Vehicle list

Guest on 11th July 2022 07:26:32 PM

  1. <title>Help - list of vehicles</title>
  2. <h1>Vehicle list</h1>
  4. <p>
  5. <em>The list offers the following options:</em>
  6. </p>
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  9. <em>1.) Sorting:</em><br>
  10. By successively clicking on the first toggle button, you change the criteria according to which the list will be sorted.<br>
  11. Use the button next to it to set whether it should be sorted in descending or ascending order.
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  15. <em>2.) Filter:</em><br>
  16. Click the third button to activate or deactivate the filter.<br>
  17. You can change the options of this filter by clicking on the <strong>settings</strong> button.
  18. </p>

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