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  1. 00:52:25.9   Sto V-4, no. 16 in the 1st ed. of the S-star catalog.  Weak carbon according to Feast  
  2.              et al, Obs. 97, 140, 1977.                                                            
  3. 01:20.4      D 209.  No Case plates.  A visual double in the Case 36" Cassegrain, 9" in 315d.  
  4.              Mag. difference approx. .5 mag.                                                        
  5. 02:46.1      S 52.  A different star from the nearby S 51.  Any ZrO that may be present is too weak
  6.              to make this star interesting.                                                        
  7. 03:03:41.6   Sto V-44.  This appears to be LTT 1479, an M dwarf.  It is also a Luyten double star,  
  8.              but the cpm companion is more distant than the nearby star mentioned by Sto.          
  9. 04:14.1      SX Cam. K's classification was a quote from Bidelman, who later decided (Bid65) that he
  10.              had taken the wrong star, viz. no. 90 of this catalog.  On an infrared objective prism
  11.              plate I confirm the Bid65 spectral type of late M for SX Cam.                          
  12. 06:39.5      Same as another star in the same discovery paper; declination sign should be minus.    
  13.              Corrected in Abast. Bull. 47, 10.                                                      
  14. 07:49:36.4   No. 942 in my carbon star catalog, 1st ed.                                            
  15. 08:36:07.3   No. 1253 in my carbon star catalog, 1st ed.                                            
  16. 08:46:16.3   Sto IV-12. No. 1309 in the 1st ed. of my carbon star catalog; subsequently confirmed as
  17.              such on a 10-degree red objective prism plate (MacCon, Ste).                          
  18. 09:50:00.3   Wray 173.  No. 18 in the catalog of Wolf-Rayet stars by Roberts, Astron. J. 67, 79,    
  19.              1962.  L. Smith, Monthly Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 138, 109, 1968 finds B9e? from a slit  
  20.              spectrogram.  Henize, Astrophys. J. Suppl. 30, 491, 1976 suggests that a planetary neb-
  21.              ula is involved.  On a Tololo red-region plate I find a possible weak H alpha emission
  22.              overlapping an early-type spectrum.                                                    
  23. 13:38:50.1   Sto IV-50.  This seems to be LTT 5330, a probable M dwarf.                            
  24. 16:45.3      Henun 169.  Reclassified in Rybski's thesis; should have been included in my rejected S
  25.              stars table in the 1st ed. of this catalog.                                            
  26. 17:07:49     TV Dra.  The Balz reference is to McCormick Publ. Vol. 13, part 1.                    
  27. 17:19:48     ST Ser.  I do not know the source of the GCVS spectral type.                          
  28. 17:53:56     HR 6702 = OP Her = HD 163990(Mb).  Reclassified M5 IIb-IIIa by Keenan in Basic Astrono-
  29.              mical Data.                                                                            
  30. 18:02:02     VX Sgr.  My red plates, several in number, are all overexposed.                        
  31. 18:05.7      S-WS 5.  No. 2544 in the 1st ed. of my carbon star catalog.                            
  32. 18:08:16.2   No. 549 in the 1st ed. of the S-star catalog, and no. 2552 in the 1st carbon star cata-
  33.              log.  Originally classified S from a red objective prism plate, on which it was however
  34.              peculiar; looks much the same way on a recent one, and not very S-like.  Looks like a  
  35.              carbon star on the 3400 A/mm infrared objective prism plate used for that original dis-
  36.              covery, but not on four others including one recent one.  No secure evidence for light
  37.              variability.                                                                          
  38. 18:24.0      D 4847.  Appears to be either T Ser or BN Ser, both of which are M stars (5).          
  39. 20:00:44.0   Included as S by NassSte through clerical error; it is an H alpha-emission star, and  
  40.              slipped into the wrong list.                                                          
  41. 20:35.6      S-WS 64.  Reddened M according to Pesch, Astrophys. J. 149, L65, 1967; M4 by Vogt,    
  42.              Astron. J. 78, 389, 1973.                                                              
  43. 21:00.7      RV Aqr.  A good N star, no. 2968 in my carbon star catalog 1st ed.  The Dearborn obser-
  44.              vers thought the red-region spectrum resembled that of GP Ori (SC).                    
  45. 22:44.6      S-WS 43.  The S-WS position was derived by offsetting from a nearby B.D. star, but the
  46.              B.D. number quoted for it is nowhere near the published S-star position.  I have also  
  47.              examined spectral plates covering the position exactly 1h of r.a. different from this,
  48.              with equal lack of success.

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