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xcdroast 0.98 alpha

Guest on 6th July 2022 09:04:29 AM

  1. xcdroast: xcdroast (Graphical frontend for cdrtools)
  2. xcdroast:
  3. xcdroast: X-CD-Roast is a graphical frontend for the command line cdrtools.
  4. xcdroast: You can do anything X-CD-Roast does yourself using the command line
  5. xcdroast: tools - but it's nicer and easier with the frontend.  The cdrtools
  6. xcdroast: contain "cdrecord" (which does the actual writing of CDs), "readcd"
  7. xcdroast: (reads data tracks of CDs"), "mkisofs" (masters CD images), and
  8. xcdroast: "cdda2wav" (reads audio tracks).  Cdrecord, readcd and mkisofs are
  9. xcdroast: maintained by Joerg Schilling, cdda2wav by Heiko Eissfeldt, and
  10. xcdroast: X-CD-Roast by Thomas Niederreiter.
  11. xcdroast:

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