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By Kinzer on 10th July 2022 11:02:44 PM

  1. Philosopher - a person engaged or learned in philosophy, especially as an academic discipline;
  2.                        a theoretician - Someone who comes up with testable ideas about how something works.
  4. Victoryologist; Victoryology - The study and science of total human empowerment & expansion.
  6. Human Supremacist - Someone who carries the notion of human supremacy in regards to an objective morality based on biology
  7.                                     predicated by Human Law in Exealian Philosophy.
  9. Pro-Human - Someone who has reason to understand that any unique set of human genetic codes
  10.                        capable of developing into personhood should flourish and prosper.
  12. Pro-Science - In favour of science or its methods or the scientific establishment
  14. Autodidact  - a studiously self-taught person.
  16. Secular Gnostic  - Relating to knowledge, incredibly esoteric knowledge but typically unmystical.
  18. Aroace - Someone who has no romantic or sexual interest.

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