to all while jnj_ip not set, auto-fill backupip in the response of /getmcuinfo/
  340. [MCU] bug fixed: auto recovery create recording file with property size of zero. mcu cannot change title/password for this kind of recording files.
  341. [MCU] bug fixed: strstr should not be use for potential binary data, such as property read from recording file. use memstr instead.
  342. [MCU] revision: do not use old_file_hash and shared_file_hash. put the info to .xml file. keep back-compatibility though.
  343. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: use mutex protection when writing xml files, just in case multiple threads trying to write to same file at the same time
  344. [MCU] bug fixed: some unmatched mutex protection
  345. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: make adjustment for the memory release of playback session.
  346. Version 4.3.3 (2009-10-13), use MCU 3.12.3
  348. [MCU] bug fixed: linux mcu, phy_mem and v_mem could overflow. set to 0xffffffff when the value is larger than 32bit.
  349. Version 4.3.2 (2008-09-14), use MCU 3.12.2
  351. [MCU] bug fixed: event-based meeting could be terminated by MCU server prematurely.
  352. Version 4.3.1 (2008-06-12), use MCU 3.12.1
  354. [Installation Package] Support Korean
  356. [MCU] bug fixed: queue management error during playback. (cause crash) bug introduced from version 3.5.0.
  357. Version 4.3.0 (2008-05-29), use MCU 3.12.0
  359. [Installation Package] display View URL and Attend URL for "Lookup Meeting" and "Lookup Event".
  360. [Installation Package] add two more parameters, action and value, to sso.php to handle owner-type assignment during single sign-on process.
  361. [Installation Package] bug fixed: should escape password for user_auth request. because PHP add slashes for $_REQUEST array.
  362. [Installation Package] bug fixed: when MCU use plain text communication, the Web should check the request's SOURCE IP.
  363. [Installation Package] support mobile status.
  364. [Installation Package] use jed 1.8.0.
  366. [MCU] revision: use loglevel 6 to 9 for some debugging "info" log.
  367. [MCU] revision: support firewall that only allow http or https traffic
  368. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc mcu, when update the user status, should also consider those open offices (without owner online)
  369. [MCU] revision: mmc mcu, support messenger server cluster
  370. [MCU] revision: write last token holder's id to the .xml file when the meeting end.
  371. [MCU] revision: support group conversation
  372. [MCU] revision: support start recording
  373. [MCU] revision: support file transfer
  374. [MCU] bug fixed: playback mcu, for slide download from broken point, the initial point is not adjusted correctly.
  375. [MCU] revision/bug fixed: http now use version 1.1 instead of 1.0
  376. [MCU] revision: support audio codec g726.11 (jnkernel from 1.25)
  377. [MCU] revision: support status_mobile (mobile online)
  378. [MCU] revision: new entry in configm.ini, disable_private_textchat
  379. [MCU] revision: support non-loss queue management for playback.
  380. [MCU] bug fixed: should only log IM when the log_im setting is set in configm.ini
  381. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc mcu, check message disk usage is incorrectly doubled.
  382. [MCU] revision: mmc mcu, mcu also maintain _cluster_group2_ip_gid.txt besides _cluster_group_ip_gid.txt. (_cluster_group2_xxx files are used by the third party)
  383. [MCU] revision: SIP. setting 'sip_merge_pkt' also control whether MCU merge SIP audio packets when it forwards SIP audio packets to JoinNet
  384. [MCU] revision: support offline share recording file
  385. [MCU] revision: during playback, forward all media type to joinnet even it is not recognized by mcu.
  386. [MCU] for jnkernel 1.24 or lower, send text chat warning if newer media types are detected.
  387. [MCU] bug fixed: mcu, when choosing the .jnr file name to generate (by recording or rescuing), should find one name that do not exist.
  388. Version 4.2.7 (2007-12-13), use MCU 3.11.7
  390. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc mcu, when group is used, the messenger check message may not get correct file count.
  391. [MCU] bug fixed: https, some ciphers are removed. (mcu does not support these cipther actually, cause communication trouble)
  392. Version 4.2.6 (2007-12-05), use MCU 3.11.6
  394. [MCU] bug fixed: should log offline message if it is configured to do so
  395. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc mcu, the sender name of the offline message is incorrectly saved using the receiver's name
  396. [MCU] bug fixed: mmc mcu, user_profile response parsing bug (name is not retrieved correctly).
  397. Version 4.2.5 (2007-11-29), use MCU 3.11.5
  399. [MCU] bug fixed: linux mcu, after poll, revents checking bug. bug introduced from version 3.11.0
  400. [MCU] bug fixed: master mcu, should update the _cluster_connection_xxx.txt content after any relay connection. the information is not up-to-date when an relay connection comes in.
  401. [MCU] revision: mmc mcu, when deleting/archiving a recording file, leave the .xml file untouched.
  402. [MCU] revision: mmc mcu, when archiving a recording file, send file_status notification of "archive" instead of "delete".
  403. Version 4.2.4 (2007-11-20), use MCU 3.11.4
  405. [MCU] revision: log IM information to different files
  406. Version 4.2.3 (2007-11-02), use MCU 3.11.3
  408. [MCU] bug fixed: Self Picture client notification mess up (bug introduced in 3.11.0)
  409. Version 4.2.2 (2007-11-01), use MCU 3.11.2
  411. [MCU] bug fixed: linux mcu, negative time in recording file bug fixed
  412. Version 4.2.1 (2007-10-31), use MCU 3.11.1
  414. [Installation Package] bug fixed: when someone's office is open, all or part of the status of user directory are incorrect.
  416. [MCU] bug fixed: when listen to all, do not write warn log for "listenip is not set".
  417. [MCU] revision: add sessionindex to MCU daily/monthly xml log file for entry: meeting, meeting_usage/meeting, and recording_filesize
  418. [MCU] revision: warn user in the log if the proxy server/messenger web server can be resolved into multiple IP addresses. (only the first is used)
  419. [MCU] bug fixed: linux mcu, when the mcu is creating the new recording file, lock it and do not allow other thread(playback, check message) to access it.
  420. Version 4.2.0 (2007-10-03), use MCU 3.11.0
  422. [Installation Package] Support JID(JoinNet Installation Detection).
  424. [MCU] revision: mmc mcu, do no cache the messenger user's password from web. (previous versions cache for 1 hour, cause confusion).
  425. [MCU] revision: write ip to _status_ip_xxx.xml file for if the owner is in the meeting
  426. [MCU] revision: support My Picture for those users without camera.
  427. [MCU] revision: support offline message.
  428. [MCU] revision: during playback, when reaching end of file and no more network activity for 5 minute, break the connection
  429. [MCU] revision: write IP information to the participant xml file.
  430. [MCU] bug fixed: master MCU cannot send UDP packets to relay MCU. (bug introduced in 3.10.0)
  431. MCU 3.10.4 (2009-08-30)
  433. [MCU] revision: log successful download slide detailed information (date,filename,save user's account, plus uploader's info) . at level 6 or higher.
  434. Version 4.1.3 (2008-11-11), use MCU 3.10.3
  436. [MCU] bug fixed: should support jeditor when the license has jeditor support while no messenger support.
  437. Version 4.1.2 (2007-07-03), use MCU 3.10.2
  439. [MCU] bug fixed: mcu crashes when send too large IM text
  440. Version 4.1.1 (2007-06-19), use MCU 3.10.1
  442. [MCU] bug fixed: mcu crashes when using proxy with authentication
  443. Version 4.1.0 (2007-05-25), use MCU 3.10.0
  445. [Installation Package] The package automatically geneartes the key pairs and Triple DES session key during the installation process.
  446. [Installation Package] For Windows Vista, the default installation folder is "C:\HomeMeeting" instead of "C:\Programe Files\HomeMeeting".
  447. [Installation Package] Bug fixed: The admin password for MCU is not configured correctly.
  449. [MCU] Enforce checking for empty elements such as <owner>, <guest>, <group>, <meetingtitle>; these elements should not be empty.
  450. [MCU] Bug fixed: when running as relay server,should update _cluster_connection_xxx_.txt whenever relayconnection is modified.
  451. [MCU] Bug fixed: should update _cluster_messenger_connection_xxx_.txt file for all IP addresses.
  452. [MCU] Bug fixed: It is invalid to let non-owner's playback set the recording file's 'read' status to true.
  453. [MCU] Revision: Downloading recording file does not change 'read' status.
  454. [MCU] Revision: When the MCU failed to connect the Web, it will retry to reconnect once per minute. Therefore, the system can still work when MCU service starts before the Web server service.
  455. [MCU] Revision: Allow owner to leave message to self.
  456. [MCU] Revision: new configm.ini entry: 'max_total_contact'.
  457. [MCU] Revision: Support tracking all shared playback activities through messengers.
  458. [MCU] Bug fixed: Under certain coditions, the messenger client may receive a text message from "ghost".
  459. Version 4.0.0 (2007-05-04), use MCU 3.9.3
  461. Improve the security of encrypted parameters that are used for Identity & Registration Cookie, Attending Meeting, MCU Redirection, Recording Sharing and Message Viewing. These parameters are encrypted by the same secret key string defined in "mmc.ini". This improvement will invalid the parameters that are in previously generated e-mails.
  462. Enhance "User Lookup" page to allow admin user to select multiple users to delete.
  463. Enhance "Leave Message" function to allow for setting message duration by individual, sending e-mail to sender, viewing message details by sender, replying to sender by recipient, and setting message playback period in "mmc.ini".
  464. Enhance the "Reservation Status" page that allows for alternate views, viewing reservation meeting list (by time slot or by day), and selecting time slots to create meeting.
  465. Fix the bug on "Share Recording Notification" page that causes content error on recording XML file, if neither "Send Mail" nor "Do Not Send Mail" button is clicked.
  466. Add more debugging statements (logDebug2) on database related functions.
  467. Fix sub-queries that cause error on deleting member for MySQL database 4.1 above that supports sub-query.
  468. Version 4.0.0 beta (2007-03-31), use MCU 3.9.3
  470. Enhance lookup web pages (user, meeting, recording, event, published recording, activity) for better data search and sorting.
  471. Enhance the handling of "leave message" function.
  473. Add new feature - upload recording.
  474. Add new feature - web page for the update of recording title and read/unread status.
  475. Add more meeting and recording types in the database for better manipulation of the data.
  476. Add new feature - share recording with log of playback activities.
  477. Add new menu section "Recording" (Lookup Recording, Disk Usage, Upload Recording).
  478. Add new feature for admin user - synchronization of recording data in the database with the recording files (available as "Sync" link on "Lookup Users" page).
  479. Add new feature - automatically recording data manipulation (insert/update/delete) in the database for the recording files created by MCU.
  480. Add new feature - log of playback activities for published recording.
  481. Improve the validation of "owner" status before any actions (such as create/update meeting, upload recording, recording playback/download/resume/publish/share, etc.) restricted for owners only.
  482. Add more parameter settings (such as "pubRecordingEditPeriod") for "Published Recording" via "mmc.ini".
  483. Enhance "Published Recording" with more "access" options (Everyone, All Members, Permittees Only).
  484. Add new feature - automatic refresh of web pages (configurable via "mmc.ini").
  485. Enhance "My Preference" settings with more "permission/privacy" options (Everyone, All Members, My Contacts, None).
  486. Integrate Messenger status with MMC meeting status for display of user online status.
  487. Add new menu section "Admin" (System Info, Server Status, Meeting Status, Messenger Status) for admin users.
  488. Enhance MCU library "include_mcu".
  489. Enhance JNJ library "include_jnj".
  490. Add new HIT file "hit_jnr.php" for support of JED and recording upload.
  491. Modify Database library "include_db" according to database re-design.
  492. Add database tables (Share, Activity, Message) to support new features and enhancements.
  493. Redesign database tables (Member, Meeting, Recording, PubRecording, Participant, PubRecordingKeyword) to support new features and enhancements.

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