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  1. Alden Finance Limited is an independent Asset Management and Global Investment Finance Company providing financial services with a team of Investment advisers and risk managers. We have over 30 years of combined experience in diverse fields of the financial services industry and helping the capital growth and financial investments in diverse global industry sectors. While offering its global clients excellent financial services, Alden Finance Limited has so far achieved long term capital appreciation by investing in business growth opportunities across the globe and in the past decade, has partnered extensively in Investments in Europe, North America and Asia
  3. Short Business Description:
  4. Alden Finance Limited is a Global Capital Investment and Management Company Providing Free Financial Services to help diverse industries in need of Capital Investments for Growth and Expansion.
  6. Keywords:
  7. Investment Loan, Private Loan, Private Investment, Merger and Acquizition Investment, Investment Finance, Industrial Finance, Real Estate Finance, Construction Finance, Agriculture Finance, Food Industry Finance, Oil and Gas Finance, Energy Finance, Mineral Mining Finance, Manufacturing Finance, Production Finance, Wholesale Trade Finance, Retail Finance, Engineering Finance, International Trade Finance, Education Finance, Machinery and Equipment Finance, Transportation Finance, Aviation Finance, Logistics Finance, Medical Devices Finance, Health Finance, Hospitality Finance, Research and Consulting Finance, Technology and Science Finance
  9. UK Full Address:
  10. Beaumont House, 172 Southgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2EZ, England
  12. Contact Mail ID:
  13. info@aldenfinance.co.uk
  15. Business Hours:
  16. 9:00AM - 6:00PM ( Monday - Friday)
  18. Year Established:
  19. 1st July 1983
  21. Phone Number:
  22. +44843 886 5168
  24. Website:
  25. https://www.aldenfinance.co.uk/
  27. Address:
  28. Av. Marquês de São Vicente, 576 - Barra Funda, São Paulo - SP, 01139-002, Bra

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