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  1. "1","2","3","4","5","6"]},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Lung San Ta will give out ranking coins up to 1,000,000 coins.\nStarting on Dec. 1-28.\nSee more rules by \"\"Click on the image below\"\"NA\"","device":"ALL","dateBegin":"2017-02-0809:00:00","dateEnd":"2017- 02-0809:00:00"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"# VALENTINE ^\\V\/^\n\nThis Valentine's..People Single can be happy \nGet items to relieve loneliness starting from 9-22 Feb. \nSee more rules by \"\"Click on the image below\"\"Na\"","device":"ALL","dateBegin":"2017-02-08 09:00:00"," dateEnd":"2017-02-28 09:00:00"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Activity Pok8, Pok9, give away 2 levels of luck to celebrate Chinese New Year\nJoin time:From 8 Jan. to 16 Feb only\n--Luck 1st--\n\"Get free gold coins\"when players Collect points according to the rules below \n> 8-19 Jan. Collect \"Pok9 every 60 times\" get 8,000 coins \n> 22 Jan.-2 Feb. Collect \"sort cards every 20 times\ "Get 8,000 coins \n> February 5-16 collect\"match every 2 color cards\"Get 10,000 coins\n\n--Luck 2nd--\n> Player who has accumulated points Pok9\/Sortcard\/Maximum Sort Card \n10 First person will receive: \n1st prize: $200,000 \n2nd prize: $150,000 \n3rd prize: $120,000 \n4th prize- 10: 80,000 coins \nNote: If the accumulated points are equal The system takes precedence over the accumulated time","device":". ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Nine 9K Celebrating the launch\nRules: Win every 5 turns, get 1,500 coins\n Just play nine games. In the practice zone\/pros\/competition\nFrom 24 to 29 May only,","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL ","content":"7 Oct.-3 Nov. The golden horse enters the field Give away unlimited items!!\nYou can see more rules by \"Click on the image below\"","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":".....BI Casino celebrates its 1st anniversary (Part 2)....\nJoin the event to receive bonus items\n>>from 2-29 Sep.\nYou can see more rules by \"Click on the image below\"All right","device": "ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Apologetic Gift: We are giving away 5000$\nbetween 11\/2 -11\/6 For everyone who has problems playing. \nThank you for your continued support of Pok8Pok9","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Activity Welcome summer fun\ntime 22.00-23.59 of 26 Feb-6 Mar. & 11-20 Mar.\n.......When players collect points according to the rules below......\n>>26 Feb .-6 Mar. : Get 1000 coins\/time\n when found \"yellow card\" in the betting area\n>>11-20 Mar. : Get 3,000 coins\/time\n for playing \"Triple Cards\" in the bet area \n ","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":" ALL","content":"Event: Santa Claus gives gifts for Christmas\nTime: Dec 24-30 only\n“Get $15,000 free. After 7 days of playing the game”","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Time: 10\/21 -10\/ 25 \nEvent: Celebrate the launch of the slot game. When a player logs in to play the game\nbetween 10\/21 -10\/25 will receive \"5 lottery tickets\" \nPlayer1 will receive the reward only once","device":" ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Celebrate the launch, load the game, play nine games, give away the best items \"Celebrate9K\" \nAndroind = > Today - June 15.\nIOS => See you soon\n* Awesome item can be exchanged for gold coins\n** Reserves the right 1 ID per 1 time"," device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Event..Euro 2016..\n1.Earn 1,500 coins every day \ nWhen logging in at 21.00-23.59 (starting from 8-15 June)\n**1 ID can receive 1 right\/day\n\n2.Win Euro 2016 items (starting June 8 - 5 July)\nThe rules can be viewed by “Click on the image below”","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Activity Total Mitr Pok8 Pok9\nTime: from 10\/9 to 10\/22 this year, total for 2 weeks\nDetails: When players can collect the amount of Pok8 or Pok9\nAccording to the rules of the activities in table below will get 5000 coins for free (announcement and giveaway after the end of the event in\neach round) What are you waiting for, hurry up to collect Pok8Pok9!!","device":"ALL"},{"level": "B", "platform":"ALL","content":"Time: 11\/14 (00.00-23.59) \nEvent: Profit Return Slot \"Get 1000 Coins \nIf you play 60 games(select x6) \"\nOr play hard by choosing x3,x1","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Event: Coin Giveaway \"Free\"every day Max\"100,000 Coins\"\nSimple rules, just enter the game and get it.\nTime: From 11\/26(00.01) to 11\/-29(23.59), only","device":" ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Activity Give happiness with music items!!\nIt has begun... 14 Jul.-2 Aug.\nYou can see more rules by \"Click on the image below\"na","device":"ALL"},{"level":" B","platform":"ALL","content":"Activity End of the month of love\nTime: From February 19-23 only!!\nDetails: When players log in to play the game during the event period\n will receive \"Try to play 5 cards\" Let's go play for free. \nIn the Little Mermaid and Treasure Slots","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Happy New Year's Festival activities New\nTime:From 31 Dec.-5 Jan only\n\"Free Coins Giveaway\" every day, up to \"100,000 coins\"\nWhen players collect \"Pok8 every 30 hits\"","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Event Mission to win gold coins\nTime:From 10 to 16 Dec only\nGet 5000 coins free! When players accumulate points according to the rules below\n>December 10-11 Collect \"Pok9 every 50 times\" get 5000 coins\n>December 12-13 Collect \"match cards every 7 times\" get 5000 coins\n>December 14-16 Collect \"Tong cards every 2 times\"Get 5000 coins","device":"ALL"},{"level":"B","platform":"ALL","content":"Event: Load Gold Medal Conquest, Part 2\nTime: From 18 to 21 Dec only\n\"Get 10,000 coins free\" when collecting 2 straight flush cards every 2 times\n** Accumulated balance will be deducted. Every midnight of the day**","device":"ALL"},{"level":"C","platform":"ALL","content":"# Hello Songkran Oh.....\n\nSongkran fun ready to welcome new Poker game\nGet poker items starting April 13-26 \nSee more rules by \"\"Click on the image below\"\"NA\"","device":"ALL","dateBegin":"2017-04-11 09:00:00","dateEnd":"2017-04-11 09:00:00"},{"level":"C","platform":"ALL","content":"Bonus Island's membership code is the email address you used to sign up. please check again If you forgot your member ID, please press the [Customer Service] button to inquire.","device":"ALL"},{"level":"C","platform":"ALL","content":" Instructions for codes","device":"ALL"},{"level":"C","platform":"ALL","content":" password, length 6-12 characters If the code is incorrect please check again \nIf you forgot your password, please press the [Forgot password] button to reset your password\n(** while setting a new password. Please do not close the pop-up window before you have successfully entered the verification code)\n","device":"ALL"},{"level":"C","platform":"ALL","content": "Celebrating the launch \"Pok8Pok9\" When you win 150 turns in the betting area, get 2000 coins for free, when you win 300 turns, get an additional 2000 coins. The more you win, the more you get!!","device":"ALL "}] content":"Celebrate the launch \"Pok8Pok9\" When you win 150 turns in the betting area, get 2000 coins for free, when you win 300 turns, get an additional 2000 coins. The more you win, the more you get!!","device":"ALL "}] content":"Celebrate the launch \"Pok8Pok9\" When you win 150 turns in the betting area, get 2000 coins for free, when you win 300 turns, get an additional 2000 coins. The more you win, the more you get!!","de

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