PYTHON   160
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  1. dictionary = {'a': {'are':'art', 'anime':'animu', 'always': 'aye', 'attendants': 'meiny', 'adorned': 'perked up', 'author': 'motive', 'absolutely': 'neelly',
  2. 'augury': 'augur', 'anything':'aught','agent': 'intelligencer', 'auburn': 'abram', 'active': 'yare', 'allure': 'train', 'awry': 'askance', 'anchorite': 'anchor',
  3. 'affectation': 'affection', 'afraid':'afeard','abundant': 'old', 'accursed': 'forbid', 'absolute': 'mere', 'abscess': 'imfosthume', 'avaunt': 'aroint thee',
  4. 'appear': 'peer', 'army': 'battle', 'addition': 'annexion', 'avoid': 'evitate', 'acts': 'gests', 'accent': 'tune', 'ante-room': 'voiding-lobby',
  5. 'astray': 'wide', 'allowances': 'sizes', 'aspirant': 'questant', 'adj': 'pash', 'ass': 'assinego', 'appoint': 'limit', 'avow': 'agnize', 'assay': 'say',
  6. 'alienation': 'distance', 'advantage': 'commodity', 'apparitor': 'paritor', 'advice': 'rede', 'artifice': 'practice', 'assert': 'pretend', 'aim': 'man',
  7. 'alive': 'quick', 'accuse': 'tax', 'alone': 'high lone', 'approval': 'approof', 'altogether': 'quill', 'abated': 'bated', 'adversary': 'wrangler',
  8. 'arrange': 'darraign', 'amulets': 'periapts', 'attentively': 'intentively', 'adjourn': 'rejourn', 'arched': 'compassed', 'accord-': 'tallow ketch',
  9. 'attacks': 'visitings', 'apricot': 'apricock', 'apertures': 'ventages', 'acknowledge': 'agnize', 'ancestral': 'monumental', 'anxious': 'curious',
  10. 'allow': 'beteem', 'appraise': 'praise', 'await':'attend','approve': 'allow', 'alembic': 'limbeck', 'adorn': 'fret'}, 'c': {'cute': 'kawaii ^^', 'cool': 'kakkoii', 'cincture': 'ceinture',
  11. 'consider': 'perpend', 'crewel': 'cruel', 'cheat': 'cony-catch', 'copy': 'take our', 'confederate': 'feodary', 'circumlocution': 'circumstance',
  12. 'civilized': 'inland', 'cease': 'cesse', 'carper': 'critic', 'curled': 'crisp', 'cut': 'scotch', 'cudgel': 'dry-beat', 'crack': 'flaw',
  13. 'circle': 'rondure', 'custody;': 'keep', 'conquer': 'tars in', 'coagulated': 'impasted', 'contemptible': 'cullionly', 'confront': 'affront',
  14. 'compassionate': 'remorseful', 'clown': 'carl', 'clothes':'apparel', 'clothing':'apparel','capricious': 'pettish', 'common': 'unproper', 'contradict': 'disvouch', 'coxcombs': 'fantasticoes',
  15. 'close': 'thick', 'clock': 'horologe', 'crooked': 'kam', 'complexion': 'leer', 'chinaman': 'cataian', 'cause': 'quarrel', 'clover': 'honey-stalks',
  16. 'countenance': 'favour', 'consideration': 'respect', 'cough': 'tisick', 'crossbow': 'stone-bow', 'care': 'tender', 'commands': 'hests',
  17. 'carelessness': 'security', 'contract': 'hand-fast', 'circuit': 'windlass', 'contribution': 'scot', 'clump': 'tuft', 'clime': 'climate',
  18. 'cynic': 'critic', 'composed': 'compact', 'christen': 'gossip', 'coin': 'coign', 'confide': 'affy', 'confuse': 'diffuse', 'caverns': 'vaultages',
  19. 'cheating': 'daubery', 'call': 'clepe', 'coarse': 'unbolted', 'cite': 'accite', 'carcan': 'carkanet', 'clever': 'pregnant',
  20. 'corresponding': 'answerable', 'complete': 'stuffed', 'catchpole': 'nuthook', 'converse': 'question', 'clasp-knife': 'whittle',
  21. 'cinquepas': 'cinque-pace', 'confused': 'skimble-skamble', 'craft': 'cautel', 'child': 'imp', 'catch': 'latch', 'careful': 'respective',
  22. 'chatter': 'smatter', 'cunning': 'cautelous', 'counsel': 'rede', 'chicanery': 'quillets', 'cower': 'rook', 'cap': 'quoif', 'cask': 'cade',
  23. 'crossed': 'traversed', 'chapped': 'choppy', 'chaplet': 'crants', 'companionable': 'fellowly', 'control': 'danger', 'crazy': 'informal',
  24. 'casque]': 'casque', 'camp-bed': 'field-bed', 'certain': 'perfect', 'chafed': 'raged', 'confound': 'mate', 'cobbler': 'cozier',
  25. 'claimed': 'writ=wrote', 'churl': 'chuff', 'cultivate': 'manure', 'constrained': 'strained', 'curl': 'purl', 'contempt': 'misprision',
  26. 'confirmed': 'affeered', 'cavilling': 'quillets', 'counterpane': 'counterpoint', 'commotion': 'garboil', 'cross': 'thwart', 'check': 'sneap',
  27. 'coriol': 'twist', 'consummate': 'replenished', 'company': 'sort', 'commonplace': 'modern', 'companion': 'pew-fellow', 'courtesy': 'gentry',
  28. 'cheated': 'fobbed', 'colour': 'leer', 'camp': 'leaguer', 'cover': 'deck', 'cavity': 'ventricle', 'chief': 'arch', 'command': 'impose',
  29. 'cuisses': 'cushes', 'crafty': 'cautelous', 'charged': 'stored'}, 'b': {'bastard':'bakayarou', 'but':'demo', 'blind': 'winking', 'bare': 'unbarbed', 'brave': 'face', 'bait': 'train',
  30. 'braggart': 'swasher', 'blusterer': 'cracker', 'blended': 'blent', "bull's-eye": 'pin', 'bruise': 'frush', 'bound': 'endeared', 'betrays': 'peaches',
  31. 'blindfolded': 'wimpled', 'bigoted': 'popish', 'bats': 'rere-mice', 'bleacher': 'whitster', 'beckon': 'waft', 'big-bellied': 'gorbellied',
  32. 'besmear': 'besmirch', 'belt': 'baldrick', 'buds': 'buttons', 'blot': 'dislimn', 'blighted': 'seared', 'begrime': 'grime', 'beguin': 'biggin',
  33. 'bowlines': 'bolins', 'by': 'with', 'broadsword': 'fox', 'betrothal': 'troth-plight', 'black': 'collied', 'buffoon': 'zany', 'before': 'tofore',
  34. 'blunt': 'rebate', 'brand': 'wipe', 'beard': 'excrement', 'bacchanalian': 'rivo', 'blear-eyed': 'bisson', 'belonging': 'dancing horse',
  35. 'bully': 'swasher', 'beat': 'swings', 'becoming': 'decent', 'blue': 'welkin', 'bundle': 'fardel', 'break': 'manage', 'broken': 'fracted',
  36. 'bold': 'roisting', 'base': 'villiago', 'bustle': 'ruffle', 'boastful': 'thrasonical', 'bar': 'sperr', 'bury': 'rake-up', 'beadsman': 'hermit',
  37. 'begone': 'aroint thee', 'bullying': 'roisting', 'bloodhound': 'lym', 'bleaching-time': 'whiting-time', 'bagnio': 'h0t-house',
  38. 'blockhead': 'thick-skin', 'basilisco': 'basilisco-like', 'bow': 'leg', 'beardless': 'unhaired', 'bewitched': 'overseen', 'basket': 'maund',
  39. 'behaviour': 'rule', 'briskly': 'yarely', 'bisognoso': 'bezonian'}, 'e': {'excited':'doki doki', 'eagerness': 'fervency', 'engloute': 'englut', 'exhausted': 'fordone',
  40. 'ensnare': 'enmesh', 'emptied': 'embowelled', 'entrails': 'chaudron', 'embrace': 'clip', 'ennoble': 'gentle', 'estimated': 'prized',
  41. 'enchantress': 'fairy', 'examine': 'quote', 'effeminate': 'citizen', 'excites': 'accites', 'expedition': 'expedience', 'except': 'abate', 'expect':'attend on'
  42. 'exploits': 'gests', 'equipment': 'garnish', 'encourage': 'cry aim', 'experiment': 'conclusion', 'expeditious': 'expedient', 'everlasting': 'marbled',
  43. 'empty': 'lade', 'embellished': 'laced', 'efface': 'dislimn', 'erasure': 'razure', 'explained': 'pajock', 'exactly': 'jump', 'evil': 'bale',
  44. 'early': 'primy', 'excellent': 'qualified', 'echo': 'replication', 'entire': 'mere', 'estimation': 'prize', 'equality': 'sympathy',
  45. 'extremity': 'exigent', 'elaborate': 'laboursome', 'equal': 'egal', 'enclose': 'womb', 'entirely': 'merely', 'escheator': 'creator',
  46. 'engraved': 'insoulped', 'eradicate': 'deracinate'}, 'd': {'do':'doth', 'does':'doth', 'draw': 'trick', 'dim-eyed': 'thick-eyed', 'deduct': 'abate', 'disgrace': 'baffle',
  47. 'drums': 'tabourines', 'drunk': 'fap', 'dance': 'heel', 'distracted': 'wide', 'discover': 'bewray', 'defeated': 'convicted', 'doubtful': 'litigious',
  48. 'down': 'dowle', 'disguise': 'defeat', 'downright':'arrant', 'design': 'pretence', 'daily': 'journal', 'directly': 'roundly', 'dagger': 'bodkin', 'denying': 'renying',
  49. 'disturbance': 'garboil', 'droop': 'sag', 'deceitful': 'cautelous', 'deadly': 'mortal', 'doll': 'baby', 'disquiet': 'harrow', 'defiant': 'roisting',
  50. 'dull': 'unpregnant', 'delay': 'forslow', 'discredit': 'taint', 'disgraced': 'noted', 'dislike': 'bear hard', 'dash': 'jowl', 'direction': 'intention',
  51. 'drink': 'water', 'diurnal': 'journal', 'dessert': 'banquet', 'dark-coloured': 'poke-stocking', 'defame': 'scandal', 'denounce': 'tongue',
  52. 'dark': 'nighted', 'directness': 'immediacy', 'defence': 'propugnation', 'delicate': 'quaint', 'disposition': 'dispose', 'drab': 'tom-boy',
  53. 'desert': 'demerit', 'distraction': 'wildness', 'dupe': 'geck', 'deny': 'renege', 'drain': 'lade', 'darling': 'peat', 'double': 'gimmal',
  54. 'drub': 'blurted at', 'distract': 'harrow', 'darkened': "umber'd", 'dashing': 'swashing', 'deceive': 'bear in hand', 'dressed': 'suited',
  55. 'dregs': 'draff', 'dirge': 'threne', 'dress':'apparel','dissolve': 'disoandy'}, 'g': {'god':'kami-sama', 'good':'sugoi', 'go-between': 'intelligencer', 'goad;': 'gad', 'gimmal-ring': 'joint-ring',
  56. 'ghastliness': 'gastness', 'gang': 'ging', 'gowned': 'toged', 'gladiator': 'sworder', 'guess': 'aim', 'goblins': 'ouphs', 'gentle-': 'pensioner',
  57. 'grimace': 'mow', 'gaudy': 'garish', 'guarded': 'peculiar', 'garland': 'crants', 'granddaughter': 'niece', 'griffin': 'gripe', 'generalship': 'leading',
  58. 'guitar': 'cittern', 'gloomy': 'rooky', 'grow': 'waxen', 'grief': 'teen', 'great': 'old', 'girdle': 'ceinture', 'grieve': 'yearn', 'gratifying': 'gratulate',
  59. 'gorse': 'goss', 'grandchild': 'nephew', 'grasp': 'fist', 'gibberish': 'linsey-woolsey', 'gamekeeper': 'warrener', 'glittering': 'garish'},
  60. 'f': {'friend': 'tomodachi','friends': 'tomodachis', 'freak': 'escape', 'features': 'favours', 'foaming': 'yesty', 'forbid': 'forfend', 'flatter': 'smooth', 'finical': 'point-devise',
  61. 'float': 'hull', 'fellow': 'merchant', 'feet': 'pettitoes', 'fits': 'visitings', 'fever': 'hectic', 'fist': 'neif', 'further': 'far',
  62. 'fight': 'bandy', 'frightened': 'gasted', 'fencers': 'scrimers', 'forced': 'strained', 'frothy': 'yesty', 'from': 'hercules and his load',
  63. 'fortification': 'work', 'fine': 'quaint', 'folded': 'traversed', 'fruitful': 'childing', 'fragment': 'lag', 'forebode': 'abode',
  64. 'figuratively': 'tropically', 'fade': 'vade', 'frighten': 'gallow', 'flexible': 'lither', 'ferocity': 'immanity', 'falsify': 'false',
  65. 'failure': 'fail', 'fool': 'patch', 'flat': 'mulled', 'full': 'farced', 'fibre': 'thrip', 'form': 'feature', 'festive': 'gaudy', 'farm': 'grange',
  66. 'flavoured': 'marchpane', 'filch': 'cog', 'fixed': 'stelled', 'folds': 'plaits', 'fringed': 'valanged', 'fretful': 'testy', 'filthy': 'reeky',
  67. 'fondling': 'honeying', 'forerunners': 'vaunt-couriers', 'fastened': 'made', 'fluctuate': 'wave', 'fellow-countrymen': 'climatures', 'fatal': 'weird',
  68. 'fortified': 'forted', 'foppish': 'neat', 'fierce-eyed': 'wall-eyed', 'face': 'underbear', 'fasted': 'fast', 'filled': 'stored', 'foolish': 'unhaired',
  69. 'frequent': 'sennet', 'first': 'primal'}, 'i': {'i':'watashi', 'I':'watashi', 'implacable': 'unmitigable', 'indescribable': 'termless', 'inventive': 'forgetive',
  70. 'inference': 'collection', 'inspire': 'inform', 'ill-tempered': 'curst', 'insignificant': 'immoment', 'importunity': 'importance', 'impeach': 'appeach',
  71. 'inactive': 'deedless', 'intricate': 'plighted', 'illuminate': 'illume', 'inflated': 'exsufflicate', 'irene': 'hiren', 'impending': 'pendulous',
  72. 'incoherent': 'unjointed', 'incurable': 'unrecuring', 'introduction': 'induction', 'interwoven': 'pleached', 'incontinent': 'unstanched', 'instantaneous': 'momentany', 'increase': 'waxen', 'instrument': 'property', 'invective': 'taxation', 'inquiries': 'quests', 'innocent': 'free', 'instructed': 'studied', 'instigate': 'put on', 'inclination': 'propension', 'inconsidered': 'unscanned', 'inert': 'caked', 'inconstancies': 'blenches', 'impeachment': 'appeal', 'invitations': 'entreatments', 'ignorant': 'skill-less', 'inexpressible': 'unexpressive', 'immediately': 'incontinent', 'importunate': 'important', 'instructive': 'preceptial', 'indiscriminately': 'swoostake', 'ignominy': 'ignomy', 'incline': 'propend', 'irregular': 'diffused', 'insipid': 'mulled', 'instruction': 'document',  'idiot': 'innocent', 'impure': 'maculate', 'imprison': 'mew', 'invaluable': 'unprizeable', 'intimacy': 'inwardness', 'inspection': 'supervize', 'indirectly': 'afar off', 'insensible': 'iron-witted'}, 'h': {'have':'hast', 'has':'hath', 'hello':'konnichiwa', 'heart':'kokoro', 'honest':'hontoni', 'honestly':'hontoni', 'heavy': 'lumpish', 'hindrances': 'embarquembnts', 'handmill': 'quern', 'household': 'meiny', 'haunt': 'ghost', 'hollow': 'womby', 'henpecked': 'woman-tired', 'half-shut': 'pink eyne', 'halidom': 'holidame', 'hell': 'tartar', 'hesitate': 'mammer', 'horse': 'cut', 'haughty': 'haught', 'hunting': 'recheat', 'hubbub': 'whoobub', 'harmless': 'hurtless', 'head-dress': 'ship-tire', 'handicraftsman': 'mechanical', 'hidden': 'occulted', 'holiday': 'high-day', 'heal': 'physic', 'hermit': 'anchor', 'highwaymen': "nicholas' clerks", 'head': 'mazzard', 'heavings': 'hefts', 'hough': 'hox', 'hostility': 'distance', 'hang': 'gibbet', 'hawk-like': 'hawking', 'hovel': 'crib', 'ham': 'mazzard', 'hair': 'excrement', 'hemlock': 'kecksies', 'holiness': 'holidame', 'high-blooded': 'soiled', 'husks': 'shales', 'harry': 'harry', 'handwriting': 'character', 'hamstring': 'hox'}, 'k': {'keeping': 'keep', 'kettle-drum': 'kettle', 'kiss': 'lip', 'know': 'weet', 'knave': 'gallows', 'kite': 'puttock', 'knock-kneed': 'near-legged'}, 'j': {'judicial': 'judicious', 'jargon': 'linsey-woolsey', 'jealousy': 'yellowness' }, 'm': {'me':'watashi', 'morning':'morrow', 'morris-dancer': 'morisco', 'mutiny': 'mutine', 'madness': 'insanie', 'mutineers': 'mutines', 'mistaken': 'misprised', 'meagre': 'lenten', 'motive': 'instance', 'maintained': 'escoted', 'measure': 'squire', 'murderer': 'man-queller', 'mover': 'motive', 'mark': 'sign', 'mole': 'moldwarp', 'momentary': 'momentany', 'memorial': 'monumental', 'management': 'husbandry', 'mitigation': 'allay', 'musty': 'vinewedst', 'melt': 'disoandy', 'magpie': 'maggot-pie', 'moist': 'milch', 'master': 'arch', 'meteor': 'fire-drake', 'motto': 'posy', 'messenger': 'missive', 'moderate': 'qualify', 'mainsail': 'main-course', 'melancholy': 'thought', 'murder': 'quell', 'mischief': 'bale', 'masculine': 'mankind', 'modulation': 'division', 'misgiving': 'gain-giving', 'maimed': 'mained', 'malhecho': 'mallecho', 'mutilated': 'half-checked bit', 'mad': 'wood', 'mandrake': 'mandragora', 'mistress': 'doxy', 'mangy': 'scald', 'mateless': 'makeless', 'misty': 'rooky', 'made': 'cub-drawn', 'mere': 'plain', 'mingled': 'mealed', 'mischievous': 'shrewd', 'mouldy': 'vinewedst', 'mechanic': 'apron-man', 'mixed': 'blent', 'medicinal': 'rbmediate', 'mistake': 'misprision', 'meddle': 'mell', 'mean': 'cullionly'}, 'l': {'listen':'hark', 'like':'suki', 'love': 'aishiteru', 'lascivious': 'luxurious', 'lively': 'pert', 'laughing-stock': 'stale', 'lurking': 'miching', 'lines': 'lunes', 'living': 'monarcho', 'licentious': 'liberal', 'long': 'flight', 'lop': 'trash', 'lard': 'seam', 'lodge': 'host', 'luff': 'loop', 'love-songs': 'fancies', 'low':'base','lazy': 'resty', 'learn': 'con', 'lawless': 'irregulous', 'licentiousness': 'liberty', 'lubber': 'lob', 'lime-servers': 'minute-jacks', 'laborious': 'painful', 'lightness': 'legerity', 'luxuriant': 'lush', 'lineage': 'descending', 'lawn': 'laund', 'look': 'eye', 'leave': 'part', 'list': 'file', 'leaving': 'ort', 'large': 'dewberries', 'lizard': 'wall-newt', 'limit': 'scant', 'lose': 'leese', 'let': 'loose', 'lease': 'copy'}, 'o': {'ok': 'daijoubu', 'okay':'daijoubu', 'owed': 'ought', 'omission': 'fail', 'outwork': 'frontier', 'obstacle': 'obstruct', 'occurrences': 'currents', 'ornaments': 'owches', 'open': 'dup', 'offspring': 'generation', 'ornament': 'lard', 'obedience': 'subscription', 'only': 'mered', 'ornamented': 'guards', 'overcome': "o'er-crow", 'overridden': 'sur-reined', 'opposition': 'repugnancy', 'own': 'owe', 'outweigh': 'countervail', 'of': 'on', 'oppose': 'repugn', 'ox': 'rother', 'opinion': 'deem'}, 'n': {'no':'nay', 'nearer': 'near', 'nimbleness': 'legerity', 'nicknacks': 'gawds', 'nature': 'hair', 'nosing': 'nuzzling', 'needle': 'neeld', 'needless': 'unnecessary', 'note': 'quote', 'nimble': 'yare', 'neighbouring': 'sistering', 'nip': 'sneap', 'nobility': 'generosity'}, 'q': {'quick': 'thick', 'quickly':'apace','quarrelsome': 'quarrelous', 'quaffed': 'drawn', 'quit': 'part', 'quarrel': 'brabble'}, 'p': {'please':'prithee', 'pervert': 'hentai', 'particularly': 'respectively', 'precarious': 'litigious', 'pitch': 'pick', 'primer': 'absey-book', 'perfect': 'absolute', 'preserved': 'peculiar', 'pretty': 'minikin', 'prison': 'cage', 'pleasing': 'plausive', 'physician': 'medicine', 'possess': 'owe', 'parrot': 'popinjay', 'peasant': 'carlot', 'popular': 'well-wished', 'page': 'henchman', 'pickled': 'soused', 'precursors': 'vaunt-couriers', 'pale': 'paled', 'provided': 'summered', 'proceeding': 'gait', 'pet': 'peat', 'piping': 'reed', 'plotting': 'packing', 'power': 'danger', 'paid': 'escoted', 'pancake': 'flap-jack', 'pasturage': 'feeding', 'prattle': 'smatter', 'pity': 'ruth', 'pike': 'luce', 'piecemeal': 'inch-meal', 'plain-spoken': 'verbal', 'proof': 'approof', 'punctilious': 'picked', 'plainly': 'roundly', 'profession': 'quality', 'pair': 'geminy', 'pound': 'pun', 'purblind': 'sand-blind', 'plot': 'practise', 'prepare': 'fettle', 'positive': 'absolute', 'puke': 'poke-stocking', 'plentiful': 'old', 'practised': 'studied', 'polecat': 'fitchew', 'pert': 'princox', 'peevish': 'tetchy', 'port-hole': 'portage', 'painted': 'painted cloth', 'properly': 'pettitoes', 'pitched': 'pight', 'present': 'fairing', 'pull': 'touse', 'portions': 'sizes', 'poulterer': 'poulter', 'plain': 'round', 'pretend': 'intend', 'privy': 'draught', 'protected': 'enshield', 'pack': 'ging', 'pyramid': 'pyramis', 'pimples': 'bubukles', 'partner': 'rival', 'phrase': 'lurch', 'prosperity': 'wealth', 'persistency': 'insisture', 'pensive': 'pensived', 'perhaps': 'wappened', 'perdition': 'reprobation', 'performance': 'acture', 'pimple': 'whelk', 'plans': 'platforms', 'pomegranate': 'pomegarnet', 'pretended': 'simular', 'plunder': 'pill', 'perchance': 'happely', 'pretender': 'simular', 'perverse': 'thwart', 'pool': 'plash', 'prostitute': 'laced mutton', 'pampered': 'rump-fed', 'pickpocket': 'bung', 'profit': 'commodity', 'proceedings': 'passes', 'pyramids': 'pyramides', 'perjure': 'false'}, 's': {'shakespeare':'shakespeare-kun', 'speedily':'apace','soon':'anon','stupid':'baka', 'shortly':'anon','sorry':'gomen', 'story':'fan-fiction', 'sister':'onee-san', 'school-house': 'charge-house', 'scared':'afeard','scattered': 'squandered', 'sunk': 'bated', 'sixpence': 'testril', 'surpass': 'out-peer', 'sneaking': 'peaking', 'still': 'whist', 'stone-cold': 'key-cold', 'statesmen': 'weals-men', 'sportive': 'tricksy', 'sideboard': 'court-cupboard', 'sewn': 'sawn', 'stained': 'maculate', 'swoop': 'stoop', 'solicit': 'woo', 'stain': 'maculation', 'surprised': 'lapsed', 'shepherd': 'feeder', 'slothful': 'resty', 'song': 'chanson', 'scutch': 'scotch', 'stop': 'stint', 'smack': 'smatch', 'scout': 'discoverer', 'string': 'twist', 'sorrow-stricken': 'grief-shot', 'sofa': 'day-bed', 'seldom': 'seld', 'summon': 'accite', 'slimy': 'slab', 'shekels': 'sicles', 'succession': 'success', 'small': 'pink eyne', 'stockado': 'stoccata', 'shaft-horse': 'thill-horse', 'shave': 'barb', 'satisfactory': 'probal', 'schemes': 'platforms', 'sooty': 'collied', 'swathe': 'swarth', 'superabundance': 'plurisy', 'spider': 'spinner', 'stigma': 'note', 'secretly': 'hugger-migger', 'slice': 'cantle', 'sub': 'sore', 'surety': 'undertaker', 'smail': 'minikin', 'supernatural': 'metaphysical', 'shrivelled': 'corky', 'smithy': 'stithy', 'strained': 'swayed', 'standard': 'pole', 'sift': 'bolt', 'sink': 'sag', 'sieve': 'bolter', 'swift': 'flighty', 'spotted': 'flecked', 'step': 'grize', 'smattering': 'smack', 'scramble': 'scamble', 'sensitive': 'comptible', 'seeds': 'germens', 'spiritless': 'meacock', 'simpleton': 'woodcock', 'sorrowful': 'tristful', 'stripling': 'younker', 'stratagem': 'fetch', 'swoon': 'swound', 'secure': 'imbar', 'swaggering': 'swashing', 'subtlety': 'quiddity', 'sparing': 'lenten', 'swerve': 'wry', 'seizure': 'hent', 'square': 'squire', 'surname': 'sur-addition', 'speak': 'propose', 'sympathetic': 'fellowly', 'sensible': 'winnowed', 'shells': 'shales', 'stamp': 'sign', 'satire': 'taxation', 'submit': 'strike', 'start': 'blench', 'shrill-voiced': 'small', 'storm': 'weather', 'suit': 'fadge', 'sonnets': 'fitted', 'slaughtered': 'quartered', 'separated': 'singled', 'snarling': 'gnarling', 'slashed': 'razed', 'shafts': 'fills', 'specify': 'articulate', 'sound': 'safe', 'skulk': 'hedge', 'swindled': "o'er-rauoht", 'shielded': 'enshield', 'scabby': 'scald', 'scabbard': 'pilcher', 'sour': 'eager', 'silly': 'peevish', 'scatter': 'scale', 'spermaceti': 'parmaceti', 'scrupulosity': 'curiosity', 'steer': 'helm', 'shook': 'rocked', 'supreme': 'topless', 'sandbank': 'flat', 'swaddling-clothes': 'swath', 'stroke': 'coy', 'sense': 'holding', 'sharp': 'sprag', 'sap': 'mine', 'surmise': 'deem', 'stunted': 'scrubbed', 'shorten': 'scant', 'same': 'self', 'schoolmaster': 'pedant', 'setting': 'vail', 'shrink': 'lank', 'stock': 'stuck', 'sure': 'safe', 'shelter': 'ensconce', 'scoff': 'gird', 'summer-house': 'garden-house', 'spouse': 'fere', 'sneeze': 'neeze', 'searcher': 'questrist', 'scurvy': 'roynish', 'statesman': 'statist', 'seize': 'hent', 'scoffs': 'gleeks', 'surfeit': 'disedge', 'shore': 'rivage', 'swollen': 'bollen', 'skill-less': 'unbookish', 'salt': 'powder'}, 'r': {'really':'hontoni', 'regard.': 'whistlb', 'reconcile': 'atone', 'rivulet': 'creek', 'rip': 'unseam', 'richly': 'numbered', 'ruin': 'ruinate', 'revelry': 'wassail', 'reckoner': 'counter-caster', 'ready': 'yare', 'rough': 'robustious', 'refined': 'picked', 'round-topped': 'copped', 'rated': 'shent', 'refute': 'refell', 'robed': 'toged', 'ribald': 'ribaudred', 'roguery': 'ropery', 'remotely': 'afar off', 'readily': 'yarely', 're': 'cloud', 'ruby-like': 'rubious', 'reject': 'abhor', 'restraints': 'embarquembnts', 'robe': 'palliament', 'rere-supper': 'after-supper', 'rough-headed': 'rug-headed', 'red': 'rubious', 'refer': 'put over', 'resolved': 'absolute', 'rapier': 'tuck', 'reproachfully': 'invectively', 'roisterer': 'swinge-buckler', 'reviled': 'shent', 'refuse': 'draff', 'rue': 'herb of grace', 'reflect': 'perpend', 'rebel': 'revolt', 'roaming': 'roguing', 'repetition': 'iterance', 'rampant': 'ramping', 'recent': 'young', 'reveal': 'unbolt', 'regimen': 'diet', 'region': 'climate', 'revengeful': 'wreakful', 'recital': 'cital', 'rule': 'squire', 'rarity': 'fewness', 'remind': 'remember', 'reckless': 'unweighed', 'reasonable': 'probal', 'rend': 'rent', 'reward': 'gratify', 'root': 'raze', 'round': 'compassed'}, 'u': {'um': 'ano', 'unbuttoned': 'unbraced', 'undiscerning': 'imperceiverant', 'unquiet': 'frampold', 'undress': 'uncase', 'unprofitable': 'sleeveless', 'unresting': 'unsistdto', 'urgent': 'important', 'unretentive': 'intenible', 'unfuruish': 'unprovide', 'unblunted': 'unbated', 'unvalued': 'unprized', 'unploughed': 'uneared', 'unfeeling': 'iron-witted', 'untimely': 'timeless', 'unconstant': 'moonish', 'unnatural': 'kindless', 'understand;': 'con', 'unpleasant': 'fat', 'unravel': 'ravel', 'useless': 'unnecessary', 'unprepared': 'disappointed', 'until': 'while', 'untwisted': 'sleided', 'underdrawer': 'underskinker', 'usage': 'use', 'unthinking': 'unrespective', 'upbraid': 'braid', 'untrained': 'mad', 'undermine': 'mine', 'untamed': 'unmanned', 'uncouple': 'uncape', 'uproar': 'hurly', 'unskilful': 'puisny'}, 't': {'teacher':'sensei', 'thank':'arigatou', 'trim': 'underbear', 'traverse': 'heat', 'taste': 'smatch', 'torch': 'link', 'thief': 'prig', 'thievish': 'puggish', 'traitor': 'proditor', 'tercel-gentle': 'tassel-gentle', 'toys': 'gawds', 'thunderbolt': 'thunder-stone', 'truant': 'micher', 'terrify': 'dare', 'trifle': 'kickshaw', 'trick': 'fetch', 'toy': 'knack', 'torture': 'wringing', 'title': 'addition', 'treachery': 'practice', 'top': 'gig', 'temptation': 'suggestion', 'twisted': 'tortive', 'texture': 'hair', 'transport': 'rap', 'traitors': 'treachers', 'trousers': 'strossers', 'torch-bearer': 'torcher', 'thick-headed': 'knot-pated', 'triangle': 'trigon', 'turmoil': 'pother', 'tedious': 'prolixious', 'thaw': 'disoandy', 'theory': 'theoric', 'trace': 'tract', 'track': 'tract', 'taunt': 'gird', 'tartcarus': 'tartar', 'tapster': 'underskinker', 'train': 'manage', 'try': 'taste', 'truncheon': 'warder', 'tempt': 'suggest', 'thrust': 'potch', 'translation': 'up-spring', 'tick': 'jar', 'twilight': 'cock-shut time', 'throw': 'up-cast', 'term': 'recheat', 'thread': 'thrip', 'tractable': 'toward', 'tear': 'touse', 'tumult': 'coil', 'twinkle': 'twire', 'touchy': 'tetchy', 'town-bred': 'citizen', 'timorous': 'fearful', 'trimmed': 'guards', 't': 'rebate', 'trite': 'modern', 'thrash': 'dry-beat', 'trickle': 'trill', 'trembled': 'rocked', 'talk': 'question'}, 'w': {'wait':'matte', 'what':'nani', 'where':'doko', 'why':'doushite', 'who': 'dare', 'wife':'waifu', 'wedge': 'peg', 'widowed': 'makeless', 'wittol-like': 'wittolly', 'wall': 'mure', 'withered': 'seared', 'walk': 'path', 'wash': 'launder', 'working-day': 'worry-day', 'wonder-working': 'wondered', 'woody': 'busky', 'waterspout': 'hurricano', 'worry': 'ferret', 'willingly': 'plausibly', 'wencher': 'woodman', 'wanton': 'riggish', 'wholesome': 'physical', 'wristband': 'sleeve-hand', 'whereas': 'where', 'wizard': 'witch', 'wideness': 'wilderness', 'warrant': 'able', 'wistfully': 'wistly', 'weald': 'wild', 'writhe': 'wring', 'wrapping': 'swath', 'wave': 'flote', 'wild': 'skimble-skamble', 'witch': 'wise-woman', 'wealthy': 'good', 'waylaid': 'laid', 'wise': 'winnowed', 'winding': 'windring', 'whether': "whe'r", 'wish': 'list', 'well-skilled': 'well-seen', 'worn': 'window-bars', 'while': 'whiles', 'wholesale': 'swoostake', 'wrinkled': 'writhled', 'wandering': 'erring'}, 'v': {'velvet': 'velure', 'visage': 'favour', 'vulgarity': 'popularity', 'vulgar': 'popular', 'vagrant': 'roguing', 'vex': 'yearn', 'vote': 'voice', 'vanguard': 'vaward', 'victorious': 'palmy', 'value': 'quantity', 'vagabond': 'runagate', 'viscous': 'slab', 'vision': 'phantasma'}, 'y': {'yes': 'hai', 'you': 'thou', 'your': 'thy', 'yeast': 'barm', 'yean': 'ean', 'yielding': 'lither', 'yield': 'subscribe', 'yeah':'aye','years': 'year', 'yoke': 'bow', 'yeoman': 'franklin'}}

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