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arm m 2d launcher

Guest on 28th May 2022 03:00:35 PM

  1.  - Due to lack of accelerated graphics drivers for Xorg on some ARM platforms, we need a 2D alternative
  2.  - UIs between 2D-fallback and real Unity are not easily matchable
  3.  - EFL is no long-term sustainable solution
  4.  - the EFL-based 2D-launcher will only receive minimal maintainance from now (no roadmap, no new feature-development on its base)
  5.    - Security and critical bug fixes only
  6.    - the EFL-launcher is still getting bugs filed against it
  7.    - One bug-fix still pending
  8.  - Proposed change to the boot process:
  9.   - Upon reboot after fist install, system will log into a Jockey session and ask the end user if they wish to install the 3D drivers (network connectivity must be active by then).
  10.   - If user chooses Yes, then the system will install the 3D drivers and set the default session to Unity and log in.
  11.   - If user chooses No, then the system will set the EFL launcher as the default session and log in.
  12.  -  
  14. == Actions ==
  15.  - simple panel (upanel) needed only based on gtk+ for putting indicators on the screen [ted,njpatel]
  16.    - No systray in upanel unless indicator-network doesn't make it for 10.10
  17.  - introduce a dedicated jockey-session to obtain binary 3D-drivers (and ask the user if s/he wants to switch go full-glory Unity)
  18.  - Anmar and asac to talk to ivanka about UNE need to access the internet sooner during the boot or installation process

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