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DRI setup

Guest on 19th June 2022 05:17:25 AM

  1. If you are using a dri card in linux such as ati,intel ceh266
  2. youll need to add a dri group and add yourself and other users
  3. to it,here are the steps
  4. NOTICE!!You dont have to use vi ;you can use whatever text editor suits
  5. your needs ie. abiword /etc/group (if using x) ,or nano or whatever.
  6. 1)login into terminal as root
  7. 2)vi /etc/group
  8. 3)add the line xf86dri:x:8000:yourusername (whatever login you use)
  9. 4)save and exit
  10. 5)vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  11. if you have this section below
  12. Section "DRI"
  13.      Mode 0666
  14. EndSection
  15. change it to
  16. Section "DRI"
  17.      Group "xf86dri"
  18.      Mode 0666
  19. EndSection
  20. 6)save and exit
  21. now if youve set up your card properly for 3d acceleration after you
  22. reboot or restart x youll have it!!
  23. If you want to add more users to xf86dri just use userconfig as root.
  24. happy zenwalking

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