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RolePlay Session Of P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n

By CandyCane1982 on 12th June 2022 10:06:14 PM

  1. 06/12/2022
  2. ViLiciousCandy: Ok first are you a two week trial or just want extra training?
  3. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Two week trial
  4. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Today should be my last day but I didn’t finish a session yet
  5. ViLiciousCandy: Ok what did you and angel work on last...hmm since this is the last day we should cover everthing..we a max of two hours to train...what would you like to do first genral roleplay(entertaining a guest while on stage and teases) lap dance or pole role play
  6. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: We had just started on my general role play
  7. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: For me that’s my weakest spot
  8. ViLiciousCandy: Ok well we can start with that...show me a example...a man walks into the club lets call him max and you start to give him a role play greeting...i want to see where your level is at
  9. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Alright
  10. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: her eyes would catch a glance of the handsome man who just walked in, she’d slowly grind her body down gliding her fingers down her body seeing that it’s caught Max’s attention “hi there handsome, How are you today” she’d say with a smile  
  11. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: See to me that’s decent, but i wish I could think at the time of sexier words to use at time if that makes sense
  12. ViLiciousCandy: Ok thats good but yes you could ramp it up a bit
  13. ViLiciousCandy: Ok lets see...let me re-do it so you can see
  14. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Alright
  15. ViLiciousCandy  While dancing on stage moving her body with the music shantel would catch a glance out the corner of her eye of a handsome man that just walked into the club..."Hello sir..how are you today my name is shantel welcome to dream dolls" she would slowly twist and grind her curvy pear shaped body down to the stage as she glided her fingers along her side...noticing she had caught max's attention she would give him a sultry stare while blowing him a kiss  
  16. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: See?!? That’s what I need to learn to do xD
  17. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Copied it to look over at times
  18. ViLiciousCandy: ok max sit's down and tells you thank you...he sends you a gift...you ask him a tip or tease and he chooses a tease...ok give him a tease
  19. ViLiciousCandy: ok hehe :)
  20. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n  she’d begin walking down the stage her curvaceous body swaying side to side she’d run her fingers down his arms accidentally rubbing her breast along his back “oops I’m so sorry I hope my breasts didn’t hurt you” she’d giggle in his ear before making her way to the stage  
  21. ViLiciousCandy: ok ok lol
  22. ViLiciousCandy: clean it up a bit...fix your errors and typo's
  23. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Alright
  24. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Now let me ask you this… Angel was saying my rps were long, but it seems you look for more.. which way should I do
  25. ViLiciousCandy: well your role play is not long it's just fine...i really base it off the client/guest...some want to read and some dont...a tease is always somewhat long cause they did pay for it hehe
  26. ViLiciousCandy: Ok re-do your tease for me
  27. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n  “with pleasure sir” she’d say with a smile upon her face bouncing her curvy body down the stage she’d place her index finger on the end of his left arm gliding it across til she’d reach his neck, with a chuckle she’d bend down her breast surrounding his head “Oh my you smell amazing cutie, I could just eat you up” she’d whisper before placing a juicy kiss on his cheek
  28. ViLiciousCandy: Ok it a bit messy...for me...im a bit confused on what is going on although i can see it...its very messy
  29. ViLiciousCandy: ok lets pretend im max and i asked for a tease...im about to type the tease out
  30. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Okay…
  31. ViLiciousCandy  She would look at him and give him a sly grin..."with pleasure sir" she would say with a wide smile across her face while bouncing her curvy pear shaped body down the stage steps to reach him...she would place her index finger on the end of his arm and glide it across til she reached his neck...she would start to softly chuckle as she bend down and engulf her perky breasts around his head while leaning in close whispering into his ear..."oh my you smell amazing cutie i could just eat you all up" she would smirk slightly just before giving him a peck of her tender lips on his cheek and walking back to the stage
  32. ViLiciousCandy: I just tried to take what you wrote and cleaned it up a bit thats all
  33. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Alright I see the difference, I noticed a few things I could have added and done differently
  34. ViLiciousCandy: Ok max is feeling freaky lol and gifts you for a lap dance..lets see that role play..i guess i will play the guy lol
  35. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: lol, okay
  36. ViLiciousCandy: ok i'll sit in the chair lol...idk it might help you better to see the movements
  37. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: swaying her curvy body as she walks towards him, her hips rolling to the song playing in the background. She’d hold onto his arm placing her long thick leg over his, she’d begin to roll her body forward rubbing her luscious breast across his chest  
  38. ViLiciousCandy: Ok first this is what i like to do but everyone is different...after you invite him to the lap dance room do a small intro to get him over and seated...i will give a example i like to use
  39. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Okay
  40. ViLiciousCandy  Taking max's hand candy would walk with him to the other side of the room to the lap dance area and seat him how running her long nails down his back as she got comfy..."Oh handsome we are gonna have so much fun" she would give him a soft giggle as she started to dance for him
  41. ViLiciousCandy: sorry i meant to say "as he got comfy" hehe
  42. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: ooooh I like that
  43. ViLiciousCandy: ok after he sits down than i like to start the lap dance
  44. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: See those are things I would say but most likely not in a rp way
  45. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: I would just begin with tyt loading and would most definitely walk him to the chair but I didn’t think about adding that as my rp, I usually get say it
  46. ViLiciousCandy: Ok your role play was fine but remember its only 15min unless its more time he paid upfront so in your mind you gotta try to get the most out of 15min which is hard
  47. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Understandable
  48. ViLiciousCandy: yea a light intro just seems fair
  49. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Agree
  50. ViLiciousCandy: Ok keep going with the lap dance...i wanna see more
  51. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n  she’d chuckle watching his eyes stuck on her breast as his breath starts trembling placing her hand on his chin guiding his eyes to hers, she’d blow him a kiss. Grabbing both of his hands she’d turn her body around gliding his hands up her legs as she sways her hips in circular motions on his lap  
  52. ViLiciousCandy: Ok you havent mentioned talking your clothes off yet...i find it a bit sexy to do layers...like the top showing the breasts and some role play teasing and than the taking off the bottom unless your wearing a full fit and you gotta role play taking it all off at once
  53. ViLiciousCandy: brb
  54. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Tyt
  55. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n  as she hears his breath tremble from her breast rolling close to his face, she starts to step backwards untying the strings to her top removing it from her chest. With a smirk Shantel drops the top from her hands, her long blonde hair sways as she turns her body backing into his lap. She bends her body backwards wrapping her arms around his neck slowly grinding against him
  56. ViLiciousCandy: ok back hun
  57. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Wb
  58. ViLiciousCandy: hehe thank you we got about 20min and we will be at 2 hours...work on your grammer and spelling and the way your laying down the foundation of the role play...make it seem like it's flowing
  59. ViLiciousCandy: also details...you could put a tad more in and dont cut corners although i know thats hard not to do also
  60. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Not trying to sound rude with this question, where has my spelling been messed up? I’m usually very good with that. The commas and what not I do need to work on
  61. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Definitely I’m going to start just writing down lapdances and what not in my notes to start getting better at it using more details without wasting time during an actual lap dance
  62. ViLiciousCandy: ok maybe not spelling...im sorry about that..it just seems like your there but it just needs a little cleaning up
  63. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Oh no problem, I was just confused because I work hard on spelling correctly it’s a pet peeve of mine lol
  64. ViLiciousCandy: hehe i understand
  65. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Sadly, my experience on here has usually been with men who don’t really care how you say it smh
  66. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: I have always wanted to learn to better tho, so even after trial I will be requesting extra training
  67. ViLiciousCandy  As she hears his breath start to tremble from her ample breasts pressed against his face she would start to step backwards untying the strings of her white ruffled top and removing it dropping it to the floor while giving him a soft smirk...her long blonde hair would start to sway as she danced and grinded against his lap bending her body backwards as she wrapped her arms around his neck while making sensual movements on him
  68. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: It annoys me to my core that I don’t think into that much detail
  69. ViLiciousCandy: yes it takes time hehe
  70. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: That is amazing role play #goals
  71. ViLiciousCandy: lol
  72. ViLiciousCandy: i be bored i have no life haha
  73. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: I have no life either that’s the sad part
  74. ViLiciousCandy: lol
  75. P3rf3ctlyBr0k3n: Honestly, today probably was the best of days to do the training.

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