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RolePlay Session Of MrsKatieBrown

By CandyCane1982 on 12th June 2022 02:53:43 AM

  1. Date: 06/11/2022
  2. ViLiciousCandy: Ok general role play...let me see an example...a man walks into the club and you start to give him a role play greeting...i would like to see what you know so far
  3. MrsKatieBrown: ok, love
  4. ViLiciousCandy: take your time hehe
  5. ViLiciousCandy: also im gonna send you a friend request if thats ok
  6. MrsKatieBrown  looks at the door, see a man walking into the club, she smiles at him as he take a seat on the couchs, she would walks over to the stage next to him,she would slowly movess her hips to the beat of the music as she blows him a kiss with a wink.
  7. ViLiciousCandy: Ok thats a good start but lets tidy it up a bit..first i would like for you to either start by saying your name or using "she"..i'll redo it so you can see
  8. MrsKatieBrown: ok.
  9. ViLiciousCandy  Katie would look towards the door as a distinguished man graced her presence as he walked into the club..she would smile in his direction as he took his seat on the couch...she would than proceed to walk over towards him with a sexy strunt in her step near the stage as she slowly moved her hips to the beat of the music while blowing him a flirty kiss and a gentle wink
  10. MrsKatieBrown: oh wow nice
  11. MrsKatieBrown: z
  12. ViLiciousCandy: z
  13. ViLiciousCandy: your too funny with that voice box...i love it
  14. MrsKatieBrown: lol
  15. ViLiciousCandy: Ok the man sit down and starts to flirt with you...he gifts you and tells you that you are very beautiful...what do you say next?
  16. ViLiciousCandy: Tip or would you like a tease..lets say he wants a tease
  17. MrsKatieBrown: ok.
  18. MrsKatieBrown: i kinda lost
  19. MrsKatieBrown: z
  20. ViLiciousCandy: lol
  21. MrsKatieBrown: lol.
  22. ViLiciousCandy: z
  23. ViLiciousCandy: HAHA
  24. MrsKatieBrown: i have not stripp in months
  25. MrsKatieBrown: z
  26. ViLiciousCandy: z
  27. ViLiciousCandy: that vb
  28. MrsKatieBrown: lol.
  29. ViLiciousCandy: Ok i see a tease as getting them all hot without really doing anything to them..i guess thats why they call it a tease hehe
  30. ViLiciousCandy: i will give a example
  31. ViLiciousCandy: We gotta give him a name
  32. ViLiciousCandy: pick a name for me
  33. MrsKatieBrown: ok love it been so long for me i forgot what to do lol.
  34. MrsKatieBrown: ok.
  35. MrsKatieBrown: ummmm
  36. MrsKatieBrown: bob
  37. MrsKatieBrown: xd
  38. MrsKatieBrown: z
  39. ViLiciousCandy: haha
  40. ViLiciousCandy  Katie would give bob a sensual stare locking eyes with him as she twisted her voluptuous and curvy apple shaped hips to the beat of her music as she stepped off stage to walk towards him...she would lean in close to him and start to blow her warm breath against his neck while whispering into his ear..."I see you see something you like handsome" katie would lightly brush her bosom against him as she gave him a soft peck on his cheek and a sly smirk as she turned around and walked back to the stage
  41. MrsKatieBrown: holy that alot lol
  42. MrsKatieBrown: z
  43. ViLiciousCandy: z
  44. ViLiciousCandy: haha
  45. ViLiciousCandy: hehe i know but they expect alot sometimes...just let it flow
  46. MrsKatieBrown: ok.
  47. ViLiciousCandy: Ok bob thanks you as you walk back and your back on stage...give me a example of just you being on stage and entertaining him
  48. MrsKatieBrown: ok. like a normal one ?
  49. ViLiciousCandy: sure thats fine..just normal role play if you was entertaining a guest
  50. MrsKatieBrown: ok let me try lol.
  51. ViLiciousCandy: take your time...make him feel entertained by your words and movements
  52. MrsKatieBrown  she would rub her hand down and up her sweet little body as she moves her hips a little, looking down at the handsome fuy infront of her, she gives a wink at him as she play with her hair,she would shake her little booty take her other hand hand and her her booty a smack on the ass ass she watchs it wiggles then she would back down at the handsome man infront of her and blows him a kiss.
  53. ViLiciousCandy: Also katie just let me know about the time smh im sorry we started late...we can always train more tomorrow..im pretty much free right now so not doing anything hehe...ok let me read your role play :)
  54. MrsKatieBrown: its ok hun, im still free
  55. ViLiciousCandy: Hmm ok i like it but your cutting corners a bit...read it out on your head and also proof read before you post..no one is perfect sometimes theirs gonna errors in your role play but try to keep it to a minimal amount...i'll redo for you
  56. MrsKatieBrown: ok love im not good with spelling lol but im trying to get back in to rp lool.
  57. ViLiciousCandy  Taking her dainty fingers she would start to trace them down her body as she shook her hips a little dropping them down low towards the stage as she looked at the handsome man in front of her....she would give him a sly wink while batting her long black lashes and twirling her fingers with her long brown hair...she would shake her plump rounded ass in a sensual manner as she gave it a sexy slap with her hand making if wiggle a bit as she blew him a juicy kiss
  58. MrsKatieBrown: oh god lol
  59. MrsKatieBrown: z
  60. ViLiciousCandy: z
  61. ViLiciousCandy: Omg that voice box is fire
  62. MrsKatieBrown: lol.
  63. ViLiciousCandy: Ok....do another one
  64. ViLiciousCandy: Your getting there hehe
  65. MrsKatieBrown: ok.
  66. MrsKatieBrown:she would wiggle her booty with the beat of the music as she make eye contcat with the handsome guy infront of her,twiring her fingers with her brown hair....she would do a spin making her back around she keep making eye contact with the handsome guy making sure she dont take her brown eyes off of him.
  67. MrsKatieBrown: im forgot what i was doing then lol
  68. MrsKatieBrown: tyt.
  69. ViLiciousCandy: Ok back let me read it hehe
  70. ViLiciousCandy: Ok...redo it but give me more details...like i will type what you think you could improve on..(She would wiggle her rounded derriere)(She would twirl her silky brown hair around her fingers)now re do it but fix the errors
  71. MrsKatieBrown: ok hun.
  72. ViLiciousCandy: they just ideas you dont have to use them but do fix your errors
  73. MrsKatieBrown: /meShe would wiggle her rounded derriere with the beat of the music as she make eye contcat with the handsome guy infront of her ,She would twirl her silky brown hair around her fingers...she would do a spin making her back around she keep making eye contact with the handsome guy making sure she dont take her brown eyes off of him.
  74. ViLiciousCandy: Just asking how long have you been clocked in so far..we can only do two hours max on the clock
  75. MrsKatieBrown: like that lol.
  76. MrsKatieBrown: sorry i i forgot to space the me
  77. MrsKatieBrown: z
  78. MrsKatieBrown: it been moslt two hours
  79. ViLiciousCandy  Katie would start to wiggle her rounded derriere to the beat of the music as she made eye contact with the handsome guy infront of her...she would softly twirl her silky brown hair around her fingers as she spinned her body around while locking her brown eyes with his
  80. ViLiciousCandy: Try not to say the same thing over again..i know it gets hard at times....redo it katie and if we are at two hours we can set up another apoointment for tomorrow or whenever your free again hun but your doing great
  81. MrsKatieBrown: we can do another one tomorrow if u want i try not to fall sleep on u again lol
  82. MrsKatieBrown: and i understand love.
  83. ViLiciousCandy: Ok redo that role play for me but in your own words...don't cut corners...make sure you are typing your sentences all the way out making them flow nicely
  84. MrsKatieBrown: ok.
  85. MrsKatieBrown  katie would start to walks on stages tapping her way to the front of the stage,...she would slowly look around the room seeing all of her co workers... she would givethem all a sweet smile following alone with a soft wink with her long black lashes bening down touching her toes with her finger tips slideling them up her leg.... she would shake her rounded booty with the beat of the music as she would bounds her boobs making them jiggle with every move she make.  
  86. ViLiciousCandy: Ok work on your typo's a little bit more and the way your wording things such as (katie would start to walk on stage tapping her six inch heels against it as she made her way towards the front of the guests sitting before her) after the first line it has a little bit of cleaning up to do....(Re-done) Katie would start to walk on stage tapping her six inch heels along the way as she made her way to the front standing before the guests of the club..she would slowly look around and notice her co-worker as she gave them all a sweet smile and a soft wink as she batted her long black lashes at them...dancing to the music she would bend down and touch her toes with her nimble fingertips and bring them back up sliding them up her leg as she shook her rounded bottom to the beat of the music while bouncing her perky ample bosom making them jiggle with every move she made
  87. MrsKatieBrown: ok hun.
  88. ViLiciousCandy: Ok do you see what you need to improve on
  89. MrsKatieBrown: ya
  90. ViLiciousCandy: Ok hun hehe it takes time to get back in the groove of things...what time tomorrow would you like to start again

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