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  1. __Paste sticky notes on the home screen       [b__back_ back]
  2. Paste the memo as a sticky note on the home screen.
  3.  [._Paste the memo as a widget on the home screen.<br>
  4.         Press and hold the home screen to display the widget selection screen.
  5.         Select the Noteboox widget to paste an empty sticky note on your home screen.<br>
  6.      [i_memo/widget_add.png flat]<br>
  8.   ._Edit the pasted sticky note.<br>
  9.         Press the sticky note to display the memo edit screen.
  10.         After writing and saving the information, the screen for setting the display range will be displayed. Adjust the size and press "OK".
  11.         The contents of the memo are displayed on the home screen.
  12.         Saved memos are registered in the memo list, so you can edit them from the memo list.<br>
  13.      [i_memo/widget_edit1.png flat]<br>
  15.   ._Display the photo on the pasted sticky note.<br>
  16.         Press the sticky note to display the memo edit screen.
  17.         Press [m_star.png] to display the insert menu and select "Figure" to enter the second layer edit mode in which figures can be freely arranged.
  18.         Press [m_star.png] to display the menu and select "Etract Image" to open the image editing screen.
  19.         When you stretch the captured image to the appropriate size and save it, the photo will be displayed on the home screen.<br>
  20.      [i_memo/widget_edit2.png flat]<br>
  23. _]

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