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SDK Readme

Guest on 19th May 2022 03:35:02 PM

  1. Welcome to the Android SDK!
  3. The Android SDK archive initially contains only the basic SDK tools. It does
  4. not contain an Android platform or any third-party libraries. In fact, it
  5. doesn't even have all the tools you need to develop an application.
  7. In order to start developing applications, you must install the Platform-tools
  8. and at least one version of the Android platform, using the SDK Manager.
  10. Platform-tools contains build tools that are periodically updated to support new
  11. features in the Android platform (which is why they are separate from basic
  12. SDK tools), including adb, dexdump, and others.
  14. To install Platform-tools, Android platforms and other add-ons, you must
  15. have an Internet connection, so if you plan to use the SDK while
  16. offline, please make sure to download the necessary components while online.
  18. To start the SDK Manager, please execute the program "android".
  20. From the command-line you can also directly trigger an update by
  21. executing:
  22.   tools/android update sdk --no-ui
  24. Tip: use --help to see the various command-line options.
  27. For more information, please consult the Android web site at
  28.   http://developer.android.com/sdk/

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