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BLTools Cracked by @G_RIZZLY

Guest on 9th June 2022 06:31:04 PM

  3. Turn off your Anti-Virus before unzipping the file.
  4. Your computer will sometimes see the file as a potential threat even though it's completely safe!
  6. Archive Password : bltools
  7. DOWNLOAD LINK https://tinu.be/1Hf2gMwmg
  9. ✅Update v1.8
  11. [+]Added Steam inventory check for TF2, DOTA2
  12. [+]Added check TikTok for Coins
  13. [+]Added check Metamask wallets for Tokens
  14. [+]Updated the YouTube check for all channels for information (subscribers, views, etc.), and the .txt name now indicates the total number of subscribers, views and videos of all channels.
  15. [+]Updated check Gmail, now checks all mail for cookies [+]Updated Yahoo check, now correctly indicates the number of letters.
  16. [+]Added saving full log for Facebook
  17. [+]Added FunPay service
  18. [+]Added service BUFF163
  19. [+]Completely redesigned file loading.
  20. [+]Completely redesigned the type of logs for all services.
  21. [+]Added a common settings file Settings.ini, in which you can configure each service to check & save a full log
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