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  1. <title>Help - vehicle list filter</title>
  2. <h1>Vehicle list filter</h1>
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  5. <em>The filter offers the following options:</em>
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  9. <em>1.) Filter name:</em><br>
  10. Only vehicles named according to the entry will be displayed in the list.
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  14. <em>2.) Filter type:</em><br>
  15. Only vehicles of the selected type will be displayed in the list.
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  19. <em>3.) Special filtering:</em><br>
  20. Only vehicles that do not have reception, do not have a defined <a href='schedule.txt'>schedule</a>, cannot find a route according to the schedule, are in a depot or have no route assigned will be displayed in the list.
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  24. <em>4.) According to the transported goods:</em><br>
  25. Only vehicles that transport the selected commodities will be displayed in the list.
  26. The <strong>all</strong> button selects all commodities, the <strong>none</strong> button, on the contrary, selects all. The <strong>inv</strong> button inverts the current selection.
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