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Guest on 24th May 2022 12:44:55 AM

  1. The 3Com Etherlink Plus (3c505) driver.
  3. This driver now uses DMA.  There is currently no support for PIO operation.
  4. The default DMA channel is 6, and is set at compile time.
  6. If no base address is given at boot time, the driver will autoprobe
  7. ports 0x300, 0x280 and 0x310 (in that order).  If no IRQ is given, the driver
  8. will try to probe for it.
  10. The driver can be used as a loadable module.  See net-modules.txt for details
  11. of the parameters it can take.
  13. At the moment, the driver probably won't work with old (revision 2) hardware.
  15. There is one compile-time setting in the CONFIG file:
  17.  The driver debug level.  It's probably best to leave it at 0 most of the time.
  18.  If you are having trouble, setting it to 1 may give you more information.
  19.  Any higher setting is too verbose for most purposes.
  21. To do:
  22.  Support for old boards
  23.  Make DMA configurable at run time
  24.  Improve probe/setup code
  25.  Test multicast and promiscuous operation
  27. Authors:
  28.  The driver is mainly written by Craig Southeren, email
  29.  <craigs@ineluki.apana.org.au>.
  30.  Parts of the driver (adapting the driver to 1.1.4+ kernels,
  31.  IRQ/address detection, some changes) and this README by
  32.  Juha Laiho <jlaiho@ichaos.nullnet.fi>.
  33.  DMA mode, more fixes, etc, by Philip Blundell <pjb27@cam.ac.uk>

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