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Role Play Session Of AldonnaBWolfBlood

By CandyCane1982 on 26th June 2022 08:00:27 PM

  1. 06/26/2022
  2. AldonnaBWolfBlood has joined the chat
  3. ViLiciousCandy: Welcome ally
  4. AldonnaBWolfBlood: thanks hunny
  5. ViLiciousCandy: Hehe if your in the club go on brb and stay clocked in for the session
  6. AldonnaBWolfBlood: ok i will do that now
  7. AldonnaBWolfBlood: done ^^
  8. AldonnaBWolfBlood: and was clocked in anyways from bein in work
  9. ViLiciousCandy: Ok hun..your on brb in the club
  10. AldonnaBWolfBlood: yes
  11. ViLiciousCandy: Ok ally lets get started..lets try to do a full scenario meaning lets try to get a good greeting and move on to the lap dance area...Ok lets call this guy alex and he's tall and handsome and you welcome him to the club...just so i can help you i'll give you an example...tbh ally your not gonna really use this if a guest comes in but its good for role play training...if they come in simply say(Hello alex..Welcome to Dream Dolls and enjoy your stay handsome) but i would like to see a role play greeting just for training(Candy would look towards the door and notice a tall and handsome man standing by the entrance...candy would sway her curvy pear shaped hips around in a circular motion as the man came closer within her sights..."Hello alex how are you today handsome...welcome to dream doll" candy would start to blush a soft crimson hue on her cheeks as she smiled gently at him while giving him a flirty wink)
  12. AldonnaBWolfBlood: ok i got it
  13. ViLiciousCandy: ok sorry its so long hehe
  14. ViLiciousCandy: Ok when your ready lets see alex's rp greeting
  15. AldonnaBWolfBlood  As she is dances swaying her hip to the music she sees a tall handsom male enter the club " hello alex welcome to dream dolls were your dreams come true " she giggles softly as she brushes her hair softly behind her ear she watches as he takes his seat she blows him a small kiss  
  16. ViLiciousCandy: your words are misspelled you should be reading it as you type so you dont get so many typo's
  17. ViLiciousCandy: (as she dances) not as she is dances
  18. AldonnaBWolfBlood: oopsy my bad there
  19. ViLiciousCandy: a tall and handsome male
  20. AldonnaBWolfBlood: are right see to me what i put sounded right but now i see what u mean
  21. ViLiciousCandy: but its great
  22. ViLiciousCandy: i love it
  23. AldonnaBWolfBlood: evan wehn i read it sounded find to me lol
  24. AldonnaBWolfBlood: i wounding if it cause of how i speak in rl
  25. ViLiciousCandy: its good just try to proof read while your typing or look before you post to make sure..
  26. ViLiciousCandy: Where are you from
  27. AldonnaBWolfBlood: the uk but i talk odd lol it hard to explain how i speak
  28. ViLiciousCandy: Its ok well your doing good...ok lets pretend he gifts you and you need to give him a off stage tease...lets see you do that hun...i love the improvements you have made since yesterday
  29. AldonnaBWolfBlood  she smiles softly as she steps off the stage , her hips sway as she makes her way to him " thank you for that hunny " she speaks softly as she leans over the chair and runs her hand over his chest , her hair falls lightly over her shoulder running across his neclk
  30. ViLiciousCandy: Ok the only typo is neck..a great improvement but its not a full tease its missing some more details...after her hair falls on his neck whats the next line
  31. AldonnaBWolfBlood: hmmm
  32. ViLiciousCandy: come in here and sit smh if this was real you would be tired of standing smh i would lol
  33. AldonnaBWolfBlood  she would moves in frount of him as she leans forward and blows him a kiss she moves her hips as she lifts her hands in the air running her hand though her hair smiles softly  
  34. AldonnaBWolfBlood: thats what i would of added
  35. ViLiciousCandy: It sounds mixed up in my head..like when i read a role play i need to understand whats going on...hmm let me if i can add example you can go off(Ally would lean in close to his ear to whisper to him...as her cool breath blew against his earlobe she noticed his body would quiver with every word she spoke.."Your very handsome..just wanted you to know"she would give him a kiss on his cheek just before she turned to walk back to the stage to dance)
  36. AldonnaBWolfBlood: right i think i get it
  37. AldonnaBWolfBlood: i have always struggled to do decription lol
  38. ViLiciousCandy: Ok now re-do the whole rp again...put what you wrote at first and just give me a full one
  39. AldonnaBWolfBlood: right
  40. ViLiciousCandy:Also as time goes on and you practice as you work you will get better with details
  41. AldonnaBWolfBlood: she smiles softly as she steps off the stage , her hips sway as she makes her way to him " thank you for that hunny " she speaks softly as she leans over the chair and runs her hand over his chest her breath runs agaist his skin as she would speak again " your very handsome " she smiles as she watches his ody shiver as her warm breath runs across his skin again , her hair falls lightly over her shoulder running across his neck , she would kisses his cheek lightlyas she turns on her heals and head backs to the stage her hips sways as she feels his eyes watching her pear shaped hips move she steps back on the stage as she smiles at his once more
  42. ViLiciousCandy: YESSSSS OMG...You did it ...omg you did it
  43. ViLiciousCandy: ii
  44. AldonnaBWolfBlood: eeeep !!!
  45. AldonnaBWolfBlood: yay!
  46. ViLiciousCandy: ii
  47. ViLiciousCandy: i love it
  48. AldonnaBWolfBlood: hehe
  49. ViLiciousCandy: it has some typo's but minor
  50. ViLiciousCandy: its easy to get typo's so dont worry or thank about it to much
  51. AldonnaBWolfBlood: i will try
  52. ViLiciousCandy: ok lets move to the lap dance
  53. AldonnaBWolfBlood: ok ><
  54. ViLiciousCandy: Ok alex pays you for a nude dance and you invite him to the room...Lets do a intro...this is what i do at the start of every lap dance but everyone workds different(While looking at alex and giving him a soft smile she would take his hand and walk him to the lap dance area sitting him down and running her dainty hands down his back to soothe him a little before she started the dance) ok now give me a intro
  55. AldonnaBWolfBlood  she smiles softly as she holds her hand to Alex " follows me hunny" she speaks softly helping him to relax as she walks with him to the lap dance area , she sits him down as she smiles and runs her hand lightly down his chest " just breath " she smiles once more her voice soothes him a sshe stays to slowly dance for him
  56. ViLiciousCandy: Lovely lovely ally omg very nice
  57. ViLiciousCandy: ok im going to play alex haha please just pretend to take your clothes off and rp it smh i had a girl do that once and now i gotta ask everyone to just rp it smh
  58. AldonnaBWolfBlood: ok.
  59. ViLiciousCandy: Ok start your timer a regular 15min dance
  60. AldonnaBWolfBlood: ok let me work it out now he time will be when eneedd one min
  61. ViLiciousCandy: tyt
  62. AldonnaBWolfBlood  she smiles softly as she sways her hip she runs her hand down his chest as she slwoly starts to remove her top she lets the straps drop from her shoulder as she brings her arms out and takes her top off she throws it to the side with a smiles  
  63. ViLiciousCandy: Ok good just make sure you try to work on those misspelled words
  64. AldonnaBWolfBlood  she moves her hands over her waist line as she smiles her finger link around the waist band as she moves her hips softly again her hair flows over her chest as she removes her bottomes she wiggles her way out with a soft giggle she lets her panties flick off her foot as they it the floor she moves her hand graceful back over her shoulder as she shows her chest
  65. ViLiciousCandy: Ok good but i think you get nervous...i dont know the details but are you shy around alot of people cause your rp is good hun
  66. AldonnaBWolfBlood  she dances nude with just her heals on as she looks over her shoudler softly she bends in frount of him making her butt pop a few time infrount on him she bits her lip with a soft giggle ,she runs her hand over her skin lightly as she turns around to stand infrount of him as she lifts her arms up in the air running her hand though her hair
  67. AldonnaBWolfBlood: i do get shy a lot i am scared that if i do something wrong they will pick on it
  68. ViLiciousCandy: Well just dont think about the people in the room...just do your thing and take a deep breath...if you take your time and relax your role play is really nice ally..ok give me one more role play and i will talk to you
  69. AldonnaBWolfBlood  As she dances in frount of him her hips sway and she smile softly she bits her lip running her hands though her hair and then runs her hands down her chest as she straddles him softly  
  70. AldonnaBWolfBlood: ( just so u know hun got just short of a min ^^" i put a timer on the laptop haha )
  71. ViLiciousCandy: Ok front is misspelled but give me a exit rp...like the dance is over....i will give an example(Candy would grind her phat rounded ass against him as he holds onto her thick hips...she would get up and give him a kiss against his cheek..."I hope you enjoyed the dance handsome" she would smile at him as she grabbed her clothes to dress)
  72. ViLiciousCandy: ok clock out when your at 2 hours hun
  73. ViLiciousCandy: are you sure i dont think its been 2 hours
  74. AldonnaBWolfBlood: i wa slettin u know about the dance lol sorry
  75. ViLiciousCandy: Ooohh you mean the 15min are up
  76. AldonnaBWolfBlood  she grinds her pear shaped butt on his lap she leans forward as she does she turns around and kisses his cheek softly " i hope you had fun sweetie and hope we can do this again sometime" she giggles softly as she leans and softly grabs her cloths and walks to get dressed

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